15. Minecraft Update 1.11.1: Village & PillageUpdate notes

Go to the 'Update 1.11.1: Village & Pillage' area. There is just one achievement, which is the worst achievement added to the game (in terms of requirements). Unlike The Haggler, this one is long and grindy, as it requires you to repeat the same actions over and over. However, 1.16.0 made changes to the trading mechanics allowing more trades per item before being out stock. Which means this achievement can be earned a lot faster now than before.
If you wish to know the position of this area:

When entering the area, you will see a stone building on the left and one on the right. This gives you four trading stations, and they are all exactly the same (the reason 4 exists is to allow other players to do this achievement at the same time - due to the length of it). Pick a trading station and go to it. Press the button, and a villager will appear in front of you, you will also be given a lot of items. Note: Villager may spawn jobless or as a child. If that happens, press the button again to respawn the villager.

Initiate trading with the villager which is a Stone Mason, all you need to do is press the first item in each level section (the items that actually gives you emeralds) on the left and then press the trade button on the right until they are out of stock, then go to the next item on the list and repeat.

To give you a visual understanding, only trade the bold stuff below:
Level 1 - Novice
Clay > Emerald
Emerald > Brick
Level 2 - Apprentice
Stone > Emerald
Emerald > Chiseled Stone Brick
Level 3 - Journeyman
Granite/Diorite/Andesite > Emerald
Emerald > Polished Granite/Diorite/Andesite
Level 4 - Expert
Nether Quartz > Emerald
Emerald > Terracotta
Level 5 - Master
Emerald > Quartz Block

After you have traded for all the emeralds he has available, back out of trading and press the button again, and then repeat all that.
If playing on a controller, you can 'quick trade' by pressing each of the left sections constantly. This speeds things up immensely, making so you can get the achievement in under 10mins.
Since you only get 60 Emeralds per full trade, you need to do a full trade 17 times to get 1000 Emeralds.

Trading GUI:

You will eventually unlock:
Master Trader

Trade for 1,000 Emeralds.

Master Trader
6 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +Shop

Congratulations, you just finished the achievement related to 'Update 1.11.1: Village & Pillage'. Go to the next page for the achievement part of 'Update 1.13.0: Suspicious Stew'.

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