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Mindjack Achievements

Most Earned

MIND HACKER5 (5)Mind Hack successfully for the first time.
BIRTH5 (5)Experience the wonder of birth as a Wanderer.
CONTACT10 (10)Successfully make contact with Rebecca at San Mira Airport.
COUNTERATTACK11 (10)Successfully join forces with Rebecca to repel the terrorist attack.

Least Earned

STAR118 (40)In Host Play, get hacked into by over 100 Hackers.
GUARDIAN58 (20)As a Blue Hacker, successfully defeat 50 Mind Hacked enemies.
RED DEVIL144 (50)Win 50 times as a Red Hacker.
GUN WHEEL GURU86 (30)Mind Hack a Gun Wheel and defeat 20 enemies.
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Retail Releases: Week of January 17th, 2011

Prepare to have your mind jacked, whatever that means. North America - January 18th • Mindjack [via GameStop] Europe - January 21st • Mindjack [via Play.com] Australia - January 21st • John Daly's Pr

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25 New Mindjack Screenshots

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