6. Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Episode 4Update notes

You'll start where the previous episode left off, moving down a tower. You'll end up in a whole new underground world, the first world. There's not much time to explore, as you'll soon get attacked by a giant enderman. Follow the evasive prompts and move down the tower. Xara's city is on the other side of the hills, so better get moving!

Xara will lose it once you get to her town, her bed is gone. Just follow the dialogue and make choices until you hear Petra asking for your help. Take care of a few spiders and of the 3 creepers. You'll be heading to Fred's keep afterwards. Head over to the minecarts to complete the first chapter.

Continue heading down the minecart track. Jump off when prompted. Jack and yourself will end up on a ledge. Some guys in animal's clothes will come to the edge and propose a deal. Your swords for their help to get you off the ledge.

If you refuse the deal, Jack will fall. (but you keep your sword)
If you accept it, you lose your swords but both yourself and Jack are saved.

You will encounter another stranger, which will lead you to a community of people living around Fred's house. You have to win a contest to enter the keep. Once you get control over your character, you can immediately head over to Binta, as the answers to her questions are already known. Start by placing some blocks to look like Fred. The round will become a draw.

After that, there are 4 questions which Binta will ask, first one is for Kent.

What's Fred's favourite food? --> Bread

Your question will be: What's fred's favourite colour blue?
Answer: Lapis Blue

Kent will get the question: What is Fred's favourite tool? --> Diamond Hoe

You will get the question: What is the name of Fred's favourite companion?
Answer: Waffles

The last question is decisive and both you and Kent can answer:
What is Fred's favourite tree type?
Answer: Birch

Kent will complain about it not being known, but you get to spent the night in the Keep.
Once in the Keep, head over to the closet in the back of the room and press the button on the inside. Once in the secret room, read the book on the right hand side of the room and have a look at the map in the back to find out more about what the situation was down here.

Head out to look for the cabin. You'll have a short conversation with Binta, after which she gives you here compass, which points towards home.

On your way, the minecart track is broken and you will crash. A Ninja will appear whom you need to fight. After a few evasive moves you get him on the floor and it turns out to be Ivor. You will discuss a lot with him (Choose "Punch him" if you don't want to wait for him to tell a minute long story). Ivor will report back to the admin and you will continue your path.

You'll reach a castle wall with 2 guys on it. Have a little chat with them to get to know that there isn't a huge army behind the gates. They will eventually let you in. Build a single block for them and says it's finished. Then choose some armor in return.

Once inside, you will have to press 3 levers simultaneously. Fight off the magma cubes in the first stage, along with the magma golem. An easy way to kill them is by stepping on the pressure plates, which will drop water from the air. In the 2nd stage, head for the machine. Follow the QTE's to head over to the machine and cover Radar while he destroys it. Afterwards, stage 600 will start, which involves a large Magma golem. Head really close to him and stand on both the pressure plate on the right hand side and on the left hand side in front of him, to destroy both of him arms. Then, mine some sand and head over to the crafting table to create TNT. Place the gunpowder in the center block and in all of the corner. Fill the remaining 4 spots with sand.

Head over to the cabin. Inside, examine the bookshelf and the armor stand. You'll go through some dialogue with Petra about your friendship. Afterwards, change the beds in their correct order (Purple, blue, red). Then get the book from behind the purple bed. Again, you'll have a conversation with Petra. You'll also discuss Romeo, Xara and Fred.

You'll place fireworks to meet up with the rest. The enderman will attack again. Follow the QTE's. Then fight off some spiders and zombies. Afterwards, mine some stone and cobblestone and rebuild a part of the house, so that the portal will work. You get to choose between taking Radar or taking Fred's people with you.

The last episode is nothing special and only last about a minute. You will return to the Order's building and Beacontown, after you enter the portal.
That's episode 4 done. 1 more to go!

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