4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Story walkthrough: Act I Part 2


Cold Shoulder

Infiltrate the snowy mountain side base.

Cold Shoulder
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Black Diamond

Complete 'Cliffhanger' on Veteran Difficulty.

Black Diamond
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

Extra achievement - "Ghost"
3 pieces of Intel available

This will be your first mission as Gary "Roach" Sanderson as TF141. You will be paired with Captain MacTavish for this mission (that name sounds familiar...). Anyway the first part of the mission will concentrate on precision movement.

You will be armed with two Ice Picks, the left trigger uses the left pick, the right trigger for the right, and melee uses both. First follow Soap along the very small ridge, as long as you press into the cliff you shouldn't fall off. MacTavish will then start to climb up and will tell you to follow him, to climb up hold one of the triggers down to put the respective pick into the ice, while still holding down that trigger hold down the other trigger to climb. After you have moved upwards, you can let go of the first trigger and then re-press it to put the pick above, keep repeating this until you have climbed all the way up the ridge. During your ascent a plane will fly over MacTavish's head and cause him to dangle, don't worry about him he won't fall off.

After you have made your first ascent, you will have to jump to the next cliff to ascend. Sprint towards the cliff then hold down both triggers when you get next to the ice. After which you will experience a small cutscene, where you nearly fall off, and the Captain comes to rescue you, keep the triggers held down through this. After he throws you up just ascend again to get to the top of the cliff.

After that you will actually start the mission. The first part is pretty stealthy and you will be armed with an ACR with a Red-Dot sight, Silencer and Heartbeat sensor and an insane amount of bullets; a silenced USP with a Tactical Knife, four flash grenades and four frag grenades. MacTavish will ask you to open the Heartbeat Sensor using the left D-pad. It is basically a small LCD screen showing you enemies as white dots and MacTavish as dark blue, relative to your position. It won’t show you enemies and friendlies behind you though, it takes a couple of seconds after a "scan" to scan again and can sometimes block a little of the screen, so bear this in mind, but this tool makes the mission very easy.

Follow MacTavish and his instructions, he will tell you to take out one guard while he takes out the other. In the three seconds he gives you make sure you aim properly, a headshot will make this easy, won't give you away and saves bullets! Keep behind MacTavish and keep crouch-walking to remain stealthy. Once again you will encounter two guards so do the same as before.

Keep following MacTavish and you will get a new objective. - "Find a way into the base". This is a stealth part and all you have do is don't do anything stupid. Keep walking towards your objective using the heartbeat sensor to find enemies, as it is difficult to see them in the storm that starts up. MacTavish will have split from you by now and will snipe nearby enemies and support you. Try to keep crouched and walk slowly. Aim carefully and make sure the guards aren't looking at each other before you kill them. If you are spotted during this part you will have to find a hiding place. Avoid being seen by enemies from inside tents and the car patrol. You will later get an objective to plant C4 by the Refuelling Station just keep going toward the objective. Soap will then alert you that 20 guards are heading your way, so try not to kill any of them unless you absolutely have to. Hide under the jet planes if you have to. Plant the C4 when you get near it.

After you plant the C4, MacTavish will locate the satellite and it will be marked with an objective marker, just follow it to get to the objective. There are still enemies and some BMPs in the area which you can see, avoid all of them and only kill as a last resort. Go under the hangar to meet MacTavish.

As you and MacTavish enter the hangar, you will spot an enemy walking down the corridor perpendicular to you, either take him out or let MacTavish do it for you. MacTavish will order you to look for the ACS Module upstairs, go up the stairs in the hangar and find the ACS Module, it is marked by an objective marker so you can’t miss it.

MacTavish then says “Roach, I’ve been compromised! Keep a low profile and hold your fire.” Follow his instructions, as Major Petrov will order you to surrender yourself (this isn’t an option though). MacTavish will ask you to go to “plan B” and you will pull out a detonator for the C4 you planted earlier and Petrov will countdown from five at which point he will execute MacTavish.

Detonate the C4 to cause a distraction and quickly eliminate any enemies in front of you. Being at an elevated position for this helps. MacTavish will tell you to use the MiGs for cover as you try to make your hasty escape. The first MiG is marked by a position indicator; MacTavish will cover you, but don't be a buffoon and run out and die, take your time and get there in one piece (or pieces). Be careful, the MiGs can take fire, but will explode eventually, killing you in the process. After you get to the first MiG, MacTavish will point you to a second MiG, snowmobiles will also attack you at this point. You can avoid them, but you can also kill a few. MacTavish will then ask for covering fire, lay down supressing fire on enemies to make sure he doesn't die. If he does it will count as a death for you. This is a good time to use any remaining grenades you have.

Follow MacTavish down the open fence and slide down the hill. After you do enemies will appear at the top of the hill trying to kill you. You can either hide behind the tin house nearby or shoot them quickly. You have to take at least some of them out so more Snowmobiles can come and attack you. Take out the drivers and then you will get the fun part of the mission.

Get on one of the snowmobiles by holding X and you will able to drive it down the mountain to make an escape. To drive the snowmobile: Right Trigger is Accelerate, B is Brake and Left Trigger fires a machine pistol. You will need to drive down 2km to get to the first marker. Keep following this marker down the mountain as it will change positions. Enemies will be shooting at you from other snowmobiles, you can outrun or if they are in front of you shoot them. It isn't wise to go out of your way to kill someone at this point, if you can’t see them, leave them. If you're going fast enough they shouldn't kill you. Try to avoid trees and rocks also, because they slow you down or kill you. Don't worry about MacTavish, he isn't scripted to die, but if he is in front of you follow him as he points out a very simple route for escape. At some point you come across walking enemies, run over them or something, if you're moving they'll be as useless as sheep. A helicopter will also shoot at you, just ignore it and keep moving. So if I haven't stressed this enough - keep moving.

At approximately 1400m left you will start to go down a very steep hill at high speed. If you brake, enemies kill you, if you run into a tree your dead. Stay calm and keep control and watch out for anything in front of you. Make the jump and get to the helicopter by the LZ. Et voila! Mission completed!

No Russian

This mission is skippable and does not offer any achievements; you can still get other achievements here though.

For those of you remembering the small teaser for Modern Warfare 2, that revealed almost nothing but the name and release date, this is what all the hype was about.

After the introduction you will go up an elevator with Makarov and you will get two commands. The game will simply tell you to "Follow Makarov's lead" and Makarov himself will tell you "Remember - No Russian". Interpret this any way you want to, because Makarov and his three men will open fire on the innocent civilians in the airport. You can fire on them too, but me being the anti-war, nonviolent type suggests that you don't do that. You will be equipped an M240, and an M4 Carbine with a Grenade Launcher, 4 Frag Grenades and 4 Flashbangs. If you are going to fire on the civilians (please don't!) don't bother using the Grenade Launcher, Grenades or Flashbangs, as they become useful later. Your sprint will also be reduced to a very slow jog and you won’t be able to walk as quickly as normal. Simply follow Makarov for the first part of the mission, and do what you will, but don't do the following:

- Don't shoot any of the four terrorists or hit them with grenades or flashbangs.
- Do not get too far behind them.

The second part is where this gets more challenging, it's after you make your way down the escalators into a gate entrance. Just about when Makarov says "Check your weapons and ammo". After you make your way downstairs via a basement, FSB will show up with a Riot Shield, now would be a good time to use any grenades or grenade launchers that you have as if aimed correctly will kill any of them instantly. Don't be afraid to take the Riot Shields as it may come in handy for this last part of level, especially on higher difficulties. Some policemen will attempt to shoot you from the west side windows from a vantage point, if you stick close the wall they will have a hard time trying to hit you. Take your time and use the walls and boxes for cover as you pick off stragglers. You will encounter more police with Riot Shield so use any grenade launchers you have again. Your 'teammates' aren't scripted to die so use them for cover. Keep moving south and Makarov will at one point say "30 seconds. Go", this shows the end of the level. Simply follow him and watch events unfold right before you.


Tag 'em and bag 'em

Find Rojas in the Favelas.

Tag 'em and bag 'em
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Shared achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Turistas"
4 pieces of Intel available

You start this mission in the passenger seat of a car while you are following some Militia who stop the side of the street and approach Rojas assistant. The assistant pulls his gun out, and kills the two Militia, crouch down in the car by pressing B and watch your driver die there and then. Anyway you get out of the car with MacTavish and follow him through the city; you will see civilians and cars pass you. Do NOT shoot at them, and I mean it this time as it counts as a death if you do. You are equipped with an ACR (10 extra clips with an ACOG scope and Grenade launcher (10 rounds), 4 flashbangs, 4 frag grenades and an M1014 shotgun (63 extra pellets). You will encounter more guns and enemies coming out of nowhere so if you don't feel comfortable with guns you have feel free to change them. Later. Right now after running with MacTavish you will spot the assistant and MacTavish will ask you to shoot him in the leg. Aim down the sight at his leg and fire a couple of bullets.

That was the easy part. You will team up with Meat and Royce for this next part as you try to track down Rojas himself through the favela(s). After you jump down into the favela Meat will clear the civilians and Militia will start attack you, defend yourself against and try to progress to the marker using any path you want. Some people prefer to go round the outside whereas I try to go through the middle and use the shotgun. Do whatever works best for you but at this part follow these tips.

  • Enemies have no patience on Hardened and Veteran, if you stay in one spot for too long they will find you and kill you so keep moving.
  • Try not to shoot civilians, the odd stray bullet here and there is allowed, but other times it will cause you to fail the objectives.
  • The enemies will drop a large variety of weapons with attachments here including: RPDs, Rangers, Desert Eagles, Mini-Uzi and the Draganov. If you don't find your current weapons comfortable, feel free to change, but be warned that you may run out of ammo.
  • On any difficulty you will encounter grenades thrown at you. Move or throw them back but don't be an idiot.
  • Watch the rooftops, there will be snipers and infantry in vantage points, if you are not vigilant, you will not spot them and they will kill you. The start menu's radar is very useful here.
  • Flashbangs are useful especially near the end of this first bit. If there are a few enemies covering that South-East exit simply throw a flashbang and sprint round the corner. You should be safe afterwards after that part is done.
  • Take care when sprinting.
  • Meat and Royce will die at certain points, you will be on your own at some point but this seems to be random.
  • Because enemies hide behind corners, the shotgun you have is VERY useful, but everyone has different tastes.

After you get part this first part MacTavish will tell you they know where Rojas is, you will have to cut him off all by yourself by fighting your way through here. Yes this is going to be like walking through hell. After my many playthroughs of this I expected there to be a time limit, but I didn't spot any, so take your time here. You will spot dogs early on, if they jump on you, you will have to hit the melee button at the right time to break their necks. You will need to fight your way up the favela and with enemies popping out of rooftops, vantage points and windows and few spaces for cover you need to think and act quickly. If you get lost, follow any stairs upwards and follow the objective marker. It's very difficult to explain every little detail about enemies in this level, but considering you are likely to die a couple of times it would help you if you learn where enemies are. They will seem to appear out of nowhere and on Veteran you may not have enough time to react unless you anticipate them early. Keep pausing to check the map so you can spot where some enemies are but remember that if it’s clear, that doesn't mean that, there are no enemies there. Always proceed with caution. Unlike in the first part if you stay in one spot for too long enemies won't search you out, but if they have spotted they will attempt to shoot you from where they are or throw grenades. Remember the general hints and tips from the first part of this walkthrough? Use them. Remember your training in the first mission? Use that too. These will help you immensely. Flashbangs are useful if you need to move from cover and grenades are useful to kill enemies inside of buildings.

Whilst you are playing through this level Ghost and MacTavish will consistently gain and lose sight of Rojas. Keep following their advice except for when they tell you to hurry up. MacTavish will at some point say "Roach, keep pushing him uphill! Don't let him double back!” just take your time and keep moving forward while taking out enemies. Sooner or later you will have Rojas cornered. Et voila! The end of the mission, it is in my opinion one of the hardest in this game so congratulate yourself.

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