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    I have never played any of the other Midnight Club's and I never thought I would because I watched a friend play it and I thought I saw that the game comprised of rap music, useless mods to make your car hideous, lights shining underneath your vehicle in funky colors but I can never find pink (I like the color pink) and a game that was like NFS. But this game surprised me when my "muppet" of a friend left this and Dead Space at my house, I put the game in my console and my jaw dropped when my starting car could be a banged up 1980 something VW Sirocco.


    I find this quite easy to pick up and play from other racing games like Forza 2 and GRiD because the brake and accelerator controls are always the same which I find is a good thing. The B button does something very unique that shifts your characters weight so that in a car you can go on two wheels on the left and right side of the car and if you are on a bike it makes turning easier by holding B whilst cornering. On the bike if you hold B you can also do a Wheelie if you hold back on the thumbstick aswell. There is a nice mix of Bikes and Cars but compared to games like Forza 2 and PGR 4 the choice is very limited.

    Hmmmm a 8 out of 10 can go with this.


    The graphics are great but not the best, compared to games like Forza who mostly concentrate on how pretty the car looks (thats what I like), GRiD: for how pretty it is to see your car get wrecked and PGR 4 where every thing looks lovely like a nice flower garden. But they are quite nice, when you go into the dashboard cam your feet don't move (like in most racing games) but it is quite detailed. Car models are near one exactly what the real world version looks like. however like in GTA IV (also made by Rockstar) when you go fast or do something fast it takes a few seconds for the road and surroundings to render.

    I will stamp it with a 8 out of 10.


    Offline: 37 achievements worth 840 gamerscore.
    Online: 8 achievements worth 160 gamerscore.
    Offline: 10 achievements worth 250 gamerscore.
    Online: 0 achievements worth 0 gamerscore.

    Some of the achievements are reasonably easy to get but it will take a while to get the full 1250. Whilst the others can be a pain in the ass including the collectible one and the True Dedication achievement. But there is a nice balance to all the achievements.

    I give them a 7.5/10


    I haven't gotten very far in the Career Mode and I don't pay attention to people talking to me very often so I don't have much to stay here that what you have to do in the story is drive around a bit, meet new people, race some people, deliver some vehicles, take out other vehicles, run away from the police (If you are not a respectable driver).You have to bet some money and bet you car's also.
    But like most street racing games you start off a fresh new racer right off the plane and attempting to climb the street racing ladder until you can become king of the streets.

    7 out of 10.

    Replay Value.

    I would say that there is a replayability factor but not a large one unless you love racing games that consist of street race's and ugly modifications. But I must say that it is quite fun cruising around in your "pimp wagon" and driving around on two or even one wheel.

    I think a 7 out of 10 is about right.

    This is my first review and coming from someone like me who doesn't care about graphics and storylines, just how much I would like the game, I hope you enjoy the read.

    Out of 100 I give this game a 74.5

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    TurboTony19Good first review, i did enjoy the read. Great breakdown of the game's finer and lesser points. If this is your first review i'd bet that you are going to do some other great ones too, look forward to reading them.
    Posted by TurboTony19 on 25 Aug 09 at 00:05
    a box of fishWell thank you very much. I am glad some people like it.
    Posted by a box of fish on 25 Aug 09 at 09:07
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    I decided to buy this game after 1 year and a bit since it was out. But the game was Great!

    Gameplay: ****
    Overall, the racing in this game is pretty good. Kept me playing a lot once I got this game. One of my only problems with the offline racing was that it seemed sometimes there was fixed A.I. and other times not... So, some races I did I would be crushing all but 1 racer who would be like 3 seconds behind me while the rest were a good 20-30 seconds behind me. Oh, and another thing that bothered me a bit was how the missions log worked. The tournament missions keep coming back, which I guess is ok, but how about not make them missions after you beat them once and just have them on the map... Makes it look like you've got lot's more to complete. But, the main thing in this game is racing, and the racing was great!

    Graphics and Sound: *****
    I thought the graphics in this game were very nice, the cars looked like they do in real life, the vinyls editor is actually pretty good and the scenarios are very good! The movement of the cars is also smooth. Now, the music in this game is good because their are different genres which people can put on depending on the type of music they like. I thought the song choices were pretty decent. But, like always, theirs a flaw with the sounds. The trash talk is just ridiculous, like ok, fine, maybe use the same trash talks every few races, but not the same time in one races. Here is the worst of my experiences; so one time I was racing the CPU offline, and I'm in first place and the CPU says, "Is that your first time in first place?" So I'm like, ok... what ever. Then about 2 minutes later in the race, "Is that your first time in first place?" So then I was like, your mentally challenged buddy, and I was doing a tournament, so guess what happens in the next race? "Is that your first time in first place?" Yeah, trash talk is probably the only bad thing involving sound in this game, because the car sound effects are good! laugh

    Multiplayer: ****
    The multiplayer in this game is very fun! I love to do the other modes like Capture the Flag and Keep Away etc. Not all just racing which is a great thing to have in a racing game. The racing is also fun online, better then the offline races no doubt. The one thing about the online about this game is about the DLC, like can't you turn it on and off? Because when I had the DLC, I couldn't join my friends game (Note: I just had the free DLC) nor could they join mine, so I deleted it because for that reason and because it was small. So basically, I think you should be able to turn South Central off and on in Online Cruise. Oh, and another thing about Online Cruise is that you can't have lots of traffic on which makes me mad, because sometimes me and my friends want to drive like normal people but theirs like a good 3 cars in sight of us. All in all, good Online though...

    DLC: ***
    As I mentioned on the topic above, you can't play with people who don't have this DLC. This DLC in my opinion wasn't very good, it's small and every time you put your game in, you have to see some BS video every time of South Central. But keep in mind, I only had the free version of the DLC, but really is the Premium version that much different next to the side missions and a third garage? Not really, and also some achievements. As you can probably all tell, this DLC didn't satisfy me enough to keep it... Bye bye South Central! But not to hate so much on this DLC, hey, it was fun for the first few days of having it! It had lots of big ramps! (Note: I may re download it because their is about 1 game that plays without it and like 15 that play with it...)

    Achievements: ****
    The achievements in this game were reasonable, I still don't and won't get them all, but, they aren't some easy-ass achievements like some games have. See, for people like me, achievements is one of the few reasons what keeps me playing a game. That's why I like a bit of challenging achievements but that are obtainable. The one achievements that I could get easily, but don't want to, is True Dedication because I don't think I have all the race tracks, Goal Attack is easy and everything, but time consuming (Which is fine by me) by, I don't have all the tracks and the time trials I set I cannot beat. laugh

    Verdict: ****
    Yes, this game is a great street racing game, good car pimping system, nice cars and good scenarios! I am pretty sure lot's of y'all already have it considering it's not very new, but if you don't and like racing games or even just free roam games, I would consider it... I got mine for $18... toast
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    Lost amid a sea of Need for Speeds and Grids, and as the traditional arcade racer falls in popularity to make way for the ultra-realistic Gran Turismos and Forzas, it’s easy to overlook Midnight Club: LA. Like the little underground street racing game that could, MCLA shines with the help of Rockstar’s golden touch. If Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto are the developer’s near-flawless takes on the seedy Western and Crime genres, then MCLA almost certainly continues the trend with a playful twist on the street racing scene.

    While GTA and Red Dead may be praised for their narratives, MCLA falls behind. It may still be asking too much of the racing genre as a whole for it to adopt fully fleshed-out storylines, and in R*’s defence they make a good stab at it, with top-notch voice acting and some likeable side characters. The whole thing seems hollow, though, and while it doesn’t carry any serious pretenses in the same way Need for Speed may once have attempted (and surely regretted), it’s hardly going be the one aspect of the game you come back for.

    Instead, it’s the shear amount of things to do that keep you hooked. Your main opponents consist of four ‘champs’ for each car type, and to see the game’s credits proper, all four must be beaten, a feat consisting of many hundreds of races. While it may seem like a daunting task, the variety in race types is refreshing enough to keep the game from going stale for the most part. It’s a shame that some of the more original game types are entirely optional; chasing down and beating up money lenders in muscle cars is a deviation from the main game and offers little more than chump change. One of the more fun race types, racing random cars around the LA highways against oncoming traffic, is also optional. MCLA goes to great lengths to keep you racing every moment possible; with the city itself being your main menu, a fantastic innovation which leads to you chasing down potential opponents across the city just for the opportunity to race, it’s easy to know all the ins and outs of the city streets and its shortcuts before long. Being forced to drive to every race meet may not seem all that appealing, but it is entirely possible to choose your races from a list using the back button and transport to the race start quickly, bypassing any unnecessary driving.

    Police chases are hardly ever more than a hindrance; sometimes the fuzz are a welcome novelty when they appear mid-race and can offer an extra challenge for you and your opponents, but on ending a race you’ll continue to be chased until you evade them using a fairly outdated hide-and-seek system. The police’s presence is frustrating to the point where you’ll often re-calculate a route to your destination just to avoid the possibility of being caught speeding. Adhere to the speed limit and the police are ignorant, though sticking to 40mph when 200mph is in the realms of possibility is one of the game’s toughest challenges.

    MCLA’s soundtrack is something to be praised; it perfectly epitomises contemporary Los Angeles sounds using genres from hard rock and electronic to west coast hip-hop. While it may not be to everyone’s tastes, and with far less songs in its tracklist than GTAIV, for example, you may get bored of the same cycling songs before long, but it’s hard not to really appreciate the lengths R* go to in order to create an authentic, enjoyable experience of driving around LA. The city itself is fairly faithfully recreated, though inevitably reduced in size and peppered with secrets and shortcuts. The South Central DLC expands the game’s map by up to a third, but the content itself is lacking. Aside from new cars and songs, it adds only new missions, and for those intending to hit 100% it’s just more missions to work through.

    The true predecessor to Red Dead Redemption’s Free Roam mode, MCLA’s online works much in the same way. Free roaming around LA online remains popular even today, but simpler racing modes are near dead online. A shame, as the inclusion of a track editor makes for some amusing races.

    Supposedly, the rubber-banding AI and unforgiving car crashes make the pre-patched single-player almost unplayable, unless you’re of godly skill. Having only played the game after patching, this was never a problem personally, but is worth noting for those players hesitant about connecting online or the patching process as a whole.

    With Rockstar San Diego’s development team now severely cut following the release of Red Dead Redemption, another game in the Midnight Club franchise doesn’t seem to be on the horizon. In fact, rumours persist that the series is currently on hiatus. Should LA prove to be the final Midnight Club, it will no doubt remain a fervent reminder of Rockstar’s efforts to create gold in whatever genre they tackled.
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    Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles

    Please do not vote negatively only because this text is in german. Thank you very much. wink

    Es war etwa Mitte 2009, als ich mal wieder Lust auf ein richtiges Rennspiel hatte,
    welches auch noch nach Stunden fesseln konnte. Wenn man ein Rennspiel sucht,
    wird man ja sicherlich erstmal an Need For Speed oder Forza denken, allerdings waren
    die letzten Need For Speed Teile ja mehr schlecht als Recht und da ich auch keine
    Rennsimulation habe wollte, entschied ich mich letztenendes für Midnight Club 4.
    Bis dahin hatte ich nicht viel mit der Serie zutun, was auch am extrem hohen
    Schwierigkeitsgrad der Vorgänger lag.

    Als erstes sollte einem auffallen, das Midnight Club 4 im Gegensatz zur
    Konkurenz (Forza, Gran Turismo,...) längt nicht ein so riesige Fahrzeugpalette
    vorweisen kann, sondern nur mit ca. 40-50 Autos daherkommt. Dieses kann
    man allerdings noch mit dem Add-On "South Central" sowie den beiden Car-Paks
    erweitern. Mich hat dies allerdings nicht gestört, da Rockstar viele
    unterschiedliche Fahrzeuge gewählt hat und so sollte für jeden etwas dabei sein.
    Von Mitsubishi bis Ford ist alles dabei. Was ich hier allerdings negativ aufzählen
    muss ist, dass man die Motorräder an einer Hand abzählen kann. Schade eigentlich,
    wo doch der Vorgänger mit seiner Fahrzeug & Motorad Anzahl vollkommen
    überzeugen konnte.
    Dafür entschädigt aber die riesige Stadt, die wunderbar an einen solch rasanten
    Racer angepasst wurde und ebenfalls durch das "South Central" Add-On um
    etwa 30 Prozent vergrößert werden kann. Es gibt viele verschiedene
    Wettereffekte und der Wechsel von Tag und Nacht geht flüssig ineinander über.
    Was heute außerdem schon was zum Usus für Rennspiele geworden ist, ist ein
    ausgereiftes Tuning-System. Und gerade hier liegt die Stärke von Midnight Club 4.
    Durch das grandiose Lackier-System ist der Kreativität der Spieler fast keine Grenze
    mehr gesetzt. Mich jedenfalls hat dieses Feature vollkommen überzeugt.
    Das Spiel an sich ist teilweise sehr schwer, aber niemals unfair. Wenn ihr gegen
    ein Hinderniss prallt, seit ihr zwar in den meisten Fällen sofort letzter, aber da
    das Spiel den sogenannten "Gummibandeffekt" nutzt, könnt ihr schupps wieder
    verlorenen Boden gutmachen. Das gleiche gilt allerdings auch für eure Gegner, sodass
    ihr nie wirklich Vorsprung herausfahren könnt. Mit ein Wenig Übung sollte es aber
    durchaus machbar sein. Nur die Polizei ist wirklich hammerhart und verfolgt euch
    teilweise eine gefühlte Ewigkeit. Gott sei dank kommt es allerdings nicht so häufig
    zu Verfolgungen, da ihr die Polizei auf der MiniMap sehen könnt.
    Als Spielzeit kann man viel Angeben, die reine Story sollte relativ fix durchgespielt
    sein und ist nebenbei gesagt auch nicht sonderlich erwähnungswert, da es sich
    wie in allen Rennspielen eher um eine 08/15 Storyline handelt. Mein Spielstand weißt
    schon über 100 Stunden auf und es gibt noch massenhaft zutun.

    Die Fahrzeuge wurden wirklich toll modeliert und sehen einfach fantastisch aus.
    Dort merkt man mal wieder, das Rockstar einfach eine der besten
    Spieleschmieden der Welt ist. Lichteffekte sind auch eine Augenweide,
    besonders wenn man Abends durch das Lichtermeer von Los Angeles mit
    350km/h prescht. Matschige Texturen habe ich außerdem nicht entdecken können.
    Die Stadt an sich ist ganz in Ordnung. Am Straßenrand passiert viel und
    im Gegensatz zu Burnout Paradise gibts auch Menschen auf den Bürgersteigen. wink

    Der Soundtrack von Midnight Club kann mit einigen hochkarätigen
    Titeln (Day'n Night) glänzen, hat mich persöhnlich aber nach einiger Zeit
    etwas gelangweilig, sodass ich auf meine eigene Musik auf einem USB-Stick
    zugriff. Motorensound ist wie immer absolute Spitzenklasse und auch die
    Umgebung hört sich mehr oder weniger Real an.

    Kommen wir nun zum Gameplay. Das mag für einige Spieler
    eine Offenbarung sein, für andere allerdings auch das Gegenteil.
    Oftmals wird bemägelt, das die Steuerung sehr empfindlich ist, aber meiner
    Meinung nach muss sie genau das auch sein, weil man später im Spiel einfach
    extrem schnell Reagieren muss, um nahende Hindernisse noch zu umfahren.
    Hier kann man definitiv sagen, das wenn man mit der Steuerung nicht klar
    kommt, das Spiel garnicht erst anfangen brauch zu spielen. Die Menüsteuerung
    geht dazu noch fix von der Hand.

    Will man mal mit anderen Leuten spielen, ist man beim MC Multiplayer goldrichtig.
    Selbst jetzt spielen noch sehr viele Spieler das Spiel online, sodass man
    eigentlich niemals allein unterwegs ist. Online kann man mit Freunden in
    Gruppen mit bis zu 16 Spielern die Stadt erkunden oder diverse Rennmodi
    wie Zeitrennen, Flaggenjagt, (...) spielen.
    Eure erstellten Designs für eure Autos könnt ihr außerdem noch im
    Online-Auktionshaus des Spiels verkaufen. Leider aber nur für Spielgeld.

    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit Midnight Club 4: Los Angeles. Es war damals definitv
    die richtige Wahl für ein weiteres Rennspiel. Ich empfehle dieses Rennspiel
    für geduldige Leute, die auch mal das ein oder andere Rennen verlieren
    können und nicht nur gewinnen müssen. Durch die Vielzahl an Modifikationen
    ist ebenbei auch noch nach der Story genug Spaß vorhanden, um das Spiel

  • Dr ZuggDr Zugg9,952
    30 Jan 2011
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    Stackin' G's OFFICIAL Game Review

    Hey Guys Dr Zugg here with yet another Review..

    Midnight club is based in Los Angeles, Beverly hills, Hollywood. It it a All over racing game. Arcade style.


    The general game play is pretty ridiclious, its just an arcade racer there is no real story..

    A poor 4 / 10


    The graphics on the cars and interior design are very good. But the scenery and cut scenes are terrible. Worst cut scene graphics EVER...

    A poor 3 / 10


    Well lets put it this way.. If you haven't got South central DLC you will not be nearing 1000G.. Quite hard to max due to Online achievements...

    A okay 5 /10

    Basically, its a good game ( Sort of ) But its uber hard to max..

    An overall 3.8 / 10

    Hope you enjoyed..

    Dr Zugg - Stackin' G's Moderation team