13. Minecraft Update 1.10.0: R10 UpdateUpdate notes

Go to the 'Update 1.10.0: R10 Update' area. There is just one achievement, and it can be quite buggy.
If you wish to know the position of this area:

Go to the sign labeled 'Fruit on the Loom' and open the chest and take out a White Banner, a Yellow Dye, and a Banner Pattern. Then go to the loom next to the chest and open it, then place the White Banner in the left slot, the Yellow Dye in the slot next to it (2nd from left), and the Banner Pattern in the slot next to it (3rd from the left). Then take out the White Banner Yellow Thing from the right slot.
Recipe (if needed):

This should be enough to unlock it, but if it doesn't you can give these two things a try:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
You will unlock:
Fruit on the Loom

Make a banner using an Enchanted Apple Stencil

Fruit on the Loom
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

Congratulations, you just finished the achievement related to 'Update 1.10.0: R10 Update'. Go to the next page for the achievements part of 'Update 1.11.0: Village & Pillage'.

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