Minit Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Welcome to Minit!

Minit is a top-down adventure game, similar to The Legend of Zelda. You know the drill with these types of games - find items and beat the boss! Minit's defining feature in the genre is that you can only play for 60 seconds - one "minit" - before you die. So, you need to spend the time wisely collecting items before your inevitable demise!

Following this walkthrough will allow you to complete the achievements in two and a bit play throughs.

  1. Firstly we will play through the "Normal" mode, collecting some of the items as we go
    • One achievement (MINIMALIST) is tied to completing the game in fewer than 25 deaths. Following the walkthrough exactly will allow you to get all of the coins and hearts (which are not necessary for completing the game) but if you find yourself struggling for time, simply skip them.
  2. Then, we'll clean up the collectibles in the same run
  3. Then, we'll go for the last achievement by playing through the harder "Second Run" mode
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