12. Minecraft Update 1.8.0: Cats & PandasUpdate notes

Go to the 'Update 1.8.0: Cats & Pandas' area. We will be doing these achievements in a clockwise direction.
If you wish to know the position of this area and the layout of the achievements:

Go to the sign labeled 'Where have you been?'.

This achievement can only be done if ALL players in the game sleep in a bed at the same time. This is because the day needs to be fast-forwarded to morning. If playing on the Dedicated Server or Realm, other players may not sleep when you attempt this achievement.
Open the chest and take out a Cat Egg (1.8.0 Cat) and a stack of Fish (Raw Cod). Then go into the designated area and use the egg to spawn in the Cat, now you need to tame the Cat. This can be done by feeding it the Fish - there is a chance when you feed a Cat a Fish it will be tamed. You can tell if you have tamed it because love hearts will appear around the Cat. When you have tamed it, make sure the Cat is standing not sitting (as you need the Cat to move), to stand/sit a Cat make sure you are not holding any fish, as you will just feed it instead. Now feed it another Fish, this will make the cat purr and start constantly showing hearts - it will do this for 30sec. Now press the command block button behind the beds to make it night time, now sleep in one of the two beds.
If done correctly, the Cat will jump on the bed, curl up to you, and purr. You will then be fast-forwarded to morning, and the Cat may have dropped an item nearby (there is a 70% chance for a tamed cat to give the player a gift after they wake up from night). If it did drop an item, it would have dropped one of these: Rabbit's foot, Rabbit hide, String, Rotten flesh, Feather, Raw chicken, and Phantom membrane (The chance rate for all is 16.13%, except for the Phantom membrane which has a 3.22% chance). If you see one of those items, pick it up. If it didn't drop an item, try again (by feeding it Fish, making sure it stands, press the command block button, and sleep).
If you managed to all that properly, you will hopefully unlock:
Where have you been?

Receive a gift from a tamed cat in the morning.

Where have you been?
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

Go to the sign labeled 'Zoologist' and open the chest and take out a stack of Bamboo. Then go into the designated area and press the button located on the ground, which will make 2 Pandas spawn in, then feed them both the Bamboo. When you feed a Panda a Bamboo love hearts will appear, when you have done this to the 2 Pandas, they will mate, and a baby Panda will appear.
Note: Sometimes when feeding a Panda a Bamboo it will instead sit up and start eating the Bamboo. If that is the case, spawn another Panda and try again.
You will unlock:


Breed two pandas with bamboo.

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Go to the sign labeled 'Top of the World' and open the chest and take out a piece of Scaffolding. Now just simply stand in the scaffolding tower and place another below you. It will auto add one to the very top, which is the world build limit. This should be enough to unlock it, but if it doesn't, you can try building a whole tower yourself - you will need three stacks of Scaffolding.
You will unlock:

Top of the World

Place scaffolding to the world limit.

Top of the World
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Congratulations, you just finished the achievements related to 'Update 1.8.0: Cats & Pandas'. Go to the next page for the achievement part of 'Update 1.10.0: R10 Update'.

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