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Discord Server:

Before we get started on the hints and tips, we would like to mention that we have a discord server for the achievement world.
If you are confused about something or need help, you can ask there. You can post feedback by reporting any bugs or issues with the world or posting any suggestions you would like to see added. You can also just have a friendly chat with other Minecraft achievement hunters.
We will also post updates on it (like if we update the world for new achievements). Here is the invite link to the server: http://www.Discord.MinecraftAchievements.net. The Site Rules also apply there.

About this World:

● This world is structured to have a section for each update that had a specific set of achievements release in it. The walkthrough follows this structure, so due to this, there may not be a DLC pack for each update on some variants. However, you can filter these updates on the achievement page by using the Grouping feature in the 'Filter' drop-down.
Here is the layout of the achievement land, and where the updates are:

Update Locations (1.16.0)
There are four different color signs you will see in the world:
Oak Signs are for achievement names and descriptions, or info directly related to getting the achievement. E.g. Instructive Signs and Command Blocks.
Jungle Signs are additional information or tips that can help you get the achievement.
Birch Signs are for achievements that are buggy in a positive way. Meaning you can perhaps unlock it earlier than intended.
Acacia Signs are for achievements that are buggy in a negative way. Meaning that it may not unlock when it is supposed to.
You're invincible in this world, so you don't need to wear any armor. However, if you do wear armor, this negates the invincibility, and you can take damage.
There are quite a few achievements that have designated areas to spawn mobs in. When using these areas, you can close the gates to stop the mobs from escaping.
This world has been designed in a way for both online & offline play.
● This world uses Allow & Deny blocks. Meaning when playing on the Dedicated Server or Realm some areas won't be able to be built or mined on. This is to prevent griefing of the world.
● If playing on the Server/Realm, you will be in Adventure mode. This is to prevent griefing of the world. You will still be able to unlock the achievements just fine.
● There is an auto-teleporting feature that you can use if you get lost or stuck. However, a player must be at the achievement land for this to work (as the chunk needs to be loaded in). To do this open your inventory and take out the Bottle o' Enchanting (this constantly refills), and throw it at your feet to get experience, when you reach level 30 you will be teleported to spawn.
This world was created without any 3rd Party Tools, Mods, or Hacks.

How to connect to Dedicated Servers, Realms, and how to play the world Locally:

Dedicated Server:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Download and Host/Join Locally:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Buggy/Host Only/Broken/Discontinued Achievements:

This game has a habit of making buggy, host-only, or broken/discontinued achievements in updates. So if you're playing on an earlier version, you may experience issues unlocking achievements. As of 1.16.100, there are no host-only achievements, but there are 2 broken/discontinued achievements. There are also eight known Buggy- achievements. However, playing as the host may make these achievements less buggy.

The 2 broken/discontinued achievements are:
It's a Sign! & Renewable Energy.

The buggy- achievements are:
Passing the Time, The Beaconator, Super Sonic, Castaway, Me Gold!, Where have you been?, Fruit on the Loom, and Sound the Alarm!.


There are three types of control inputs for this game. Controller, Keyboard & Mouse, and Touch. This walkthrough is written in a way so any control input can be used. Please familiarize yourself with the input that you are using so you know how to do certain actions, as the actions will be referenced in the walkthrough and not the button itself.
Note: Not all inputs are supported for every variant. And it may differ depending on your software and hardware.


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Keyboard & Mouse

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Additional Control Information.

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Device Variants Extra Information & Specific Issues:

To be able to buy & play the Kindle Fire variant on Andriod mobiles, you need to download the Amazon Appstore App APK and install it manually on your mobile. This is the link to download: https://www.amazon.com/androidapp. You need to view that on mobile to download it, as viewing it on a desktop computer will load a page telling you to go there on your mobile. Alternatively, you can try this direct download link: https://amazonadsi-a.akamaihd.net/public/ix/stable/DLP/1/Amazon_App.apk
In order to install this app on your mobile, you will need to enable 'Unknown Sources' for app installations (Allow installation of apps from unknown sources). This setting is located in your security section. If you wish to enable this, it is advised you untick the option after installing Minecraft.

The Andriod & Kindle Fire variants can't be installed on the same device at the same time, as they both use the same install/save data location. This can cause issues with achievements.
I.E. You may have trouble unlocking Adventuring Time (Discover 17 biomes). This is because it keeps track of biomes you have visited from both the variants due to it being installed in the same location. To fix this, you need to clear all Minecraft data from your device. Read more about it here.

Playstation Area:

Yes, there is a specific area for Playstation players. The PS4 variant has two trophies that have no corresponding achievements (Music to my Ears & Change of Sheets). This is because the PS4 Bedrock Edition shares the achievement list with the PS4 Legacy Edition. You don't have to worry about this area if you're doing the achievements, however, if you are doing the PlayStation variant expand the spoiler below for the guide to unlocking these trophies:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Additional Information & About the Walkthrough:

Before we get started on the achievements, we will mention that this walkthrough is written in a way to help players that know nothing about Minecraft. So some things we mention might seem very basic.
We have also hyperlinked a lot of stuff that goes to the Minecraft Gamepedia if you wish to have more information about certain things.
If there are others playing in the world, you might unlock some achievements when they fulfill the requirements.
● If you're experiencing lag or framerate loss, try lowering your Video settings.
This includes turning off: Fancy Leaves, Fancy Bubbles, Render Clouds, Beautiful Skies, Smooth Lighting, Fancy Graphics, and Texel Anti-Aliasing.
Also reducing these bars to the lowest point (far left): Render Distance, Particle Render Distance, and Anti-Aliasing.
As said before, you can use any of the three input devices as this walkthrough allows for any of them. Though, using the controller is most likely best.
This game has two 'UI Profile' settings (found in the Video section in Settings), these are 'Classic' & 'Pocket'.
As the name says, it changes the User Interface design. The informative icons you see on the screen will be in different places, and the inventory & crafting menus will be different. The default setting is Classic for larger screens like Xbox One & Win 10, and Pocket is for smaller screens like phones. This walkthrough is written to include both, so you can pick whatever you like more.

Our recommended method of doing all the achievements:

Achievements in this game can unlock very late, so the most time-efficient approach when doing all these achievements is to do each achievement requirement only once, then move on to the next station. Then when you have finished all the stations, you can check your achievement list to see which didn't unlock for you to try again.
Also, since Castaway is the longest achievement that requires certain conditions (not eating anything else), it is best you start this very early, and while you are making progress towards that, you can do all the other achievements at the same time. There are a few other achievements that require you to eat (Iron Belly, Pork Chop, Rabbit Season, and Overpowered), so do those before you start it or after you unlock it.

Now, onto the achievements!

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