11. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops: Bravo


3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Reach Barn near the greenhouses in seven minutes.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Reach the western edge of the workshops in five minutes.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Reach the Farm House basement in three and a half minutes.

This mission requires two players, one player controls an AC-130, and the other controls a normal player. The "man on the ground" will not go into Last Stand if he dies.

First, things first - get a friend. Even better, get a friend who talks. You are going to need good communication between you or will never get through this mission.

The guy on the ground should only be shooting to defend himself, do not go out to hunt for enemies, the idea is to run forward through the level and stop when the other guy in the Lockheed tells you to stop. Keep your laser on because it helps you to aim, and more importantly, the gunner can see which way you are looking.

As the gunner, you are going to be the main man; enemies will be a solid white colour through your thermal sights, your teammate will be flashing white and have their gamertag above their head (or an arrow). A grey line from where they are signifies their laser designator. This is where they are looking; keep a close eye on who they are firing at and who is a threat behind them. Helicopters will drop enemies which will make the journey harder, you kill them by hitting them in air, pretty simple to do. You will need to tell your teammate when to advance, when to stop and where good places to take cover can be found. The 105mm and 40mm guns are great for taking out grouped enemies and the choppers, although the 105mm has to reload. Switching between them is good idea to keep pressure on enemies and keep your friend safe. However you cannot penetrate cover so there will be bits where the ground attack must fight alone.

If you take your time and run as soon as you can and only when you need to, you should finish with plenty of time left.

Body Count

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Score 30,000 points.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Score 30,000 points.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Score 30,000 points.

There are so many different tactics with this that I’m not going to bother explaining them all. It's very open-ended to the point where you can "camp" in the bank and watch them slowly drift though the doors for easy kills, or face them all head on and hope you don't die so you can get through the mission quickly. Entirely up to you. Either way, try to avoid splitting up.

The points system works like this. You get 1000 points for most kills, 500 for killing crawling enemies, and 4000 points for killing each BTR. If you rack up a good amount of kills in a short time you get bonus points (like 50 or 100 points) and access a multiplier which allows you to score more points per kill.

A quick way of doing this, assuming you are good, is to pick up the RPG and the AK47. Rack up your multiplier and then destroy the BTRs using the RPGs, the Semtex grenades and the Grenade launcher. It took me a couple of tries but just over two minutes doing it this way.


Earn 21 stars in Special Ops.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Bomb Squad

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Defuse three bombs in 5 minutes.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Defuse three bombs in 5 minutes.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Defuse three bombs in 5 minutes.

Unless you are extremely accurate or feel lucky, get rid of your Akimbo G18s. While they are useful for speed, they aren't that great for running and gunning. You will automatically fail if you kill ANY civilians at the start of the mission.

This mission isn't easy and is all about knowing the level so you are aware of your surroundings. You need to get to the three bombs and defuse them all in five minutes, if you know the level well enough and use the minimap to get to the bombs marked, you shouldn't have to worry about time limit. Try to split up so one of you is in the open and the other is flanking using the buildings and cover. This way if one of you falls, they can be easily revived. Always make sure your area is clear before you start reviving or defusing.

Especially if you are running out of time, try to avoid aiming down the sight, it slows you down by a lot and is only useful if you’re protecting a bomb. There are a couple of weapon crates in this area but not in the best places to use it. So use your grenades sparingly, but don't forget you still have them!


3 star criteria - Finish in 70 seconds.
2 star criteria - Finish in 90 seconds
1 star criteria - Finish in 120 seconds

Snowmobile controls:
Right Trigger: Accelerate
Left Trigger: Fire
B: Reverse
Left Stick: Steering

Those of a Mario Kart disposition won't have any trouble with this at all. If you play this in pairs, the timer stops when one of you has crossed line, and also comes up with a little "You Win" sign if you do.

  • If you hit the Right Trigger just before it says GO! You will get a "Quick Start".
  • On the first part before the ice lake, stay to the right side as much as possible as it is a shorter route
  • Ignore enemies, you only need to shoot when you are being crowded
  • The last dash down the ice hill takes about 20 seconds, if you crash into a tree here, you will fail.
  • Let go of the right trigger when turning or in the air. Keep it pressed down at all other times.
  • If you need to reverse, start again.

Big Brother

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Complete in 10 minutes.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Complete in 10 minutes.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Complete in 10 minutes.

Like Overwatch, this requires a second player. One of you will be on a helicopter minigun; the other will be running to the finish. The idea is move through the level and then regroup at Nates Restaurant near the end.

The minigun controls:
Left Trigger: Spin without firing
Right Trigger: Fire
Right Stick: Aim

The helicopter will continue to circle around the player on the ground, no matter where they are. Its speed of circling will be high when the gunner is not spinning the gun and slows down when it is. The minigun needs to be spinned up before it can start firing. It is extremely deadly, decently penetrative, and explosive, so cars can be used to take a big group of enemies, though it can also kill the player on the ground.

Like Overwatch the player on the ground cannot die, otherwise the mission will fail. Make use of the C4 and Claymores, they can save your life in a pinch, especially when you are out of grenades. Destroy any trucks that you see as quickly as possible.

At the end, climb to the roof via the back, rather than the kitchen. Once there you might need to fend off enemies for a couple of seconds while the helicopter lands.

Take your time. 10 minutes is plenty!


Earn 30 stars in Special Ops.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific


Earn all 3 stars in at least 10 different Special Op missions.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific

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