5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Story walkthrough: Act II Part 1


Royale with Cheese

Defend Burger Town.

Royale with Cheese
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Shared achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Red Dawn"
4 pieces of Intel available

Remember that ACS module you busted your hump for in "Cliffhanger!", well it turns out that the Russians already cracked it and have used it to start...World War III (?).

Don't worry about that, you have other stuff to do! You are now back to the usual US Army Ranger equipped with SCAR-H with a Red Dot, and a Shotgun attachment and an M9. You will find a useful array of weapons here, if you want to change weapons go ahead. You'll also be armed with 4 frag grenades and 4 smoke grenades. You can be as careless with your ammo in the first part of the mission as you like, as you will notice large green boxes which contains ammunition, which will fully stock you up on both weapons you have (and any attachments) and both sets of grenades. These will be scarce though, so shoot carefully.

You start in the passenger side of a jeep with your squad which are waiting for orders. About half a minute in Sgt. Foley will tell you "We've got a BTR, get out, get out!", so get out, as it will shoot the jeep you are driving in and kill you. Follow Sgt. Foley through the suburbs and he will tell you at one point not to engage that BTR, of course we won't 'cause we are not idiots! Are we? You will soon have to follow the BTR with Sgt. Foley; just keep 20-30m so you can see it in front of you. Foley will hide behind a car and tell you to use your Smoke Grenades to cover a path for yourself. It'll be wise to use 2-3 here just to be safe, you can always get them back via ammo crates. Make sure you throw a smoke in close proximity to the BTR, otherwise if you run past the BTR it will shoot you, the game will also come up with a warning saying "Smoke grenade too far from vehicle". When you throw a successful smoke grenade in Veteran difficulty the BTR will start to reverse to try and find you, so move quickly.

After you get past the BTR, you run into an alleyway guarded by Russians. The shotgun can be useful here if you get close to enemies and can penetrate light cover very easily. Use dumpsters and trashcans here for cover. They'll also use cover as well, so grenades can be useful. You can come across some other weapons here, so trading out your M9 for an AK47 or PP2000 is a good idea, but bear in mind you will need to get rid of a weapon later. You move into another alleyway behind a gas station. Enemies will be hiding in the station itself (you can pick these ones off if you move back into the first alleyway), behind the gas pumps and behind the truck that appears. Move carefully and use your minimap as you will have to go around a corner and out of the bottleneck. Beware of the cars in the station, they explode. After you clear the gas station follow Sgt. Foley across the road, there are a couple of stray enemies, which can kill you; beat teammates usually get them first.

Foley will ask a Private for a SitRep, there are a couple enemies he's firing at in the bank (I think it's a bank). Foley will then order you to use new weapons on the roof of the restaurant. Follow the objective marker via a ladder in the kitchen, or climb up the ladder on the outside. You should find a Sentry Gun already set up and a Semi-Auto sniper complete with a thermal sight. Pick this up, as enemies will use smokescreens later and you will have to defend the restaurant, nice change of pace isn't it? Use the thermal sights to kill enemies, get down into prone if you get shot, keep an eye out for grenades (they come very rarely but as a just-in-case) and watch the ladders as enemies will try to come up. Foley will usually say something if an enemy gets on the roof. You may have claymores here so use them to cover the ladders, don't use them all at once as they will waste easily. You will be defending from the south and will later have to switch to the north. You can put the Sentry Gun in two positions, when you move it. The first is to put it facing the ladders so it will kill any enemies who get on the roof and acts as a warning device, or you can put it facing the street below to kill a number of enemies. Each has their own risk/reward ratio but use whatever you feel most comfortable with and is most likely to make sure you survive. The sentry will die if it takes explosives, melee attacks or gunfire so be careful, unlike multiplayer the sentry gun lasts forever otherwise. After you held off the enemies for a while Foley will ask for a Sitrep on Raptor. At this point, reload, make sure you have enough ammo for your guns and change to weapons you are comfortable with.

Two BTRs will start attacking from the north and the sky will start raining missiles, so get off the roof, if you don't Foley will remind you and if still disobey they will kill you. It turns out that the guy firing the AGM's is in the diner on the other side of the road! Your job now is get rid of him. While there aren't many foot soldiers, you must avoid the BTR that patrols the road. If it spots you have about one second to hide otherwise you will die. Sometimes this diner is heavily protected and sometimes it isn't, but if it is just clear the enemies while making sure you are constantly in cover. Once you pick up the Predator Drone control rig, which on the counter marked by an objective marker, your next objective is to use it to destroy the BTR's. Before you start to use it though, make sure you are covered by walls and squad members as stray enemies will start attacking you. Press right D-pad to take out the laptop.

Here's a quick guide to use it. You will an aerial view of the battlefield which circles around the area you are in. The grey scale video feed is the one of the missile you will be using. Enemies and enemy vehicles are marked by a red box; you are marked by a green + symbol. Press the right trigger to release the missile and once it's in flight press the right trigger again to increase speed. First, it is definitely a good idea to get rid of the OTHER BTR that isn't marked by an objective and any clusters of enemies that you see as the next parts of the mission will be easier without them constantly trying to kill you. You can also use the Laptop as a UAV. Simply look where enemies are and press the right d-pad to put away the Laptop. There is a Stinger launcher in this diner, take it, as it will make a later part of the mission easier.

After you have destroyed the main BTR, the Sergeant will ask you to take Burger Town which is the fast food restaurant next to Nate's and marked by an indicator. There are numerous entrances into Burger Town, but before you go in, clear any enemies you see from outside using your grenades and the drone to help. Once you get inside, just kill all the enemies. The shotgun attachment is VERY useful here, but you can also find Strikers and PP2000 to help if you dropped your original weapons. Once you've cleared out Burger Town, you will have to help escort Foley and Raptor from Nate's to Burger Town. As soon as you hear Foley say he's going to do this, get back outside and clear enemies, as if Raptor dies that counts as a death. You can use the AGM missile, but make sure you don't hit friendlies with it. Foley will start moving him after a countdown and will run with him on his back (that sounds familiar). Keep defending him and he should make it quickly.

Once Raptor is inside the locker you will have to start defending Burger Town heavily. Abuse those missiles now! To take out clusters of enemies because if they get anywhere near the meat locker in the back of the restaurant that will count as a death. Listen to Overlord telling you where enemies are coming from, and the objective Indicator will tell you where to keep an eye on things. After a while you will lose the Predator missile and will have to defend using your guns. Life's brilliant isn't it?!

Soon after you will be attacked by some helicopters. Remember that stinger missile I told you about? It comes in very handy! Keep a lock on the slick for a while until you get a tone then press RT to fire a missile. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH SPACE SO WHEN THE MISSILE IS FIRED IT DOESN'T HIT AN OBSTACLE! If you are still at Burger Town keep defending it from strays. If you are not, get back quickly as you could loop-die in a very annoying spot! You will be attacked by another wave of enemies including another helicopter. Get rid of the heli first! It should be marked by an indicator.

Note: You can also use other weapons to get rid of the heli, but i'd advise against this.
Once you've cleared the helicopter and some enemies you will get picked up by some Army-folk. Follow Foley to the convoy and that will be this mission finished.

The Hornet's Nest


Complete 'Takedown' and 'The Hornet's Nest' on Veteran Difficulty.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

Extra achievement - "Colonel Sanderson"
4 pieces of Intel available

The idea of this mission is to get to some guy named "Nikolai" who is trying to give you chopper transport out of Rio. Follow MacTavish and Ghost up the path until you get to a plaza. You'll be armed with an UMP.45 with an ACOG scope and a G18 machine pistol with 4 frags and 4 flashbangs. The first thing I should point out is that while the UMP is an effective run and gun SMG, it's a pretty poor assault rifle due to its high recoil and low range. When you get to the plaza Militia will start attacking you from all sides. The important thing here is not to rush in. Enemies will try to shoot your from rooftops, behind cars, blindfire, behind walls and from places you wouldn't look twice at. See if you can climb on the building in the centre and hide behind some walls or barrels then you can use the scope to hit enemies who are hiding far away. If you go to the north side of this central building you will see a Dragnov sniper rifle lying against the wall. You can use this if you are not comfortable with using the UMP as a long-range weapon. Soon Ghost and MacTavish will give enemy reports including enemies riding along in two cars. The cars will always park in the same designated spots so shooting the driver won't do anything. Instead aim your focus at the guys on the car turrets, if you don't kill them quickly enough, they will pin you down with supressing fire. After you killed enough enemies MacTavish will tell you to "keep pushing through to the evac point".

While you are running, there might be some enemies who will still shoot at you. Keep an eye on them and hip-fire on them if you need to. As you head south you will pass the intersection. At this intersection you travel east, downhill. The problem here lies that the downhill part has quite a lot of cover for enemies to hide and you are wide in the open, so make sure you get downhill quickly so you have some cover. Grenades thrown here will be very inaccurate, so don't waste them. As you get downhill more enemy reinforcements will appear. You can start using grenades to get to enemies behind cover, as penetrating the cover will be difficult as you will have to keep focus on more than one place at a time. Work your way down slowly and run back up the hill if you need to.

One you've cleared the area, you will need to "push through these streets to get to the market". You'll hit a flight of stairs and will be ambushed by some footsoldiers. You need to keep sharp for the next few bits as enemies will come from seemingly out of nowhere, like tall grass or a ledge or a side-alley. Work slowly and only progress if you can find cover. Take care when using the cars for cover as RPG's can blow them up easily. After you go South down the alley you'll move West. You can move through the buildings and avoid open fire, but there are a number of ambush points against you, or you can run straight up the hill avoiding cars and some fire. Whatever you do, DON'T throw frag grenades! After making it up the hill you'll come to a small open settlement, with enemies coming out from behind barrels and some coming from inside houses through doors. Rushing in is inadvisable as there is no decent cover to protect you. Take out what you can see and move forward carefully. Use the cars to move forward slowly and take out more enemies hiding behind fences and a new car full of enemies and a turret will appear.

You'll need to cut through the market to get to the LZ; this is a good place to get "Colonel Sanderson", by simply throwing a grenade into the middle of the market. Be careful of teammates and enemies and yourself though. When fighting through the market it can be difficult to spot enemies. Take your time and try and tell the difference between enemies and teammates. Listen to what your teammates say so you can choose who to kill and which way to go. There are many routes through the market, each have their own bottlenecks and vantage points. A shotgun (if you can find one) is very useful here. Use your remaining flashes here and keep an eye on the objective indicator.
At 30 meters near the landing zone, you will have to run to the Pave Low which is ready to pick you up. Unfortunately because the area is "too hot" MacTavish will "wave off" Nikolai, meaning you will have to fight your way to another LZ! This part onwards is a little faster paced, keep up with MacTavish and you shouldn't have a problem. You'll have to run to the Pave Low and then jump to another rooftop. You'll just manage to catch the side of the roof for one of the most epic...failures.

After you wake up you will have to sprint all the way back up to the rooftops. You will have no weapons here and it is the last part of the mission, always keep an eye on that indicator to know where you are going. To start, run forwards into the wooden stall, weave your way through some concrete walls and run through a doorway on your left. Run down and then back up the stairs and up more stairs until you find your way to the tin rooftops. You've got 30 seconds to get to the chopper now. Follow that indicator until you have to turn left and jump down, turn at the next right and right again and slide down the tin roofs. Crash through a window and jump for the rope ladder.


Red Dawn

Complete 'Wolverines!' and 'Exodus' on Veteran Difficulty.

Red Dawn
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

3 pieces of Intel available

Back as the US Army Rangers you get to support a defense with the help of a Stryker. In simple terms, this is basically a tank with a very powerful machine gun. First things first, under my many play attempts I have never been penalised (by a death) for not protecting the Stryker throughout the level. It seems that no matter how much stuff gets shot at it, it is invincible. So feel free to roam around. Secondly you start with a SCAR equipped with a Red-Dot sight and an M9 with a lot of spare clips. You'll be equipped with Frags and Flashbangs and there will numerous amounts of weapons dropped in this level including RPG's, RPD's and UMP's. Despite what you pick up, keep the SCAR as it is the most useful in all situations on this level. There are also ALOT of ammo crates which will be pointed to you via a translucent black and white arrow pointing towards a large green box. These will completely resupply your load out for whatever you are carrying but it will take a couple of seconds, so if you are going to use one, make sure you are safe.

Now to start the mission, at the start you move slowly forward with the Stryker trying to put supressing fire on the houses which contain Russians. Foley will shout out instructions such as "Get off the streets! Use the houses for cover" which you should and would also point out enemy targets. Despite what he says don't worry about the Stryker, worry about yourself and how you are going to progress. Soon you will get a prompt saying "Press D-pad right to laze a target for the Stryker. Use RT to confirm the target area." In this mission you will get a special attachment - a laser designator. Open the attachment on the D-pad and you should see a laser light emitting from your gun. Point it at a building or place where you want the Stryker to kill enemies and after that the gunner will say "Badger One copies. Engaging house", but will change dependant on where you point him. The Stryker will start firing at the enemies you designated and will take out most of them before you able to use this "special item" again. The gunner will tell you when he has finished his rounds by saying "Badger One to Hunter Two area suppressed." Even so, he may not have completely cleared the area you pointed at, so still be a little bit cautious. Keep following the advice given by Dunn and Foley and progress forward. Do NOT get in the way of the Stryker as it will crush you. It will tell you (usually when it is moving positions). Slowly progress forward, paying attention to windows and fences for enemies. Keep following Foley; he is marked by an indicator if you lose him.

You might see transport helicopters with enemies rappelling down from them. While you can have the Stryker fire directly at the helicopters it isn't useful. The helicopters spit out 3-4 enemies each which can easily be killed on the rope or while they land. I would advise you to point the Stryker somewhere else, but if you are having trouble with a certain helicopter, don't be afraid to use what you've got.
Soon you will reach a security checkpoint which will have a sentry gun shooting at you. You can have the Stryker take it out or you can do it yourself. Grenades are effective against it. If you run out of grenades, you can refill at the nearby ammo crate. Enemies hide everywhere here, in the booths, in the small station, behind bushes, low walls. Use your grenades and the Stryker to easily flush them out. If you're having trouble here, stay near Foley, as his movements will point out where enemies are hiding. After clearing the checkpoint you need to go through it and wait for the Honey Badger to pass through it as well.

Then you will get orders from Overlord to take out some Anti-Aircraft guns and then get to some house, for reasons unspecified. First you will come up on a standard neighbourhood with houses on either side of the street that you’re walking on, almost all filled with enemies. There are number of tactics you can use here. I decided to go through each house and clear out enemies easily, lazing the same house as I go so the Stryker is still busy. Check upstairs and downstairs for enemies, and then move on to the next one. There many bottlenecks in the buildings via windows and doorways so be cautious when moving from room to room. Another idea is to hide behind the Stryker and kill any enemies on the road that you see, using it as cover. The latter method takes longer, but it's safer. The Stryker will move forward when you move forward and will stop at certain points dependant on where you pinpoint targets. If you are moving up via the middle of the street, keep an eye out for burning cars and enemies on the side.

The last house you enter on the north-eastern side has three levels. You can enter from the basement which has many small doorways to shoot and get shot though. You can enter on the ground floor which isn't wise as there is very little cover and there is the upper floor. You must clear this house of enemies and remember to keep the Stryker busy by designating the house.

After you clear the house you will exit from the basement and see the artillery marked by an objective indicator. "Use your laser designator to call in artillery on those vehicles!” There are two sets which you have to destroy which you can do from far away. You will then have to travel to Brookmere Road, follow your teammates to the house via the bridge/tunnel. The objectives are marked by an objective indicator. I won't spoil it for you, but it may not be what you are expecting.

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