2. Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two (Win 10) General hints and tips

Not really a lot of tips to give, as most of the game is conversation with a combination of QTE's (quick time events, pressing a button within a certain amount of time) and exploring. There are often a lot of options to investigate something out or to pick something up. If I don't make a mention of this in the walkthrough it is not required to progress through the story, though feel free to check it out!

You'll make most of the conversational choices with your mouse, selecting one of the 4 options. Silence is also a valid option in most choices, though not always. Often when having to choose between choice 1 or 2, you do need to make a choice in order to progress.

You can walk around with the arrow keys or ASDW, holding Shift will make you walk faster.

In the QTE's, you will need to use Q and E along with ASDW or the arrow keys to move in certain directions. Missing a QTE is not always fatal but don't risk missing it. Dying will result in restarting from the last checkpoint.

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