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Minecraft Deep Sea Mash-up Pack Free for Limited Time

The game's tenth anniversary celebrations may be over now, but they're still spreading the goodwill cheer with another free gift for players. This time, players can grab the Deep Sea Mash-Up Pack for free for a limited time.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 16 comments

Grind for Emeralds for the Minecraft Master Trader Achievement

Players need to trade goods with villagers to acquire a total of 1,000 emeralds, and since the achievement's release in the early hours of this morning, only 14 players have unlocked it across all platforms.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Minecraft Gives Players Free Anniversary Map

The anniversary celebrations started with the release of the original pre-alpha browser build and continue onwards with a free Anniversary map encompassing a giant Minecraft theme park full of memories.

Posted 3 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Minecraft Villagers are Working, Sleeping, and Breeding Inside Player Homes

Gone are the days in which the simple villagers of Minecraft roam peacefully. After the latest "Village and Pillage" update went live, players have been reporting strange incidents with their neighbors...

Posted 3 months ago by Nicole René

Microsoft Says Minecraft Will Celebrate its 10th Birthday Without Notch

Microsoft has now confirmed that Notch won't be part of the game's upcoming tenth anniversary because of his comments and opinions.

Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Free Minecraft "The Travelling Trader" Map Supports charity:water

Mojang aimed to expand on their previous donation to charity:water by creating a free "The Travelling Trader" map and skin pack for players to download.

Posted 4 months ago by Rebecca Smith

New Minecraft Patch Removes Notch References from Menus

Mojang have removed references to Minecraft's original creator Notch from the game's menus, where randomised messages often mentioned the developer or facts and quotes associated with him.

Posted 5 months ago by Sam Quirke

Another New Achievement Revealed For Minecraft in the Bedrock Update

We have just picked up a new achievements for Minecraft. There is 1 achievement worth 20 gamerscore, but stackable across all of the various platforms still supported by the developers.

Posted 5 months ago by Sam Quirke

Cats & Pandas Invade Minecraft In The Newly Released Update 1.8

Another patch has hit the various different versions of Minecraft with Update 1.8 bringing cat & pandas to the game along with three new achievements.

Posted 8 months ago by Ashley Woodcock

Minecraft Update Aquatic Phase Two Available Now

Phase two of Update Aquatic has arrived today for Xbox One (not the legacy Xbox One Edition), Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and VR.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith