Mirror's Edge Catalyst Reviews

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    09 Sep 2022 Yesterday
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    During the last couple of years, I have played Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Mirror's Edge, then Mirror's Edge Catalyst again. In that order. My nostalgia free but unoriginal conclusion: the sequel is not as good as the original.

    The original Mirrors Edge was very pure in the sense of gameplay; simplistic and filled with straightforward objectives as 'get there' and 'get there in time', using the very original and fun parkour gameplay. The Pure Time Trials DLC emphasized that.
    The sequel/reboot Mirror's Edge Catalyst wanted to improve on that great formula, but failed. All kinds of redundant elements were added. It didn't need an open world, unoriginal side missions, a rappel rope, a skill tree, a companion app or a boatload of collectibles to gather. I want to parkour, run fast and improve my times. And if I have an engaging story and quality worldbuilding with it, that would be great.
    What the developers should have done, is write a great story that goes with the already awesome gameplay of Mirrors Edge. Then it would truly be something special.
    Mirror's Edge Catalyst's story, like its predecessor's, isn't great, and the dystopian world ruled by evil corporations is very clichéd. Gameplaywise the sequel is slicker, but not better. Its time trials are less challenging and therefore less interesting. It does make it easier to get the 1000G, but I don't know if that is a good thing.

    For me the sequel didn't improve on anything. The pros of Mirrors Edge were gameplay, art style/graphics and soundtrack. The cons were story, characters and universe. The sequel has those same pros and cons, and then added stuff I did not really care about. A pity. Still, this game gets 4.5 stars from me, because it's a still a Mirrors Edge game and Mirrors Edge is awesome.