4. Midnight Club: Los Angeles Goal Attacks

Goal Attacks

Now on to the Goal Attacks. You can not complete all of the races if you not have beaten the story as you need to race on every track. Each Goal Attack has four pieces of criteria:

  1. Win the race
  2. Finish the race with less than 25% damage
  3. Beat the time limit
  4. Achieve all goals in the same race

There are a total of 74 races.

To access this mode, follow these steps:

  • Press cn_start
  • Press cn_RB
  • Scroll down to the second option, Goal Attack and press cn_A

The races are split in to 4 sub-menus: Ordered Race, Circuit Race, Unordered Race and Landmark Race.

The best vehicle to use is a fully tuned Ninja. Use the weight transfer to help when turning corners. It can be tricky to master this vehicle but once you do, this should be a breeze. With the Ordered and Circuit races, you should need no help. If you have beaten the game, they will be a stroll in the park 99% of the time.

The first race you complete with all the goals passed will lead to you unlocking:

Mild Dedication

In Goal Attack, complete every goal for one race.

Mild Dedication
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Ordered Races


Around Hollywood
Central LA Showdown
Century City Jumps
Fairfax and Sunset
Hollywood Drifts
Laurel Canyon Run
MacArthur Cut
Old Hollywood Shortcuts
Sunset and Vine
Sunset River Run
Valley Freeways
Welcome To Hollywood
West LA Challenge
Wilshire Blvd.
Wilshire Sprint

Santa Monica

Beaches and Beverly Run
Ocean to LA River
Old Route 66
Sand and Surf
University Cut
Westside Ride
Westwood and Brentwood

Downtown Area

4th Street Meet
Civic Center Race
Downtown to Pier
Downtown Tour
Downtown Vistas
Figueroa and Grand
Rags to Riches


Hollywood, Valley and Beaches
Mulholland and Beverly
Mulholland Drive East
Mulholland Drive West
River Valley
Up and Over Coldwater
Ventura Finish
Ventura Loop

Circuit Races


Century Mall
Hollywood and Downtown
Laurel Canyon Loop
Theater Circuit
University Loop

Santa Monica

California Incline Loop
Santa Monica Loop
Under the 405


6th St.
Downtown Freeway Loop
LA River Run


Coldwater Canyon
Studio Hills

Unordered Races

I have made maps for each one. I apologise for my basic paint work but there was not any videos for these at the original time of publication. I also do not have a capture card. However, DaChiefOfOwnage has created some videos and they will be shown below.

For the maps, I have kept the same legend as the game. The arrows will guide you around the track. Start at the GREEN arrow and follow the orange arrows around.
To keep the page shorter, I have put the map and video for each race in a spoiler tab so you can open the race you need. That makes scrolling a lot easier.


Hollywood Shuffle

Studio Shuffle

Santa Monica

Beach Blitz


Freeway Frenzy


Drift and Conquer

Ventura Shuffle

Landmark Races


Hollywood to the Pier

Hustle to the City

Sunset to the Hills

Sunset to the Promenade

Santa Monica

Beach to the Hills

Incline to the Cathedral

Pier to the Chateau Marmont


6th St. to the Hills

Downtown to Sunset Music

Wilshire to the Georgian


Hills to Century City

Sepulveda to 4th Street

Now you have unlocked

True Dedication

All Goal attacks must be unlocked and every goal for every race completed.

True Dedication
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