16. Minecraft Update 1.13.0: Suspicious StewUpdate notes

Go to the 'Update 1.13.0: Suspicious Stew' area. There is just one achievement, and it is a very simple achievement.
If you wish to know the position of this area:

Go to the sign labeled 'Time for Stew' and open the chest and take out a Suspicious Stew.
This achievement REQUIRES a second player. If you're playing in the server or realm, then there is likely another player there with you. If there isn't or you're playing locally, then you will need another controller (consoles only), or another device that has Minecraft on it and join the world on that. Or you can also invite a friend to join the world.
Go to the other player and throw (drop item action) the Suspicious Stew to that player so that they can pick it up.
You will unlock:

Time for Stew

Give someone a suspicious stew.

Time for Stew
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