3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Story walkthrough: Act I Part 1


Back in the Saddle

Help train the local militia.

Back in the Saddle
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Extra achievement - "Pit Boss"

1 piece of Intel available

This is the easiest mission, considering death is impossible, unless of course you are stupid enough. Anyway you play as Private Allen who trains local army soldiers; this is basically your tutorial in the game. Simply do the following when Sgt. Foley tells you to.

  • Fire at the targets from the hip.
  • Fire at the targets while aiming down the sight.
  • Fire at the targets while penetrating the wooden cover.
  • Snap between targets quickly by aiming down the sight.
  • Throw a frag grenade to hit targets.

You will then be told to run “The Pit”, find it using the Objective Locator and you will meet Cpl. Dunn, who will teach you the benefits of quick switching.

After doing that you will have a selection of weapons of which to run The Pit including a Sniper Rifle, Sub-Machine guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. If you want to get a good time, it is probably wise to take two Pistols. The Desert Eagle and the USP. 45 with the Tactical Knife. These are my reasons:

  • While it may take a couple tries, it is possible to hit every target without missing while only switching these weapons twice and reloading once, thus saving you valuable seconds.
  • You only need hit the target once for it to go down, pistols (or the other Semi-Auto weapon the SPAS-12), will increase your accuracy and give you a time bonus.
  • There come two targets that will ONLY go down by knifing it. The Tactical Knife will help greatly.
  • Learn the course; it will take a little while intuitively knowing where the 'bad guys' are and the 'civilians' are. Shooting civilians will only hinder you.
  • The Deagle, the Shotguns and the Sniper Rifle (yes, there is a Sniper Rifle), have pretty high penetration, be careful as you can hit a civilian on the other side. You can use the penetration to your advantage to hit two targets with one bullet.

Whatever time you get, the game will give you a final score in seconds and will recommend a difficulty for you; you can keep trying or pick a difficulty to play the game with. After that a horn sounds bringing you to your first proper mission.

Danger Close

Danger Close

Get hand picked for Shepherd's elite squad.

Danger Close
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First Day of School

Complete 'S.S.D.D' and 'Team Player' on Veteran Difficulty.

First Day of School
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2 pieces of Intel available

This is your first proper mission, and in about one second in you will be engaged in a fire-fight. You start with 4 flashbangs, 4 grenades, an M4 Carbine (21 clips) with a Grenade Launcher (10 rounds) and Holographic Sight attachments and an M9 as a secondary weapon. After Shepard picks you up, Capt., Foley will tell you to keep up pressure on the RPG teams across the river. You can use whatever you like, but sooner or later the game will advise you to use the Grenade Launcher. After you take out a number of enemies they will retreat, after that enemies will appear on the bridge (with a large 'Target' marker, simply take them out to continue.

You should be aware that you cannot simply 'ride this one out' as the enemies will consistently attack the bridge layer. If you do not kill enough of them in time, you will get a message saying the bridge layer was destroyed and that will count as a death. It is also a good time to remember about the games' "Lower Difficulty" feature.

After you knock out the enemies on the bridge and the bridge layer finishes, err...bridge laying..., you get an order to become the Minigunner of a Humvee! Go up the stairs and 'use' the seat highlighted to get on the turret. By default the Left Trigger zooms in and keeps the turret spinning but sacrifices aim movement speed and the Right Trigger fires. After that an Airstrike will be called in and you will be OM.

Your next objective is to scan for hostile activity. You also get the message not to fire unless fired upon. So don't worry about that. You will be in the Humvee for about a minute so get used to the aim controls in this time. Whilst on your scout you will spot some bad guys scouting you. DON'T fire at them! They won't attack you, so don't worry.

After Cpl. Dunn says "Spin 'em up!", you can start firing on enemies ahead of you. On top the roof of the building and in the windows there are a number of enemies, take them out before they can a chance of hit you. The minigun you are using won’t overheat, but that doesn't mean you should spray like a lunatic, control your fire and keep the LT held down. After that your driver will be forced to retreat and go through roads with enemies, fire at them to take them down as they have RPGs and Rifles. Rifle hits and splash damage from the RPGs will hurt you and a direct shot from the RPG will kill you. There will be a couple of enemies on balconies and in the road. After Sgt. Foley says "Slow Down" you will be cut-off by a white pickup truck with enemies, either destroy the car or the enemies so your driver can push through. Don’t take your eyes of the surrounding buildings though!

After you push through an RPG will hit you and you will be dropped from the minigun, when you regain stability. Follow your team into the building, and quickly! You will have to go up the stairs and fight your way through two rooms to get your next objective. Use flashes and grenades make your way up, and it is a good idea to let your team mates go first.

Your Sergeant will then receive orders to help out another squad by attacking a school. Follow Cpl. Dunn into the school and get ready for corridor firefights. At the entrance there is a room on the right side which will have some enemies, while they can be avoided, be aware of them. You will make it to some stairs which two or three enemies will come down from, so don't run straight up, shotguns are best used here if you can find one, but I haven't found any.

As you make it up the stairs you should enter a corridor on the left, but there is also a blockade on the right known to have bullets fly from it. This corridor is much easier as it is not heavily stacked with enemies (in case I've lost you, we are at the point where Dunn says "I'm cuttin' through history class now!"). Go through these corridors using the cover and the walls provided.

Dunn will then say he spotted an enemy run into a classroom, if you go into the class room where Dunn says "clear!" he should be in the corridor next to your exit, if you are slow he may be with other enemies who have come as reinforcements.

After you exit the school Overlord will send you to the rally point, which you have to make your way to via some alleyways. Since this the last part of the mission, the area is tight and there a number of enemies, it will be very useful to use any grenades and grenade launchers you have left. Grenade launchers can take out a good number of them, leaving you and your squad to pick off stragglers, if you don't have grenade launchers, go round the corner slowly and get into cover, picking enemies off one by one. Either way, be cautious. there are a number of times I've died because there was an enemy lurking in the corner. At the rally point you will meet General Shepard, and that is the mission pretty much over!

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