2. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition General hints and tipsUpdate notes

The best tip I can give for this is that the Tutorial world is your friend, every acheivement can be earned there, so there is no point using anything else....

You can unlock every achievement easily on this version. However if you happen to have the 360 version, you can save just before you unlock each achievement, upload it, load it on the one, and quickly pop the achievements.

Equally as well you can also join friends' worlds, or use friends to help you unlock any of these achievements in co-op

One major tip/trick you will be using in this walkthrough is the duplication glitch, which is actually very simple to do. For any item that can be made into a block form, and then be made back into the item form (diamonds -> diamond blocks, emeralds -> emerald block, etc.), simply follow these steps in order to duplicate them. Equip the block in your hand (diamond block for example) and then open up a chest at the same time you press cn_start. Resume the game and the chest should be glitched open. Now drop the block on the ground and hit cn_X. You will still have a diamond block in your inventory and can craft it into 9 diamonds. Do that and then pick up the diamond block. Doing all this should double your diamond count. You can turn those diamonds into a diamond block and repeat the process, to yet again double your diamond block count to 4. This works infinitely.

The number one rule in Minecraft: DO NOT DIG STRAIGHT DOWN! Unless you know 100% that it is safe to dig down, do not attempt it. If you'd like to go straight down, stand on the line between two blocks, dig four blocks down on one side, then four down on the other. Repeat. This is the safest way to dig straight down.

Similar to what is said above, digging straight UP can also be lethal. While the chances of you digging into lava are next to 0, it isquite common for sand/gravel to fall down on you and suffocate you. To prevent this, place a torch at your feet before digging straight up. It can also work with string, redstone, redstone repeater, buttons, levers, redstone torches and a few others. Stand on the torch (or other item) and mine straight up. If gravel or sand falls on you, the item will destroy it. You can then pillar up as far as you dug, place another item at your feet, then dig up some more. Repeat until you can see sunlight.

An additional tip (this time for combat): Always try to have a height advantage when using a sword to attack. Even if it means jumping, do it, because you can get critical hits, which deal more damage to the enemy. For endermen, it doesn't make a difference. When fighting endermen, aim for the legs. It does more damage and lowers the chances of them teleporting away to almost zero.

When eating food, always try to conserve the food based on how much it replenishes. For example: Steak replenishes 4 hunger. So, only eat steak when you need to replenish either 4 or 8 hunger. It's also good to always have melons with you (assuming you can get your hands on some melon seeds). It's best to have your hunger bar full, so if you need to replenish 6 hunger, eat one steak, but to avoid wasting another steak, eat 2 melons (as melons replenish one each). This means you can start replenishing your health without wasting valuable food.

If I'm completely honest, there isnt much else in the way of advice that will benefit. The majority of this guide will be on peaceful so you will very rarely encounter any mobs. When you do get to that point, you should have a pretty sound idea on the mechanics, so you shouldn't struggle.

As with any game, the more you play, the more you will get used to it, and you will even find fighting the ender dragon and wither easy by the time you get there!

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