13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops: Delta


3 star critieria - "Veteran Choice": Download the enemy intel.
2 star critieria - "Hardened Choice": Download the enemy intel.
1 star critieria - "Regular Choice": Download the enemy intel.

Extremely difficult and wildly openended, the idea here is to fight your way into each of the three houses and download intelligence while defending it.

Rather than me explain this level, because it's pretty big, just use these general points:

  • There are enough Claymores here to make you complete the level without shooting a damn thing yourself. Use them, a lot!
  • Sentry guns are awesome, but if an enemy comes too close to it they break. Put them in a place where they can shoot but are difficult to shoot at. Corners, and balconies are good.
  • Always keep Honey Badger busy!
  • Stay away from Honey Badger when it's moving, it will crush you.
  • Don't worry too much about the download, it'll just pause, focus on keeping yourselves alive.
  • Always re-supply on the ammo box before you start any download.
  • It is much easier to clear out ALL the houses at the start of the mission.
  • Better safe than sorry! It will be annoying to find out that a good half-hour worth of play was wasted.


3 star critieria - "Veteran Choice": Destroy all the cars and finish.
2 star critieria - "Hardened Choice": Destroy all the cars and finish.
1 star critieria - "Regular Choice": Destroy all the cars and finish.

You are given guns, sentries, and explosives. The idea is that when you destroy five vehicles you get unlimited ammo, for pretty much every weapon in you inventory, allowing you to fire at more cars. This is pretty much the exact same as Suspension from Alpha.

Make your sentries do all the work killing enemies. As you start with two move them slowly up the bridge walking style. Place them away from enemies and places that might blow up. You yourself need to focus on keeping that unlimited ammo timer up. One thing though, in order to have unlimited ammo, you must first HAVE AMMO! If the gun is empty it wont fire, unlimited ammo just stops you from using up shells, grenades, rockets, bullets, or whatever it is that you want.

That is really all there is to it. It will take some trial and error to figure out what to blow up first and last, where to place sentries and knowing where cars are so you don't have to run all the way back to the start of the level singing The Muppets version of Bohemian Rhapsody just to pass the time. Just make the sentries do the work of killing enemies and use the RPG to kill the helicopter.

Acceptable Losses

3 star criteria - "Veteran Choice": Plant all the explosives and escape.
2 star criteria - "Hardened Choice": Plant all the explosives and escape.
1 star criteria - "Regular Choice": Plant all the explosives and escape.

We had so much trouble with this, only to find there are two ridicoulously easy ways of doing it. You need to plant three explosives, without sounding an alarm (i.e. being stealthy) and then escape. If you ever get the alarm and you are nowhere near escaping, restart the entire level. It really isn't worth fighting. Swap out the pistol for one of the silenced weapons, if you are doing this right, you should never need it anyway.

The first way is to split up and carefully plant the explosives as quickly as possible. While it is wildly risky, it's quick. Use your heartbeat sensors on the shotguns to locate enemies and only kill the ones you need. Avoid sprinting.

The second way is to do the one support, one up close. Have one person plant the C-4 while the other stays in the vicinity with a Sniper Rifle, picking off any (and only) enemies that can become a threat. It really isn't too hard, just take your time and don't be stupid.


3 star criteria - "Veteran Choice": Fight through riot police and infantry.
2 star criteria - "Hardened Choice": Fight through riot police and infantry.
1 star criteria - "Regular Choice": Fight through riot police and infantry.

Two words - Team. Work!

If you are not used to using a Riot Shield by now, get used to it! This is a necessity. If you want practice go into Multiplayer and start running around with it.

This level isn't too hard if you progress slowly. Enemies only come at you once you get to certain points in the level, so you can run forward, force them to spawn, and then run backward fighting them off slowly. The most effective tactic is for one person to use a Riot Shield to draw enemy infantry fire while the other concentrates on picking them off. Remember, the Riot Shield can only absorb hits from the front!

The Riot Shield should protect the shooting player, and the shooting player should make sure that other infantry don't get too close to the shielding player. Only use the Riot Sheild bash as a last resort!

Treat this level as Space Invaders: walk up and let the enemies come to you, hide behind the shield and pick them off. The only time you should have trouble is when you get flanked or crowded, which shouldn't happen if you are playing well.

Estate Takedown

3 star criteria - "Veteran Choice": Kill all enemies
2 star criteria - "Hardened Choice": Kill all enemies
1 star criteria - "Regular Choice": Kill all enemies

Little safety tip, whenever you are throwing your controller at something, never throw it at an animate object (such as a human or a dog or a plant), it hurts. I only tell you this because this level is quite simple, but among the lines of frustratingly annoying.

Familiar from "Loose Ends", all you have to do is kill every enemy in and around the house. The houses powerful cover and arsenal in the basement will help you. But Juggernauts and ghillie snipers are added to the fray making the mission a lot tougher.

Unfortunately there is no set way to do this level. You are pretty much on your own, but I suggest you fight your way into the basement of the house, pick whatever weapon(s) takes your fancy and then use the rest of the house as cover letting the footsoldiers and Juggernauts come to you. Try and pick one powerful weapon to take down the Juggernauts and a thermal scoped weapon to take down the Ghillie Snipers. This is just a matter of patience and vigilance. Make as much use of the level as you want to.

There is no time limit.

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