Minecraft (iOS) Reviews

  • SquareGuavaSquareGuava16,689
    03 Jul 2020
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    Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is great. There's essentially infinite content because of the Marketplace's vast collection of user-generated worlds, skin packs, resource packs, and mash-ups. Whether you're building a town in Creative or going for that sweet 100% completion, you're sure to enjoy your time doing so.

    I knocked off a star because of the awful touch controls, but the controls on most other platforms, namely PC and console, are great. You can use an Xbox controller with the pocket edition, however the small screen of an iphone is difficult to pair with a controller. Joy-Con and Pro-Con are incompatible with the pocket edition.
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    AcaElic86Does this game have achievements? Can it be played on iPhone 8? shock
    Posted by AcaElic86 on 14 Dec 20 at 02:51
    maximadfoxnot as good as legacy console edition. This version lags a lot and has a ton of bugs.
    Posted by maximadfox on 02 Jan at 07:30