7. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Content Update 44Update notes

We shall start this Content Update with an easy one. We are going to dye a bed. Head straight to the tutorial hub area and head straight to the bed in the centre. Just in front of this you should see the banner creating area of the hub, and a double chest. Open the double chest and pick any dye you like.

Destroy the bed and make sure you have it and the dye in your inventory. Go to the crafting table right next to chest. Use cn_LT on the table then cn_RB/cn_LB till you get to the bottom tab, the item/armor tab. Use cn_RT to move to the item pane. Once there go through your colour options until you get to the colour dye you chose and hit cn_A. Ta da! A newly dyed bed for you, and the very first achievement of this Title Update.

Just because that achievement was so easy I wanted to start with it. However, the first logical achievement would be to carry on from the save you only just recently made in the end if you’ve been following from the start. If not, you need to get to the end and kill the enderdragon. See the bottom portion of the previous title update page for instructions on locating and defeating the ender dragon. If you've followed this guide, you will have made a backup save after killing it, before resurrecting it.

Once the ender dragon is dead you should find that the nest/fountain is now filled with the same looking stuff as the portal that you used to come through to the end in the first place, jump into it and you will find yourself back in the end portal room.

What you will now find, is that a weird little floating object will appear once you kill the dragon which should look a little bit like this:

Image 1

You will want to go through there but the only way to is via enderpearl. You will need to go get 2 more enderpearls, which you can get through trade, or kill some endermen in the end until you get at least 2. Before you do so you will also need approximately 2 stacks of 64 blocks, although more I have found will make it easier.

To get through the portal you need to throw an enderpearl through the centre sparkly block. You should then find yourself transported to another part of the end; the ender city.

If for any reason you are either transported to another random place, or end up pretty much where you started, you will need to reset the end. To do so, you’ll need to return to the normal world and save and quit. Once back to the main menu, you want to head to your saved games then once you have gotten to the screen where you get to select difficulty etc hit cn_LB. This will bring you to another screen where you can select many different options. It is on this screen you want to make sure the box with “reset the end” has a tick in it by pressing cn_A. Return to the previous screen with cn_RB and reload your game like normal. Minecraft will ask whether you are sure etc. Accept through all these windows and your game will reload. Now, what should happen is that when you go through to the end again all the islands etc have respawned. You should now find that when you go through the end gateway portal in the end you reach the end city.

If it still doesn't take you to the city, you will need to respawn, and then re-kill the enderdragon to get another portal to spawn. This portal should then take you to the city.

Once through the portal and at the end city, find the main tower which should be pink/purple and very obvious. Once you get to the base of the tower on either side of the doorway you should see a shulker (the little square purple box things). Now for the harder part. You need to go about 8-9 blocks away from the doorway and build a tower straight up. Make sure that it is higher than the 50 blocks that you need to travel whilst under the effect of the shulker. I personally found it easier to build two towers next to each other, the full 64 blocks up as it meant that when I aimed high I could still hit the tower, and also meant the closer I was to the top, I had definitely reached the limit.

Now once you have made your tower/towers, make sure you have at least 1 enderpearl, although 2 will make it easier. Head to the bottom of your new tower and then make sure you are out of sight of the shulkers in the doorway and save and quit. You want to save as you most likely will need a couple of attempts at this.

Reload the game but this time on easy. The shulkers should start to fire at you. Let yourself be hit in sight of your tower and you’ll start to float upward. Quickly aim for the top of the tower, and using your enderpearls hit cn_LT to travel as high up as you can. Once you hit 50 blocks your achievement should pop.

This can be a little tricky, as getting the aiming right is a pain. You may need to go backward a little to be able to aim high enough. The achievement will also only pop if you are still under the effect of the shulker, so you have to be quick enough to get high enough and still be floating.

This may take a few attempts to get right but once you get the hang of it and get high enough you will pop:

That is it for the end and needing to prepare. The next few achievements you can just start a new tutorial world and go from there.

Next up we shall start off a new tutorial world. Make sure you are on peaceful, so save and reload. Head to the horse enclosure to get yourself a lead out of the chest, as well as grabbing as many hay bales and straw as you can, and a good number of fenceposts – enough to build a decent sized pen.

You then want to head to the savannah, which you should find directly south of the tutorial area. You should see it on the coastline, with a small village. Everything to the left of the village pretty much is the savannah. Look in this area for a llama. It may take some time. I found it best to do a giant loop up the first hill, along and then round the hill with the sword poking in it, and then back along near the border between the savannah and dessert.

You may find it beneficial to kill as many other animals as possible as they do restrict llama spawning. So all sheep, cows, pigs, horses and even squid near the coastline.

As soon as you find a llama, you will want to tame it. Doing so is similar to that of a horse earlier. With an empty hand you want to press cn_LT and you will be sat on the llama and it will kick you off. Repeat this process until you don’t get kicked off and you will see lots of little love hearts come from the llama. Once that has happened you will have one tamed llama. Now select your lead and once again press cn_LT on the llama, which should now allow you to lead it wherever you like. At this point you want to lead it to some form of pen. You can create this pen wherever you like. If you want to make sure your llama doesn’t wander off you can tie it to a fence post using cn_LT . You want to make sure that your pen will be big enough to hold 5 llamas.

You now want to make sure your tamed llama is nice and secure, and go llama hunting once more. Just don’t forget your lead. You will want to do the same thing again and bring your second llama over to your pen. In your pen you should now have 2 tamed llamas. Feed each llama a hay bale until they get some more little love hearts. Once both have hearts they should breed and make a baby llama, giving you 3 in total.

The ball is in your court as to what you would like to do now. You can either go llama hunting again to grab a third, forth and fifth llama, or you can wait and breed the llamas you currently have again. You can do a mixture of the two and hunt a llama as well as breed. Whatever you decide to do, when you have 5 llamas, select one and use the lead on it with cn_LT and quite literally just walk. All 5 llamas should follow you and you should get yourself your next achievement:

Your last 4 achievements you want to do in 2 sets of 2. Next up start up a new tutorial world.

Head straight to the trading area of the tutorial world. Grab out the paper and emeralds in the chest in that area. Level up the villager 3 times by trading with him the same way as before. Once he has the glass available, save before trading for it. Trade for the glass to level him up and make a book available. You want this book to be frost walker. If it isn't, quit and reload your save where he had the glass and trade again to level him up and make the book available. Repeat this until you're able to trade for the Frost Walker book. This may take many, many, many reloads of the game, but eventually you will get it.

You will then need to mine out enough emeralds – so go destroy an elytra ring, and also a bookshelf to get the book that you will need to trade for this enchanted book.

Once you have the book you just need to get some boots. Because you will also want to kill an elder guardian it is also worth just creating yourself an entire set of diamond armour and sword. Once you are kitted out, head to the smithing area. Once at the anvil, place both your boots, and the frost walker enchanted book into the slots. You should have enough experience from levelling up the villager to enchant the boots. So take the boots and kit yourself out in your full diamond armour and sword.

You then want to walk to where the elder guardians are located which are these coordinates:

X: -297 Y: 63 Z: 319

Just make sure that you walk over a deep ocean biome on your way. You can make sure of this by walking due west of the tutorial area, and then just walking/running along the edge of the world over the ocean. You should get the achievement to pop just before, or slightly after the stone elder guardian statue. If not you may have to stay as far to the edge of the map as possible around this area and it should pop. It was a little bit strange to get to pop for me, some times it would before, others I had to really fight to get it to.

  • Let It Go!

    Walk across the surface of a deep ocean by freezing the water with Frost Walker boots.

    Let It Go!

Once you have gotten this and are past the elder guardian statue, head further toward the coast. In this large expanse of water, if you were to look underwater you should see the underwater temple. Somewhere in the middle of this you should see a large prismarine structure, which will sit just a couple of blocks underwater. I would save here, just in case. It is inside this structure that you should find the elder guardian. I found the best tactic here was to mine through one block, fall into the chamber and just let fly with your sword, hitting as quickly as possible to make sure that you kill the guardian before you drown, or it kills you. If you die just reload the save before the fight and try again. Once defeated, you'll unlock:

For your next set of 2 achievements you’ll need to create a new survival world – no, not a tutorial world! I know right guys?

So, for this world you need to use the seed


And make sure that the biome is set to medium, and the difficulty is on easy, for ease sake. Whatever you do though, do not load the game on peaceful as the evoker will not spawn.

Once you’ve loaded up the world you should see a huge mansion behind you. This is where both the evoker that you will need to kill, and the totem of undying is. Run around the mansion until you find the front door.

Now, you can take some time and fully prepare with armour, and weapons etc. However you can do this is a lot quicker, and far simpler with just a wooden sword. Go craft one, get ready to enter the mansion, and save.

You may need to reload this save several times in case you fail. What you will want to do is run into the mansion and find an evoker. I found my evoker on the 1st or 2nd in one of the rooms. However, they do spawn randomly. I was lucky in that many times when I tried this, I did not encounter many other mobs, just one of the axe wielding bad guys on the ground floor (1st floor). But again, it is possible that you will encounter a completely different set of mobs.

The evoker that you are looking for looks like a villager wearing greyish/black coloured robes, and he will try and cast spells. You essentially just want to kill him as soon as possible, and when you do, he will drop the totem of undying. Equip the totem in your hand, and just let yourself be killed to get the second achievement.

My evoker was in the same room as a couple of other mobs. I ran straight in, killed him picked up the totem, then quickly got it in my hand and let myself be killed. It did actually take me a couple of attempts, but when I knew which room he spawned in, I just ran straight there every time. These two achievements are actually pretty easy. The hardest part is just finding the actual evoker.

Once you have slayed the evoker and let yourself be killed with the totem in hand you will have popped the last 2 achievements in this title update.

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