Minecraft (Nintendo Switch) Reviews

  • SquareGuavaSquareGuava17,277
    03 Jul 2020
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    Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is great. There's essentially infinite content because of the Marketplace's vast collection of user-generated worlds, skin packs, resource packs, and mash-ups. Whether you're building a town in Creative or going for that sweet 100% completion, you're sure to enjoy your time doing so.

    However, Minecraft runs horribly on this platform specifically. It takes a long time to load textures and worlds, and frequent crashes and glitches are unavoidable. You can only choose from 6 Featured servers, and can't join any others. Typing using the Switch keyboards almost never register in the actual game, you frequently have to type the text twice. Overall a terrible port, and Mojang really needs to up their game on this one. Without these issues, it would be a 5 star for sure. I knocked off two stars due to these issues.