3. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Story walkthrough

Mission 1 - Prologue

You start learning the basic controls in a tutorial against Dirhael, your son and will learn how to counter, with cn_Y, how to attack, with cn_X, how to do a ground execution, with cn_RT + cn_X, how to grab and throw, holding cn_RB and how to sprint, pressing cn_A. You will learn too how to enter in stealth mode and to do a stealth kill, holding cn_RT and pressing cn_X.

After the cinematics you will take control and will need press cn_RB to reforge. When you do this you unlock a Forge Tower, and the Wraith’s memories, that show in your map all collectibles and missions, for this specific location.

After this you’ll enter in a battle, and will be gifted with a bow and learn how to interrogate an enemy, holding cn_RB and pressing cn_A, to grab valuable intel for other Uruks, or captains, from Sauron’s army. The first information that you’ll know is the “subtitle” of his name, denoting what position this Uruk occupies in the hierarchy of Sauron’s army. The next information is their Power Rating, so you know how difficult he will be to defeat. You’ll discover the locations of the captains in the map too.

Killing these Uruks gives you Runes to upgrade your weapons and Power Rating for unlock new abilities. You will need to interrogate more enemies to know more information about these enemies, like Strengths and Weaknesses.

After this tutorial you will earn the first achievement of the game.

You Will Obey

Make an uruk yours.

You Will Obey
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Randomly you will encounter some green spots in your map, related to Uruks that you can interrogate to grab intel about captains. This information is very useful for your planning on how you can attack a captain, focusing on their weakness and knowing your strength.

Now you are free to explore this world. Like I said earlier all collectibles are marked on your map, once you unlock the Forge Towers, so you can collect now or later, it’s up to you, but I recommend collecting now, for reaching better upgrades early. You can always look in your map to finding these collectibles by pressing cn_back and using cn_RS to zoom.

You have two kinds of collectibles in this game, Artifacts and Ithildin, worth 50 mirian each. Mirian is the currency to upgrade your weapons and increase your attributes. Besides collectibles you earn Mirian by completing side missions, challenges and bonus objectives. In the area that you start the game, called Udûn Foothills, you have Artifact 1/42 and Ithildin 1/32 to collect. Above of your location, it's an area called The Black Gate, in there you will have Artifact 2/42, Artifact 3/42, Artifact 4/42 and Ithildin 2/32 to collect.

Besides your main missions you have four types of short side missions, three of them are related to each of your three weapons (is marked by the symbol of your respective weapon), 10 missions for Dagger, 10 missions for Sword and 10 missions for Bow. The other type of short side mission is an Outcast Rescue (marked as a fist inside a shield), you have 24 of them to complete, in total. All of these missions are explained with tips in Side Missions page.

This page will focus only in the main missions, so let's continue our adventure. Some missions can be done before others so the numbers below are only suggestive (you can do mission 4 before mission 2 or 3, for example).

Mission 2 - The Slaver

At the top of your map you will see an icon for the next main mission, called The Slaver, you need to press cn_RB to start the mission. In this mission the game will remind you again to use the Wraith World, pressing cn_LB. By pressing cn_RS you identify your target using this vision. Now, as bonus objective, you just need to eliminate all 4 archers before confront your target. Bonus objective is optional, you can do it if you want but if you do, you will earn more rewards at the end of the mission, it's up to you.

Remember to always when you can use stealth mode, by pressing cn_RT and cn_X to kill silently. To help you to find the archers use the Wraith World to identify the targets, which are marked in gold. You always can attract an enemy to your position by holding cn_RT and pressing cn_Y.

You can kill your target or gain intel from him before you kill, always when you can it's a smart choice gain intel first, mainly in the first hours of the game. After killing him you can get his rune, and equip in your slot for the weapon that you use to kill him.

After completing or between this mission you will earn an ability point, which can help you unlock abilities. If you don't know what abilities to unlock first remember to see the General hints and tips page.

By finishing this mission you will unlock the mission 3.

Mission 3 - An Interested Party

For this mission you will need use Wraith World, to help you follow the path. You need follow the tracks and, as a bonus objective, free 4 slaves in your way, by kliing the Uruks around each slave. Be careful using Wraith World because the paths leading to some enemies along the way, remember to disable Wraith World sometimes to see where you will going, by pressing cn_LB.

In the end you will come to a cave, follow the path to see some scenes. After this be prepared to use your bow, and be rewarded with an achievement.

The Bright Master


The Bright Master
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Follow the path outside of the cave, kill the enemies and see the scenes to finish this mission.

By finishing this mission you will unlock the mission 5.

Mission 4 - The Spirit of Mordor

Before starting this mission I recommend that you open the map, going to the Forge Tower in the area called Durthang Outskirts, which is a Stronghold, some type of fortress with many Uruks, some Captains and trapped Caragors. You can work in misc achievements here too, but be careful, if some Uruks notice your presence they can set off a alarm, calling many more Uruks to kill you.

Remember to user your Wraith World to discover and climb the Forge Tower. Unlocking this tower the tutorial of game will explain that you can use Fast Travel between unlocked Forge Towers, by pressing cn_X. You can also advance time by pressing cn_Y. Doing this in the start of game is not recommended because the Power Struggles will be resolved and the Uruks involved will climbing in the ranks, becoming harder to defeat.

In this area you will have Ithildin 3/32, Ithildin 4/32 and Artifact 5/42 to collect. In the areas around your mission you will have Artifact 6/42 and Ithildin 5/32 in Durthang Keep, and Ithildin 6/32 in Durthang West, where your mission marker are. To the left of this area, you will have Artifact 7/42, at top-left side of the area called Durthang Wastes.

This mission will act as a tutorial to show to you how to explore the weakness of your enemies and be aware of their strengths. After the explanations follow Ratbag and help him. As a bonus objective you need mantain their health above 50%. You will be presented to a new type of enemy, called Defenders, you need leap over him using cn_A, attacking from behind to kill him.

If your health depletes until the bar is empty you will presented with another tutorial, called Last Chance Struggle, where you are given a second chance to survive, by moving the cursor into the circle with cn_LS and pressing the displayed button in screen. If your health empties always remember to collect herbs between the fights to avoid be killed.

The next part of the mission asks for you to find your target without raising alarms, just use your stealth button, by holding cn_RT, and go to the marker. After this you need go to hunting camp to finally reach your target and use their fear (Caragors) against him. To identify him just use your Wraith World and press cn_RS when the option appears in your screen.

If you want you can reforge the tower in this area, called Udûn Crossing, you have Ithildin 7/32, Artifact 8/42 and Artifact 9/42 (inside a cave, south of the tower) to collect. In the area of this Forge Tower you have 2 more areas, only one called West Garrison has collectibles: Ithildin 8/32, Ithildin 9/32, Artifact 10/42 and Artifact 11/42.

Just release the Caragor from his cage and kill your target before he escapes. After killing him you want to press cn_right to see the battle report and finish the mission.

By finishing this mission your will unlock the ability to Ride Caragors (very useful later in the game), and the missions 6 and 7, to play in the order that you wish.

Mission 5 - Climbing the Ranks

This mission needs to be done fast, as you have 4 minutes to prevent Ratbag's execution. As a bonus objective you need to kill in stealth 4 archers without being detected. Remember to use your Wraith World and hold cn_RT to enter in stealth mode. If you still haven't unlock it, now is a good time to unlock the ability Strike from Above.

You need interrogate a captain, called Brogg the Twin, but first you'll need weaken him by attacking him. This fight is a little harder because many Uruks protect their captain, always remember to counter, by pressing cn_Y in the right moment (when button shows in your screen). When the captain falls to the ground you can use a ground execution (cn_RT + cn_X) to weak him, turning the symbol around him green, which means he can be grabbed for interrogation. At this moment a tutorial will show to explain to you how interrogating Captains will work. By holding cn_RB and pressing cn_A you can interrogate him. DO NOT kill him before interrogate or your mission will fail.

Now the tutorial will explain what the Warchiefs are, which are the most powerful rank in the Uruk forces. The primary focus of Captains are to become a Warchief one day, by murder or even betraying their own people. Others Uruks will try gain favor or protection by serving Warchiefs as Bodyguards.

Brogg is the Bodyguard of an Warchief, called Mogg the Other Twin. You now know that because you have interrogated a Captain which is his Bodyguard. When you want to kill a Warchief, all of his Bodyguards will be there to defend him, so expect tough battles in the future. By pressing cn_RT you can see the weaknesses and strengths of the Warchief.

But before you can face this Warchief you will need to complete more main missions, which is located near the strongholds.

Now Ratbag replaced Brogg and is the Captain and Bodyguard of Mogg, so he can help you later.

Finishing this mission will unlock a new type of mission called Vendetta, which is the mission where you "avenge" the death of your friends in the game, by defeating the captain that kill your friend. Is very simple and by completing this mission unlocks the only online achievement for this game, so is better do it quickly.

Repaid in Blood

Complete a Vendetta Mission.

Repaid in Blood
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If you don't have any friends with this game you always can use a second account (doesn't need to be a Gold account) to progress in the game at least for the first missions, add your primary account as a friend and die from some captain. After this you only need to change to your primary account and complete the vendetta mission when the icon appears in your map. You can add me as a friend too, if you prefer.

Finishing this mission unlocks the mission 9 and the extra mission that you need to kill 4 Warchiefs (one will be killed in mission 9 as part of main story), you can work in this mission any moment from now. By finishing this extra mission you'll unlock the mission 10.

Mission 6 - Shattered Memories

Follow Gollum, by sneaking behind him to avoid the Uruks. As you progress you will see a bonus objective, which is to kill 2 archers with headshots. You can upgrade the max focus of your bow, to slow time for longer while aiming.

You will need to use Wraith World to see where the Vision Artifact is, just follow the footprints and you will encounter it. After the cutscene you will face a new type of enemy, called Ghûls. Around your area are several grog barrels so one way to kill many of them is attract the Ghûls close to these barrels and shoot with your bow.

In this fight you will unlock a new ability, called Wraith Flash, that is very useful in the entire game. It is used to stuns Uruks and kills Ghûls, but you only can use it when your Hit Streak is charged, which is when your combo multiplier reaches 8x (default number, after unlocking one specific ability called Blade Master at tier 4 you need only reach the multiplier of 5x), by pressing cn_X + cn_A to stun or kill your enemies.

By killing all Ghûls the mission will finish, unlocking the mission 8.

Mission 7 - The Outcasts

In the area of this mission, called Barrows of Udûn, after you reforge the tower you can see these collectibles around the area: Ithildin 10/32, Ithildin 11/32, Ithildin 12/32, Artifact 12/42 and, in the top-left side, in the cave, Artifact 13/42.

Start this mission, after the cutscene, follow Hirgon and collect the herbs called Hithlas to make a poison, use your Wraith World to make things easy. You can use stealth to approach or kill everyone, it's up to you. After collecting the 3 herbs you need follow Hirgon to another place and collect more 2 herbs. One more time you need follow Hirgon and collect 3 herbs, after this you have collected the necessary herbs for Hirgon to make a poison.

Now you unlocked the Poison Grog ability, which is extremely useful. You need to come close to a Grog Barrel and press cn_RB to poison. After the Uruks drink from the poisoned Grog Barrel some will die and others will be suspicious and start fighting amongst themselves, like the tutorial explains.

Now to continue the mission you need sneak into Uruk's Hollow and poison 5 Grog Barrels. As a bonus objective you will need 5 stealth kills. If you are caught by any Uruks the mission will fail and you will restart the checkpoint. This part of mission requires patience so pay attention to the Uruks movements and always look at the marker if some Uruks see you. If it is not red, it is okay. In each barrel, after dropping your poison, quickly hide to some place safe before Uruks comes to drink their Grog. You can use the Caragor trapped close to your location to help attract attention from some Uruks while you poison another Grog.

After completing this objective you will see a cutscene and the mission will finish.

The area that you complete this mission is called The Black Road, you can reforge the tower in this area, doing this will appear in the map the following collectibles: Ithildin 13/32 and Artifact 14/42, to the right of this location are more 3 areas, Internment Camp with no collectibles, Uruk's Hollow with Artifact 15/42, Ithildin 14/32 and Ithildin 15/32, Uruk Proving Grounds with Artifact 16/42.

Tip: If you have a Power Struggle in your map called Feast you can go there and kill a captain by poisoning his Grog with your new ability, without anyone seeing. If you accomplish this the mission will finish and unlock an achievement.

Black Celebration

Poison a Captain at his own Feast.

Black Celebration
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Mission 8 - The One Truth

Follow the footsteps until you see a cutscene and a new enemy, called the Graug. Shoot your bow in the bait to attract the Graug and run to the entrance of the cave, you have only 20 seconds to reach the cave. After entering his lair follow the path to the marker, ignoring Ghûls in the way. After reaching a larger area use your Wraith World to see a ledge that footprints lead to. Collect the artifact and see the important cutscene.

After the cutscene you will unlock a new ability, called Shadow Strike, which is useful to transport you to your enemy very fast, by aiming at him with holding cn_LT and pressing cn_A. Use this ability to aim at the new enemy, called Ghûl Spitters (that use ranged acid saliva to hurt you) to quickly reach the exit of the cave.

As a bonus objective you need to reach the exit within 1 minute, so be fast and use this ability, from Ghûl to Ghûl. Exiting the cave will end the mission, and before that you will unlock an achievement.

To Rule them All


To Rule them All
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Mission 9 - The Warchief

The last tower of this map is close to the area of this mission, in Southern Udûn Pass. Be careful, the tower in this region is very close to a stronghold and Uruks can raise an alarm if you are spotted. In this area you have Artifact 17/42, Ithildin 16/32 and Artifact 18/42. In the area of this mission, called East Garrison you have Artifact 19/42 to collect.

Back to the mission, after the cutscene you need to kill 2 Berserkers to attract the attention of the Warchief, as a bonus objective you need to kill a Berserker with a ledge kill, by standing in the ledge and using cn_RT + cn_Y to attract the Berserker for his position and use cn_RT + cn_X to perform a stealth kill. You can use the Grog Barrels in this platform to help you kill the other Berserk. Berserks counter normal attacks so be careful, you need to stun then with cn_B first or attack from behind.

After killing the final Berserker the Warchief will appear, my strategy was only focusing on the Warchief, ignoring the Berserkers and Archers, by jumping above him and attack from behind until he falls down and let me use the stealth attack. After some time he falls to one knee and you need to be quick to press the button in the QTE to finally kill him, unlocking an achievement after the cutscenes.

By killing this Warchief you work towards the extra mission below, now you need kill another 3 Warchiefs to unlock the main story mission 10.

Extra mission - Kill the Warchiefs

This mission requires that you kill 4 Warchiefs, but in the previous mission you already killed one, so you need to kill only 3. You need to search for a yellow mission in your map, do what the missions asks, optionally defeat the Warchief's bodyguards, or simply kill the Warchief for each specific mission.

You need to discover the location of the Warchief if the mission doesn't show in your map, for this you need to gain intel from Uruks you find in camps. Finding the location discovering the Strengths and Weakness of each Warchief before you confront him is the best idea. If you die when you return to try the mission again you only need to defeat the Warchief, don't need to spend time redoing the mission to "call" the Warchief like in the first time that mission asks.

Since these kind of missions are randomly generated I only can help telling you that once you kill all 3 Warchiefs you will unlock the mission 10.

If in some of these missions you use something to make the Warchief have fear, like Caragors or fire for example, you will notice the a green circle above the head of Warchief, killing him rewards you with an achievement, but be quickly because the Warchief will run away from battle.

A Graug's Heel

Capitalize on a Warchief's Fear.

A Graug's Heel
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Mission 10 - The Dark Monument

Start following Hirgon and after some time you need to secure the area by killiing 9 Uruks, stealth is the best option here, but you can open the cage of the Caragor in this area and watch some kills too. After killing all of the Uruks follow Hirgon again, kill some Ghouls and kill another group of Uruks.

In this area you have a high building that you can climb and perform a kill for an achievement, if you don't have it yet.

Height of Despair

Use Strike From Above while at least 60 feet above your target.

Height of Despair
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Follow Hirgon again and kill more Ghouls in the way, do this another time but now be careful with the Caragor and with the health of Hirgon.

Finally you'll reach an outpost and need to kill 17 Uruks to clear the area, remember to hold cn_RT to go stealthly. By using Caragor's bait you can earn almost all kills without too much effort.

After this a cutscene will appear and you now need to defend the cart, as a bonus objective you need to make 3 headshot in archers, after kill the archers you need to push the cart with cn_RB but remember to stop whenever you see more archers to kill in the way. Push the cart a little more, see the cutscene and you will earn an achievement.

Gorthaur the Cruel


Gorthaur the Cruel
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Finishing this mission will unlock mission 11.

Mission 11 - The Black Captain

You will finally fight against a boss in this mission, after the cutscenes the fight begins. As a bonus objective you need to grab and shank (grab with cn_RB and shank with cn_X) Uruks 10 times.

To kill the boss you need to mantain your combo (use the minions), use your special attacks and counter with cn_Y when the option appears. Remember to dodge the attacks and use the herbs close to the area, if you need replenish your health. Your bow is a good attack against this boss too.

After some time he will be dead and you will earn an achievement for this, and will unlock the second large map of the game, called Sea of Núrnen.

The Hammer Falls


The Hammer Falls
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Finishing this mission will unlock mission 12.

Mission 12 - The Messenger

When you come close to the marker of the start of this mission a tutorial will appear telling you that you go to a new map, called Sea of Núrnen. You can return to Udûn at any time from the map.

After the cutscene you will be in the new map, just follow the marker to advance in the mission. You will pass by a Forge Tower, remember to climb up and reforge to enable a respawn point, and to unlock in this area, a place called Harad Basin,and the collectibles Artifact 20/42, Artifact 21/42, Artifact 22/42, (in the cave to the right) Ithildin 17/32, Ithildin 18/32 and Ithildin 19/32 (in the cave to the right).

After reaching the marker you need to enter in Wraith World to track the Ghûls into a cavern, be careful.

Your next task will be reach the marker without attract the attention of the Ghûls, remember to go stealthly, by holding cn_RT. After reach your destination and the cutscene you will be trapped with a new enemy, called a Ghûl Matron, some type of "boss" of the regular Ghûls. To defeat her you need to attack 2 or 3 times and use cn_A to jump above their head and attack from behind more 2 or 3 times. Sometimes you need to dodge too, but she is not so hard to defeat. A best tip is to use your elf shot to shoot in a fire beside you, to kill the Matron faster. After some time more Ghuls will appear, just focus on the Matron until you kill her.

Once you kill her you have 2 minutes to exit the cavern and the mission will be over. As a bonus objective you need to kill 30 Ghuls with fire, it is not so hard to do.

Finishing this mission will unlock missions 13 and 14.

Mission 13 - Queen of the Shore

After the cutscene you will have 90 seconds to reach the fort to the north-west of your location, avoiding detection. After reaching the marker, another cutscene and you will unlock one of the most useful abilities of the game, called Brand. A tutorial will appear explaining to you how to brand a enemy, you can hold cn_B, using with cn_RT to make a stealth brand, or in combat, by using cn_A + cn_B when your reach a hit streak (5 or 8x consecutive hits).

You need to brand 6 archers without been detected, as a bonus objective you need to brand 6 archers in 3 minutes, very easy to achieve, just go in stealth mode and use the Wraith World.

After this you need to "activate" your branded archers by pressing cn_up and kill 15 enemies in the process. With help this will be easy. After another cutscene, another battle, now you need to kill 20 enemies, but you can wait for your "friends" to kill them or brand more Uruks to help you kill the remaining Uruks.

By killing all enemies you will finish the mission and unlock mission 16.

The area that you complete this mission is called Cab-Gwanath Bluff, and after you reforge the tower you will be able to collect the Artifact 23/42. Three more areas above you in the map will be unlocked, one is called Tol Crossing and have the Artifact 24/42, another is called Maw of Hope and have Ithildin 20/32, Ithildin 21/32 and Artifact 25/42. Finally the third top right area unlocked is called Executioner's Watch, and have Ithildin 22/32 and Artifact 26/42.

Mission 14 - Big Game

To start this mission you need to cross one side of the map to another, so I will list the collectibles in the regions of the lower half of the map, until you reach the other side of the map.

In the region besides your initial area, called Thang Talath, you have the Artifact 27/42 and in the lower part of the map you have Ithildin 23/32, in a cave. The next region, called Fern Outskirts have Artifact 28/42, Artifact 29/42 and Ithildin 24/32. The next region, called Fort Morn, will have Artifact 30/42, Artifact 31/42, Artifact 32/42, Ithildin 25/32 and Ithildin 26/32. The next region, called Ethir Poros, will have only the Artifact 33/42. The next region, called Celon Poros will have Artifact 34/42, Artifact 35/42, Artifact 36/42 (in a cave in the north) and Ithildin 27/32. Finally the region of your mission, called Tirith Mesas will have Artifact 37/42, Ithildin 28/32, Ithildin 29/32 and Artifact 38/42 (in a cave in the south).

Ok, let's start the mission. Follow Torvin until you unlock an ability, called Caragor Hunter. You can now counter a Caragor's attack, by using cn_Y. Remember to use cn_RB to mount the Caragor and press the correct button inside the circle, on the screen, before the timer ends.

Follow Torvin and now you need to kill more Uruks than him as bonus objective, remember to use cn_X to stun an Uruk and cn_Y to eat him, using the Caragor. After a little distance you need to kill more Uruks and archers too, try killing more Uruks than Torvin to complete the bonus objective. Remember to bite the Uruks to replenish the health of the Caragor.

In the end you need to ambush a patrol and kill a runner before he call reinforcements. Come back to Torvin, help him, a cutscene will appear and the mission will end.

Finish this mission will unlock mission 15.

Mission 15 - Hunting Partners

Follow Torvin, and now you will learn the ability Graug Bleed, for this you need to sneak up behind a Graug holding cn_RT as usual and press cn_X to bleed him. Doing this will attract Caragors to the Graug.

Now you need to mount a Caragor, look at the yellow markers to find a Caragor to mount. If you take too much time to mount a Caragor try to go closer to a yellow marker and press cn_RB that the animation that you dominate a Caragor will appear. Maybe is a bug, but this happen to me.

Now you need to lure the Graug to Torvin's position and hit the Graug with a headshot. After this a quick cutscene will appear and you will gain an ability, called Graug Hunter. You need to approach the Graug, press cn_RB to mount it and follow the buttons that will appear in the screen to fully dominate the Graug.

Another ability will be unlocked, called Graug Attacks, you can attack with cn_X and grab and eat Uruks with cn_Y, to regain health. Now you need to kill the group of Uruks, as bonus objective you need to eat at least 3 Uruks. Finally kill the Graug by holding cn_RT and pressing cn_B and the mission will finish.

Finish this mission will unlock mission 17.

Mission 16 - The Power of the Wraith

After the cutscene you need to locate Grûblik, a captain, in the green circle in your map. When you reach the circle use your Wraith World and press cn_RS to identify your target. After this you will unlock a ability, called Command. With this ability you can give orders to captains, after you dominate him (by holding cn_RB and pressing cn_A), by pressing cn_Y to issue a command. As tutorial explains you can send your branded captain to kill another captain or try to become a Warchief's bodyguard.

You can defeat the regulars Uruks first or go straight to Grûblik, to dominate him you need to first weaken him until a green circle appears or at least a green skull. After this you can grab him and choose the option Dominate and the option Command. After this you will create a Power Struggle mission by sending your captain to become a Bodyguard from the Târz Warchief.

Now you need to go to the Recruitment Power Struggle created, to help your captain. Use your bow in the yellow markers to complete the mission. There will be 3 groups of Uruks to defeat, as bonus objective you need to keep in the ledge above your captain the entire fight. Since there are 3 groups of Uruks and each are in different locations, to complete the bonus objective you need to use all buildings and ledges in the area. The third group of enemies are harder than the first and second, but still not so hard to defeat.

After kill all enemies the Power Struggle will be finished and your captain will be promoted as Bodyguard for Târz Warchief. Now you will be in another location of the map, in the entrance of a Uruk stronghold, and first need to reach a vantage point without raising the alarm. By reaching the vantage point Târz will appear, you need to press cn_up to activate your captain, to help you kill the Warchief.

If you let your captain be killed the mission will fail, and you'll need to retry. Focus on killing the Warchief but don't forget to help your captain to survive.

After killing Târz your captain will be promoted to Warchief and the mission will finally be over, a cutscene will appear and one achievement will be unlocked.

The White Wizard


The White Wizard
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Finishing this mission will unlock mission 18 and the Extra mission to Brand the Warchiefs (you need to brand 4 more Warchiefs to complete this extra mission).

Mission 17 - The Great White Graug

This mission starts and you will need to dominate a Dire Caragor (a stronger version of a normal Caragor). After this you need to follow Torvin to the cave.

After the cutscene the battle begins. First stand as far you can from the Graug and wait for him to attack. After the Graug comes close to you a tutorial will appear, called Graug Stun, you need to shoot a bow in the head of the Graug to disorient him, then dodge out of the way. After you stun him, run directly to the Graug and press cn_RB to remove a little of his health.

Some Ghûls will appear and you need to kill them as fast as you can, because the Graug can grab one of them to replenish their health, if he grab one of them, quickly use your bow and shoot in the Graug's head, you need to do this 3 times as bonus objective.

You need to repeat this tactic of stun the Graug more 3 or 4 times to finally kill the Graug, end the mission and unlock an achievement.

For My Brother


For My Brother
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Extra mission - Brand the Warchiefs

This mission requires that you brand 5 Warchiefs, but since in mission 16 you already branded one, you only need more four. It is highly recommended that you have many abilities unlocked, a good amount of health and elf-shots and have already done many side missions, because this task is not easy.

Another good and important tip is that you discover their weak and their strong points, by gaining intel with Uruks or with maps. If you know the weakness of a Warchief the battle certainly will be easier. The other tip is that you need to eliminate all bodyguards of the Warchief before confronting and branding him, to make things easier.

Another tip that I use is to kill all but one bodyguard of a Warchief, brand this bodyguard and command him to betray the Warchief. Doing this will create a Power Struggle, like this that I create for the last Warchief, in the image below.

Betrayal Power Struggle

This mission don't have a specific location, you need to find each one in Sauron's Army, by looking for yellow skulls, going for each specific location and doing the specific mission. Killing the Warchief will promote your branded captain up to Warchief, which still completes your objective by having a branded Warchief.

Once you brand all 4 remaining Warchiefs you will unlock an achievement.

Lord and Master

Brand all 5 Warchiefs.

Lord and Master
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Mission 18 - The Cure

After the initial cutscene you need to clear all 3 areas without raising the alarm. If some Uruks see you and a red symbol appears above their head you need to kill him, before he raises the alarm, or the mission will fail. As a bonus objective you need to stealth brand 5 uruks, by using cn_RT + cn_B.

In the first area you can shoot a bow in the fire in the middle of camp, in the second area you can use the Caragors to help you and in the third area you can use a fire place again. Remember to stealth brand some Uruks to help you and to complete the bonus objective.

After clearing all 3 areas another cutscene will appear and the mission will finish, unlocking the mission 19.

Mission 19 - The Rescue

This mission is in the north area of the map, and if the Forge Tower that you reforge is the last you will unlock an achievement.

Memories of Eregion

Activate all Forge Towers.

Memories of Eregion
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You have the last collectibles of the game in this areas around your mission. The area of the mission is called Cape of Nurn, and have Ithildin 30/32. The area to the right is called Watcher's Landing and have Ithildin 31/32. The area to the north of your area is called Núrnen Peninsula and have the final piece of Ithildin, the Ithildin 32/32. In this area you have to the left, in a cave the Artifact 39/42, and in the north the Artifact 40/42. In the last area of the game, in the north called Núrnen Fishery you have the last artifacts, Artifact 41/42 and finally Artifact 42/42.

If you collect the last collectibles of the game you'll unlock two achievements.

Bearer of the Shining Lamp

Collect 100% of the Ithildin.

Bearer of the Shining Lamp
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Shadows of the Ancient Past

Collect 100% of the Artifacts and listen to their memories.

Shadows of the Ancient Past
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Back to the mission. After the cutscene you need to run, you have 8 minutes to find Lithariel. In the meantime you need to brand 6 Uruks too without raising the alarm. Only after you brand these Uruks that Lithariel's location will appear in your map, so your top priority is brand the Uruks first, as quickly as possible. As a tip, try brand each enemy individually, without going into a group of Uruks to avoid that some of them try raise the alarm and make your mission fail.

After branding these Uruks, you go to the location of Lithariel. A cutscene will appear and now you have an option, kill the Uruks or brand him. Since you will need help of them later, it is better if you brand the Uruks. After this go to Lithariel, you need to hold cn_RB to carry her until some enemies appear. When this happen you need to release Lithariel to focus on killing these enemies. Try staying close to Lithariel to protect her from attacks.

After more hordes of enemies and after you finally carry Lithariel outside the stronghold, a cutscene will appear, the mission will finish and an achievement will unlock.

Beyond Hope


Beyond Hope
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Finishing this mission will unlock the mission 20a but you only can start this mission when you complete the Extra mission - Brand the Warchiefs, described earlier in this page.

Mission 20a - Lord of Mordor

Now we come to the final mission, which will be separated in two parts, this is the first part.

After the cutscene you will come to a new area called Ered Glamhoth and will fight with many enemies, but at least you have 5 Warchiefs by your side to help, so be ready. Try defeat the captain mentioned in the cutscene first with a yellow skull and deal with the regular Uruks after.

After defeat the captain go find the Black Hand, and you will find the Tower. After the cutscene you will have 8 minutes to defeat him, be sure to use Wraith World to help you in this battle, because you need to find his incarnations around the area. You need to try not be spotted by this incarnations or you will lose health. So use the stealth drain (cn_RT + cn_B) to help you kill him.

After three stealth drains the fight will be almost finished. You need to follow the mark in your screen and press the button when required to finish the battle and unlock an achievement.

The Tower Crumbles


The Tower Crumbles
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Mission 20b - Mordor in Flames

This is the second part of the final mission, you don't need to worry about the side mission unfinished that after this battle you will be free to roam this and the other map whenever you want.

After the cutscenes you will be riding a caragor. Go to the yellow mark to start properly your mission. You need to kill 5 Warchiefs and, if you still have Warchiefs in your side they can help you in this battle. Use your caragor to help and keep an eye on the health of your Warchiefs. This is probably the hardest battle of the game.

After defeating all 5 Warchiefs and regular Uruks you will finally go to the final part of the mission. You need to reach the top of the Black Gate by climbing the scaffolding to see a cutscene and start some minigames to defeat Sauron.

After completing the minigames you will finish the mission and unlock the final story achievement of the base game. Congratulations!

The Hand is Severed


The Hand is Severed
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