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    31 Oct 2019 03 Nov 2019
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    Minit is an Adventure video game created by a development team coined as: JW, Kitty, Juloo & Dom. They have developed a single player game that allows you 60 seconds to achieve your task at hand before your untimely demise.

    During your 60 seconds you progress through the map & will find new buildings which act as checkpoints, these will allow you to further venture into the unknown.

    Minit's story is based in a small town much like any other, this is until the hero finds the cursed sword.
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    He is now destined to live his life in 60 second chunks, groundhog day but without the comic genius of Bill Murray to keep him company. As the story progresses you identify that the only way to break the curse is to destroy the place that created it, the cursed sword factory.

    Your task is to search an area whilst the clock ticks down, the inevitable feeling of failure looming closer, but there is a dawning realisation of progress as the next step of the task presents itself. The clock hits zero death takes you away & resets your clock. You now have 1 minute to try again.
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    The monochromatic colour palette feels like you have reverted back to playing the original gameboy. The simplistic details of the scene in front of you means you can just dive into the game, & enjoy the task at hand, success before death.
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    The game has a replayability factor as it has a number of collectibles to source whilst madly dashing around trying to fill your minute of life with as much action as possible.

    The joy of this game is not only the simple tasks to follow, but the ease of which the developers have mapped the controls, with so much time pressure it is a relief that you do not have to think about how to complete a quest, all actions feel so natural, & the game just flows.

    The soundtrack is constant and varied, as areas become more dangerous the beat picks up, heightening your desire to succeed & explore. Sound effects for key items is reminiscent of a past era & really fills you with joy & a feeling of achievement. The sound that you must fear the most is the ever present sound of the final 10 seconds of your life, tick, tick, tick.

    Such a simple idea that is a a joy to play out. There is quite the feeling of fulfillment when a quest is completed, another task done and one step closer to removing that damned curse. The developers have really achieved something special, a time driven joy that will make you want to try just one more life.

    I would certainly recommend this game to anyone, its sense of nostalgia, beautifully simple graphics, & easy to follow quests make this an absolute joy to play. It is also free on gamepass so there is absolutely nothing to lose.
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    Dutch x MonsterLoved this game for sure one of the more under the radar gamepads games, I did it since it was short and leaving but damn it's one of the better experiences I've had for short games I do wish it would be a wee bit longer but nonetheless very solid and fun game
    Posted by Dutch x Monster on 15 Oct at 11:19