Minecraft (Gear VR)

Minecraft (Gear VR)


Minecraft (Gear VR) Achievements

Most Earned

Taking Inventory
Taking Inventory10 (10)Open your inventory.
Getting Wood
Getting Wood11 (10)Punch a tree until a block of wood pops out.
Benchmaking12 (10)Craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.
Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter20 (15)Attack and destroy a monster.

Least Earned

Where have you been?
Where have you been?102 (20)Receive a gift from a tamed cat in the morning.
Zoologist196 (40)Breed two pandas with bamboo.
Top of the World
Top of the World98 (20)Place scaffolding to the world limit.
Sail the seven seas
Sail the seven seas178 (40)Visit all ocean biomes
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Minecraft Arrives on Xbox Game Pass Next Month

Microsoft chose to open up Inside Xbox with their Game Pass news and they've confirmed that Minecraft will be joining the service on April 4th.

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Minecraft's Season of Giving has Begun

Minecraft launches its Season of Giving that includes the free Catastrophic Pandamonium adventure map, Holiday Bundles, and the upcoming Winter Gifts Bundle from the Minecraft Marketplace.

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Cats & Pandas Invade Minecraft In The Newly Released Update 1.8

Another patch has hit the various different versions of Minecraft with Update 1.8 bringing cat & pandas to the game along with three new achievements.

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Who Would Make An Xbox Super Smash Bros. Roster?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out for Nintendo Switch today, and it marks the de facto end of major 2018 releases. This got us thinking, who would make an Xbox Smash Bros. game roster? We've come up with 20+ famous faces.

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