Minit Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips


  • cn_A - Use currently held item
  • cn_B - Die
  • cn_LSu - Move up ("North")
  • cn_LSr - Move right ("East")
  • cn_LSd - Move down ("South")
  • cn_LSl - Move left ("West")


This walkthrough will help you get through the story in the quickest possible time - which is necessary for the MINIMALIST achievement. On the way we'll pick up some of the collectibles and then we'll go through a mop up the rest once we've finished the story. Luckily you can carry on after you complete the story, so there is no need to worry about having to start again and re-collecting everything.

Once we've done that we'll head through the slightly tougher Hard Mode, which fortunately appears to be bugged so we can exploit that and complete it in next to no time!

If you are struggling to perform all the tasks within the minute allowance don't worry too much, you'll have plenty of time to retry. My only tip is to watch the video as you play along spawn-by-spawn and follow the text guide as you go. If you pause the game, you pause the minute timer. So, it is easy to follow an instruction and pause to read the next instruction before continuing.

One achievement (PACIFIST, SORT OF) is linked to not killing snakes. I'll remind you now and I'll remind you at the relevant points... DO NOT KILL SNAKES

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