12. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops: Charlie


3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Reach the extraction point.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Reach the extraction point.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Reach the extraction point.

While the idea of this mission is to be as stealthy as possible, it is definately possible to just make a run for it. If you are hopeless with a sniper rifle, try swapping it for one of the "better" weapons at the start and just blasting your way from the start. If you want to take the stealthy run, then prepare to be very patient and make sure you have good eyesight.

There are two kinds of enemies here. Patrols and ghillie snipers. For patrols, if you can kill them quickly without any other men spotting then you can make this very simple to get through, remember to coordinate, line up and count in. If you get spotted the music will change accordingly, and will not go back until you have killed all the enemies in the area hunting you. Remember to use your claymores, c4, and grenades because your ammo may run out quickly. If you shoot an unsilenced weapon they will automatically spot you.

The second types of enemies are the ghillie snipers who have very pridicatable behaviors. When you face them their scopes will sometimes flash, revealing their positions (why couldn't they do that in Multiplayer?!) They will hide so they are camoflagued and can be difficult to spot otherwise. They may take their first shot at you from a crouching or standing position, after which they'll find cover, usually by dropping to the floor and hiding in the grass. Look out for small movements if this happens.

You do not need to kill all the enemies to finish and you can pretty much sprint once you've got 30 m left to cover.

It Goes to Eleven

Earn at least 1 star in 11 different Special Op missions.

It Goes to Eleven
1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperative

Breach & Clear

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Reach the extraction point.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Reach the extraction point.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Reach the extraction point.

You want to know how we did this in 18 seconds? I took two shotguns, breached, ran for the hole at the end and made sure I used as many of my grenades and flashes as possible, and only shooting the enemies infront of me. We even got this on our first try. Its that simple!

A second tactic: Get one of you to run to the exit, get in the hole and the other player slowly fights the way through, if the runner gets to the hole before the other player goes down, then that player should be able to crawl the way there. If they made it far enough.

If you want to do this the proper way. Use the exact same tactic as the one you used during "The Gulag", the only difference is that there are a few more enemies and less of you. Take your time.

Time Trial

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Finish the course, starting with 8 seconds and getting only three seconds per gate.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Finish the course, starting with 10 seconds and getting four seconds per gate.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Finish the course, starting with 15 seconds and getting four seconds per gate.

Odd to find a Call Of Duty mission that contains no shooting or enemies at all; nonetheless, this is almost the exact same as "Race". The only enemy is the time limit and the course is now a slalom. Spattered around the level are flag gates which you pass to add three seconds to your time limit which counts down. You need to get to the finish before the timer reaches 0 and without dying.

This isn't too much trouble on Hardened, but on Veteran you might need two players so you can split up and collect as many gates as you can. If you are not used to any sort of racing games, this will take a couple of tries to make sure you are going the right way without slowing down. Again, in pairs, only ONE of you needs to finish to complete it.

Homeland Security

3 star criteria - "Veteran choice": Endure 5 waves of enemies of increasing intesity.
2 star criteria - "Hardened choice": Endure 5 waves of enemies of increasing intesity.
1 star criteria - "Regular choice": Endure 5 waves of enemies of increasing intesity.

This is probably the most open-ended mission in the game. The level is a large space which you are probably pretty familiar with. It is also difficult. You will have to defend against five waves of enemies. But first let me tell you where to find all the weapons.

The Gas Station at the start there can be found a M14 sniper with Thermal Sights, AK-47 Grenadier, Intervention sniper rifle, 2 sentry guns, M240 machine gun, an AT4 and some Claymores.
Opposite the road is Nates Restaurant which has the same, but replaces the AK-47 with an ammo crate.
The Diner has the same as the restaurant but also includes an AT4, RPG, an M240 machine gun and an AK47.
The Bank only has a Sentry Gun and some Claymores, and Burger town has an RPG, Intervention and some Claymores.

The first wave contains 20 not too difficult to kill enemies. A good idea is to kill all but one and then gather the items you want and need.
The second wave contains 30 enemies and introduces the predator missile against you. If you go outside, you'll get an alert after a while that it has spotted you and it will start firing at you. If you've played multiplayer, it is identical to the predator missile in that. Make sure you can get inside safely. A skilled player can use the predator missiles against the enemies, but it’s highly risky. The predator drone will be in all waves from now on.
The third wave has 40 enemies and one helicopter. The helicopter isn't too hard to take it. Stay inside whatever building you are in and use normal gunfire, an RPG, or get an AT4 which can lock-on. Try and wait for a space when it is not firing and hovering so you are safe. It is easier to take out the helicopter once you have cleared all the enemies.
The fourth wave has 30 skilled enemies and a BTR. The BTR is simple enough to take down with RPG and AT4's, use similar tactics like you did against the helicopter.
The final wave has 40 skilled hostiles, 2 helicopters and one BTR.

The thermal scoped weapons make it considerably easier to spot enemies, so use it. Try and use the RPG and AT4 ammunition sparingly, as if you run out, you may have to resort to desperate measures, the mission will finish as soon as you kill the last enemy/vehicle.

Snatch & Grab

3 star critieria - "Veteran Choice": Reach the extraction point.
2 star critieria - "Hardened Choice": Reach the extraction point.
1 star critieria - "Regular Choice": Reach the extraction point.

If you have been doing these missions in order, this should be the first place you get the I'm the Juggernaut achievement. Juggernauts are simple enough to take down with a couple of headshots with the Intervention sniper rifle. Taking down one Juggernaut between both of you should not be a problem. The music will change when there is a Juggernaut close by, listen for it, because it gives you a chance to be vigilant.

Other than that, this mission is hell. This level takes place in the airplane boneyard. The aim is to 'Snatch' the intel from the middle of the level and extract out at the end. While it definately isn't as crowded as "The Enemy of My Enemy", enemies will seem to pop up out of nowhere. Because of that, staying very close together isn't the best idea, as if they spot one of you, they kill both of you. At least splitting up gives you a chance to survive. I strongly suggest that you take one of the Intervention Sniper Rifle or the M240 Machine Gun, they help immensely despite weighing you down.

As there is no time limit, work your way slowly towards the intel, keep away from each other and pay special attention to your minimap so you can pick off enemies quickly.

Once you've got the intel, your next aim is to make the finish. Get into that broken plane and then you have two options - either make a dash for it, running and gunning, giveing each other covering fire and using the broken hulls as cover (which is incredibly risky but still doable), or stay in the broken airplane near the intel and use it as a vantage point to pick off as many enemies below as possible.

The problem with the second tactic is that if you take too long sniping enemies from this frankly excellent point, Juggernauts will scramble to get you. Don't panic, simply turn around and prepare. Decent teamwork should be able to take each one down without too much difficulty.

This will take a lot of trial and error, but it is just about staying vigilant.


Earn all 3 stars in at least 15 different Special Op missions.

1 guideOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeDifficulty Specific

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