Minit Walkthrough

5. Second Run

Final achievement time! We now need to start again on the Second Run. Second Run gives you just 40 seconds per spawn. As you should now have all the collectibles we'll just run through the story again (except some things have changed position!).

Fortunately there is a glitch in Second Run which means you can complete it without defeating the final boss. This is because you start with the broken sword, so you can flush it down the toilet at the first opportunity rather than complete the game the normal way. The walkthrough below shows the most efficient way to do that. If you missed the sub 25 run achievement during our original playthrough, this is a way to easily earn the achievement since the "end" is very minimalist in what you need to do (this is the method the overseer of the walkthrough took).

Sword / Watering Can

Spawn in House. Leave House, head 1 South and 1 West to collect Sword. Head 2 East and 1 North to collect Watering Can. cn_B Die

Crabs / Coffee

Spawn in House. Head 1 South and 1 East and kill crab. Head 1 West and kill two crabs. Head 1 North, 2 West and 1 North to kill crab. Head 1 South, and hit pot 3 times to enter secret cave. Kill crab in cave. Leave cave and enter Café to collect Coffee. cn_B Die


Spawn in House. Head 2 West, 1 North and 1 East to collect Lighthouse Key. Head 1 West, 2 South and 1 West. Enter the lighthouse, climb to the top and collect Flashlight. cn_B Die


Spawn in House. Head 1 North and enter Cave. Make your way through the cave and exit the other side. Head 2 East and enter Caravan. cn_B Die

Sign Maker

Spawn in Caravan. Leave Caravan and collect Watering Can. Head 10 South and water Sign Maker. cn_B Die

Oasis Ghost / Sword Thrower

Spawn in Caravan. Leave Caravan and wander aimlessly strategically walk around the desert until you find the Oasis Ghost. There are now two! Defeat them both (knock out the cacti as usual) and collect the Sword Thrower. cn_B Die

Gardening Glove / House

Spawn in Caravan. Leave Caravan and head 1 West, 1 South and 1 West. Enter the cave , which is now full of trees. Make your way around the trees to collect the Gardening Glove. Cut your way out and head 1 South, 1 West and 1 North. Enter House. cn_B Die

Press Pass / Hotel

Spawn in House. Leave House. Head 2 North and defeat the two enemies over the river. Head 1 North and collect the Press Pass. Head 1 West, 1 North and 1 East and enter the Hotel and go upstairs. cn_B Die

Open Bridge

Spawn in Hotel. Go downstairs and leave Hotel. Head 1 East and 1 South and enter mine. Beware of scorpions! Head 1 East, 1 North and 1 West and throw Sword at bombs. Go through the exit and head 2 North. Hit the middle switch and head 1 South and speak to the Guest. cn_B Die

Sword in the Throne

Spawn in Hotel. Go downstairs and leave Hotel. Head 4 East and flush the Sword down the toilet to complete the game and unlock...

  • Unlocked by 598 tracked gamers (39% - TA Ratio = 1.59) 1,518

Congratulations on your 1000G!

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