3. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Original 1000GUpdate notes

One of the things you will want to make use of is the refilling chest ‘glitch’, what this essentially means is that you can take whatever you like out of a chest walk away, re open it and it will be full again.

To do this you will need to make sure to always hit cn_B whenever you are asked about a specific tutorial in a specific area. This will make sure that you are able to make use of the chest ‘glitch’. You will need to use this technique for almost all the achievements, so although I don’t always mention it, this ‘glitch’ is being used.

This is better visualised than it is in text, so cast your eyes over this video:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

To start with these are 2 cumulative achievements that should just pop for you whilst playing the game and going for all the other achievements. First up is:

If not, you can load up several different seeds, all containing many different biomes, which should pop the achievement for you. Please find the list beneath.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The second is:

This is unlocked by playing 100 Minecraft days which is equivalent to 33.3 hours. However as some of the other achievements require a reasonable amount of patience and running around, it should pop with ease.

The third is cumulative in the sense that whilst mining you want to keep a hold of all your cobblestone and place it all into a chest. You will need to make a double chest, which is made by placing two regular chests next to one another. Keep this chest in an easy to remember and find location - possibly next to the bed in the tutorial hub area? Once you have this chest down, place every single block of cobblestone you find/mine into it. You'll need 1,728 pieces of it, which makes it a total of 27 stacks of 64 to get you your third and final "cumulative" achievement.

So without further ado we shall start with the very basic Minecraft achievements. Unless I say otherwise, start the game on peaceful, as most achievements can be obtained on this difficulty. We shall also be using the Tutorial world for almost every achievement.

So, load up a fresh new tutorial world.

If this is a fresh new world and you have never played the game before, if you save and quit out of the game, and then reload a new Tutorial World, you can then skip the actual tutorial part at the start.

We will start off with something nice and easy. Press cn_Y.

The hardest achievement you’ll get in this game, well done you!

Your first few achievements will be gotten in the very starting area, with the small stream, before you run up the stairs to the main Tutorial Hub.

Next up look for one of the several trees in this area and hold cn_RT and punch one until some wood pops out....

Ka... Ching....

Keep punching out all the wood blocks in the tree until you have all its wood. Then you want to open your crafting menu by hitting cn_X. Once on your crafting menu, what you need to do is turn all your lovely wood into wood planks. You should have approximately 16-20 wood planks after turning all your wood into planks. You then want to turn 4 of those wood planks into a crafting table.

Next you will want to place the table by having it in your toolbar and hitting cn_LT. Then you want to interact with the crafting table by hitting cn_LT again, whilst looking at it. Once you have done this you are now in the full crafting menu for the game. What you now want to do is make yourself 8 sticks out of your wooden planks.

Your new crafting table simplifies your crafting, so you don't need to actually know how to craft each item. Just what ingredients you need, and wonderfully the game shows you if you are missing any of the ingredients needed.

What we are going to do now is craft one of every type of tool. I would recommend mining yourself out another tree as well, just to make sure you definitely have enough wood for everything that we need to do in this very early stage.

Once in the crafting table menu, you want to use cn_RB to cycle along the pages to the right and cn_LB to head to the left. Head to the second page.

You first want to create yourself a wooden pickaxe, which will get you:

Next you want to build yourself a sword, which gets you:

Follow up these with a hoe which will get you:

Then an axe and a shovel. Once all have been crafted you will get yourself:

At any point you can open your inventory using cn_Y and move things from your toolbar into your backpack, or vice-versa by moving over an item and hit cn_Y. You can also manually move things to any slot by hitting cn_A on the item and moving it and hitting cn_A again to place it. You can cycle your toolbar by using cn_RB to go to the right and cn_LB to the left.

What is next on the agenda is to mine yourself 11 blocks of stone out of the wall, or ground, take your pick! Once you have all 11 head back to wherever it was you happened to place your crafting table, and access it by using cn_LT. Find the pickaxes, and once there cn_LSd to the stone pickaxe, and craft one by hitting cn_A. This will get you:

Next you want to find the furnace on the first page of the menu, and craft yourself one, which will net you:

This is the end of the achievements we can get in this area, so head across the little stream, up the steps, along the corridor and down the second set of steps into the main tutorial hub!

Your next very easy, yet high ratio achievement will be to play a music disc in a jukebox. This is easy enough, as just after you come out of the tunnel you need to look to your right for a chest, inside which is going to be both a jukebox and a music disc. Place the jukebox on the ground with cn_LT then hit cn_LT again with the disc in your hand to play some music, and earn yourself a quick and easy achievement.

Carry on straight forward into the main area and get used to the layout, as you will be spending a large amount of time in it!

Once you have gone down the steps you want to head into the area on your left, which should house lots of different animals. Use whatever you feel is necessary and kill a poor defenceless cow! After you have murdered this poor animal some leather should have dropped allowing you to get:

Next up open the chest in this area and take out the 10 bones that should be inside. Then save your game by hitting cn_start and then selecting that option. Once the game has saved you should use the bones to tame the two wolves in front of you. They will take anywhere between 1-5 bones to tame a wolf. What you will need to do is have the bones in your hand and hit cn_LT on the wolf, until some little hearts start to come off it, and it should now have a collar. If you are unsure if you have the wolf tamed, if you use an empty hand and hit cn_LT on the wolf it should sit down.

Once both have been tamed you should quit the game without saving, reload the save, and re-tame the two wolves. Repeat as necessary until you have 5 wolves tamed and you should unlock yourself:

Head to the chest in the centre of this area and take out the wheat. Now you want to head to the cows in their enclosure and with the wheat in your hand hit cn_LT on one cow until lots of little red hearts come out of it. Repeat the same action with the other cow. You should now find that the cows will turn to each other and start 'kissing' until they make a little baby cow. Congrats on another achievement.

Head back to the chest in the centre and swap your wheat for some raw fish. Now head over to the ocelot pen. Get get into the pen with the ocelot/s, but make sure to shut the gate quickly as to not let them out. Next crouch using cn_RS and with the raw fish in your hand slowly head towards the ocelot, it will run away from you but keep slowly following until it stops, once it does hit cn_LT. You will need to feed the ocelot raw fish until once again you see lots of little hearts come out of the ocelot, and it turns into a cat. Once it does this you have tamed it and unlocked another achievement.

Next hang around near the chickens and see if they drop any eggs. If they do you want to pick them up. You fortunately only need to have 1 egg to help bake the cake for:

A chicken will drop an egg every 5-10 minutes. So if one doesn't drop anything now, continue to do the next few bits around this area and return. Or you can hang out with your new chicken buddy until she drops an egg!

Now head to your right and through the gate, which will bring you to the trading area with a chest in the middle and a villager trapped in by fence. Go to your left, up the small step and towards a very small farming area. Open the chest in this area and take 7 wheat, 3 we shall use straight away. Head to the nearest crafting table. Open your crafting menu with the table and head to the tab which has a little heart and a little chicken drumstick on it. Find the bread, select it and boom you just baked some bread.

Head back to the area with the animals, open the chest in the centre and take out a fish. You only need one for this! Because we need to cook the fish to get the achievement, and we also need to smelt an iron ingot the best thing to do is to go mining. You can only mine iron ore with a stone pickaxe. Iron ore, if you are unsure of what you are looking for, looks a little like this:

Whilst mining you may come across some coal, which looks similar to iron except that it has black spots instead. If you do come across some you may as well mine it, as you will need some later. Replace and remake any pickaxes that you may break through over-mining.

Once you have found and mined some iron ore, return to the surface and head to the area in the tutorial hub which is just past the beacon and on the left hand side. You should pass through the two item frames with anvils in them. In the corner of this area you should see an anvil, crafting table, furnace and chest. In the other corner you should find a villager. Hit cn_LT on the furnace and place your coal in the bottom-left square, and in the top square place your fish. Once the white arrow fills and the fish moves to the square on the right hit cn_LT again on the fish to add it to your inventory to receive a cooked fish and an achievement.

Repeat the same process again, except this time with an iron ore, to receive an iron ingot as well as:

If you mined any gravel during your quest for iron and you acquired some flint, keep it as you will need it later for an achievement!

Next up we shall go for several relatively easy achievements before we must head out of the hub and explore further.

We shall start with collecting 30 emeralds through trading with a villager - now this will require some saving and reloading of the tutorial world, but it is a heck of a lot quicker than doing it properly.

Go to the hub world and head to the left as you look at the beacon, toward the villager dressed in white and a chest. Open the chest and take out the paper. Now walk up to the villager in white and save your game. Trade your paper with the villager for emeralds. You need to hit cn_LT on the villager, and then use cn_RS to select what you want to trade with the villager, select paper, and then quit the game. Reload your save, which should be you standing in front of the villager. Trade your paper again for some more emeralds. Quit, reload, and repeat until you have traded for a total of 30 emeralds, which should unlock:

Next, we shall construct a bookshelf. Go once again to the tutorial hub area and over to the right-hand side, to the enchantment area. Start breaking bookcases/shelves until you have three books. As soon as you have three books, you will need to get yourself 6 wood planks. You can can get them from 2 wood, which you can get from a tree near the pond area or by breaking wooden structures like fencing.

Once you have all the ingredients head to a crafting table and make a bookshelf, which should be on the very last page, third from the right. After you've crafted it you unlock:

The next few steps will unlock several achievements in a very linear path, So without further delay, head to the animal enclosure and over to the pigs. Choose one of those poor, defenceless pigs and mercilessly beat it to death, either with your hand or a weapon of your choice, using cn_RT. Once you have beaten this poor pig to death, collect the raw pork chop that it has dropped. Once you have it, leave the animal enclosure area and head toward the smelting/smithing area, which is to the left of the beacon overlooking the water where the fishing station is. On your way you will want to cut down a tree to get 3 pieces of wood.

Once you have arrived at the furnace, place one of the blocks of regular wood into the furnace. To do so hit cn_LT whilst looking at the furnace. You will want to put this piece of wood into the bottom left space of the furnace (the fuel) and into the top space place another piece of wood. You should find that the second piece of wood is then smelted into a piece of charcoal. Place the piece of charcoal into the bottom space on the left. Next, place another piece of wood into the top slot on the left, and allow that to be smelted into some more charcoal, thus netting you:

Now that you have some charcoal in the furnace place the raw pork chop into the top slot and wait for that to be cooked. Once it's done eat it by having it in your inventory and using cn_LB or cn_RB until it is in your hand, then cn_LT until you have eaten it completely, to get you:

After you have done this go back up to the centre of the tutorial hub area, next to the beacon. You will find a wood-mill area, where there will be a whole bunch of wood and wood planks. You will want to gather enough wood so that you can make 6 wood planks and a stick. Once you have enough wood, head to a crafting table to turn your wood to planks, and then your planks to make sticks. Once you have your 6 wood planks and sticks crafted, you can then make yourself a sign. After you have crafted your sign, place it anywhere using cn_LT. Write any message you so wish onto it and then complete it. This will net you the aptly named achievement:

For the next couple of achievements we will use the tutorial replication glitch (it's not replication per-se, rather it refills the chest with everything that was in it).

We shall use this glitch in the area just to the right of the smelting area (which is on the beach looking towards the fishing area), as you are looking at it. There should be a little set of stairs which will lead up to a small area where it shows you how to build a golem and provides a chest with all of the ingredients. We want to use the replication glitch to just get some more iron. You will need 3 extra iron blocks, which should just require to reset the chest once.

After doing this glitch, the very first thing you should do is follow the tutorial and build yourself an iron golem. This is done by placing 4 iron blocks into a little T shape, like that of the Tetris piece, and then a pumpkin on top. The items required to make the golem are in the exact shape in the chest that you need to place them). Once you have placed your items and created your golem, you will get:

Now deconstruct those last 3 iron blocks into iron ingots at a crafting table. This should give you 27 ingots in total. Use 24 of these ingots to create every item of iron armour that you can -- the helmet, chest plate, legs and boots. Once you have crafted these pieces of armour through the crafting table equip them all. To do so hit cn_X to open your inventory. Once there hover over one of your armour items and hit cn_Y to put it on. Repeat for the other 3 until you are wearing a full set of iron armour to unlock:

Use 2 of your spare iron ingots to make some Iron shears. Once you've made some shears head over to the animal pen once more. With shears in hand go over to the sheep in pens and hit cn_LT whilst looking at a sheep. You will suddenly find that your woolly sheep has been sheared and several wool blocks will pop off the sheep. Collect these blocks and another achievement will pop.

Next up is an even simpler achievement. Go back to the bed in the hub area, and to the chest just in front of it, where you get to create banners. Open this chest up and take out one of every colour of wool you can see in this chest. As it so happens, it contains one of every colour available. You should have 16 different coloured pieces of wool to unlock another easy to get achievement.

For the next achievement we are going to head to the docks, which is just to the right of the small farming area, down the steps. Once there open the chest and take the fishing rod. Return back up the steps to the farming area and take a carrot from the chest. Move to the stables, which are to the left of the farming area. Either knock out a saddle from one of the picture frames in this area, or head into the pen with the horses and open up the chest to find one. Go to a crafting table and combine your fishing rod and carrot to make a carrot on a stick.

Once you have all of your items together go to the animal area, to the pigs. Pop a saddle on a pig by hitting cn_LT with the saddle in your hand on the pig. You can then sit on the pig by hitting cn_LT again with an empty hand. Next get out your carrot on a stick and you can guide the pig to go wherever you would like it to go. Whilst riding the pig, head to the back near the Elytra area and start climbing up one of the two towers either on the left or the right. Once you have gone up at least two flights of stairs, or at the very top, walk your pig off the ledge. Even if you die, as long as the pig is hurt or dies too you should unlock:

  • When Pigs Fly

    Use a saddle to ride a pig, and then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it.

    When Pigs Fly

These next two achievements are quite simple. The hardest part is finding some lava to swim in! We shall first start by attempting to brew a potion, the potion that we are going to brew will be one of fire resistance, so that we can go swim in some lava.

First off head to the right hand side of the hub area as you look towards the beacon. The area you want is to the right of the enchanting area (where all the bookshelves are). There should be two box-shaped rooms, one with a potion stand and a cauldron, and the other with all the tools to make fireworks. The room we want is the one with the potion making equipment inside.

Grab out at least 1 but you can do as many as 3 empty glass bottles out of one of the chests in the potions building. With glass bottle in hand head towards the cauldron (big square black thing with water in it) and hit cn_LT. You should now have a bottle of water. Repeat this with the other two bottles until you have three bottles full of water.

Next you want to grab a nether wart and a magma cream nearby. Head over to the potion stand with your bottles, magma cream and nether wart. Whilst looking at the potion stand hit cn_LT. You will find yourself looking at a new menu which looks a lot like this

. Place your bottles in the bottom three panels, and then your nether wart in the top one. The little arrow should show you an indication of how long it will take for the potion to brew. Once the potion has brewed, you should end up with 1 or 3 awkward potions.

Next, add a magma cream to the top panel and wait until your next potion has finished brewing. You should find that you now have 1 or 3 potions of fire resistance, YAY! This should pop another achievement for you:

Once you have your potion ready you need to find some lava to swim in. One way you can do this is to take the bucket of lava out of the chest next to the furnace area and then dig yourself 1 block out of the floor, anywhere you really want. Hit cn_LT with the bucket of lava in your hand into the hole and you will pour your bucket into the hole. Once you have found your lava or prepared your lava hole, whichever you prefer, get your potion of fire resistance in your hand and hold cn_LT until you drink it. You will know when you've drunk it, as you will just have a glass bottle in your inventory as opposed to a potion bottle. Once your potion has been ingested, jump into the lava and come back out again which will pop you another achievement.

Our next achievement is relatively easy in the new tutorial world as it provides most of the items you need. However it may be easier to do this on a brand new save, so that you can head to the area where you can build an iron golem, but bypass the tutorials with cn_B whenever you are asked about the specific tutorial for that specific area. What this essentially means is that you should be able to open the chest in the golem area, take out all of the iron, walk away down the stairs, then head back up again and find the chest is full again! This allows you to take out as much iron as you need to help create some Minecraft rails.

Next head back to the area just before the docks, and you should find on your right-hand side some steps heading upwards towards an area with some minecarts and track. Now for the tedious part.... you need to follow the track round and break off every piece of track, making sure that you keep hold of each piece as you break it. You should hopefully finish and find that you are back where you started, now with 341 pieces of rail. Now open the chest and take out all of the rails there. By now you should have 375 rails in total. Use the chest glitch trick to get as much iron as you need which should be approximately 9 blocks of iron, to make into 81 iron ingots. You will then need to knock down 3 wood blocks to make into sticks, and craft the two together at a crafting table to make the remaining rails. Pick up the Redstone torches from the chest in the minecart area, and a minecart as well.

Find yourself a nice long area to place all your rails in a long line. At the start you want to have a regular rail, followed by a Redstone powered button rail, then several Redstone rails. This should get you off to a flying start. Then you just want to sporadically place Redstone rails, either powered by a button rail, or a Redstone torch, just to keep you moving along. You want to make sure you have at least 501 rails in a straight line. You can go up or down, so long as it is straight. Once your long, straight track is complete place your minecart at the start and hop in to travel to the end of your rail in the cart. If you have the right number of rails, and have gone in a straight line, you should unlock:

  • On A Rail

    Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started.

    On A Rail

Next we must find some sugar as well as head on over to the nether portal which is in this world. Just make sure that you have a diamond pickaxe with you. You will also want to make a flint and steel using any of the flint you should hopefully have acquired mining and combining it with an iron ingot.

I was able to find sugar cane growing in two places in the tutorial world, at map coordinates; X:-368 Y:64 Z:100 and also at X:127 Y:64 and Z:-365. For a cake you will need 2 pieces of sugar cane.

The Nether portal can be found at X:-236 Y:94 Z:203. Once you get to the Nether portal what you essentially want to do is mine one of the pieces of obsidian out of the portal, but make sure it is a piece that the purple portal is touching, not the 4 corner pieces. This is why you need the diamond pickaxe. When you knock out the piece, the portal stops working. Replace the block from where you mined it. Then use the Flint and Steel with cn_LT on the bottom blocks of obsidian, and you should find that it relights the portal as well as unlocking:

Once you have re-lit the nether portal, and gotten your sugar cane, return to the tutorial hub. Here you will re-use your iron trick to make some buckets. You will need a single block of iron, which will break down into 9 ingots which will make you 3 buckets. With buckets in hand hit cn_LT on a cow to fill the bucket up with milk and repeat the process 2 more times, until you have three buckets of milk. Make sure you have your 3 buckets of milk, 2 sugar cane, and an egg. Head over to a crafting table and craft yourself a cake for the Portal referencing achievement:

Next, we shall craft an enchanting table. Most of the 'ingredients' are quite easy to find. The hardest/most irritating to get ahold of is the obsidian. The first item needed is a book, which is easily gained by destroying one of the many bookshelves in the enchanting area. The next item needed is diamond, 2 pieces of diamond to be exact. Again this is very easily taken from one of the diamond blocks in the beacon (by now I trust you will either have an iron pickaxe, or know where to find one, as I have explained earlier in the walkthrough). It is also wise to use the rest of the diamond you just gained from the block to get yourself a diamond pickaxe as you shall need it to mine some obsidian. Last up you need to get some obsidian, 4 blocks in total, which is a real pain to find. One way to get your blocks is to use the lava bucket in the chest by the lake and dig yourself 4 1x1 holes separate from each other. This is because Obsidian is formed by running water hitting a lava source block. Hence why you will want the source block in situ.

Place your current bucket of lava into one of the holes. What you then can do if you so wish, is make yourself 2 more buckets so you can make just one trip. You can make several with just your one bucket though. It is entirely your choice. Next head north out of the hub and you should find a lava flow relatively close to the north side of the hub area. Once you have managed to gather yourself 3 extra buckets of lava and placed them in a hole, fill up the buckets with water. Place the water right on top of the lava holes. This should turn the lava into obsidian. It is then a simple task of mining the obsidian with your diamond pickaxe.

Failing that, you can also just head to the nether portal, which you can find at X: -236, Y: 94, Z: 203. There you can then simply mine the four corner pieces of the portal with your diamond pickaxe. Either way, once you have all the items required, return to a crafting table and craft an enchanting table to give yourself:

So that is it! That is every achievement that we can get in the tutorial world on peaceful, for now.

Next up we shall craft a lovely flowerpot, and to do so we will need some clay. Now clay is kind of hard to find, and has to be somewhat near water, but I found it almost impossible to find some. There also happens to be none at all within the tutorial hub. However fellow site member IdioticYsgard managed to do what I could not, and actually found some clay.

IdioticYsgard said:

After a long search, I finally found some clay in the Elytra tutorial world.

Coordinates are X:118 Y:65 Z:-265

You only actually need to break 1 block to get the 3 pieces of clay needed to craft your flowerpot (each block gives 4 clay). Return to a furnace and cook each piece of clay to get a brick. Using your newly-smelted 3 clay bricks, use a crafting table to craft yourself a flowerpot. With your newly created flowerpot in hand hit cn_LT to place it, and voila!

You can now either swap your difficulty up to easy or start a new world on easy. Whichever you pick it does not matter. Just be aware that now mobs will spawn, so wearing armour and having a diamond sword, or any sword on you for that matter will be helpful.

Next, we will leave the sanctuary of the tutorial hub and go monster hunting! You can either wait until night, or go out during the day. Daytime is easiest, as we are only after spiders, and in the day they are peaceful until attacked. You also dont have to worry about zombies, skeletons or creepers. Basically, the first monster you come across brutally murder to get yourself:

What we now need to do is find as many spiders as we can and kill them all, until we have 3 string. Once 3 string has been acquired, return to the tutorial hub to make a dispenser. Now we can either save and reload this world on peaceful so you don't have to worry about any mobs, or we can carry on, just be mindful of the mobs potentially attacking you.

Once in the hub area, you want to get yourself 7 blocks of cobblestone, 1 piece of Redstone and 1 block of wood. The wood you want to break down into planks, and then into sticks, so you have 3 sticks. Use your 3 sticks and 3 string in a crafting table to create a bow. After crafting a bow, you should, with all the other items then be able to create yourself a dispenser to get yourself:

The next thing you want to do is craft yourself a diamond sword or take the one in the enchantment area. Then head on over to the enchantment area (or stay if you're already there) and take the bottles of experience and use them all. Now enchant your diamond sword. To do so you will need to open the chest in the enchantment area and take out the lapis lazuli. Once done so hit cn_LT on the enchanting table and place your sword in the left-hand tab and your lapis in the right. See the picture below to know what I mean.

You will then have three options on the right- hand side for your enchantment depending upon your level. Now ideally you want to get at least Smite II, but if not Smite I should do the job. However Sharpness I or Sharpness II should also work. You may need to enter and exit the enchanting table by save/loading the game multiple times to get the enchantment you want. You technically can deal all 9 hearts of damage with a standard diamond sword if you get a critical hit. However this can be quite difficult to get quickly so enchanting should speed things up quite a bit.

Once you have your sword enchanted, start upon your mass killing spree. The aim of the game here is to slaughter as many skeletons and spiders as possible, making sure to pick up arrows and string as you go and to keep a spider eye or two. You will also need to kill a zombie or two to get some rotten flesh. During your mass killing spree you should unlock:

Whilst you are running about slaughtering these poor helpless mobs you should find that your hunger bar should deplete. Wait until that bar is almost empty and find yourself a safe place to stand for a short while. When it is empty you will start to lose some of your hearts. As soon as this happens eat some of the rotten flesh that you got from killing zombies which should unlock another achievement for you.

The next couple of achievements will require you to kill more mobs (surprise!), however this time with a bow and arrow. Hence why you’ve collected some string and as many arrows as you can find. Now a helpful thing you can do is to try to enchant your bow with the Infinity enchantment which allows you to keep firing arrows so long as you have 1 arrow in your inventory. You don’t need to do this at all, as it can be a pain to get this option on the enchantment table, but it will help with the Ender Dragon so why not.

Find a creeper and kill it with your bow if you haven't already. It should take 3 arrows to do so, and once you have killed one, you will get yourself another achievement.

The next achievement is a bit of a pain as it requires you to kill a skeleton from 50m away. It’s a pain as skeletons can de-spawn, not to mention it’s hard to hit something that far away while other mobs may show up and attack you. To help combat these things what you want to do first is to grab a name tag from the chest next to the anvil in the hub area. This will prevent the skeleton from de-spawning. You have to use the nametag on the anvil and select your name before you use it on a mob. You will also want a bucket of water, and a stack of dirt.

The next bit is a little tricky. Ideally you want to find a nice flat area that has a skeleton on it, or generally you just want to find an area that you can be at least 50 blocks away on the same level as the skeleton.

You will then have to fight off any other mobs that have spawned whilst you build yourself a 4 up x 3 across block cube with a 3-block high channel through the middle, so you can walk through it. Make the skeleton follow you through this once he does and is somewhere close to the middle, you want to block off the end you just ran through. Quickly run round and block of the back end that you originally entered through thus trapping him.

Again the next little bit is quite tricky. Inside the tunnel, on the opposite end from where you plan on shooting the skeleton, use your bucket of water inside the tunnel. The flow of the water will constantly push the skeleton towards the far end (the end you'll be shooting from 50m away toward), keeping him in place. You can remove the middle block from the front so you can see the skeleton's head to shoot at, which should both prevent him from escaping and shooting at you.

Next up you want to use your name tag on the skeleton so equip it and hit cn_LT on the skeleton and you will have renamed him, which will prevent him from de-spawning.

To see what this looks like please take a look at the image here.

You then want to head 50 blocks away from where the opening to the skeleton is. If you are at the same level as the skeleton perfect. If you had to mine through any cliffs or caves or anything like that, make sure that you mine 6 blocks above you. Otherwise you will just end up shooting your arrows into the tunnel you have just made. So, it may look a little like this:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Once you are at least 50 blocks away, turn around and start shooting at the skeleton. This can be tricky as you cant really see where your arrows are landing, so you may need to head forwards, see where your arrows are landing and readjust. The arrows do drop over distance, so you'll have to aim high and experiment a little to find the right arch to hit the skeleton consistently. Once you have killed the skeleton from said distance you should unlock:

This next achievement is a difficult one, but purely because finding a zombie villager can be a huge pain. When I attempted this achievement, I had to let a host of zombies assault a village on hard difficulty and hope one of the villagers turned into a zombie. Now with the newest tutorial world there is a zombie spawner reasonably close to the hub. A gold apple is also supplied for you, and all you have to do is brew a splash potion of weakness.

The golden apple you should find in the chest with all the dyes and wools in the centre of the hub area. For the splash potion of weakness, all the ingredients are within the brewing area except for gunpowder, which is found next door in a chest in the fireworks area.

To brew a splash potion of weakness, get yourself 3 bottles of water (so you have some spares), blaze powder, fermented spider eye and gunpowder. First up put blaze powder in the far left, and the bottles of water at the bottom then the fermented spider eye at the top. Once that has brewed down, you should have three potions of weakness at the bottom. Next put gunpowder where you have just placed the fermented spider eye to make the potion a splash one.

Once you’ve brewed your potions, and have your golden apple from the chest with the wool and dye you want to head to find yourself a zombie villager who will look a little something like this:

Now you can find a zombie villager just out and about which is great if you do. If not you can head to the zombie spawner here:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Once you have found your zombie villager throw your splash potion at him. You should see the magic ‘stink’ off of him. When you start to see the ‘stink’ run towards him with your golden apple in hand and hit cn_LT on him to give him the apple and to start to cure him as well as giving yourself an achievement. If you wish to, you can attempt to trap the villager, either in a pit or a box, but it is not necessary.

The next achievements will require a trip to the nether, which isn’t as awkward as it sounds; as you know there is a nether portal in the Tutorial World.

X:-241 Y: 94 Z: 203

There is another nether portal within the tutorial world located at

X: 131 Y: 50 Z: -119

Before you head through the portal, which should already be lit, you want to make sure that you are fully armed and armoured as you will need to do a fair bit of killing here, as well as surviving.

Each portal is better to head through depending upon what you want to get out of the nether, for the nether stronghold, this second one is better, as it places you straight into a stronghold. What you want to do first is find yourself some blazes to kill. Blazes are the floating/flying mobs which are fire coloured and will shoot fire at you.

They can be a pain to kill as they have a tendency to try and fly away from you and attack you from afar, but you need to be persistent and you will find that you can trap them in the corridors of the stronghold and they cannot fly away. Once you have found and murdered yourself a blaze, it should drop its rod. Collect the rod and you should unlock:

Although you only need to kill one blaze for the achievement you will need to kill at least 2 more, so you have 3 blaze rods in total. You want to turn these rods into blaze powder, for a total of 12 blaze powder (counting the extra powder left in the potions chest in the tutorial hub).

Next you want to return to the nether, but via the portal at the first co-ordinates. You want to head through this one as it places you into an area that has a large open space close to the portal, where a Ghast can spawn.

Unfortunately, this achievement is down to practice, as it requires you to knock a Ghast's fireball back at it to kill it. To do so, you need to have a sword in your hand and hit cn_RT as the fireball comes towards you. It will take a bit of practice for you to get the timing right but keep going and eventually you will get knock it back and kill the Ghast getting yourself an achievement.

There are 2 achievements that you need to have 2 people (well only 1 really, but getting both is super easy with 2), or at the very least 2 controllers playing at the same time. Again we shall be staying within the glorious confines of the tutorial world, as once again every achievement is obtainable within.

I am going to assume that if you are following this guide you will know where to find certain items from the previous portions of the walkthrough.

So firstly, sign in 2 controllers and head them both to the central area with the beacon. Then with your main account you want to go and either grab, or craft yourself an iron pickaxe, and mine 1 block of the diamond out of the beacon. Then head over to a crafting table and make the Diamond block into diamonds. Now return to your second player and/or controller and throw the diamonds at them by hitting cn_B with them in your hand. Once the second person has picked them up, you will get:

Get the person who just picked up the diamonds to throw them back to you to get yourself

Very easily and quickly done 2 achievements.

Now onto the last 3!

The last few achievements for this portion will involve you heading to the end. Just like with everything else, there is also an end portal in the tutorial world. It is located at these co-ordinates

X: 209 Y: 65 Z: 89

It is at the bottom of a ravine, which is located not too far from the front of the giant stone Ghast head (the way it is looking), if you follow the valley around.

Before you head to the end though you will want to get everything prepped. To get everything you will want:

  • - Armour
  • - Pickaxe
  • - Weapons (sword and bow)
  • - 16 ender pearls
  • - 16 blaze powder
  • - 4 Ghast tears
  • - 24 glass
  • - 1 or 2 glass bottles
  • - Several stacks of dirt

For most of these items you should already have enough blaze powder and Ghast tears, along with the armour, pickaxe and weapons. Especially with the extra blaze rods that you got. The glass bottles are also already in the brewing chest so all that is left to gather is the ender pearls and some glass.

If not, you also have the option of starting up a new tutorial world and use the refillable chest glitch on the chest in the brewing area to get your extra blaze powder.

To get the ender pearls, you have 2 main methods to get them. 1) KILL ALL ENDERMEN! And hope they drop pearls. 2) you can trade with a villager. The best and safest option is to trade with the villager, as he is the most consistent.

Firstly, you want to mine yourself a load of emerald, which you can find near the elytra towers. Also grab yourself 24 sand, which you can find located in one of the many places within the tutorial world.

Once you have grabbed everything, you want to head to the tutorial hub area and to the smithing section. Put the bucket of lava from the chest into the furnace and smelt the sand into glass. This will not only get you enough glass but also net you an achievement from TU48:

Whilst you are waiting for your sand to turn into glass, head to the village to the east of the hub area, just past the vegetable garden. Look for a villager wearing a purple coat/jacket. He is a cleric, and with whom you will have to trade with to get your ender pearls.

To get the villager to have ender pearls you need to “level up” the villager. To do this you need to trade with it. Hit cn_LT on the villager to open the trading menu, and trade one of your emeralds for an item. Back out of the menu and you should see loads of little tiny green pluses come out of it. If it doesn’t work straight away, trade again and repeat until you see the little pluses.

Once you’ve seen the little pluses go back into the trade menu and you should find that there is another item that you can trade for. Repeat the previous steps until you see ender pearls up for trade. Trade with the villager until you have 16 pearls. However, that the villager may run out of pearls completely, in which case you can sleep and return to him and to find he has restocked his pearl levels.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Once you have all your ingredients you want to head to a crafting table. You will want to craft yourself:

  • - 16 eyes of ender
  • - 4 end crystals.

Once you have both items, your armour, weapons, dirt and glass bottles, you want to either make yourself a bed, or steal the one from the hub area. Once you have absolutely everything, save and quit the game.

Reload your game, but this time on peaceful as it will help you tremendously when fighting the ender dragon. Take yourself to the previously mentioned co-ordinates and at the bottom of the ravine you should find the end portal. You can either mine your way down, or straight up jump and aim for the water. I chose the sensible way of mining down and created a walkway and stairs to get down, as I am stupidly clumsy in this game.

Once at the bottom and you have mined through the wall to actually access the portal, if you walk up the steps to the portal you should see a silverfish spawner. This will cause you no harm whatsoever on peaceful, so you can destroy it if you wish, or block it by placing torches on it on every flat surface.

A good thing to do now is to place your bed down. Wait until night and sleep in it so that you have a quick spawn point to get back into the end to fight the dragon if you die.

Once this is done, it is time to place your eyes of ender into their holders. The holders are the floating items that are in a square formation. You can do this by hitting cn_LT with them in your hand whilst looking at each of the holders. Once every eye is in place, the portal should ignite. It should look like the night sky, so dark and with lots of stars all over. Once lit, jump in!

You will now find yourself in a smallish square room made of end stone. Mine your way out of this. I usually like to make a set of stairs leading up as 7/10 times it has bought me up on the right island. What you will need to do once you’ve reached the surface is look around to where the island where the end dragon is located. You may need to build your way over to it. It is the area with 10 large black towers.

Once you make your way over to this area you should see the large purple health bar of the dragon appear. The reason we reloaded on peaceful, is because it stops any endermen from spawning here. This makes the fight so much easier.

The first thing you want to do in this fight is to take care of the dragon's healing orbs. These are located on top of the towers. You can either shoot them with a bow, or build up to the top and destroy them with a sword. If you opt for the latter, be careful as they do explode and will kill you. Some of the orbs are surrounded by a cage which you will have to build up to, to destroy the orb. There are 2 which are surrounded by a cage.

Once all these orbs have been destroyed you can now focus on killing the dragon. You can either attempt to shoot him whilst he is flying around, which can be difficult, or you can head to the centre nest/fountain bit and build yourself a 2/3 high set of steps which is best done when the dragon is in the centre, so you can get the positioning right.

During the fight you will have to dodge out of the way of the dragon's attacks. One attack is essentially a fire ball, which explodes on impact with you. The other is a purple area of effect attack which once hits something (you or the floor) will spread out and leave the area covered in purple stars, which will damage you over time. It is this attack which is the “dragons breath”. Once it has started to spread, get the empty glass bottles in your hand and hit cn_LT to collect it and you should find you now have a bottle of dragon's breath and unlock another achievement from TU48:

After dodging the dragon's attacks for a short while it will fly down to the centre, next to your podium that you built. You just want to attack him and do as much damage as you possibly can when he is in the centre, again whilst dodging his attacks, and rebuilding your steps if you need to. Once he has had enough, he will fly around again. Repeat this process until you kill the dragon. Once you have taken out his giant purple health bar he will die and shower you with experience.

Once he is dead you should find that the nest/fountain is now filled with the same looking stuff as the portal that you used to come through to the end in the first place, jump into it and you will find yourself back in the end portal room. And with another achievement.

This is the last achievement for the original 1000g however we will carry on from this point on the remaining title updates page.

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