1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Walkthrough Overview

Modern Warfare 2 has two modes to get achievements. While it is your complete choice which modes and achievements to tackle first the following will grab all achievements quite easily. Since this is a Call of Duty game, it is going to frustrate you at points. So it is a good idea to mix and match between modes.

1) The campaign mode should be your first port of call, the game will prompt you to start it anyway. If you're familiar with Call of Duty somewhat, then pick Veteran as you will unlock almost all the story and story-difficulty achievements in a single playthrough. Hardened is somewhat easier and gets you only one extra achievement at the end, but you will have to go through the story again just for Veteran. Many people do not find Veteran that hard. Difficulties will be explained later. As you are going through your first playthrough, just play naturally and try to complete and keep an eye out for intel pieces which look like Green Laptops, as they will get you two more achievements.

2) Go through the campaign again as many times as you like trying to pick up "specific task" level achievements, difficulty based achievements, and any pieces of intel that you missed. If you completed the story on Veteran it would be much easier to get the intel and task based achievements on Recruit difficulty.

Note the following: You may only have ONE save file at one time, if you start the game again you will lose your current saved data! Intel gained will always be saved.

3) Play Spec-Ops mode, these are 23 co-operative missions which you must complete a specific task. Each mission rewards up to three stars, dependant on difficulty completed or how well the mission was completed. The stars are stackable, meaning if you accomplished the task to get three stars, you will get all three stars rather than just the third star. There are 69 stars to collect and collecting all of them will net you all of the achievements for spec-ops.

4) If you haven't already done so, go through and collect any extra task based achievements from either the Spec-Ops or story mode.

You should now have a good 1000 gamerscore!

- NOTE -

Credit to tsunamishadow, the original walkthrough editor, who is no longer on the site.

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