3. Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two (Win 10) Episode 1

You will start in a conversation with your friends. A fanboy (Radar) will appear and you will walk into Beacontown together. It is all conversation in which the choices don't really matter. When you get control of Jesse keep walking away from the screen. First another fanboy will want you to make a statue for him. Randomly place some (at least 1) blocks after you've mined them and say the statue is finished. After that, keep walking away from the screen again. Another short conversation after which you will need to feed a dog. Again start walking after that. Then walk to the far right towards the mines and chapter 1 will be finished.

Welcome to Beacontown

Complete Chapter 1 of Episode 1

Welcome to Beacontown
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Upon entering the mine you will need to fight zombies twice, along with two conversations with Petra. Should not be too difficult, use left mouse to hit zombies and A, S, W and D to move or avoid. You do have energy though, which drains with each time you use the sword.

After that, you will run into the mine. Use A S W D to move. First tap E once or twice, then press use the mouse to grab the cake. Finally, press Q to avoid the explosion.

Then Q, E, E, Left arrow.
Then it is back to running. Q, slash some of the spiders which attack you, then E to jump over the lava. After that, you can choose to either help out Petra or win the race.

Faster option is winning the race ( Tap E a few times to jump over the lava. )
Helping out Petra will result in fighting off some spiders, and then removing the gravel brick with the mouse.

You will find a llama, try to ride him and he will eventually escape. You will need to craft a torch. Place a stick in the middle bottom spot and some coal in the middle spot on the middle row. (like this)

External image

Then grab the torch. Take down the llama to reveal a new room. Upon receiving the prismarine glove the chapter is finished and your achievement will pop.
There Can Only Be One

Complete Chapter 2 of Episode 1

There Can Only Be One
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First, try to remove the prismarine glove from your hand. Then you'll need to jump by pressing E, tapping Q afterwards before pressing E again. Cover up the mouth and afterwards spot the hole in the ceiling. Leave a sign and finish the conversation with Petra, before going to Champion city. Walk away from the screen to confront Stella. Another conversation with quite some choices to make.

After that, either choose to sneak or to fight your way in. (Sneaking is easier)

(if you chose to sneak your way in, throw bones twice into the puppies' places. Confront Stella and Petra will get her sword back.)
(If you chose to fight your way in, you will fight 2 body guards, press Q E Q Left (???), then in the 2nd fight press E E E. Then simply disarm Stella and Petra will get her sword back. )

On your way back, use Left to avoid the explosion, then E twice, Right, Left, E and then cover the hole again. Upon reaching Beacontown again your achievement will unlock.
See a Guy about a Thing

Complete Chapter 3 of Episode 1

See a Guy about a Thing
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You will start off by having a conversation with Petra, tell her to either play it cool or be herself. After that you will meet Jack the treasure hunter and find out more about your prismarine glove and about the Heckmouth. A lot of talking here.

After that, you will go to your place and pride with your armor. Shouting "Radar!" is the fastest option. Choose a set of armor to wear and you are good to go to the Ocean monument. After some travelling you will swim towards the monument. Upon reaching it, a guardian will attack you. Press Right, Up, and then E to kill him. Then use the mouse to put your gauntlet/glove into the opening, thereby opening the door. Open Sesame!
Open Sesame

Complete Chapter 4 of Episode 1

Open Sesame
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Start by walking to the other end of the room. After some conversation and walking you will need to put your glove into a hole again. Then, there are 2 elder guardians in the next room. Be ready to press left. Look at the Elder guardian and the sponges. You can dry up the floating water with the sponges. Choose either to distract the elder guardians (left) or to place the sponges (right).

If you like me chose to distract the elder guardians you will need to press E, down, down, left. Catch the sponge with your mouse, then press E to place the sponge and E to kill the 2nd elder guardian.

If you chose to place the sponges, tap E, throw the sponge at the elder guardian with the mouse and then finish him with E. Tap E again, throw the 2nd sponge and then kill the 2nd guardian with E.

Head to the back of the room, taking the guardian loot on your way. Open the chest and then use the crafting table to craft a Sea lantern (fill the corners with prismarine shards and fill the rest with prismarine crystals. You will need to create 2 of them.

External image

Then investigate the puzzle door and place 3 Dark prismarine blocks and 2 sea lanterns so that they are symmetrical (from top to bottom it is Dark Prismarine, Sea lantern x2 and Dark prismarine x2. Upon that the door will open and you will meet Vos, one of Jack's friends.

Place your glove in the hole once more. You will barely escape zombie like creatures and enter up in another room. Keep going up the stairs, Nurm will translate the runes for you, go up even further and you will find the structure blocks.

You will need to chose between the builder path (right hand side block) or the warriors path (left hand side block) Personally, I went for the builder path, but either way, your achievement "A Gift from the Deep" will unlock.

A Gift From The Deep

Complete Chapter 5 of Episode 1

A Gift From The Deep
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The creatures you encountered earlier will attack you. Press
Down, Left, then Down to try out the structure block.

After that, you will personally need to fight one of the statue creatures. Keep slaying him 2-3 times, then roll sidewards to avoid his kick or his sword. When he knees down, get behind him and press Q, E, E, Q. to finish him.

Now the large creature will attack you. Click Right then Left to dodge the attacks, before choosing to help Petra or Jack. (Your story will change again based on your decision)

(If you're helping Petra, Jack will have his eye damaged even more).
(If you chose to help Jack, Petra will lose her sword. )

Then press Down, Up, Right Down to not get yourself killed.
Swim away from the creature with S and then press Down to dodge his attack. Afterwards, keep tapping Q (Quickly!) to escape via the waterfall.

Upon reaching the Heckmouth, use WASD to move around the lava and then the mouse to place the structure block in place.

After that, you will have a cutscene with some spoilers for what episode 2 will bring, along with your achievement.

Colossal Trouble

Complete Chapter 6 of Episode 1

Colossal Trouble
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

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