Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Reviews

  • Pvt RainPvt Rain371,442
    27 Feb 2017 27 Feb 2017
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    Minecraft is a simple game that anyone of most gaming age groups can play. The setting is simple your dropped into a randomly made world and can go do whatever you want. Build a city, dig a tunnel and all sorts of things in between. Surprisingly the game is pretty deep on content for the older games who want to get all the achievements and have a lot to do like getting to the ender dragon and traveling to the End. Overall Minecraft rather it be for the Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4, Wii U or PC is a enjoyable game down to it's core that when paired up with a friend or two will leave you looking at the clock going where did the time pass!

    Now to the basics.
    The Achievement list is rather straightforward and easy most of these can be unlocked while playing random or in the tutorial world which is the same for everyone which is useful for people looking for a guide to finish up something as since the game is so big and loved there are more than enough people writing guides and posting videos for how they got or did something.

    The Graphics are well Minecraft this isn't a flashly game and it doesn't have to be. You can download different themes with money to make things look different but this is optional and totally up to you.

    The Gameplay is simple and the core reason you're play. You start off with nothing but your hands and you can as silly as it sounds punch a tree to get wood than get a wooden axe to make getting more wood easily and get a pickaxes ect and keep going up to Stone, Iron and lastly Diamond and each of these are stronger and get a wider range of blocks then the level before it. You start with nothing and by building, digging and exploring you find yourself building up a world of your own that is simple enough to not stress out kids and is easy and low key enough that a casual adult can play to just unwind.

    We keep getting updates that add new things to do, achievements to hunt for and even PvP stuff all free of charge which is a bonus to! So if you can get a copy of Minecraft I say go for it the price is low and the gameplay is limitless giving you a near likely chance you will feel you got your moneys worth out of the game and as I said earlier that if you can play coop with family or friends it just adds to the experience even more!
  • ItsPizzaTime69ItsPizzaTime69206,716
    07 Feb 2015
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    Minecraft is an open world survival game where the player takes control of a character that they can use to build, mine, farm, fight and travel. The game features two game modes. The first being Creative, which gives users an endless supply of all blocks and items in the game and allows you to do and create what ever you want. The second game mode, Survival, gives players more of a challenge where they must mine, trade, fight and explore to get the blocks and items they will need to survive and “complete” the game.

    Visually Minecraft looks simple, with its blocky graphics and simple texture. Mostly everything is cubed and building/mining is done 1 cubed block at a time. The textures are simple but still very nice. However, with multiple biomes to explore, huge maps, sun rises, sun sets, moon phases, weather changes, animals and enemies this game still looks very stunning while sticking to its simple form.

    The game controls are very simple, but are also very effective. These controls make it easy to control everything you do and don’t leave you wondering how to do anything. Most of the game play can be figured out by playing on your own, but a simple and well-explained tutorial world is available for new players.

    When playing Minecraft, the main menu and game music is relaxing and enjoyable. The in game sound effects will also change depending on where you are, what is around you and what the weather is like. Everything clicks together to give you perfect sound that never gets old.

    This game provides endless hours of fun, with infinite possibilities. If you can imagine it, you can probably make it in Minecraft. From simply building a house or making complex red stone circuits, any age or level of gamer will enjoy playing this game over and over again. Play alone or invite your friends from xbox live, the experience is always different with every new world you make. Weather you’re relaxing in creative mode, or killing mobs in survival, this game has a little something for just about everyone.

    All in all, this is an amazing game with no major issues. It’s simple, fun to play and has an endless amount of things to do and create, I strongly recommend everyone to at least give this game a try. I honestly can’t think of one thing I’d improve, this game is great in every sense. 5/5, give it a shot!