Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Android)


Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Android) Achievements

Most Earned

Taking Inventory10 (10)Open your inventory.
Getting Wood11 (10)Punch a tree until a block of wood pops out.
Benchmaking11 (10)Craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.
Time to Mine!12 (10)Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe.

Least Earned

Organizational Wizard246 (30)Name a Shulker Box with an Anvil
Treasure Hunter221 (40)Acquire a map from a cartographer villager, then enter the revealed structure
Let It Go!106 (20)Using the Frost Walker boots, walk on at least 1 block on frozen water on a deep ocean
Cheating Death154 (30)Use the Totem of Undying to cheat death
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Minecraft Will Feature Cross Platform Online Play

Cross platform online is something gamers have been wanting since the dawn of time. Now it's possible via Minecraft's latest announcement bringing the community together.

Posted 1 month ago by Will Cruz, 20 comments

Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions Discovery Update Trailer

A new trailer has been released for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition and the various Pocket Editions of the game showcasing new content and gameplay from the upcoming Discovery Update.

Posted 2 months ago by Ashley Woodcock, 28 comments

Minecraft To Welcome Adventure Time Pack

Minecraft is set to welcome a new mash-up pack DLC soon. The new pack will be Adventure Time, and will contain new colourful textures, and the familiar characters from the popular TV show.

Posted 2 months ago by Stephanie Caldwell, 10 comments

Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions to Receive Discovery Update

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition as well as the various Pocket Editions of Minecraft will soon be receiving the Discovery Update, or update 1.1. According to Mojang, "it’s not called The Discovery Update for no reason."

Posted 3 months ago by Kelly Packard, 16 comments

TA Podcast: Thimbleweed Park, Snake Pass, Andromeda and More

It's been a very busy week at TGN Towers, but thankfully Rich and Jack took a well-earned break from coding site leaderboards and multi-genres to record episode 63.

Posted 4 months ago by Dave Horobin, 1 comment

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