MiniSquadron (WP) Reviews

    23 Dec 2011
    8 2 1
    its a fun game, which is a side scrolling shooter, easy controls that take a little getting used to.
    achievements are varied but some are pretty tough to obtain.there are over 60 planes / ufo's to unlock and which vary in design, weaponry, armor, speed etc.
    for the asking price its a fun little game thats challenging and great for when you have time to spare.
    visually its very colourful, the level save feature is very handy for when your on the move or if you knock the back button etc which can be frustrating on other games. ther only issue stands with the controlsthat do lock up on occassion which most of the time causes you to crash or stall and then crash, although its a minor issue as the controls return to normal afterwards.
    all in all its great game for a reasonable price and once a patch is up to fix the control lock up all should be more or less perfect with the game.
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    BonxyThis game can not be 100% completed to as the 'Indistructable' achievement is buggy.
    Posted by Bonxy On 25 Oct 12 at 12:20
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