2. Midnight Club: Los Angeles General hints and tips


Hints and Tips


Not all of the controls are listed in the manual, but a full list is below.

cn_LT – Brake/Reverse

cn_RT – Accelerator

cn_LB – Special Abilities / Power Ups

cn_LS– Steering

cn_RS– Shift Camera

cn_LSc– Toggles Multiplayer Competitor Info

cn_RSc – Horn

cn_Y – Headlights

cn_B + cn_LSc– Two Wheel Driving / Weight Control

cn_B + cn_LSc while Airborne – In-Air Control

cn_A – Handbrake

cn_X – Nitrous / Slip Stream Turbo

cn_up – HUD Map / Close Sidekick

cn_downHydraulics (Unlockable via the Rockstar Social Club)

cn_rightSkip to Next Music Track

cn_left– Skip to Previous Music Track (Hold to Pause Music)

cn_backGPS Map

cn_startPause / Option Menu

  1. Do not spend any money on visual upgrades until you have bought the Garage.
  2. After flashing your headlights to activate the mission, press Y again to skip to the start of the race. It is not worth the time to earn a few Rep. points.
  3. Competing in races earns you more money and Rep. points depending on how well you do, how difficult the opposition and the Rep. level of your vehicle class (money only).
  4. Get behind an opposing racer to get a slipstream turbo.
  5. Start a race by holding the cn_RT + cn_A. Release on the green light / GO! to receive a head start.
  6. cn_RT + cn_A also works to do a quick burnout turn (using the cn_RS) to point your vehicle in the right direction. This is useful after a crash.
  7. Use weight transfer when riding motorcycles for a better turn.
  8. Gas stations are located where you can refill your nitrous and repair your vehicle (in cruise). In a race, driving through a station refills one nitrous canister.
  9. There are 4 special abilities unlocked via the story missions (use cn_LB to activate them). They are charged via clean driving. The more you use them, the more levels you unlock. There are 3 levels. Each level increases the amount of shots you can store:
    • AGRO – plough through vehicles
    • ZONE – slow down time
    • EMP – disable the other vehicles
    • ROAR – move the other vehicles out of your way
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