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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 makes a lot of great advances in both the shooter genre and Call of Duty franchise, but at the same time loses a bit of what made Call of Duty, well, Call of Duty. It is a great game, and a great Call of Duty game, but doesn't feel like it stepped forward in all the ways one could hope from what previous games have done.

    The first Modern Warfare game was unquestionably a blockbuster smash hit, with record sales for the time and really bringing the Call of Duty series into the limelight of shooters along side games such as Halo. It was a vast improvement from the previous installation(CoD 3), much like CoD 2 had done after the birth of series in the first Call of Duty game. With a history of leaping advances in the series both technically and artistically Infinity Ward has not only set a high standard in terms of the game made, but also the game expected next. Modern Warfare 2, while an amazing game that does make strides forward, loses a bit of its soul in the process and falls slightly short of what one could expect.

    Once one jumps into the game the technical improvements will be immediately visible. The game has great sound, and the visuals are some of the best I've ever seen. The game is full of awe-inspiring moments during the fighting where I would stop to take in the beauty, my favorite of which came during the battle for D.C. The re-recorded gun effects sound great, and the voice acting is top notch as always with many returning actors from before. And is it just me or does Ghost sound and act exactly like Gaz?

    The biggest complaint on the technical side of the game has been the length of the campaign, which I will admit is rather short, though it took me quite a bit longer than most people have said. Thanks to the in game stats clock I could see the campaign clocked in at around 8 hours for me, but then again I am a notoriously slow gamer. While 8 hours is short, and the length of games in general has been getting shorter than I feel is acceptable, the addition of the Spec Ops missions vastly increases the length of the single player experience. While Spec Ops doesn't fit in with the main story line, they are a set of 23 seperate missions which can be played solo for the most part or in co-op. The best way to describe them is to compare them with the Mile High mission at the end of MW1. It wasn't part of the main story, but was rather a side mission that was detached. They are rather fun missions, and with their addition, the single player campaign component of the game should move up to 12-16 hours, which is still short compared to many other games, but does clock in at longer than the average big name shooter that seems to come out these days.

    The multi-player is the real winner in terms of length. With an addictive leveling system and new game types one could easily spend months playing MW2 multiplayer alone. The multiplayer offers a chaotic, fast paced experience which feels much like a meat grinder. Though I spent quite a bit of time dying, it never got to me since I was always right back into the action after a brief spawn time and back to killing. The part that will probably suck you in the most is the constant immediate gratification as there is always one more challenge to accomplishment, another level to reach, another game mode or weapon to unlock. The feeling of constant progress through the unlockables worked well in the previous two Call of Duty games, and with the addition of titles and badges there is an even greater amount of content to unlock.

    While the game made serious progress on the technical side, I feel like it lost some of what made Call of Duty Call of Duty to begin with. The game is almost as dark and brooding as World at War, which in my opinion is a good thing. Unfortunately the writers took it a bit far as (Spoiler alert, see note at bottom) will go off on poetic tangents during briefings that seem so far off from the man who before was screaming to get back on your feet whenever you fell. The plot also suffers from becoming complicated, or disjointed. I'm not sure which yet. At certain points in the game characters will do things, big things, plot changing things, for what seems like absolutely no reason and isn't ever explained that well. Call of Duty games have always been rather thin on plot: there is an enemy, we're going to go kill the enemy. It works. That's what the game is based around. Rushing head long into the waiting arms of death. MW2 breaks away from that formula to give a plot full of betrayal and twists which just don't work. Ernest Hemmingway once said "kill your darlings" in reference to story telling, which meant to take out the things you find to be genius and full of subtetly because more often than not it's so subtle only you understand it because you told the story. The game is full of "darlings" that I'm sure sounded great to those who had the why explained to them, but forgot about the rest of the world. The last comment I'll make on the heart and soul of the game is that it also gave up too much on one of its key game components: the headlong rush into death. I can appreciate the games focus on Task Force 141, a special operations unit that operates independently, but the previous games have been about one man in an army, a rush of soldiers pressing forward. In MW2 you'll more often than not find yourself in a small unit of men, or sometimes simply alone for long periods, which just doesn't feel right.

    For all its faults I will say this about Modern Warfare 2, it is an amazing game. If it were a new intellectual property I would have been blown away by the game. But it wasn't, and with a history to follow Modern Warfare 2 isn't all that it could have been. It is still a great Call of Duty game, and an incredible game that stands head and shoulders above most shooters you'll find out there. At the same time, the Call of Duty series lost a bit of its soul since the last installment. It has all the moves, it can walk the walk, it can talk the talk, but it just don't have that funk.

    For those people who've managed to make it this far in life without playing a Call of Duty game I'd say go right ahead and pick up the game. You'll find an incredible single player exprience packed with action and an addictive multiplayer to give you your money's worth. If you're like myself, a twenty something that grew up the series, I'd still say go out and pick up the game. It's Call of Duty, and it's still amazing. It is by no means a step down, it just didn't advance as far as we've seen in some of the previous installments.

    EDIT: Spoilers come up in the comments section, so don't read them unless you finished the game, or don't care. Just wanted to give fair warning.

    Spoiler Note: Captain Price
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    talkstogodIMO this game was dumb as hell, especially compared to the first one, both in individual elements and the overall plot. A 007-style snowmobile gunfight? A fast rope extraction through a 4' hole in a roof? DC invaded? Give me a break. K0mrade was dead on about the biggest flaw - a convoluted plot line that was tough to follow - but the fact that even when you did follow it it was silly didn't help at all.
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    MrProcastinateA littble bit late on this one, but I just want to say it's well writen.
    Posted by MrProcastinate on 28 Sep 12 at 21:53
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    That was my reaction when I finally breathed after a day of running through the campaign of the game. I know the main complaint people have is the short length of the single player campaign. As someone who has been playing shooters for years, this is no surprise. The vast majority of FPS games have short campaigns.

    The difference in Modern Warfare 2, as in the Modern Warfare, is the standout story that is better than most Hollywood blockbusters. The voice acting, graphics, signature shocking moments, and heart stopping gameplay fully immerse you in the universe Infinity Ward has created. Whether you are flying down a hill on a snowmobile at top speed towards a bottomless chasm, chasing arms dealers through Brasilian favelas, or breaching a room in slow motion there isn't a moment you aren't on the edge of your seat. Short campaign? No complaints here. There story is far superior to any other vapid shooter storylines with equally short campaigns. You knew it would be short going in.

    The Special Ops portion of the game is a blast as well with varied gameplay in which you earn up to three stars based on either difficulty or time completed. A few fantastic missions are geared solely for playing with a friend which is a blast, but playing any of the missions with a friend just adds to the fun. It's a great supplement to the single player portion of the game but is definately a ton more fun when you have a squadmate along for the ride.

    The multiplayer portion of the game is highly satisfying. The leveling up mechanics are fabulous letting you know in game when you are promoted or when you complete challenges and is very fluid and fun even for those who aren't great at multiplayer. As you progress in multiplayer you will unlock gun attachments, titles, new challenges, emblems, game modes, and perks that will keep the game fun and entertaining long past finishing the campaign.

    All in all it is probably the best shooter I've played in a long time. The story is compelling, the gameplay is fast paced and fun, and the various game modes make it wel worth your time and money.
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    *Warning contains spoilers regarding Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare*
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the game that was supposed to (and did) shatter records as the biggest entertainment launch in history. However, a game's quality is not defined by the amount of copies it sells. Is Modern Warfare 2 true gaming gold, or just another gilded disappointment?

    Graphics + Audio:
    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, awed gamers around the world with its realistic graphics and amazing audio performance, Modern Warfare 2 shockingly, is able to surpass its predessor in both fields. Amazing weather effects and realistic explosions all around you make it seem like you are watching a movie, not just playing a game. A game's audio quality is another imporatant factor in immersing a gamer. Modern Warfare 2 makes you believe that you are really in the middle of an all-out war. Weapons firing, grenades exploding, and characters talking all combine to put on a symphony of realism that melts this game into the boundry between entertainment and reality.

    By now everyone should know what Call of Duty games are all about. Modern Warfare 2 is a first person shooter that puts you in the boots of several soldiers either in the United States military, or the British S.A.S. forces. Whether in the single player campaign, Special Ops, or multiplayer the pace is alwaysfast paced and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The standard campaign and Special Ops play are both broken up by several segaments where you are the driver of a vehicle. The sheer variety of content will keep you coming back for more month after month.

    The first Modern Warfare told arguably the best story of any previous Call of Duty game. You are attempting to end the terroist activities of a Vladomir Makarov, who has helped the ultranationalist party gain control of Russia by portraying Imran Zakhaev as a martyr. Modern Warfare 2's story walks a fine line. It will gain and lose fans due to the fact that it has so many over the top moments that, while awesome to play, don't seem to contribute to the game's story very much. While playing, the game lost me at several points and it seemed that a level ot two could have been added to fill in the plot holes. Nevertheless, the games plot is full of twists, which thanks to great characters and even greater voice-acting, are made to feel all the more personal, even more so in the last several levels. Another main complaint I have is with the length. On my first playthrough on normal difficulty I clocked in at just over 7 hours. Not as long as one might hope, but this is beginning to become an average for shooters. Also, once you add in the extra playthrough or two to get the Veteran achievements and find the all 45 enemy intel odds are you'll have played at least 18 hours.

    Special Ops:
    This is a new mode for Call of Duty. Infinity Ward stated that Modern Warfare 2 would be supported by 3 pillars: Campaign mode, Multiplayer and Special Ops, a mode where 2 players may play certain scenarios cooperatively much like the Mile High Club level from the first Modern Warfare. These short set pieces are challenging, intense and most importantly of all are extremely fun to play in co-op. Another plus is that it can be played in split-screen so you can enjoy this even with a friend that may not own an Xbox. The only negative aspects regarding this game mode are that most missions are pulled directly from either Modern Warfare 1 or 2's campaign. This could really be viewed as positive though as some people may enjoy replaying segments from the campaign albeit with some tweaks. Another negative is that this mode is so fun that you may get annoyed that you can only play it with one friend.

    The aspect of Modern Warfare 2 that many people will be playing for months to come is the multiplayer. It is basically the same as the first Modern Warfare, however several additions and changes create an even more engrossing experience. Call of Duty 4 was acclaimed for the amount of customization it brought to multiplayer and this is continued in Modern Warfare 2. While there is a wide arsenal of weapons to choose from this amount is multiplied into an astonishing amount with the plethora of attachments for each weapon. Thermal scopes, silencers, heartbeat sensors, grenade launchers, red dot sights, the list goes on and on. This amount of customization allows each weapon to be used for different situations. Aside from weapons and equipment you have perks, which have had a pro version added. Basically using a perk enough will allow you to unlock an extra bonus. Killstreak rewards are now customizable, ranging from a UAV, to an AC-130 gunship, to a tactical nuke. There are also deathstreaks. After dying 3 to 5 times without a kill, you will get a bonus to help you break the deathstreak like martyrdom or a health bonus. The higher ranked you get, the more killstreak/deathstreak bonuses you unlock. There is also much more personalization this time around. Aside from the old clantag, a player has a title and an emblem to customize. These show up with your gamertag to allow more personallzation. Another cool addtion to Modern Warfare 2 is the game winning kill of a match is shown at the end. While it may not seem a big deal, it is pretty awesome to see your knife throw or amazing grenade toss for all to watch. The few bad things about multiplayer are that some modes do not allow party chat and there are some glitches in the game however, they are being fixed via downloadable patches.

    The achievements are what you would expect from a Call of Duty game. You get achievements for completing levels, beating the game on Veteran and finding intel. However, some are fairly unique such as killing chickens in a short amount of time. Those Veteran achievements will not be as frustrating as usual, as infinite spawning has been removed as well as grenade spamming by the enemie. There is also a good mix of Special Ops achievements and while most are concerned with earning stars, there are a few that aren't simply "win on the hardest difficulty".

    Graphics + Audio- Amazing; makes you feel like you are in the war- 9/10
    Gameplay- Fast-paced and fun- 9/10
    Campaign- Great story, but confusing; campaign is short- 8/10
    Spec. Ops- Extremely fun co-op experience- 8.5/10
    Multiplayer- Customization, personallization, addictive- 10/10
    Achievements- Fairly straightforward list- 8/10

    Overall: 9/10- Very entertaining game

    Thank you for reading my review. Please rate and comment as you see fit.
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    03 Dec 2009
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    "Modern Warfare 2: One of the best First-Person-Shooters out there. Period."
    I'll start off by making clear a good few things. I've never beed a Call of Duty fan, I didn't have Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and I have Halo 3. But, none of that should matter, as I like to think that my reviews are independant and unbiased, otherwise, I can't call myself a reviewer can I?

    Graphics - 9/10
    Can't fault it, each map is richly detailed. I loved those missions where you had to fight through an office block, or through the dense ramshackle town of Faeleva. Each character is detailed (even if the AI opponents do look the same, even the Faeleva ones repeat themselves), the weapons are really well done. The graphics really do bring the game to life, like the smoke grenades really do make it nigh impossible to see without thermal vision, the flashbangs make the screen go white, and stun grenades just distort it to the point of ridiculous, which is good. The graphics aren't the best we've seen on the 360, but they are definatley up there.

    Gameplay - 8/10
    Single Player - 8/10
    I'll start with the campaign first. It's short, you should complete it within the day, not including trying it on Veteran, which will extend it. The main gripe I had with the campaign, and it is a big one, is that it didn't feel like a story until the last half of it, which is a very bad thing. The story is told during the cutscenes, if you can call them that, loading screens is more accurate. It didn't feel like a story, until the last half of it, where things start to come together and make some sense. Just about. Because its so scattered to begin with, I found it very difficult to want to continue with it, I could only do one, maybe two missions a day, because they just didn't seem to connect enough to get me interested.

    Campaign aside, you have the Special Ops, a series of missions which don't have anything to do with the campaign, more like confined missions with a very clear and specific objective, which can be played solo, or with a friend over Xbox LIVE. They are definatley a good break from the Multiplayer and the Campaign, and gaining Stars is nice and addictive.

    Multiplayer - 10/10
    Easily the best feature of the game. With a Matchmaking near enough identical to Halo 3's, and the sheer number of people playing, your guaranteed full games. One thing to bear in mind is that you will get killed. A lot. Normally, this would really annoy me (Battlefield 1943 this is looking at you) because you can die within seconds of spawning. But thankfully, this is countered by the near enough non-existant timer between dying and respawning, yes, you can watch the kill-cam, basicaly your killer's view as they dispose of you, but you can respawn near enough instantly. Match types are nice and varied, and things are generally balanced, though in favour of the more experienced players in terms of equipment, although this again is counters with the Copycat Perk, allowing you to have the same equipment set up as the last person to kill you. Overall, the Multiplayer is by far the best I've seen, the levelling system is very addictive, the fights are fast paced and very deadly.

    Sound - 9/10
    Again, very few faults, the weapons sound perfect, and the ambient sounds of war are brilliant. The voice acting is very well done, although during the campaign's cutscene/loading screens, it can be difficult to understand without subtitles. Every faction will yell and scream in their own language, which is nice, some games just have them in english with bad accents. Not a perfect score because the music isn't memorable, its good, just not something that sticks with you.

    Longevity - 10/10
    If the fantasticly addictive and in depth levelling of the multiplayer doesn't keep you hooked, the sheer enjoyment of it will. If the campaign doesn't keep you interested after nabbing the achivements, you have a lot of Spec Ops missions to busy yourself with. I have a strong feeling I'll be seeing this game appearing on my friends list for a long while to come.

    Overall - 9/10
    There are a few niggling issues with this game, its not perfect, but certinaly one of the best FPS games released so far. The campaign would probably appeal more to those who enjoyed the first, otherwise, I would say do it for the achivements, get into the multiplayer, get into the Spec Ops, you will not be disappointed!
  • porschephiliacporschephiliac319,391
    02 Jan 2010
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the highly anticipated sequel to 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and the continuation of the Call of Duty franchise, arrives with an entire new set of thought-provoking scenarios to fully consider.

    CoD4 left us 'shocked and awed' when we pushed through the nefarious campaign, and at times we could sense the hopelessness that our main characters were faced against; The original Modern Warfare campaign, leaving the overused WWII cliches for a new urban and more violent feel, was a satisfying blast. So many moments in CoD4 dropped our jaws and exercised our fingers and thumbs to exponential limits. So how does a company proceed after a performance like that? Enter Modern Warfare 2.

    This holiday release, highly anticipated after the mostly-mediocre Call of Duty: World at War from last year, was slated to be bigger and better, and most important, bolder then it's story's predecessor. With so many tactfully planned scenes and idiosyncrasies from the first explored, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what would happen next. And once I spun the disc in my drive, I found myself extremely satisfied.

    The campaign picks up 5 years after the events of the first Modern Warfare, and it doesn't seem to have changed all that much. We have a new international story to uncover, complete with espionage, undercover ops, and massive military mayhem. One of the key points I discovered is a more in depth character development. Listening to the casual conversations and drama allows a deeper insight to those whom you control. I for one starting to become involved and in tune with the plot more than the first. I was sucked into it as if it were a spectacular movie. In fact, that's exactly what this game is: A spectacular interactive movie. From a controversial shoot-em-up scene to an astronauts view of a nuclear explosion and even a battle-worn White House to a surprise visit from an old friend, this episode in what will obviously be a continuing effort is mind-blowing.

    My greatest flaw, in my own opinion, is the simple change made in numbered enemies vs. constant respawning. The game was too easy, even on Veteran difficulty - the general standard for measuring a game's difficulty is usually stacked against Call of Duty's legendary Vetreran difficulty. I know I am sounding kind of stupid here, but that infinite respawn of enemies made the game that much more of a hardcore challenge, and a real uplifting feeling once that nasty part is passed. MW2 failed to deliver in my opinion, however a glutton for videogame difficulty punishment I am.

    I have intentionally been generic on plot details because it is best interpreted through your own personal experience. The single-player campaign is one of the most rewarding experiences on consoles to date, similar to pounding epics like Bioshock and the like. You will remember this campaign. You will be affected somehow by it. I guarantee it.

    Now lets look at the other features of this title. We have a much improved yet comfortable online experience, complete with the now standard perks and unlocks, however it has gained a more RPG feel to it. In the first Modern Warfare and in World at War, I found myself bored with online multiplayer relatively quickly. I find myself more immersed in MW2 because of the more leniency in choices for my profile. I will be the first to admit that I am fairly midline and mediocre in the competitive arena, which generally makes me shy away from too much interaction, but I just can't get enough. It's the same, but it's not. It's very hard to explain.

    Add to this the brand new play feature aptly titled 'Spec Ops', a near viscous addition to the game, satisfying my eagerness for punishment. There are 23 various events that will test your skill, patience, co-operative teamwork ability, aim, and most important, patience and skill. A new enemy addition of the Juggernaut is the first semi-official 'boss' that the series has sort of evaded from. Some of these missions feature multiples of these mega-armored bastards and are damn near impossible to finish. As of this writing, I am still working on completing this portion of the game. Scenes and scenarios from both Modern Warfare titles are included in this section of the game, as well as new and exciting challenges to overcome. This part of the game alone feels good enough to almost be it's own title, and hopefully we will see more of it in the future.

    All in all, Modern Warfare 2 will remain in our minds as one of the richest single player campaigns, competitive multiplayer activities, and now a new mode freshly introduced to us as Spec Ops. We will be playing this one for years.
  • Virtual James 7Virtual James 7458,569
    30 Jan 2010
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    I felt like I needed a rest after I finished the single-player campaign in Modern Warfare 2. Such was the onslaught of in-your-face gameplay, explosive set-pieces and "OMG" plot twists that I was mentally exhausted. It was hard to process what I'd just played through. The campaign more or less follows the formula set out by Infinity Ward in its previous two games (CoD2 and CoD4), but it's one hell of a ride. Hopefully I'll recover soon, as I've got months of multiplayer and Spec Ops to play.
    Modern Warfare 2 will receive criticism for all of the things I said above. At times the campaign is so intense, so intent on throwing things at you, that it's hard to take it all in. The plot will leave some wondering what's going on as it switches from soldier to soldier, moving all over the world and beyond through the course of a six-hour experience. Some of the story will have players wondering if certain scenes were necessary and if certain moments really make sense in the grand scheme of the story that spans CoD4 and Modern Warfare 2. You'll also still find yourself battling against wave after wave of enemies, and some gamers will no doubt feel that this scripted gameplay is a bit old-fashioned now.
    These things aren't going to convince CoD haters that this is the kind of game they want to be playing, but if you've been taken in by this formula in the past, Modern Warfare 2's campaign delivers the goods and then some. Even talking about one brilliant moment will potentially spoil one of the best parts of the experience, so let's just say that you should expect plenty of variety in gameplay, mission types and environments. There's absolutely a feeling that this is a direct follow-on from CoD4, but that's no bad thing when that is quite rightly regarded by many as one of the best shooters of all time.
    Six hours (add a few more if you play on one of the harder difficulty settings) might not sound like long enough for the campaign in the biggest game of the year, but it's unlikely you'll feel short changed. There's really very little in the way of filler, with Infinity Ward putting together a superbly paced experience that stumbles so irregularly that the one sticky point I encountered, towards the end of the game, came rather out of the blue. A siege on a large house sees you pinned down as you fend off what seems like hundreds of enemy soldiers, and this is the only point in the entire game that I felt things weren't bang on in terms of difficulty.
    Anyone who's played a CoD will be familiar with the basic controls. On consoles the left trigger will aim down your gun's sight, snapping your aim to the closest enemy - something PC gamers with their mice needn't worry about. The shoulder buttons throw out grenades, eliminating the need to manually switch to them from an inventory, while the d-pad activates special weapons or night vision goggles (when available). Thrown grenades show up on the screen as easy-to-identify icons, and you can chuck them back if you're quick enough. Finally your knife or other melee weapon can be instantly used at the click of the right stick.
    Infinity Ward has introduced a few fresh ideas, including a handful of great new weapons and pick-ups (the riot shield comes in very handy at times), but it hasn't fiddled too much with what works. The biggest new addition to the game isn't actually in the campaign at all: Spec Ops is a brand new single-player or two-player cooperative mode that presents you with more than 20 short missions, each with set objectives that need to be accomplished as fast as possible. Many of these take place in environments lifted from the campaign, but when played with the right person (and thankfully there's two-player split-screen in the console games as well as online), these can be even more fun.
    Cooperative play was previously absent from the Modern Warfare experience, quite notably so since other genre heavyweights have implemented it so well, but Spec Ops should satisfy your co-op hunger. The missions on offer have been designed expertly with co-op in mind throughout, making them far more enjoyable than a bolted-on campaign mode would have been. You really need to work with your partner to achieve success, and when you do the sense of achievement is incredible. It's probably easiest to describe these levels as more elaborate scenarios that follow the same instant action formula as the bonus plane mission unlocked at the end of CoD4, although many of those included here last upwards of 20 minutes. Even if you only get six hours from the main campaign, you'll get that and more from Spec Ops.
    So, that's a rip-roaring, no-holds-barred, action-packed single-player campaign and a staggeringly good co-op mode, and I've yet to mention the competitive multiplayer. It's this that is likely to be played for months and months, keeping Modern Warfare 2 in your disc drive well into 2010. Up to 18 players can take part in numerous solo and team matches set across 16 brand new maps. You also get the same levelling up and perks system as seen in CoD4 and Cod: WaW, meaning that the more time you pump into it the greater your selection of perks will be.
    Perks are nothing new these days, but they're still a great inclusion and let you customise your style of play to a greater degree than what your weapon load-out alone would allow. You have three perk slots to fill, each offering you a choice of unlocked abilities or bonuses. As well as plenty of the perks seen in CoD4 (Slight of Hand, Stopping Power, Steady Aim), there are new choices such as Ninja (invisible to heartbeat sensor) and Hardline (killstreaks require one less kill). These can be improved by the new Pro perks, unlocked by completing time-intensive objectives during play, giving you enhanced abilities.
    Kill Streaks - the system that rewards you with mid-match bonuses for racking up a certain number of kills in a row - are present and correct, and there are a handful of new rewards on offer if you're good enough (access to the Predator missile system and an air-dropped care package, being two of them). Terrible gamers needn't get too despondent, as Infinity Ward has added a new Deathstreak mechanic that assists players who die frequently. Martyrdom, the infamous perk that saw your character releasing a grenade upon death, is now one of these, as is Copycat, which gives you the kit of the guy who killed you - great if you're still wandering around as a noob with the starter load-out.
    Modern Warfare 2 also features unlockable attachments, such as laser sights for your weapons, and lots of new firearms to get your hands on; this is just as well, as the starting kit isn't anything to write home about. Also back are multiplayer challenges: weapon-specific goals that award more XP to go towards your overall rank. These range from the relatively simple (10 headshots) to the downright tricky (40 bullet penetration kills - achieved by firing through walls). All of this stuff sets Modern Warfare 2 apart from its competitors, making for one hell of an addictive multiplayer experience.
    In truth, CoD4's multiplayer mode didn't quite get the credit it deserved back in 2007, with no-one really knowing how well it would be taken up by the millions of people who bought it. Today it's obvious that gamers will be playing Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer for a very long time. In fact, it's hard to see the majority of people wanting to play any other multiplayer shooter until the next CoD is released, such is the quality of what's on offer here. That seems like as good a place as any to end this review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 takes everything that was great about CoD4 and ramps it up to the next level. With the best multiplayer shooting that money can buy, an incredibly action-packed campaign and plenty of superb two-player co-op levels, this is without a doubt a real contender for game of the year.

    Gameplay = 10
    Graphics = 9
    Replayablility = 9
    Multiplayer = 8
    Achievement Difficulty = 7
  • xxW0LFxx TFDxxW0LFxx TFD210,944
    20 Dec 2009
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    When Infinity Ward released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare even they could not of expected the mass success of the game,it quickly climbed the most played lists and has since remained there,until now.

    With the release of Modern Warfare 2 the hype was unbearable and Infinty Ward has alot to live up to with gamers everywhere expecting something approaching demi-god status.

    I cant help but feel that the game was to hyped up,making it almost impossible to live up to the image of the game everyone had in thre heads,but if you ignore the hype and just play the game you quickly realise that Infinty Ward has done something amazing again.

    While there’s no major change in the formula,run,gun and shoot they have polished it until it gleams.
    Once again Infinity Ward have proved themselves the master of set piece’s with some stunning locations,settings and set pieces that will stick in your mind for a long time to come.
    Storming the Gulag,fighting outside of the white house and sneaking through snow storms are just some of the things the player will experiance throughout the rather dissapointingly short campaign mode.

    All of these amazing battles show of the game’s graphics which are frankly amazing with some brutal animations and mixed with the first person view you get dragged into the game easily,providing you with an intense experiance.

    This intensity is constant throughout the game,it never lets up and has a level of intensity that very few other games can even come close to matching,though sometimes it just feels to much and you find yourself wishing for just a second or 2 of breathing space that never comes.

    Thankfully the pacing is good,one minute your storming a prison and the next your sneaking through a snow storm using a heartbeat sensor to elude enemy patrols,it keeps you on your toes and you never have time to get bored thanks to the short missions,each one never lasts to long so it keeps your attention and you never get bored of one level.

    However this translates into an extremely short campaign mode,lasting around 6 hours even on Veteran mode.
    it’s over far to quickly,though due to the games intensity it’s understandable as I doubt Infinity Ward could of kept the games flatout pace for a 10 hour campaign.

    Thankfully Spec-op’s mode gives the game some extra lifespan,there a series of 23 short missions that can be played in 2 player co-op mode,giving it extra appeal.
    there’s a good range of missions from race’s,defending a place or assaulting estate house’s and sneaking through enemy patrols.
    there all levels from the singleplayer,just with there objective’s changed and there only a few minutes long but it does add some welcome lifespan to a short singleplayer mode.

    The story could of been very good in this game,however most people are going to find it hard to follow simply due to it being very disjointed as you constantly jump from character to character.
    it’s incredibly hard to follow whats going on and why it’s happening as your dragged from country to country and never getting a chance to get any feeling what so ever towards the game characters.
    I simply didnt care about the characters around me and the person as i was playing as,there effectively blank slates.

    Of course I cant review a Call of Duty game without talking about the multiplayer which made the original Modern Warfare so popular.
    keeping the original formula,Infinity Ward chose to give us more customisation and choice’s,creating a diverse system.
    You now have access to a vast range of attachments for your guns,ranging from thermal sights to shotgun’s that attach to your assault rifle,along with a perk that now allows you to add 2 attachements to an weapon.

    Killstreaks have now become customisable and have a large range to choose from,such as sentry guns and harrier airstrikes.
    It’s more over the top and unrealistic than the original and you can certainly argue it’s even more unbalanced.
    The ability to gain a tactical nuke if you get a 25 killstreak was not a good choice as it now encourages kill boosting so they can gain that instant win.

    is it original? no. does it change much from Modern Warfare? no.

    Is it the most intense action shooter of the year? yes.

    Whilst it does not change anything in the shooter genre or add any original idea’s of it’s own it still provides a thrilling,if short,campaign and one of the finest multiplayers out there.

    It’s not the perfect game that everyone was so hyped about,but it’s still a dam good game.


    Graphics: 92%
    Highly detailed graphics and amazing scenes eqaul a graphically impressive game

    Gameplay: 94%
    still the smoothest and most polished shooter out there

    Lifespan: 88%
    this can vary,the singleplayer is very short but the muliplayer could keep you hooked for a long time.

    Overall: 93%
    A visually stunning shooter with a fine multiplayer but lacks anything original or any real changes from Modern Warfare 1 and an exceptionally short campaign.

    If you enjoyed my review then please check out my blog at:
    For more reviews and gaming news,updated daily.
  • RitzOmegaRitzOmega736,128
    25 Dec 2009
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    Modern Warfare 2 Review

    How does Infinity Ward top what was one of the biggest games of the year? By making a sequel, of course. With Modern Warfare 2, the team took what they knew from their previous classic, and simply added to it. Modern Warfare 2 is a masterpiece in the world of first person shooters, and will more than likely to serve as the new benchmark for military games.

    There are three gameplay types to Modern Warfare 2: Single Player, Spec-Ops, and Multiplayer. Each of these are wholly different games, with enough to differentiate each, that if the player loses interest in one mode, the other two are right there to keep the player engrossed, and entertained.

    At its most basic, Modern Warfare 2 is a standard first person shooter, who give you certain tasks to accomplish in each level, with the ability to change out weapons during the game, throw grenades, and use a variety of tools. Yet, it is in this simplistic gameplay, that Infinity Ward manages to do everything correctly. Guns fire as they should, with proper recoil affecting aiming, and cover being essential to not being shot up considerably during each mission. Health is simplistic: if you are shot, the screen will slowly color to red, and will regenerate provided the player takes adequate cover or eliminates the threat. The enemies will not hesitate to throw grenades, and the A.I. is smart enough to utilize bouncing the explosive off of walls and doors to either kill you, or flush you out. There are varying levels of difficulty, with ‘Recruit’ being the easiest, recommended for newer players, with ‘Regular’, ‘Hardened’, and ‘Veteran’. ‘Hardened’ is for players who want a challenge; ‘Veteran’ is for the masochistic who want to be engrossed in combat where a few good rounds will quickly make you restart from the last checkpoint. The difference is something tangible; an enemy with the narrowest of room will tag you with every round fired from a fully-automatic rifle on ‘Veteran’ difficulty, while on ‘Regular’ it will be lucky to connect twice.

    The graphics are astonishing, with such attention paid to little details that make each screen nearly lifelike. Explosions look as they should, fire actually looks the part, and environments make the player go diving for cover in locations such as Rio de Janeiro , Russia, and even Washington D.C. There are all sorts of character models, that few look the same, no matter the game type played. The guns are highly detailed, which each gun representing its real-life counterpart exactly. In addition to great graphics, the sounds that come from the game are top-notch. Each gun has a different sound, enemies will communicate to each other (in several languages, based upon the level), and nearly all of the voice acting is well-worked, and sounds genuine. With the exception of Kevin David, who talks way too fast to sound like a Marine, and only serves to bark out orders and grind against the player’s sanity. Rap star 50 Cent has a role in the voicing, serving as the commentator for the U.S. Rangers in multiplayer battles.

    What has changed from the previous version of Modern Warfare, or even the Call of Duty series in particular? For starters, the A.I. no longer has infinitely spawning opponents, making story progression much simpler, and will not keep a player stuck in one section of the game for too long. In addition to this, should the player find a decent hiding spot, the computer does not answer this logic with ‘throw as many grenades as it can’. Perhaps one of the biggest frustrations from the prior games has vanished, grenade spamming seemingly removed so that the game can focus more on the action, instead of a slow crawl from checkpoint to checkpoint. Also, the inclusion of a new concept called ‘Slow-mo Breach’ has been added, which does exactly as it sounds. The door or wall a charge is placed on explodes, and the first few seconds afterward are slowed to for more precise shooting, hitting as many targets as it can while time runs at a delayed pace. This new mode is fun, and only within a few missions, which is just right throughout the course of the game.

    The first of the three modes is Single Player, which continues the story of what transpired in the first Modern Warfare. As you progress through the games missions, you’ll play the role of four different characters, which directly influence the story. Without giving away any spoilers, two of these men are United States Marines, while the other duo are British SAS members, reassigned to Task Force 141, a group comprised of various soldiers of different nationalities, with the goal of combating global terrorism. As the story progresses, you’ll go from a combat-heavy zone in Afghanistan, to infiltrating Russian missile compounds, to warring directly across the White House lawn. Nearly all of these sequences are of the run and gun variety; with little deviation from the formula. There are a few vehicle sequences, that are separated by the campaign’s length so that the focus is primarily on the ‘shooting’ aspect. Unfortunately, the campaign itself is short, and while the ending finishes up with a climatic battle, the player is ultimately wanting more from it.

    The second mode is the Special-Ops campaign, which entails 23 missions of varying objectives, and are wholly separate from the single player campaign. A few of these missions use the same areas that the single player campaign use, though the objectives are wholly different. The Spec-Op mission “Breach & Clear” and the single player level “The Gulag” only related in area used. With the Spec-Op mission, the objective is to get to the other side of a small area within the time limit, alone and armed with the bare minimum needed to survive. During the single player campaign, not only are there NPC allies, but there is no strain to make it to the objective. While a deal of these objectives are simple in concept, they are still extremely difficult to execute successfully. Spec-Ops is preferably best with another player, whether on split-screen play, or online. There are a few nagging quirks with both: the horizontal split screen play reduces the view by effectively cutting off a side of the screen, and only using a fraction of that for an individual map. The online play is mostly stable, but there will be times where serious and dire spikes of lag will reduce the frame-rate of the game, and more often than not get you killed in heavy battles. The Spec-Ops aspect is enjoyable, and most players will probably spend more time playing Spec-Ops than the actual campaign.

    Yet, neither of these modes can hold a candle to the game’s true highlight, which is the Multiplayer mode. In this mode, there are a variety of game types, each of which are unlockable, and allow for games between 6-18 players. This follows the same multiplayer ranking system as the previous Call of Duty games, with ranks, perks, kill streaks, weapons, and weapon attachment unlocks. Ranks serve as an experience system of sorts, while perks are essentially special abilities that can be fitted to each class. They vary in ability, though none are flawed enough to not use. The Commando perk increases the distance of your melee attack for example, while the Sit-Rep allows a player to see where individual claymores and tactical insertions are placed, allowing you to destroy them easily. Each perk is appealing in its own right, but add a qualifier that allows for that perk to ‘go pro’, and give a second ability, gives the perks their own depth. A new type of perk was added, called ‘death streaks’, which activate if you happen to be killed in combat multiple times in a row, without scoring a kill of your own. The first of which is ‘Painkiller’, which amounts to added health for a short duration after respawning. Another is martyrdom, which makes a live grenade drop from your body when you die, potentially killing off an opponent who happens to be too close by. Kill streaks are rewards given out to players who get a certain number of kills in a row, which are activated easily. The simplest one is a UAV, that spots out the locations of enemies on the map. Other kill streaks include airdrops of ammunition, air strikes, harrier jets, stealth bombers, being a gunner in an AC-130 gunship, and even a tactical nuke that ends the game. In the end, the multiplayer is the most addictive part of the game, and will always have you coming back for more.

    Modern Warfare 2 is one of the best, if not the best game of 2009. Any gamer who enjoys action, teamwork, or military drama would only be doing themselves a disservice by not picking up this game.
  • Removed Gamer
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    Alrighty, so personally, I liked both Call of Duty 3 and Call of Duty: World At War, I did not like Call of Duty 4, but maybe, i'd still give this game a try, so I did. And it was fun fun fun! Much better than Call of Duty 4, so here is my review!

    Gameplay(Campaign and Spec Ops): *****
    So, this edition of Call of Duty has a much better campaign then the rest of the CoDs... Sorry guys, but all the other CoD campaigns were really bad in every aspect... but not this one, this campaign was great, missions were not all the same as each other, actually had a decent story and the A.I. wasn't awful has I might have suspected it might have been. The story of the campaign was un-predictable, it has twist and turns where I had not though they would have been, not going to point them out, just in case some of you reading this have not yet finished this mode, and it had a cliff hanger ending which I liked. The campaigns missions were original, unlike other CoD games where there were no variety in missions.
    Another mode I love to play is Special Ops, for me, I love challenges, so I only go for mission wins on Veteran, I have cleared 10 Ops so far, so I have 30 stars, looking to get all 69 soon... But these Ops aren't easy to beat(some are haha )and like campaign, they aren't at all the same, which is what kept me playing this game.

    The online gameplay of this game isn't amazing, but it is still fun and good. The multiplayer in this game can get a little boring to people like me, however, I do like the emblems and titles. Another thing I don't like too much about this multiplayer is that their are so few modes where you can be in parties, but of course, if your playing with 1 friend you can join a private chat! The new kill streaks are fun and something new, you don't just see the same thing once you or someone else gets a streak, it's a great addition to the game. The 3rd person mode is also fun and really easy for me so I do tend to player that mode a bit.

    Graphics and Sound: *****
    The graphics in this game are obviously great, as it was expected. Not any glitchy movements so far that I have noticed. The maps are great in this game, realistic, and variety of big and small maps.(More small maps though) The sounds in this game are again, good, the gun sound effects sound realistic and the voice acting ain't too bad to campaign!

    Achievements: ****
    Not my biggest topic of the review, but, the achievements aren't super bad, in fact, I like them. Well, that is except for the veteran achievements, I mean, I highly understand why they have them, but I am just pointing out I hate them, that is why they are getting 4 stars. Also, I do like the Special Ops achievements, their needed to be some, once I saw the mode, I had a feeling their would be none, but then I got one while playing so I was happy, but don't think it is just the veteran achievements making it 4 stars, it is also the fact their are no multiplayer achievements, but eh, what yeah going to do about that...?

    Verdict: *****
    All in all, this game is great, squeezing past 4 stars to get that 5th star. But Call of Duty fans, you should be happy, because if I was to rate Call of Duty 4, it was easily get 2 stars, big improvement from the games! laugh
  • Harrison101Harrison101158,425
    14 Feb 2010
    19 2 0
    Ever since it's announcement was made last year, the hype surronding this game has been unreal. It's the most preordered game of all time. On it's opening day, it sold more than the final Harry Potter Book, more than The Dark Knight and ladies eye candy Twilight New Moon. It's already sold more than World at War. It's the first game to ever have an actual red carpet launch in Leicester Square. It already has had over 400,000 people play it in less than 4 weeks since it's release. Without any doubt, it is the most hyped about game this generation, certainly in my lifetime at least...But just how good is it? Did it live it up to the hype?

    Well, the story is set 5 Years after the first Modern Warfare, with the death of Imram Zhakhev from the last game pronoucned as a hero and martyr, with Russia now being taken over by ultranationalists, now planning a takeover of Russia via Nuclear Warfare. Wonderful eh? Now, they must trace down a former officer of Zhakhev, to stop nuclear war and all that shiboodle.

    No doubt, the presentation is still there from previous games, and the voice acting is done well, but the fact you end up playing as 5 seperate characters split all over the place can dilute the story and make it difficult to understand. Also included is the rather contraversional 'No Russian' level where you as disguised as a terriost kill hundreds of innocent civilians at an airport. Now, I don't see what Infinity Ward were hoping to accomplish by putting that level in there, for shock value or whatever, but I do give them credit for having the balls to stick that in there.

    Graphically, this game is great, some of the backdrops are great, despite the occasional out of place looking texture flaws and such. And a game with decent lip-syncing, finally. Take THAT Arkham Asylum. The soundtrack is also rather good, but I still feel as if Halo 3's more epic soundtrack from 2 Years ago is still one of the best ever in a video game.

    Another small shame is that Modern Warfare 2 appears to have a rather short campaign. Gone are the days of lengthy playthroughs of games, because this Campaign is only around 5 Hours long, 6 if you're playing on Veteran difficulty. Shame, because I've always said that Call of Duty 4's campaign is the best I've ever seen in a First Person Shooter. And also, very difficult. Good luck if you want to complete Cod4's Campaign in less than 12 Hours on Veteran. It's still good MW2's Campaign, but I feel as if it was still a step backwards from Cod4's genuinely thrilling Campaign.

    A new addition is MW2's Special Ops mode. In this, you face a number of different altered missions from Campaign, that you can play either alone, or with a friend, on any difficulty. Nice addition this, some of these are very fun, others are a little 'meh', overall, it's a little hit and miss, but definately good overall, a worthwhile addition.

    And now, on to the real reason you're going to be playing this game, online multiplayer. This is definitely the jewel in this game's crown. No other word for it, it's sublime. The newer weapons work very well, there are more perks and challenges to keep you playing, more levels and maps (With more coming in 2010 via Downloadable Content), and it plays perfectly well, with little lag. Also a new better idea is the host migration scheme, where if a Host disconnects, the person with the best connection, is replaced and made the host. Good idea, much better than simply ending the game. Stops the sore losers and bad connections ruining it for everyone.

    Overall, what this game does it does well, but Campaign, the heart and blood of this game is a overall let down compared to it's predecessor. But it's still a fantastic game, and one certainly worth getting, you will burn many hours playing it, trust me. Definite GotY contender.

    Graphics: 85/100 - Great

    Overall, the Graphics aren't absoultely mindblowing, but they're certainly decent. Occasional Texture flaw now and again as well.

    Presentation: 95/100 - Incredible

    Still think CoD4's Campaign was amazing, but this game still is better presented and looked at than it's predecessor, so much kudos there.

    Gameplay: 100/100 - Perfection

    Some of the best fun I've had all year, it plays superbly well, with some very fun new weapons. And a Riot Shield. My life is now complete.

    Audio: 95/100 - Incredible

    Fantastic Voice Acting and some epic cutscenes makes this a campaign to remember. Great Soundtrack as well.

    Lasting Appeal: 100/100 - Perfection

    Special Ops and the easy achievements will keep some going for a while, but if you like the Mulitplayer, you'll be playing JUST this game far into the new year.

    Overall: 92/100 - Outstanding
  • BDSLiVeBDSLiVe48,987
    09 Dec 2010 09 Dec 2010
    21 5 2
    I was really excited for Modern Warfare 2. I played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in tournaments, and reached 8th prestige on my last account. I have beaten the single player on veteran, achieved the “Mile High Club”, and found all the intel items three times. I really enjoyed the story. It made a lot of sense and “wow” moments. During the “All Ghillied Up” mission, my sister was talking while I was crawling through the field. I whispered to her to be quiet when I realized that I was playing a game.

    Modern Warfare 2 didn’t feel the same way. The set-up was interesting because of the character switch, but it didn’t feel right. Not only did plot twists happen randomly with no build up, but afterwards it felt like a waste of time. It feels like the developers were trying to just change the gameplay around from being us versus them to me versus everyone because they knew the same old thing would be boring after a lot of go there shoot that. It really hurt the story when they tried to make new experiences.
    The ending of Call of Duty 4 was extraordinary. You got the perfect chance while your friends and you were dying to take out the main of the hour after a huge finale car chase. Then you play the epilogue mission that will later stay in your mind forever; on the other hand, MW2 offers no such ending of fun compared to the fourth. It is a long, exaggerated scene that is more about how many punches someone can take than the revenge story hidden underneath. Although one should not care about the time it takes to complete, one does care that it took a short amount of time when the experience was bad.

    But who cares about singleplayer, multiplayer is what makes a call of duty game. The system in World at War and the first Modern Warfare was pretty basic and simple, but then they added an extra zero and a ton of new challenges for every kill. It is much too much to handle and it overwhelming. There are too much things that you feel like you have to do which distracts from the actual game. It is still great, but without the basic killstreaks and the feeling you’re going to stay alive for at least five seconds.

    This game would have been an eight if it wasn’t for the spec ops mode. This mode offers a fun alternative to things that were not offered in the actual single player. Also, you can do it with a buddy. Co-op mini missions? Count us in. They are really fun and range from defusing bombs in a time limit, racing ski sleds, and killing off waves of enemies.

  • Chicago AJChicago AJ541,715
    17 Mar 2010
    19 3 0
    For most of you out there this game is no mystery at all. With the first Modern Warfare game players everywhere were at the edge of their seats when Infinity Ward announced that they were planning on making a Modern Warfare 2. Although most of us have played this game a review is absolutely necessary for players who haven't or just to put the pros and cons (even though most of you will disagree with my cons completely) in perspective.

    Let me first begin with a few of the amazing details that Modern Warfare 2 has captured that most games would fail to even think about adding. The thermal scopes, one particular aspect of the game that I love, especially when playing the campaign. When the enemies would throw smoke and the only thing able to see them was the thermal scope, that was just unbelievable. Not to mention the incredible AI and how the bodies fall, they seem to mimic reality almost perfectly. The addition of the machine pistol is another bonus in my opinion when it comes to the online aspect of this game. With all the controversy over modded controllers people finally don't need to worry about a potential firefight being lost due to someone's more expensive controller (although I'm sure these controllers will still be used with some snipers and other single guns).

    The campaign was just as incredible as the first Modern Warfare and was just the right length for people to play a few times over and not get too bored with it. With the mixture of stealth and assault to the perfect blend. The addition of more vehicles and harder enemies (Juggernauts) Modern Warfare 2 has one of the best campaigns of all time (imo). With the addition of predator missiles and other computer controlled missiles Modern Warfare 2 hit its mark perfectly on capturing how actual modern warfare is being fought. Spec Ops is another great feature in and of itself with the only drawback being that only 2 players can partake on the challenges at hand.

    Now onto what I think actually makes the Modern Warfare 2 experience a little worse than its predecessor. Silenced sniper rifles are something that I wished was available for CoD4 and now that I actually have them, I don't care for them much. In a Team Death-Match type of setting, someone could essentially just sit in a corner with their radar jammer and only be visible on a predator missile view or from an AC130 gunship unless they're cloaked from those as well. All the new types of air support completely ruin the MP experience in my opinion because with the dreaded 25 kill streak nuke that completely shuts down the game and gives that team the win seems a little excessive to me. The other air support seem a little more user friendly than CoD4 with the addition of cams and user controller vehicles. With an air strike from CoD4 you could take out a few people with a UAV present, with a chopper, maybe 5-10. But in Modern Warfare 2 you can die 4-8 times alone just from an experienced player at the hands of an AC-130. Getting kills in MW2 is much easier if you sustain a big streak. Don't get me wrong I love getting my air support but with all the different types of air support I think that they went a little over the edge.

    Now onto what most of the people on this site will feel is the most important aspect of the game. Achievements. The achievements in MW2 seem MUCH simpler than its predecessor. The veteran achievements were a cakewalk compared to CoD4 especially with the enemies not respawning as they had in the previous CoD games. The Spec Ops achievements are the only thing that might be a problem to players who aren't familiar with the first person shooting or CoD games. All in all, 1000g is definitely much more attainable than that of CoD4.

    Replay value is very high due to the huge online community of dedicated gamers. The only problem with those people are the loud mouth, obnoxious, often swearing and using racial slurs: the dreaded 10-12 year old. The campaign can be played multiple times and will still not disappoint. Prestiging on the other hand might be a thing of the past, many gamers I have talked to see no point in prestiging another 10 times for absolutely nothing except the brag factor.

    All in all I give this game a 9 out of 10 for all the great features. I'd give it a 10 if it had the same type of leaderboards as W@W. As Jackson has already made an article about this I won't go into much detail, but lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope they make this available soon as well an online stat page. So everyone keep using that Bling that we've all been waiting for and keep that kill death ratio up. If I failed to mention any aspects of the game that you feel need recognition just start up a discussion; but keep it on topic please or STD or Mini will stab you (not deep at first, unless you don't listen to them). Hope you all enjoyed this review and I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.
  • SLY OO7SLY OO7163,650
    04 Apr 2011 04 Apr 2011
    20 5 10
    the sequel to one of the best shooter games of all time. In my opinion the campaign is excellent, spec ops blows zombies out of the water then however you come to the online play, doomed from day one with hackers an boosters gallor forcing many to resort back to waw or even 4 still i believe this game has changed things on an epic level this brought in the details of your own player card an gave all the weapon challenges meaning to those who strive for all unlocked an set the standard for many games to come so heres the breakdown
    difficulty: 5/10
    the game really isnt that hard especially when compared to other cods, i found this campaign very easy even on veteran however i could see someone who isnt shooter friendly having a hard time for the first level or two.
    campaign: 10/10
    there is alot of detail in this campaign an the storyline is perfect leaving the door to the next game in the series an it should be interesting to see what changes are made in terms of the main characters
    spec ops : 8/10
    this was a good edition to the series it integrated storyline missions into co op so the player could really test there skills in the game
    online before patches: 5/10
    it was terrible you couldnt get into a match without a 10th prestige on day one or the noob tube glitch "c'mon man"
    online after patches: 10/10
    the game was reborn i can deal with 10th hacks but get rid of the other garbage i understand its hard to keep the game clean but theyre doing a better job those who played from day one know what i mean
    audio/video : 10/10
    i dont think i need to explain
    online community: 5/10
    everyone is always trying to rob eachother of msp or sometype of payments
    dlc 4/10
    this is so low due to the fact if you own other cod games you bought the same product twice NO MORE OLD MAPS we want NEW MAPS in a NEW MAP PACK
    thanks for your time an consideration of reading my post this is my first review i hope i didnt screw up to bad haha thanks again
  • DoctorJMacdaddyDoctorJMacdaddy45,493
    23 Aug 2010 23 Aug 2010
    27 12 11
    Building up off of the success of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, developer Infinity Ward made one of the highest selling videogames of all time. One thing I'm going to touch upon, among other things, is that sales don't always mean the game is good. Maybe the game was presented to look like it was going to be fun, and then boom the dev's got your money and you're stuck with a game you absolutely hate.

    Let's break down the game and what it's got:
    Spec Ops


    The campaign is a single player linear driven game mode. Similar to Halo, only most of the time you're playing glorified cinematics. Call of Duty 4 had many references to war movies that have come out in the past decade, most notably Black Hawk Down. That is the case with Modern Warfare 2 as well, hell, for Modern Warfare 2 Infinity Ward got the composer of Black Hawk Down, Hans Zimmer, to practically duplicate the film's soundtrack for the game. Seriously. The soundtrack is one of the redeeming factors of Modern Warfare 2, even if most of it sounds like Black Hawk Down.

    So the single doesn't last very long. The story is kinda confusing, takes either a couple playthroughs or wikipedia reads to fully understand, and it's pretty decent.

    The campaign is very short lived. People complained about the length of Halo 3's campaign, holy smokes, Modern Warfare 2's campaign compared to Halo 3's in terms of length is like comparing Green Eggs and Ham to the Iliad. It took me 6 hours on normal difficulty to play through Modern Warfare 2. 6 hours to engage in glorified cinematics and use an aim assist that completely embarrasses the console fps. And that brings to mind the gameplay.


    The game gives you the same controls as all the other console versions of Call of Duty.

    LT-aim down the sights
    LB and RB-grenades
    Sticks-control movement and vision
    -click the right stick to use your knife(which the animation makes completely no sense)
    A-jump(useless) and climb
    B-crouch, lay down, pick up a weapon
    Y-switch your weapon

    The option to jump in what's presented as a realistic shooter is useless. In real life warfare you don't see marines jumping. You see them climbing. Over obstacles and dead bodies. So why is there an option to jump? The height you get when you jump is very little. It does nothing to enhance the gameplay; it's useless. About 90% of people that play Call of Duty use the A button to climb over obstacles. Not Mario jump.

    The knife animation makes no sense, but we will touch on that in graphics.

    The gameplay is simple and easy to learn. In campaign and spec ops, there is an aim assist which makes the game like 90x easier to play. All you got to do is press the hell out of LT to aim down your sites and RT and you'll be automatically locking onto the badguys and mowing them down like Clint Eastwood. It gives the game less of a challenge and doesn't improve any skill. Most buildings bullets can penetrate aka they go through the building. It makes cover useless at times, and yes you can have the aim assist aim at a wall and help you kill a badguy in cover.

    Spec Ops

    You and a friend can team up to go through missions recycled from Campaign and made specifically for spec ops. Basically what you and your friend will do is go through each mission on the hardest difficulty to get as many stars as you can get to get the spec ops achievements. Just kidding. You have no friends.
    But seriously, all I saw spec ops good for was emitting achievements that were either too easy or too difficult to obtain. After you finish all the spec ops missions and get all the achievements you really see no need to return to spec ops. It's like the game mode just gets grinded out. It's said by Infinity Ward to be like a replacement for a co-op campaign, but really it's not. It just makes you wish there was a co-op campaign.


    The single player campaign is too short to find anything to come back to. Maybe you'll find yourself returning to a certain mission you liked, but that isn't too common in the community this game was aimed at. The spec ops is only good for one play through. Maybe you'll try to beat single player on veteran(which is a massive overhaul as compared to Call of Duty 4's) for the achievements.Once you've bored yourself of those two game modes all you got left is the multiplayer. It's set up like an rpg, with weapons you can level up, level up your multiplayer character, set classes, get unlockables, and get advantages over certain opponents. In some terms, it's set up good. In many others, it is not and doesn't work either like it was intended to or just plain does not work.


    The most important part of Modern Warfare 2. The reason why over 2 million people bought this game when it came out. The only game mode that is not only praised the most, but has no achievements. Hell, there's not a single screenshot or tid bit of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer on the game box. What's up with that. The biggest game of 2009 just because of it's multiplayer, and it's not even seen on the friggin' cover? Not even in the instruction booklet.

    With sequels, you as a developer are set to improve upon what you just built. You make the game look like it's going to be better, and strive to make it actually play better. The multiplayer in Call of Duty 4 had many problems. Way too many to list. Shitty spawns, hackers getting away with modding, overpowered weapons, underpowered weapons, useless cover on maps, JUGGERNAUT, the whole multiplayer was by no means perfect. I have mixed feelings about Call of Duty 4's multiplayer. While I couldn't stand most of it, whenever I think of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer I look back at 4's and somehow feel like I miss it.

    Here's everything better about Call of Duty 4's multiplayer:
    -kill streaks
    -all of the other perks

    Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer gives you the following maps and more(if you pay $20):

    Sub Base

    All of the maps look pretty neat and cool. Estate tends to be my favorite looking map. But looks can indefinitely be deceiving. So let's list off the maps that I found to like the least/didn't like:


    So since you pay for a videogame that you want to like, I paid for(liked):

    Sub Base

    The three I listed above are by no means perfect. I've had bad games on those maps and they tend to be mostly hit or miss. Sub Base is the best map you will get in Modern Warfare 2. All of the other maps really aren't as fun to play on. By fun I mean fun for you and your opponents. Not just fun for you.

    The multiplayer for Modern Warfare 2 has many problems. From my guess, Infinity Ward took time away from the campaign to focus on the multiplayer, but I don't think they spent enough time building the multiplayer. First off, if you're going to have a multiplayer game what's the first few things to come to mind? Maps, players, beta. THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS. Modern Warfare 2 should have had a beta test to get a preview of how things were going to play out, to help make a fun to play multiplayer, and help players get the biggest bang for their buck. Since the game lacked a beta, the multiplayer wound up being a huge disappointment. Mind blowingly huge. It's like if you're told you're going to get all of these things that you really like and want for Christmas plus more, and find out that your family overnight converted to being Jewish, and since Hanukkah's over, you get nothing.

    The spawning system is garbage. Spawns will switch sides, so enemies could be spawning behind you. Hell, there's a perk to make your own spawn, and it just makes the process that much more of a mess.
    The weapons all have their own specific advantages, and rarely balance out proportionally. There's a large margin of players that play cheap, and not only use the most overpowered weapons, but the most annoying overpowered weapons. Such as the grenade launcher, or 'noob tube'.

    The game was presented to be a realistic military first person shooter, but in reality it's just a glorified arcade-styled shooter that isn't realistic by any means of gameplay. Most of the guns don't shoot like their real-life counterpart, but that was so the gameplay could make sense in terms of balance. I could analyze this game to death with what it does wrong, so I'll sum it up like this: if you want a fun to play, realistic military shooter multiplayer, don't get Modern Warfare 2. Simple as that.

    The unlockable system in the multiplayer is an alright idea, however there's elements I really don't think are best suited for a multiplayer game of this sort. The perks give too many advantages to too many people, and with that in mind it makes the game look like it strives too hard to make it impossible to go through the multiplayer without dying or without 100% accuracy.

    The killstreaks ruin the multiplayer. They feel rewarding to the player when they obtain and use them, but it's the ones affected that get it in the ass. You as the player feel like you're on top of the world, like you truly are owning when you set an airstrike at an enemy spawn, but in terms of gameplay it makes everything a mess. It throws the balance, fairness of competition, everything right out of the window.
    Infinity Ward specifically set up spawns so the game could work a certain way(that's what I hope to think), however with many kill streaks these spawns are just seen as tickets to giving the enemies points as you'll ready up and get insta-killed. You'll waste countless amounts of ammo on ridding killstreaks. With perks, the killstreaks can actually GET MORE POWERFUL. Take for instance using danger close with an AC130. The bombs you rain on your opponents will be like mini nukes. And this brings to mind the absolute worst killstreak in Modern Warfare 2, and the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a multiplayer game: THE NUKE.

    While it seems cool and hard to obtain, the nuclear bomb killstreak isn't too difficult and isn't that great. Get 25 kills in a row and you get to end the game. Cool right? The killstreaks are there to show what 'skills'(notice I use that term rarely while referring to this game) the players have, however if you get set in a special area to camp you can get every killstreak you could dream of and it'd be easy as pie. Camp the enemy spawn and boom, you'll end the game in no time. The nuke glorifies camping, spawn killing, the whole nine yards. It was definitely unintentional for it to be this way, but that's what happens when you reward players for stupid shit such as getting kills in a row to help them get more kills in a row. Call of Duty 4 had it set, and while it may not have been perfect, it worked like it should have stayed. Get 3 kills, get a UAV to see your enemies. Get 5 kills, get an airstrike. Get 8 kills(sorry if I'm wrong) and get a chopper.

    The multiplayer glorifies too many insignificant things. Run 5 miles and get some stupid ass reward that gives you some experience points! Yay! I don't know what the hell I just did, but I got experience! That's how it is for most of these challenges and what not. Stupid shit you don't care about that just gives you the points. Too much emphasis on you the player, rather than team, or the whole multiplayer playing field. Now I'm not saying you could fix this by glorifying everybody like it's the special olympics. I'm saying that there's either two ways to go with this formula: reward you or don't reward anybody. Too many points and too many challenges, rewards, unlockables make you play cheap and greedy for the points.


    They're pretty. Many animations don't make sense. Third person mode is a pain in the ass with the weird camera angles. The knifing animation makes no sense. I could care less about the graphics.

    Last bit
    If you're curious if this game is like what everybody says or if you want to see what your friends are talking about STAY AWAY. It's the worst $60 I paid plus tax. You'll feel ripped off, empty, pissed, and will wind up throwing your controller outside if you're not careful. No matter who tells you what, everybody gets pissed off at Modern Warfare 2 at one point or another.

    For the fun factor, Modern Warfare 2 gets 1 star out of 5.
  • Removed Gamer
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    You'd think that, given the amount of hype for the game, this review would write itself, right? Wrong. Quite simply, it is just not up to standard with all the hype, which is a crushing disappointment.

    Where to begin? I think we shall address the most prominent flaw first, which would appear to be the players themselves. Objective based game modes may as well not exist, as players rarely actually try and do what they are supposed to, preferring instead to rack up kills, usually by camping. Camping, it would seem, is unlikely to go out of fashion anytime soon. Matches are frequently dull or irritating, with people flat out refusing to budge from their respective corners. Granted, it doesn't happen with every match, but still far more than it should. The campers seem to be actively aided by the game, exploiting attachments such as the heartbeat sensor, which shows enemies in close range up as a red dot on the sensor, which is attached to your gun. It's is used by 90% of campers, and never ceases to infuriate, beyond the fact that it has no place in a game about 'modern' warfare.

    Attachments are poorly thought out and easy to exploit. The grenade launcher makes an unwelcome return, yet it no longer replaces perk 1. And furthermore, you can also have a grenade launcher with a two grenade capacity as your secondary weapon. They also decided to introduce a perk by the name of Scavenger, which restocks your ammunition as you run over corpses... Including your grenades. So, you can start with five grenades (including the traditional hand thrown frags), and then restock them when used. Or just use One Man Army, and switch to an identical class with a small delay, ready for use all over again? Something tells me this was not thought through.

    The thermal scope is (arguably) cheap and out of place, the multitude of optical sights are seemingly there for novelty purpose (In my play time, I have seen very few users of the Mars sight), and it is a similar story with the underslung shotgun, or Masterkey. This in itself is also poorly thought out, as the delay it takes to activate the gun by pressing a directional button severely hampers its usefulness, when a quick control modification (such as having it replace special grenades, and having the related button fire the shotgun) would have made them far more tactically applicable. The Akimbo attachment (allowing the use of two weapons at once) is interesting but once more, poorly implemented. Sure, it could be useful with sub machineguns, but dual wielding barely affects recoil, and the fact that you can dual wield certain shotguns (yet, inexplicably, not others) is beyond ridiculous. Especially when you consider that you can dual wield the shotgun known as the '1887', which is quite overpowered despite having apparently been nerfed. (It wasn't, not noticeably so.). Other weapons seem balanced in the damage they deal (only), but inconsistent. Bullet damage seems wildly inconsistent. Is it lag? Perhaps, but it only seems to happen in the Call of Duty series. For example, the FAL, by it’s base stat, is a two hit kill at close range, and three at long. This is held consistently in offline MP and I scarcely see otherwise. Yet, online, I can shoot someone four, five times with it at close range, and they will survive, turn around and kill me with but one shot to the shin. Why would an AR take four shots to kill offline, and a full clip online? Lag? Perhaps, but I still get a hit marker, and it's consistently variable despite me having a decent connection.

    The weapons themselves are frankly ridiculous, and are horribly balanced. For example, handguns have more recoil than some light machine guns when fitted with a grip, and the weapons never reflect their given statistics. 1887's can kill with one shot at long range (and be dual wielded) and yet other shotguns will take multiple shots and have practically no effective range. Some secondary weapons are essentially useless (The TMP, a machine pistol, requires roughly the entire clip for a kill). Nor are the representations of weapons anywhere approaching realistic, with you being able to unload the clip of an anti-material rifle in under a second while firing from the hip. The sniper rifles have been done very badly, generally being underpowered to an unnecessary degree.

    An odd, but noticeable thing that grates on my nerves is the sound effects of the weapons, which sound nothing like the weapons they represent, something that I simply cannot comprehend, and half the time it gives the impression that you're wielding toys. Compare this with the guns in say, Black (a 2006 release for the PS2), and it is simply not understandable. Other aspects of sound are quite impressive though, voice acting is of a good quality, and music is good, when it can be heard over the gunfire. But, it doesn't compare to the rousing orchestral of the single player mode.

    Kill streaks have received an interesting overhaul. Where you once had only UAV, Airstrike and Helicopter, you now have a large repertoire from which to choose. This in itself is a great addition, but it is still replete with flaws. For one, you can't customise your kill streak load out for individual classes; it must be a global choice which can be problematic on some maps. Chopper gunner is a good example, giving you the seat of a gunner in an attack helicopter. On open plan maps, just one of these can turn the tide of a match, but in dense urban maps they can be practically useless. Having a universal set limits your options somewhat.

    However, the most noticeable issue is that the streaks are once more incredibly variable in quality. I've seen a Harrier get four kills in three seconds, yet during an offline match, the target was stood out in the open and completely stationary and the Harrier couldn't even hit him, choosing instead to shoot around him. The fact that most kill streaks can be destroyed with ease also limits their usefulness, and to cap it off, if the entirety of the enemy team utilise one perk (Cold Blooded), any automated kill streaks are rendered completely useless. Not to mention the fact that some feel gimmicky and yet again badly thought out, such as the EMP, which disables all electronic equipment held by the enemy. Only it doesn't, the fact that everything comes back online quickly renders it a useless streak that isn't justified to require fifteen kills, with it’s only noticeable useful effect being destroying enemy streaks (In terms of realism, an EMP blast would destroy anything electrical in the vicinity, not just knock it out, and would do so regardless of allegiance).

    Another example of a stupid streak is the Tactical Nuke. It's sole purpose is to end the game with a victory for your team (which in itself is a ridiculous concept given that you die as well), and causes people to do nothing but camp or worse in attempt to get one, and at a 25 streak it is disproportionate to the kills required for other streaks, at ten higher than the last. I'm also sceptical that care packages (which drop one random kill streak, excluding Emergency Airdrop and Tactical Nuke) are completely random: I once got a grand total of eleven UAV's out of a care package in a row. I also called an Emergency Airdrop (which drops four instead of one) and got three UAV's, and Ammo. All I ever get is UAV, Counter UAV or ammo, and yet my friend seems to consistently get Pavelows, Harriers, even AC130's. I have never had an AC130 from a package. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but with the chance of getting a UAV approximately 14%, what are the chances of getting eleven in a row?

    Matchmaking is still an issue, despite having apparently been 'fixed', according to Infinity Ward. More often than not, I'm booted mid-match as my party continue to play, assuming of course that it lets me join the same match in the first place. Connection issues are apparently rife, with severe lag noticeable despite me having a three bar connection. If it stands at below that, my player may as well be running in treacle as I even have trouble with the simple act of moving forward. The introduction of Host Migration is to be applauded, but again it fails more often than it succeeds. One issue that really stands out is the 'Point of View' glitch, where you might only be able to see the tip of the opponent's head, yet they can both see and aim at you. This has been unaddressed since Modern Warfare, and is very annoying, making it even easier for campers. It really has to be fixed instead of being ignored like it has been, and that is unlikely to happen.

    Another commendable edition is the addition of personalised Callsigns, allowing you to select your own title and emblem. It adds a nice level of customisation (which it needs, given that you can customise your character in most shooters these days) and there are plenty of possible combinations to be used. If you want to unlock all of them, be prepared for some hard work. Many of them can only be unlocked via 'Prestiging', the act of revoking all weapons and challenges etc once you get to the maximum level, and to get them all you must reach tenth prestige, and not by glitching, as many people have. However, reaching each prestige takes unnecessarily long, and there is little incentive to do so beyond getting extra slots for custom classes. It would be a better idea to allow you to retain your weapon challenge status; so that all the hard work you put in for a particular weapon camouflage or attachment hasn't been completely wasted.

    The most noticeable thing about this game is the graphics. Frame-rate is hard to evaluate as lag frequently causes choppiness, but the graphics are of a very high quality. A lot of movement in the background has been added, from floating leaves to caged chickens in order to disorient you, and it's a good effect. There is an impressive amount of detail within the levels, and it's one of the strongest points of the multiplayer. Finally, there are the maps themselves. These can only be evaluated in a matter of personal taste, but most of the maps in MW2 seem to have been designed to favour campers. There are no maps that are ideal for sniping, in my opinion, though it could be argued that somewhere such as Derail fits the bill. Wasteland comes closest, but everybody camps in the one place that isn't out in the open. No one map stands out as being 'good', whereas in MW I had strong favourites, such as Overgrown, that I would love to see return. Re-releasing old maps seems like a no-brainer, let us hope it happens.

    Now not just that but the amount of plot holes in the single player is abysmal. It sometimes feels like a 12 year old wrote the story. A nice obvious problem with the campaign has to be the Americans seem to be able to look at a single bullet casing; whilst the Russians cannot even identify Makarov. Does something seem amiss here? Another one concerns the Nuclear weapon being fired from the Russian Submarine, Price seems to be able to understand how to read fluent Russian and also have the ability to turn 3 keys at once. Now the only reasonable way this could be happening is if whilst in Pripyat he was affected by the radiation and has now grown a third arm. The Nuclear weapon part of the campaign is also not too great for me; come on you did that in Modern Warfare 1. Surely you could have come up with something new; it just doesn’t have the same effect as CoD4.
    The graphics are amazing on the campaign, the textures are pretty good but the character models leave something to be desired. Ok the environments are stunning, they are beautiful. Places like the Favelas feel alive before you run in guns blazing, then it just feels ok it loses its charm when everything is shot up. I love the fact that you can see silhouettes running in the distance and the windows opening to reveal militia. And in contrast you have the missions in Siberia which the landscape feels almost deathly and lifeless. Then suddenly bursts into life when you are spotted by the Russian Tank. You then are running for dear life, this is visually great as you see the snow falling from trees as they get shot down, splinters flying, and then haphazardly sliding down a slope for your escape this all looks beautiful. But what I have learnt from years of gaming is that graphics do not make a game.

    Sound, the background sounds are great, the voices have emotion in them, and the music is breathtaking (but not as good as Ace Combat 6 which will forever be the best in-game soundtrack for me) The biggest problem with the soundtrack has to be the sound of gunfire covers it up too much. So you don’t hear some of it. A big issue with the sound on MW2 is the fact that some of the guns do not sound right, some sound far too weak and some just sound nothing like their real life counterparts. The “shell shock” which happens when an explosion happens near you pleases my ears because it is like it would be in real life except it is bearable.
    Overall the Campaign is much better than the multi-player aspect of the game but is still hugely flawed. I have seen better and have seen worse, but when you have things which have still not been fixed since MW1 and some which not only that but have been amplified by new additions like the One Man Army and Scavenger now allow for unlimited “noob tubes” I will probably continue to play this game due to the vast number of my friends who still do, but I am not really that impressed with it, and would much rather play Borderlands or a nice bit of MW1. Ultimately, this has been a very disappointing effort. Infinity Ward have chosen to simply add as much as they can instead of actually fixing what was wrong with the original Modern Warfare, and this cannot be justified. The result is a consistently problematic experience that pales significantly in comparison to the superior single player mode (which I think is still just average at best) and does not deserve the massive amount of hype it has received. In no way does this game subsequently justify the fact that it had an overpriced recommended retail price. Any structure built upon crumbling foundations will collapse... Let us see what happens with this.
    My verdict: 2/5
    Thank you for reading and feel free to comment.
  • SuperRichie03SuperRichie0316,498
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    Ohhh snap I'm about to finally beat this mission!!...*gets killed by grenade*...f**k!!!!!

    That's exactly how I felt every time I played Call of Duty: World at War. But what can I say, Modern Warfare 2 was a different story. The campaign was way smoother than recent games and it wasn't as difficult as previous games. I finished all the missions on veteran in 2-3 days, only playing a few hours a day. They only complaint I have about this is that the campaign was way too short. The graphics are top notch, as expected.

    It took me a few days to finish all 50 achievements due to the really frustrating Special Ops achievements. The hardest achievement is the Star 69 achievement. For this achievement you have to earn all 69 stars. You have to complete all 23 special ops missions on veteran difficulty. This was rather difficult for me because I did most of them myself. But if you have another person to do them with you, they shouldn't take long. All of the other achievements you can get in the campaign. For most of them you have to beat the missions on veteran difficulty, which is rather easy compared to previous titles.

    I haven't really player multiplayer enough to truly give it a fair review. But, I could say that I don't have any major concerns. Since I haven't played it enough I'm posting a multiplayer review written by another gamer.

    Written by: Asedt

    Matchmaking fails 99% more than in Cod4, when migrating the party is sometimes split up and other crazy stuff occurre, like game not responding for X seconds. They have made limits so you can't chat in xbox live party in some of the playlists, making it more fair or less fun or something. Also when you finality get into a game it's 3 seconds left and your team is behind with XXXX score and other team have 5 chopper gunners in the air. Or if it's ffa the leader is 1 kill from winning.

    They removed some playlist (CTF) and add new ones, and the map packs added playlist but removed the ones from previous DLC.

    Shit in the game is balanced -overpowered shit*- so you trow your controller in the wall and there is some bugs here and there some were fixed but, ppl like hiding in "the stone" in the latest map pack. And some ppl seems to hack the game and ruin the fun and the leader boards.

    The game also suffer from noticeable lag when there is bad connection to the host for any player, and in some playlists you can rage quit to force draw kindof.

    And still the multilayer is fun and it rewarding unlocking stuff but you have to sacrifice your life, I chose cod 4 multi-player any day.

    * Commando | Painkiller | Shotgun | (Air-support) | Akimbo | Tent
  • xG4M3R4LYF3xxG4M3R4LYF3x384,024
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    Now before I begin this review, I wanna make the prediction that I'm gonna get some hate.
    This review will be split in three parts, story, spec ops and multiplayer.
    The controls are very enjoyable and easy to learn.

    Single Player:
    All I can say is wow. The story mode takes place 5 years after after the events of COD4:MW. The plot was great. I loved all of the level design. To keep avoid spoilers I wont say which I liked playing in best but I'm sure those who have played the game know. Once again you find yourself splitting the missions between factions. You will take control as soldiers of the U.S rangers and Task force 141, an elite squad of warriors. The story mode was cinematic and all around great......except I was slightly disappointed by the length of this game. Now I know that Call of Duty games are not known for their length but usually the difficulty compensates for this. However even on Veteran this game was too easy.

    Overall despite its ease, the story mode was very enjoyable, 9.5 out of 10

    Spec Ops:
    When everybody played WAW, sometimes me and my friends wanted to stop playing online for a while play the awesome Nazi Zombies mode. Infinity Wards way of Co-op is the spec-Ops mode. This mode contains extra missions that were very fun and challenging. It was fun to sit down with a friend and play these challenges. These challenges vary from covering your partner from an AC-130 gunship or fighting through the Favela, there is something for all here.

    Fun co-op mode that gives more of a challenge to the game.10 out of 10

    Heres where Im gonna get alot of hate
    I feel that Infinity Ward put alot of good ideas into this multiplayer. The multiplayer is addictive but personally the fun does not last. I feel that there is incredible bullet lag, b.s. spawning and even though the game might not be blameable here, This game is so friggin camp friendly! Also, I personally got very bored of the maps very quick. If i play more then 45 min a day, I want to shoot myself in the head out of aggravation.

    If your able to over look the tons of bs, this is a good/ok experience. 7.5 /8out of 10

    Overall, this is a very good game. 9 out of 10
  • xAchillesxAchilles1,320
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    INTRO:"Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2",the hit sequel to Infinity Ward's venture into the Modern world in 2007 with "Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare 2" and attempts to recreate the amazing cinematic feel off the original.

    STORY: The story begins as normal (In MW) with the U.S. getting into a huge war with the Russians.I must say the story is a bit weak this time around and it seems there was a lot of filler missions but those filler missions were still amazing and did in some way contribute to the plot except for
    "No Russian" which IMO showed the pain and suffering of war and how sick and evil some of these men can be.

    GAMEPLAY:The gameplay hasn't changed at all. You got your sprint,aiming down the sights,all the same controls. It is incredible smooth and the weapons all feel completely real. They even look realer than before. There is tons of new weapons like the Model 1887,the FAMAS, and AKIMBO weapons which you can use for the 3.57's the Model 1887's the Desert Eagles,the Rangers,The Raffica's and standard pistols.

    MULTIPLAYER:The Multiplayer remains highly immersive. It may be disappointing to some though because of customizable 3 kill streak slots a LOT more camping this time around to. All of the weapons and equipment,perks are included along with a new feature which allows you to change your emblem and title. If you have played "Call of Duty 4" or "Call of Duty 5" then you will love the multiplayer.

    DLC:This spring there will be two map packs being released for Modern Warfare 2.Hopefully they will do more than two map packs like Modern Warfare and hopefully they won't slack off and also give us a new game mode,some new maps for Spec Ops and more multiplayer maps. I myself will be highly disappointed if IW can not keep up with Treyarch in the DLC department.

    SPEC OPS: Special Ops is a mode where up to you and one of your friends can take on individual maps either built off the story mode or maps that are unrelated to the story. You get "Hidden" which resembles "All Ghillied Up" from COD 4 and Overwatch where you pilot an AC-130

    Overall this is a package worth the $70.00 I payed for. It is also packed with a 48 Hour trial so for those that have yet to venture into Online First Person Shooters or have a member of your family who is a silver don't hesitate to use it.

    THE VERDICT (I don't cover sound in my rev's but it is top notch here)


    Sound: 9/10

    Multiplayer: 9.3/10

    Spec Ops: 9/10

    DLC: (None out yet)

    Gameplay: 10/10

    Overall: 9.67/10
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    Full Review:

    Out of nowhere, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, managed to capture the heart and mind of almost everyone, and quite rightly so.Call of Duty has always been about gun fighting that is as simple as possible. After all that was pretty much how the Quake engine worked. Call of Duty 4 was a wonderful example of how a game should be, entertaining, fun, challenging, and most of all not stupid. A stance Infinity Ward has maintained since its inception.
    So COD4’s sequel Modern Warfare 2 should follow pretty much the same formula. Simplicity and something fresh. Right? No.

    Modern Warfare 2 seems to have been built from the ground up (i.e. from scratch), and that isn’t a bad thing. But what happens when you lock up a load of American designers in a room for a year and see what they come out with, the result is it will either be wonderfully innovate, or utter shit. This seems to be the rare case where this game can fit into either neither category or both.

    Modern Warfare 2’s gameplay is split into three modes: a single player campaign, a co-operative set of missions, and Call of Duty’s aces – multiplayer. But I’ll tackle one at a time.

    The single player story follows on from Call of Duty 4. Modern Warfare 2 takes place Five years after the previous game. Despite having won the war by killing Zakhaev at the end of the previous game, the Ultranationalists have gained control of Russia; rendering playing through Call of Duty 4 pointless and worthless, then again, that is the point of videogames. Like each Call of Duty game it starts with some training and an obstacle course. And then after that, jumps straight into the actual campaign, almost like every other game now. But the controls are still intuitive, simple, straightforward and unchanged, despite the – count them – hundreds of additions made to the game. So if you have experience with any of the other Call of Duty games, (now half the world) then you don’t have spend hours wondering how to shoot the damn gun in the first place. The campaign (at least for me) is short and unchallenging, which is money well wasted. It seems that the designers first wrote a storyline, and then decided to build the gameplay around it – and both ended up shoddy. Call of Duty is not really known for its enticing stories, save COD4, but then that was the point it was always about extremely difficult gameplay. Either the COD games are getting easier or I’m getting better, and it can’t be the latter – trust me.

    The story isn’t great; it feels like another war/action film. A lot of bloodshed – check, unnecessary weapons – check, gunfire in the middle of public – check, heroes managing to escape at the very last second – check, Russian/Asian/Brazilian people trying to kill you – check, murderous traitors – check. If this doesn’t sound like something you’ve seen before, then watch the Die Hard series, not even this is a worthwhile candidate to sit back for a couple of hours and watch. There is NOTHING new story-wise and just wasn’t as enticing or cool as Call of Duty 4 was. Short, sweet and simple? More like short, flashy and unoriginal.

    That said it not like the actual single-player campaign isn’t it enjoyable. It is…to a certain extent. The single-player feels more like an add-on for Modern Warfare (1), playing pretty much the same, except a new HUD, new objectives, new weapons and different maps/levels. It’s a shame; they have actually made it visually stunning, and tried to make it different, but STILL turns out the same, so visually artistic just seems to show style over substance.

    The second “mode”, multiplayer is pretty much everyone, with an internet connection, buys the game for. Instead of making this from the ground up, is what every other videogame designers do with their sequels. Add more shit into it. Yes it feels fresh and new, it always has, and it always will be. Infinity Ward has never made a Call of Duty game “OK this is what we can do”. Which was pretty much nothing and never will be, because that is what Call of Duty had at heart – simplicity. Hide, shoot, and kill, and if there was an objective run for your life and victory. It was a game that required skill and reaction speed – beauty at its finest. Then COD4 came around and managed to screw all that up by adding more! No it didn’t! It basically added bits of Counter-Strike and Battlefield 2 so it was not completely original. However it still kept that shining core of simplicity and simply added more uniqueness to the game. This made it FUN! Infinity Ward seems to have gone overboard with this customization, sure they want to distance themselves from Treyarch, but it just shows that constantly adding stuff, whatever it may be, will not make a game better. That’s not to say it’s not cool to add a whole load of new weapons, vehicles, gametypes. mechanics and unlockables, it’s just distracting and annoying. IW have made multiplayer in a way that it can’t NOT be annoying. With the inclusion of a Tactical Nuke. A weapon designed to be stupidly cool, and another shiny golden trinket to get. About 75% of all games now seem to revolve around them. For those of you who don’t know what it does, it works pretty much the same as a Snitch in Quidditch, or for the non-Harry-Potty fans amongst you, a golden goal in football, which ends the game pretty much immediately cause the detonator to win the game. If that wont glorify nuclear war – or known in-game as Global Thermonuclear War (a nod to the film WarGames) – then nothing will. It doesn’t completely ruin the game but ruins the style of play. Where nobody decides to take objectives because they want kills. It’s not really IW’s fault, but I know they’ve considered the behaviour of Modern Warfare players, and they could have at least removed it to make the game better. It’s become really annoying for the “skilled” or “objective” players amongst us. The addition of callsigns, which are little tags added to the player’s name which are collected from doing certain challenges, are quite cool as it shows of what each player has done, but its showy-offy, and kind of distracting. So the addition of it is unnecessary but not negative. If you’re being distracted by a little picture than playing the game then frankly you deserved to be killed. The vehicles or killstreak rewards have been overdone to the aspects that it has completely changed how Call of Duty works. In multiplayer if you rack up a certain amount of kills without dying then you get something called a killstreak reward. These are a number of different vehicles and weapons which can be used in-game to give the player an advantage in some way. This ranges wildly from the simple assistance ones such as unmanned reconnaissance plane which only need a few kills, to the tactical nuke. This isn’t a completely bad thing these can immediately change the course of gameplay if suddenly the losing team manages to call in an attack chopper, to come and annihilate the other team and make them cower. This goes to prove, if the team is at least a little bit coordinated and that one player puts in enough effort, they can still come back in the game. This is still annoying, I’m waiting for a game like Team Fortress 2, where the game favours a coordinated, uncowardly, attacking team, but unfortunately they don’t exist. However there is always some form of counter-measure. The game introduces “destroyable” air support. In which all the air support called in, with the exception of the EMP and the nuke, can be countered. Easily; almost too easily. The game has a number of secondary weapons which instead of just handguns, now include shotguns, launchers, a class change and machine pistols…talk about being spoilt for choice. Even with the masses amount of choice available to a single player, (of course after they’ve managed to unlock everything, which I still don’t agree with, keep RPGs (role-playing games) with RPGs thanks) they have still made a game with a unique set of balances. All maps and weapons have weak-points, so the idea is abusing them. That said all maps aren’t as thought out in terms of territorial advantage but very well thought it out in terms of character customization. For example the map Afghan is an exceedingly large map with a cliff, plane debris, a couple of enclosures and a sandstorm, thus giving the advantage to well equipped snipers and fast runners. The opposite is true of the map Highrise which takes place on the roof of some building which has got 3 stories of attack. While well equipped snipers and runners may do well, the advantage here goes to holders and riot control. So while the maps won’t ‘work’ on other games, at least the developers specially designed them for the game. And have done that well.

    So the maps are done well, the weapons are balanced; the vehicles/killstreaks aren’t so much. There is however a slight off-balance which ends up turning into harassment. Shotguns now have silencers and an increased range; the Stopping Power perk has increased damage and has no counter, Commando is a perk which increases melee range (whereas the knife addition to COD4 increased melee accuracy. With these additions there are extraordinary simple ways to get kills and be killed. Of course, it’s all part of the game really.

    Overall the multiplayer aspect isn’t great, and relies heavily on the variety of weapons rather than old-school “running and gunning”. The addition of perks and weapons and only makes harassing players easier.

    Despite this negative criticism, the games shining star has to be the Spec-Ops missions. These are single or co-operative missions in which the unit must complete a specific task, such as infiltrate a base or hold of enemies. Despite the fairly short 23 missions to pursue they are split into 5 groups (aptly named Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo) each of increasing difficulty from the last. To unlock the next group of missions, the game asks you to acquire a certain amount of stars. Three stars can be acquired for each mission and are rewarded based on the difficulty of the task or how well the player(s) perform the task. The first few missions range from the simple “hold-off enemies”, then later go to the frustratingly battle through Juggernauts. Juggernauts are heavily armoured, goaltender-like, robot-human tanks, which require a great deal of skill and luck to deal with as the only weapons which can kill them are explosives and high-calibre guns. 21 of the missions can be done solo, whereas two of the missions require a friend or teammate to help, of course all the missions can be done with the help of a teammate thus making the mission much easier. If they know what they are doing. The missions, however short, are well-designed, challenging, calculated and slightly un-repetitive. And since the high scores are also score based, there is replay value in the game that makes you want to come back for more. These-spec ops missions alone are definitely worth £20.

    Bottom lines: This is a game that almost everyone will enjoy, however some people will enjoy to certain extents than others.

    + Spec-ops is well designed and challenging, on its own it’s a masterpiece.
    + Graphically makes wonderful use of colours and contrast, in all three modes.
    + Huge amount of unlockables and Easter eggs increasing replay value.
    + It’s still Call of Duty…ish.
    + Casual gamer can still have a lot of fun.
    – Excruciatingly short
    – Campaign is easy, even on Veteran
    – Multiplayer has lost its touch somewhat – it just doesn’t feel right.
    – There is no way to turn off the music, which can and will be annoying in all modes.
    – Well-marketed despite surprisingly low substance.
    – Campaign story is poor.
    – Unhelpful to new players.
  • mariofan112mariofan11289,629
    17 Nov 2009
    4 2 0
    Explosive action, an all out shock and awe to the senses.

    The events of the latest explosively action packed Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, take place not too long after Call of Duty 4. The Russian Ultra-nationalist organization is back, this time these terrorists are led by Vladimir Makarov. Makarov was an associate of Imran Zakhaev. Makarov is claiming that the death of Zakhaev was an act of martyrdom. This causes more support for his cause, and a strong presence and terror filled position of power.

    Soon after Task Force 141 is created by the global community. A multinational task force to take on the terrorist threat. (Holy Shades of Rainbow Six) This first person shooting military style adventure is a incredibly immersive mix of sites and sounds. The whole presentation lives up to and beyond what we would expect from Infinity Ward. Bullets whizzing past and the blasts and bark of gunfire all sound incredible, especially on a surround sound system. The visuals are just as top notch, bringing across a depth of environments and weather effects that assault the senses. Even with all this, the frame rates seem to stay very good. Game play is pretty solid, with lot's of cool new weapons to play with. The look of the weapons and the animations of working the weapons and reloading is all a visual and audio treat.

    There are only a couple games per year, MAYBE, that earn the coveted most anticipated title. Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one such title. Filled with both first person, multiplayer and co op action and mayhem, and globe trotting multinational conflicts, it's a must have for any action fan. While the game design again leads the player on set paths, the world is open enough to make it feel expansive and just about anything can happen.

    Action is fast paced, which is a shame since some times the player does not have time to marvel at the beauty of the game environments. Shooting strait comes in handy here, because with all the in coming bullets, it's a chore sometimes to know when to duck and cover and pop out and return fire. Head shots are the general rule to bring the enemy down faster. Unless they happen to have a combat shield and armored head gear.

    Modern Warfare 2 contains three main modes: campaign, multiplayer and special ops. The first two are of course pretty easy to understand, and are the standard fare in games like this. Now the third on the other hand opens up some new gaming. Playing with a friend through some of the challenges, getting past these missions opens up some cool rewards too. Co-op special forces mode is a two player mode. Some missions place one player on the ground while another is over head in some form of aircraft or another to provide cover and rain down death on an enemy. Again depending on the difficulty level, you can stretch the game play out longer.

    The Campaign starts off with some tutorials, just to familiarize the player with the controls, and some of the tactics involved to survive. While once again, the game play is for some folks short, 6 or 8 hours depending how you blaze through it. Playing at the different difficulty levels of course can stretch out the single player experience, though the enemy become crack shots at the highest level. Either that or I just am a lot worse at these games than I think. All the extra modes and of course the online multiplayer are where the game earns it's staying power.

    My favorite in the single player campaign is the mountain mission, sneaking onto the base in the snow storm, climbing an ice wall using two ice picks....just stay in one place for a bit on that ice wall and see what happens...just once. Onward into the mission using the sensors on the weapons to locate enemy and either avoid them or take them out. The theme of intermixing some stealth with all out fire fights is a solid theme through out the game.

    Then of course the most controversial, as the player is undercover and is going on a terrorist mission with Makarov. Soon the terrorists in the middle of an airport open fire on civilians. The player themselves do not have to shoot any civilians to get through this level. There is a bit of a twist in the tale that I will leave for the players to find out themselves.
    Then there is the Take Down mission, set in Rio de Janeiro, a literal maze of buildings awaits the player here, where players have to be careful what or more like WHO they shoot at. There not only bad guys coming at the player and shooting. There are civilians running around also. A nice refreshing challenge of not just shooting everything that moves.

    Many gamers after blasting their way through the single player campaign will be playing a lot of the multiplayer experience, the multiplayer modes will give players plenty to do. There is so much in the mix, with variations on common themes like capture the flag, base or location captures, bomb planting, or defusing bombs, hold and defend points. All designed for multiplayer madness. Chock- a- block full of unlockables, weapons, attachments to said weapons, all of which will keep the player interested for some time to come.

    With so much violence in the game, justified by it's story line or not, after certain scenes from the game had leaked onto the internet....some groups had and still do have concerns over the games classification. One such group being the Australian Council on Children and Media, requesting the Australian Classification Board review the choice of rating for the game. There are some intense situations in the game, especially concerning terrorist acts that the player ends up in the middle of, as a result of infiltrating the villains organization. During the one scene, the player ends up being part of an attack on civilians. Controversial? Yes, but again as myself and others feel. The first real line of defense to keep children from viewing certain material that they may not be able to a parent. Is it always that simple? Not always. But along with viewing the rating of a game, and doing a little research the parent can make an informed choice.

    Happily enough the game was not delayed for our Australian readers, The game was submitted successfully to the Australian Classification Board, with violence galore the game earned an MA15 + classification. The game does in fact earn the classification, as there is no lack of blood shed here. While there is violence, some perhaps shocking... it does match the context of the story. Disturbing to some perhaps, but no different than some of the realities that take place in war. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's action set pieces are those made up of high action adrenalin movies and stories that bring the player into the thick of a big budget World Conflict Military action film.

    Each level is chock full of action, excitement, and tension. Which explodes visually and audibly into the players senses, causing various reactions. From surprise, to shock, and some times a real deep seated dislike for the villains causing such carnage on innocents.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is solid continuation of the original Modern Warfare. Picking up the story years later as many parties left alive from the last outing have a lot of unfinished business. Through out the games spectacular visuals and character animations, we also get a large amount of different weapons to play with and several levels in the single player campaign to get through. Those include,

    S.S.D.D : this is where the player get's some training, and participate in a mission with a U.S. Army Ranger.
    Team Player : the mission is simple enough,save a US Army Ranger.

    Cliffhanger: As Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson, infiltration of a Russian mountain base with Capt. MacTavish. Should be a cake walk. Or at least an ice walk.

    No Russian : Take a disturbing role, as an undercover CIA agent, as you assault a Russian airport with Vladimir Makarov.

    Take Down: A crazy running fire-fight throughout Rio de Janeiro to capture an arms dealer named Rojas.

    Wolverines! : Locating and protecting codename Raptor during the beginning of the invasion may sound simple.

    The Hornet's Nest : Escape the Favela. When is it not life or death?

    Exodus : The player assists in the evacuation of civilians.

    The Only Easy Day, Was Yesterday : Infiltrate an oil rig, rescue hostages and make an entrance to the Gulag.

    The Gulag : Assault a Russian Gulag and rescue prisoner 627.

    Contingency : Help Captain Price reach the Russian submarine.

    Of Their Own Accord: Protect the evacuation site at the Washington Monument.

    Second Sun : Get to the Whiskey Hotel.

    Whiskey Hotel : Retake the Whiskey Hotel.

    Loose Ends : You earned it, find and kill Makarov at his safe-house on the Georgian Russian border.

    The Enemy Of My Enemy : Escape the bone-yard with Captain Price and Nikolai.

    Just Like Old Times : Search the Afghan cave network for a traitor.

    Endgame : A thrilling Chase through rivers, chase down the traitor and take them down.

    Noted earlier about the environments and character animations and graphics, another thing that is a pretty nice graphic and visual que is the blood spatter animations that spread droplets on the screen to show that the player has taken some damage. Too many of these ques though and that's it for the player. The graphics are a thing of beauty indeed. Some of my favorite visuals take place in certain mountain scenes as a snow storm picks up. The game of course can't be as a spectacular experience as it is with out the sound and musical score being just as top notch. Voice acting again is aces all around here. Each character that has any lines make you feel as if the game character themselves are a living breathing person. Well done indeed.

    Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 is by no means a major ground breaker, but it is a worthy successor to the on going series. Placing the expectations of gamers higher with each manifestation of the newest title, and coming through with an enjoyable game experience.

    An interesting note, the prestige edition on which this review is based...(The game is the same in each edition... the difference is in what extra tid bits and toys you get.) in this case, you get the Modern Warfare 2 game, some Night vision goggles that work pretty well for a toy, a collector's stand, a steel book with metallic finish to hold your game in, an art book, the game manual, and a token to download the original Call Of Duty.

    Mariofan112 AKA Edward Gregory
  • cc99999cc99999325,689
    12 Nov 2009
    4 7 1
    In a Minute Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    It's going to be a long slog- living with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Its omni-presence rivals the release of Halo 3, except, I feel that unlike Halo 3- Call of Duty can and does live up to my expectations of it.

    I've never been an online competitive multi-player type of gamer. To have a gamerscore in the mid- 100,000s you can't do that and have a career, a family, and a social life outside of your house. In order to really get my attention, a game has to offer a great single player experience and perhaps a fun multi-player component that doesn't seem all too repetitive.

    Call of Duty: MW2 has a great single player experience. It is a helluva lot campier than its predecessor- which may seem strange in a game where you tag along on a mass murder terrorist act. But come on, the game has you get blown to bits in space while watching an air burst nuclear explosion, shoot up the White House press briefing room, and go not only jet skying but also white water rafting. This isn't Matt Hazard tongue in cheek, because this game is actually playable- but it isn't the next installment of Saving Private Ryan either.

    I especially like the concept behind the special ops mode- which is a segment by segment horde mode, essentially. It gives you a little something more to do- and you can play with a friend online. Its a shame that the game offers no way to play with someone randomly in this mode- but you can split screen it- if you have a friend in real life- which I'm assuming at least a few of the people who buy this game might have.

    The online mode is a slicker, slightly more polished version of what you've come to expect. Didn't see any zombies- but Infinity Ward probably doesn't need the gimmick to make this game interesting. I shot up a few dudes and played around with the streaks- but this isn't something I'm going to get too wrapped up in.

    Yes, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a slick looking, exciting game that does lots of things well. It is the best shooter on the Xbox 360 and comes highly recommended.
  • vG x MadnessvG x Madness584,390
    03 Jun 2010
    2 6 3
    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD6) has an amazing story mode following on from the original Modern Warfare (COD4) and the online modes are better and more advanced than cod4, there are perks added in this cod (unlock the challanges for the differnt perks and unlock pro which is normally a good perk!) over 500 challanges for guns, equipment, Humiliation ect.. Learn all the camp spots on the maps provided, new quick shot kill with sniper rifles (Quick Scope).

    Headshots,Tatical Insertion, Stab, Qucik Sprint, Quick Aim, Blow up helicopters with rocket launchers lock on aqquired, Amazing more features.

    Even though cod7 (Black Ops) is coming out in the Late 2010 cod6 is always gonna be the game of the year

    A must have game espically if you have live and use it alot!!!


    100% MINTAGE!!!
  • KilEmAlDedrnHelKilEmAlDedrnHel142,075 142,075 GamerScore
    25 Nov 2009 05 Jun 2014
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    Best Tactical Shooter Ever!

    I am not going to waste time comparing this game to other games with "Call Of Duty" in the title like so many others have and just get on with what I like and dislike about this game.

    What I like:

    SPEC OPS. One or two man teams working their way through missions of varying length and difficulty. You get to do everything from sniper missions to CQB, from loud AC-130 gunship support to stealthy ghillie suit low crawling. From arctic tundras to desert mountains. From the third world to the DC suburbs. Varying times, tempos, weapons, skills, etc. SPEC OPS has a little bit of everything in it and there are a couple dozen missions to perform. Some even revisit locations from the first COD:MF with a twist.

    CQB: Pistols and knives as secondary weapons have been implemented in the best way possible. The accuracy and damage of pistols adds a lot to the game. Get caught reloading? Faster to switch to pistol and take em down that to slap a fresh mag in. Knife kills while being sneaky or as a last ditch to stay alive are both pretty impressive. You can burn through a clip on a submachine gun in the blink of an eye and either reload or swap out weapons fairly quick too.

    Craftmanship: You aren't going to ticked off when you can't shoot an enemy through a cardboard box or drywall or some other cheap construct. This game was well thought out and is pretty much free of the object reuse found in so many other games. Each level appears to have been completely designed independently of others. There are not a lot of common themes and item reuse. I hate playing shooters where every level looks the same. This is not one of those games.

    Weapons: You get to use the same weapons that modern militaries employ. If you start off with a weapon you don't like you will be able to swap it out of a corpse in a few seconds anyway so just relax. The pistols are awesome. I find myself gravitating to the M9 and sometimes even dual automatics. As small arms go I find myself using much of the same weapons I would from Rainbow Six (such as the MP5) but love the fact that there are lots of M4s and M16s (many with 203s and various scope options) throughout the game. As long guns go the Intervention and the .50 cal snipers are FUN. The secondary weapons and explosives are useful too. Unlike other games that allow you to select claymores and C4 this game lets you use them but also give you places where you CAN use them and in fact MUST. I love having to set up claymores and C4 when preparing to defend a position, etc.

    What I dislike:


    What I want to see in the DLC:

    More SPEC OPS and more single player missions. The SPEC OPS alone are worth the price of the game. The single player missions were fun and challenging. Multiplayer is pretty much the same as in any other game and can be quickly ruined by a couple of people with run-and-gun mentality but that crap won't fly in SPEC OPS where it is two against the world and teamwork is important.
  • McBrutalwCheeseMcBrutalwCheese283,091
    15 Dec 2009 16 Dec 2009
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    I Hate how People are always Putting These Long Ass Reviews On Games!! I Dont Wanna Read All That I Just Wanna know How The Game Is! Modern Warfare 2 Is AMAZING in Every Aspect! Breathtaking Gameplay! Amazing Storyline! And The Number 1 Multiplayer Expirence Out There! Anyone Who Says This Is a Bad Game Truly Hasnt Played It! And SPec Ops Is A fresh New Feature That IW Threw In For Added Fun And Hours Of Gameplay! A Must Buy! You Truly Get Every Dollars Worth Of Gameplay in This Game! The Only Depresing thing About this is that Once I Bought This Game They Anounced 2 More Cods And I Felt like this Game WOuld Of Been A Great Note To End On!
  • The lMlanThe lMlan1,193,918
    01 Dec 2009
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    I have no regrets in buying the game, after all it was the most anticipated game of the year ffor anyone that loves the FPS genre so for that reason i love the game. The single player was great, i loved the fact that they had the invasion of America and some more snowed out Russian areas because infinity ward has played enough with the desert areas and heavily wooded areas. The story was well thought out and if you didn't pay attention to any key points of information you wouldn't understand it so bravo to the single player part of the game.

    Spec Ops was amazing, brought co-op into play differently than just doing the rgular campaign over and it brought in some of the best parts from CoD4 which i enjoyed (death from above and one shot, one kill) with a different tactic than before which was instead of relying on yourself you could use one person for scouting and then just revive them if they get downed instead of you look around a corner, get your head shot off and then you have to restart...speaking of restarting, that is the only thing i didn't love about the co-op was that if you died then there were no checkpoints and you had to go back to the beginning and fight your way back to where you were which became a pain on longer levels. But overall co-op my favorite part of the game, which leads me into multiplayer.

    By far the thing that has compelled call of duty to the tank it is today is the multiplayer experience. No doubt have they added many guns, perks, and innovative things to the table, but they also changed a lot about the core thing in a shooter game which is how fast you die in the game. I like to run and gun, which worked well in CoD4 because of the relatively fair balance between gun power and the accuracy of it based on distance from other players. Then CoD5 brings the MP40 which almost cost me my tactic because of the fact that you can spray and pray and it only took 3 to 5 bullets to kill a guy and you could still have juggernaut on. Now in MW2, they seem to think that campers deserve to be rewarded with almost every gun now getting kills within about a half seconds once they start to hit you and they reduced the recoil on the guns just so that it was even more easier to hit a guy with your next few bullets. Now my run and gun tactic is down the drain because i can enter a room and by the time i see a guy they can spray me down with a gun and i can't do anything about it unless i know exactly where they are. Plus the corner lag in the game is horrible, and i mean HORRIBLE. If i run by a corner or jump of a building, on my screen i can be 3 steps past the wall then all of a sudden, 2 bullets kill me because i am evidentally still where i started to run from. Multiplayer is still one of the best out there but i have to say that it is a drastic change from the two previous CoD's in the amount of time it takes to die and as if campers needed any more help with getting kills, now they can kill people before they can even stop running or start to turn your way. So the multiplay is definitely still one of my favorites, but changed so that it is more noob friendly.

    Single Player - 4.5/5
    Special Ops - 5/5
    Multiplayer - 3.5/5
  • Removed Gamer
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    Since this is probably the last game i will play on Xbox 360, might as well give it a review. I am quitting Xbox and going to PS3 because everybody on Ps3 is chill and everybody on Xbox is an ass and is like "I fucking hate you, go die, I'm hacking you!!!!", so fuck Xbox. Now, the review:

    Overview: I found out that this game is probably the next biggest thing for our time of 2009, so I went ahead and bought it. I thought, another cod game which is going to suck and everybody will be like, "Why don't you have it!!!!". Astonishingly, I was dumbfounded. It ended up being my favorite game at the time, and still is, and as I type this, I am sitting in a lobby, with my asshole friends screaming through the mic "Start it the fuck up dammit!!". So, thus, I must hurry.

    Game Play: Surprisingly, this game meet my expectations, and then some. The campaign keeps the same characters, and some new ones. You start out as Pvt. Allen, a soldier who is selected into General Shepard's elite squad, danger close. You go on a mission, then an undercover mission and get killed. Then, the story switches over to Captain John 'Soap' MacTavish. But you don't play as him. You play as his 'sidekick', Roach. He doesn't have a name, because his parents are too stupid to name him. Ghost is the 'recon' guy of the story. On a mission to the 'Gulag', you find a a familiar character, Price. Then, the funniest line of the story: "Price? Soap? This belongs to you sir. Worm: Who's soap?" So you are the main point of attraction for the entire campaign. General Shepard Betrays you and kills you and Ghost. Then, you play as Soap. Then you go through a lot of shit and then you kill Shepard. THE END!

    Multiplayer: Amazing. The guns, perks, attachments, and camos are the best thing which happened to cod ever!