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Ultimate Achievement World
Some devices have had their support ended in Oct 2020 and did not receive the 1.16.100 update. Therefore leaving those devices on versions 1.16.0 to 1.16.40. You can read the official article here. If you affected by this, use either the Gear VR or Windows Phone walkthrough for information specific to those devices.
Expand the spoiler below to know what devices were affected:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Hello, and welcome to the walkthrough for Minecraft. At first, this game might look like a tough completion, because of the number of achievements and it's high ratio's. However, completing the game requires a maximum of about 4 hours of active game time. Most of the achievements can be unlocked in about two hours, but there are just some that will take a bit longer.

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We'll only be using one achievement world for completing this game. There are three options on how to play on this achievement world. You can either play it on a Dedicated Server (Hosted by BulletLukey), Realm (Hosted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3), or you can download it yourself and play it locally.
Minecraft Bedrock supports cross-play. So you can host/join this world on any Bedrock device variant.

If you want to play it on the Dedicated Server:

Server Address: MinecraftAchievements.net
Port: 19132

If you want to play it on the Realm:

Invite code: f8xxNu6rk2s
Direct Game Invite:

If you want to play it locally:

You can download it by using this link: http://www.Download.MinecraftAchievements.net
(Download the world labelled 'Ultimate Achievement World'.)

On the next page, I will explain a bit more about Dedicated Servers & Realms. I will also explain how to connect to them and how to load up the world locally (including the invite/permission error for realms).

Old worlds for those interested:

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