5. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Content Update 28Update notes

The next Content Update is the first of 2 mini games which have achievements tied into them. The mini games can be accessed via the main menu, under the option mini games. You then want to select battle for this next set of achievements.

Now due to an update all these achievements must be done in a public lobby, which requires you to do everything in a game rather quickly. Fortunately only 3 of these will take some time in game to actually do. For ease, it's best to just have three accounts for this, be it yours, a dummy and a boosting buddy or yours and two dummies. The reason why it's best to have 3 accounts throughout, is that if anybody does join your game you can quickly vote to kick them out.

What you will be aiming to do is win three battle games in a row on a public server. You will also work towards some of the other achievements to start the match, then have your other accounts/boosting buddy kill themselves as quickly as possible via whatever means possible.

To start with however, what you will want to do once a game round has started is run around the map opening as many chests as you can to get as much food as possible, and more importantly a bow and as many arrows as you can get.

After you have your bow and arrow, and a large amount of food get everyone to meet in a central location. You will then want to use the bow and arrow to kill one of the other accounts. Once you have done this there should just be the two of you left. Your one opponent needs to hit you until your health depletes to 1 or 2 hearts, then eat some of your food to regain your health to full. Repeat the same process again. Communication here is key as you don’t want to be killed, and you may need to run away to get some more food. Once 100 hearts worth of damage has been dealt, your achievement should pop mid-game.

Once this has popped, your next step is to eat yourself back up to full health. Making sure you still have some arrows left, you then want to wait until you are starting to starve to death (your food bar is empty and you are taking damage). While you are starving to death, quickly kill the last person with your bow and you should find that the round is over and you are 3 achievements richer:

  • Cupid

    Killed 2 players in a round of public Battle mini game using a bow and arrow.


Also it should be noted that at any point you can just have your boosting party kill themselves to quickly end any match and you can attempt either of these in another game.

Now for the last public achievement you just need to remain in the lobby and have your boosting party immediately go kill themselves, until you have 3 wins in a row and unlock:

If for any reason something messes up and you don’t win a game, you will have to reset your count to 3 in a row. However, with everyone bar yourself committing suicide as soon as the game starts it will not take too long.

Last up you will want to start a new public game. This just needs to have 2 people in it. Make sure that the map is set to cove, and you also want to change your round time to long.

The reason you want cove is that it is generally the easiest and quickest to find all the chests on the map. There are 13 in total and I will provide a text description on how to get all of them. However I do think that following the video I will link below is the easiest way to see where and how to get all the chests. Whilst the achievement says to just open the chest, it is safer to either remove something from the chest or move things about within it.

So to start with head straight to the middle and open up all 5 of the chests in the centre and either remove or move some items (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [13]). Looking towards the bigger waterfall you should see a much smaller one block wide one set slightly further back and to the left. Head up the slope to this smaller waterfall and to the right of it is chest number 6 (6[13]). Following that wall around to the left, head slightly inland and cross over a ‘river’ of water. Go up the slope and you should find yourself looking at a wooden platform on top of a small amount of water. If you go to the right of the platform and head to the waterfront and you should be able to see chest number 7 under water (7[13]). Head back onto the wooden platform and then look left. You should see some stone ‘steps’ on the outer wall. Go up these steps and at the top is chest number 8 (8[13]). Turn to your left and onto the small wooden ledge, which you’ll see is the roof to one of the wooden buildings. Follow this around; head through the room and out of the window to your left towards the roof of the building you can see in front of you. Jump onto this roof and look up and right and you’ll see another building with chest number 9 inside (9[13]). Turn around and head back down to where you jumped out the window. This time, follow the wooden platform around, through the wooden building and across the bridge to the second. Head to the very back of the second room and take the single block width door onto the stone platform. Look to your left and you’ll see a wooden column, behind which is chest number 10 (10[13]). Turn around, avoid the hole in the floor and jump up onto the cliff, past the gold blocks and to the platform with a two-wide ladder on the left. Head straight across this platform and to the single block bridge, which you need to cross. Once at the other end go up into the cave and then around to the right to the first opening. Here you want to be careful and head to the single stone block jutting out. Crouch and head as far forward as you can. You should just about see the chest on an outcrop of rock on your left and this should be chest 11 (11[13]). Head back up and to the right, out of the cave, following the path down and then across the wooden bridge with a waterfall on your left to another wooden platform. Once there look to your right and at the end of this platform is chest 12 (12[13]). Next up you want to head back to the platform and to the right to take one of the ladders down to the bottom. Once onto this platform, follow it around and you should see two rows of trapdoors. Open one of these and drop down. Once down, turn around and you should find chest number 13 near to both a skeleton skull and an emerald block (13[13]).

This should be all 13 you need and the achievement should pop.

  • Mine!

    Opened every chest in a Battle mini game arena in one round.


For those that prefer a video, and for myself I found a video so much easier to visualise where all the chests were please follow the video below

All thanks goes to fellow Ta’er Skycaptin5 for the video.

That is it for one of the shorter Content Updates, and really should only take an hour at most to get every achievement

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