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    Minesweeper is a nice port for the windows phone. It was the first game I played on it so I dont have much to compare it with but here we go.

    It pretty much like the PC game but it has an extra mode called speed mode. Speed mode is very challenging but you do get time added on for blocks cleared, not including flags placed. There are also three difficulties (4 in regular mode), basically a larger field with more mines.

    The controls, which is basically hitting the blocks is not to bad, there have been a few times I clocked the wrong box but that is to be expected since it is a small playing area.

    There are a few updates to the game. They have added a XP system, what this does for you is give you the ability to earn powerups, which you use tokens you gain over time. The powerups wil come in handy trying to complete puzzles and/or gaining xp.

    I personally have enjoyed the game and I recommend it, especially since it is free.
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    neeker75The limited usage of power-ups is frustrating, but at least they didn't tempt you to pay MS points to buy those tokens like Beards and Beaks.
    Posted by neeker75 on 25 Aug 11 at 23:43
    yeah they are limited but I figure if they gave you to many it would take the challenge away from the game.
    Posted on 25 Aug 11 at 23:49
    05 Apr 2012
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    Minesweeper is a port of the old Windows classic of the same name. If you have never heard of Minesweeper:

    1) Where you been at for the last twenty years?

    2) I can’t be bothered explaining what Minesweeper is.

    Anyway, Minesweeper on Windows Phone 7 is a nice interpretation of the old Windows classic. ‘Perks’ have been added, which give the player certain optional powers to aid them in uncovering the bombs. It’s still possible to complete games while ignoring them if they’re not your thing, but they do come in handy on the Expert size levels, allowing you to reveal an area of the grid, or shield you from a single mine detonation for instance. On the whole they expand the game mechanics without detracting from the classic Minesweeper experience and it’s a good example of how a subtle update can refresh an old standard.

    Unlike Flowerz, Minesweeper only offers 50G by way of achievements, with 10 achievements worth 5G each. This is the first time Microsoft have ever allowed a game to have an overall achievements value that’s less than 200G. There’s been a low-level campaign by many Xbox LIVE Arcade developers and supporters to allow indie games to include achievements to help keep Xbox relevant as more and more games come with in-game achievements so this could be an interesting sign of things to come. It’s also ad-supported, though the ads are not very intrusive and don’t impinge on gameplay in any way.

    Given just how old Minesweeper is the presence of achievements helps elevate the game to a level of interest it simply doesn’t have when bundled with the latest Windows OS. The achievements are thankfully pretty nicely thought out, encouraging you to play through all the different gameplay modes to ensure you don’t just stick on the easier levels and to complete levels without using perks or flags so you build up your minesweeping skills.

    Only one achievement is a slight grind that asks you to reach the top rank but the speed at which you can blast through games means it’s not too difficult to collect all 50G and add it to your completed collection.

    If you’re looking for a real achievement challenge you won’t find it in Minesweeper but it is nonetheless a solid and enjoyable addition to the free Xbox LIVE stable.

    Taken from: http://zombiesatemyxbox.com/2012/02/03/the-essential-guide-t...