4. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Content Update 22Update notes

For Content Update 22, we will start with a brand new tutorial world, just because it is easier to start afresh here, and we will start with the first achievement:

For this one once you have loaded up a new world you want to skip the initial tutorial (or play through it if you must). Continue forward across the bridge, past the beacon and toward the two banners standing just behind a double chest. In this double chest you will find a large amount of wool. Take 100 blocks, your choice of colours. You will then want to turn back around and just before you get to the beacon you want to turn left, to the red-stone area. Head through this part until on the right you should see the slime area. Once you get to the slime area there should be a lovely large patch of slime upon the floor. Stand next to this area on the floor and build up with all your wool blocks. Once you’ve placed every block, jump off and aim for the slime. After you’ve bounced back off the slime and as you’re about to fall back down, you should have popped the achievement.

For those that would prefer a video:

All credit for the video goes to JasterPlays22 and although he says to use all 160 blocks of wool you only actually need 90, I recommend 100 just to be safe.

Next up and easy to bash out is:

For this you will need a total of 24 leather to make a helmet, chest piece, trousers and boots. You can get leather by killing cows. You can do this by either running around and killing cows you find out and about, or you can use some wheat from the farming area and breed two cows together to make another, kill one cow harvest its leather, and then rinse and repeat. It is also possible to receive leather from fishing, however either searching for and killing cows or breeding and then killing them is more reliable and much faster.

Once you have harvested enough leather you will want to turn them into the armour items. Next return to the main hub of the tutorial world, head to the chest you may or may not have just taken lots of wool from (the double chest next to the two banners, behind the beacon), and grab yourself some dye. You will then want to open the crafting menu, use the cn_LT and cn_RT to cycle through the menus vertically, and cn_LB and cn_RB to cycle horizontally. The first menu you get to is the one you will need to dye armour, so place one piece of armour in the first spot and your dye in the second. Rinse and repeat with each piece of armour until it pops!

Fellow TA member Finalkaos has more info:

I just did it with only 13 pieces of leather, first i made the cap and the tunic and dyed them. Then reloaded my save and made and dyed the pants and boots. I guess this can be done with a minimum of 8 pieces by reloading the save after each piece.

So it is possible to start with a minimal amount of leather, so long as you save and reload to create each piece of armour. Do not for example make a helmet dye it, reload make another helmet and dye it again etc. It has to be each individual item of armour.

Is another nice and easy achievement to get without having to leave the tutorial area at all. For a fully powered beacon you need to build a pyramid starting at a 9x9 grid up to a 3x3 grid at the top.

First head to the redstone area and in the cave to the left as you enter. Head down the stairs to the very first chest and take the iron pickaxe. Head back out of the redstone area and head to the blacksmithing area. You will want to turn to the right and head up the small stairs to where the tutorial wants you to make an iron golem. In this area whenever you get asked if you want the game to show you how to do that area's activity, always press cn_B to exit. I shall explain very shortly!

Use your new pickaxe to mine the two pieces in front of you and open the chest. Take the 6 iron blocks out of the chest. Exit the menu and run down the stairs. Turn around and head back up, where again the game will ask you if you want to know how to build a golem. Press cn_B and open the chest. You should find it is now full again! Repeat this process until you have 130 blocks of iron which is enough to craft the 9x9 layer and the 7x7 layer that are missing on the beacon. Once you have added these two layers on to the bottom of the pyramid the achievement should pop.

This is better visualised than it is in text, so cast your eyes over this video:

All credit goes to Thrax33 for the video and Yui Shojei for bringing it to the site.

Next up we will look at getting:

For these you will need a combined total of:

3 wither skulls

1 apple

4 soul sand

8 gold blocks

These items will let you both craft a notch apple and summon the wither. Fortunately these items are actually incredibly easy to come across!

The wither skulls can be found in a chest at X: -16 Y: 82 Z: -95 thanks to travalanche1985!

Soul sand can be found just outside of the nether portal located at X: -236, Y: 94, Z: 203. Once you have collected these you will have all you need to summon the wither. Just don’t summon it yet!

For the Notch apple, what you will want to do is head to the back end of the tutorial hub where the elytra area is and climb up the tower to the left hand side. Climb it until you hit the top level, where you should see an easily accessible gold ring. You will then want to mine out 8 blocks from said ring. The apple you have two ways to get: you can just break leaves until one drops which is very inefficient, or as catchingzzz has mentioned:

You can get 2 apples from a chest inside a house in the village just west of the main tutorial area. X: -100 Y: 86 Z: -41

After you have managed to get all the ingredients for the apple and the wither, return to the main area of the tutorial. Once here it is highly recommended that you craft yourself a diamond sword and armour. I used part of the beacon that we added to earlier. You will also want to craft yourself some torches and a decent pickaxe or two as the next step involves some mining.

The easiest and quickest way to slay the wither is to dig yourself some steps down to bedrock, and make yourself a nice long tunnel, and end it in a 5x5 square, but make sure as much as you possibly can to stay away from lava, as the withers’ explosion will make it ruin your day.

Once you have made your lovely cave of death for the wither, you will want to place the soul sand in a T shape (two blocks in the centre, one on top of the other, and one block of soul sand on the left of the top block and one on the right). You will then want to put on two of the three wither skulls. Your creation should look like this, except underground.

Image 1

The reason the wither is easiest to defeat underground is that it wants to fly. Being underground, it cannot fly away from you, making it super easy to defeat. The fact that we go to bedrock means that it cannot destroy the floor beneath your feet either, again making it relatively easy and to help kill it rather quick.

Once you place the third wither skull on the top the wither will spawn, as well as netting you:

Make sure you are completely ready. Run back a little into your tunnel, so its spawning explosion doesn’t harm you, and chow down on your notch apple.

Then, once it has spawned, have at it. Keep attacking and running back if necessary to stop its explosive attack from hurting you, and you will find you will whittle its health down quickly until it dies.

If you want a more visual source on this method, have a look at this video kindly made by Krows Graveyard:

There we have it, Content Update 22 is complete!

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