6. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Story walkthrough: Act II Part 2

The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday

Shared Achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Prisoner #627"
3 pieces of Intel available

The first bit of this mission is swimming, so you might as well enjoy the scenery. It'd be about two minutes before you actually get to do anything.

You'll swim up to the surface where you will be below and behind a guard with a prompt saying "Press 'Melee' to take out the guard". Simply follow the instruction, and watch for a couple of seconds.

This is where the mission starts and you will have the best loadout yet. You start with an M4A1 with a Red Dot and silencer and a grenade launcher. Paired with a SCAR attached with a Thermal sight and a silencer. You'll also start with 4 flashes, 4 frag grenades and a Claymore. You'll move upwards where you have to take out a guard using your supressed weapons only. Kill him or let MacTavish do it for you. After that you will get to do something new to the game called "Breaching".

While the majority of it is cinematic, this comes in useful. You will get an objective marker on the white doors saying "Breach". Choose which door you want to go through and the team will place an explosive on it. The door will explode and the game will play in slow motion. You'll quickly move through the door and spot both enemies and hostages. The enemies look like Russian soldiers and the hostages are tied up and dressed in orange jumpsuits. Be careful as you fire at enemies. After a couple of seconds the game will return to normal speed where enemies will still keep firing at you if they are still alive. No matter which door you enter from there are four enemies to take out. Your squad will take out the other four on the other side. Follow Ghost and MacTavish as they scale upwards through the oil-rig. As you move outside, keep hidden behind cover as the helicopter sweeps by. If it spots you, you will have to start fighting off enemies. If not (and it shouldn't) continue forward.

You should reach a point where you have to Breach another room again. There are again two doors here, but it is advantageous to use the one with MacTavish and Ghost lining or the northward facing door (i.e. you have to face south to breach it), as you can see the entire room and all of the enemies. Including the three that face the other way. There are five enemies in this room and two will try to execute the hostages if you are not quick enough.

It seems that because the soldiers hadn't checked in there will be other soldiers coming to check up on them. After planting the C4 climb up onto a platform with MacTavish and wait. You should have your detonator out and ready. MacTavish will say "Plan B. Do it". Where you should detonate the C4 and start firing on the rest of the enemies. Once it's clear, proceed forward and upward with MacTavish. As you are going up the stairs you may contact some enemies on the stairs and immediately behind cover once you go up it. Keep behind cover and fire at any and all enemies that you see before proceeding forward. AT4's, grenades and the grenade launcher are useful here, but don't waste them!
The helicopter will try and find you and shoot you again. You can keep down behind cover to try and avoid it firing at you or you can find the Stinger and take it out. The stinger is situated in the room immediately to your right as you came up the stairs, it doesn't have a door and MacTavish will have likely entered it. It is on a couple of crates with some other weapons. Be very careful when using these as there are only a few to use. Stick with MacTavish and progress forward slowly.

MacTavish will force your squad to split up. You can either fight with the other members of the squad head-on, or go upstairs using the vantage point with MacTavish and then flanking the enemies. From my playthroughs, it seemed that fighting head-on was the easier choice on the lower difficulties, while on the higher difficulties flanking was the more effective one. Be careful though. Enemies have seemingly random behaviour here. Not "random" as in stupid behaviours, but "random" as in they never seem to behave the same way. At some points an enemy found me flanking, while at other times they didn't.

You'll move forwards and upwards until you see two objective indicators marking a "breach" point. DO NOT run straight towards them as this in an ambush. The enemy will use smoke and thermal sights will spot you, so don't stay in the open, even if you think they can’t see you. If you still have your thermal sight SCAR, use it now. If you don't, find one! Otherwise you will struggle to get pass the snipers and gunners that have vantage points against you. There are a couple of things to note. Find a good hiding spot and stay there! Ground enemies will try and fight their way towards you, I found it a much easier tactic to be cornered and have a lot of cover than trying to isolate and face them head on. On the harder difficulty they will flank you and get to you much faster, so make sure you look everywhere. Enemies will sometimes throw grenades. If you run away from them, you are likely to get shot. A good idea is to throw them away by aiming towards the air. Sometimes they detonate in mid-air or at the very least away from you! Remember when using the thermal sights enemies are bright white whereas teammates are flashing white. Remember to use your minimap! You will need work quickly but very patiently. This is the last part of the mission, so use any and all ammo you have left. Be careful about throwing grenades, somehow they can hit something and end up falling next to you!

When Overlord gives you information about the hostages it should be clear enough to progress forward, be cautious though. There are always a couple of enemies waiting. Before you start to breach there will be hostages and barrels with C4 stuck to them. If you so much as touch them, it'll explode and you will die or fail the objective. No matter which side you enter from, there should be three enemies to kill. One enemy seems to try and kill you up close. Be wary of him!

After you have successfully breached simply bug out and that should be the mission cleared!

The Gulag

Soap on a Rope

Storm the gulag.

Soap on a Rope
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Prisoner #627

Complete 'The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday' and 'The Gulag' on Veteran Difficulty.

Prisoner #627
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

4 pieces of Intel available.

What an odd name for a level... Anyway the whole idea for this level is to rescue someone that goes by the name of "Prisoner 627". You will be travelling on the same helicopter you escaped with, along with a M14 semi-auto sniper rifle and a M4A1 with a Red-Dot and the Grenade launcher.

At about a minute in, the helicopter will hover above "The Rock"...I mean the "Gulag" and MacTavish will allow you to use the sniper rifle to kill enemies. Concentrate your shots on the enemies in the tower that are trying to shoot you down, rather than the enemies who are running along the battlements. After you have cleared a certain number of enemies the helicopter will "shift right" so you can fire at more enemies. While you have a large amount of ammo at your disposal, remember to fire accurately rather than shooting without thinking. The helicopter will shift again and then a small inter-scene will happen about Jet-fighters nearly crashing into you.

Soon after you land you will have to fight your way in to the gulag. Enemies will be on ledges, in windows and behind cover. They will have vantage points against so running past them isn't an option. Hide behind the Tanks and use the Sniper to spot and take them out. The majority of the enemies should be spotted to the West and South of where you are. Progress forward with your teammates, and by that I mean, follow MacTavish south and you should have a ground-to-ground fire fight. While it is tempting to use your grenade launcher to take out groups of enemies here, there are much better places to use them. When you move forward again, be prepared for a small ambush. Hide behind the dumpster and pick off enemies before moving into the gulag itself.

Unless you are really comfortable with the sniper rifle. I suggest you swap it with something else as soon as possible. There are a good amount of enemy weapons to use, if you aren't comfortable with the M4A1. Move forward with teammates and if you need to escape for cover use a grenade, flash or grenade launcher to clear a group of them. Enemies can seem to pop out from behind unchecked walls and corners.
When you've found the control room Ghost will leave to gain access of it. MacTavish and you will lead the group anti-clockwise through the jails while Ghost uses a searchlight to spot enemies. Soon you will reach some doors that are locked and won't be able to be unlocked until Ghost opens the (correct) door. While he's doing that stay low so you can peek through the bars and drop down if you need cover. You can use the metal skirting boards on the sides of the corridor as cover and to peek from. Keep fighting your way through the corridors and if you find your weapon has stopped being useful change it. Shotguns and SMG's are particularly useful here. Take care using your grenades though, especially your grenade launcher.

Move downwards to the armory indicated and pick "anything you like". You have a choice between an M9 handgun, M1014 and AA-12 shotguns, AK-47s, M93 Rafficas and Riot Shields. You had better make up your mind quickly because enemies will get to your position. The Riot Shield is probably the best option, as it protects all damage from one side of you. If you haven't picked up a riot shield, stay low to a point where enemies cannot see or hit you. Soon Ghost will open the gate going South-east. Kill the enemies quickly or move slowly towards them (if you have a Shield). At this corridor you will get one of two commands. If you are using the Riot Shield. MacTavish will tell you to use it to draw enemy fire. If you are not, you will have to kill enemies while MacTavish draws fire.

If you are using the Riot Shield stay in front of your teammates and crouch to hide your feet. Do NOT sprint as it will make you too vulnerable. While you are protected from all incoming attacks you will only be protected from one side, so you will still need to use cover to protect more than one side. You need to think quickly if you NEED to use other things such as grenades, the melee bash and your other weapon, as it will make you vulnerable for a short period of time. As a guide only use the melee bash as a last resort, do not change to your other weapon unless you have suitable cover, do not use frag grenades, stay in front of your teammates but don’t stay too far ahead, don't sprint, flash grenades will also hit you so use them wisely, and if you need to sprint back for cover, put the Shield on your back by swapping weapons.
If you are not using the Riot Shield stay behind MacTavish with your teammates and use grenades, launchers, claymores to get rid of the enemies ahead of you. While MacTavish can't die, if he takes a hit enemies will turn their attention to you briefly so you need to calculate which targets will hit him.

You will then have to rappel down towards the lower floors when you reach the end of the corridor. MacTavish will recommend you switch to Night Vision goggles (default: D-pad up) for this next bit.

(Technical note: Your TV may have trouble showing the green light for Night-vision, make sure that your cables are connected correctly and your display setting as it its optimum. For those of you who are colour-blind to green, try not using night vision and set your TV to the highest possible brightness setting, and then fiddle around with contrast until you can distinguish different parts of the environment.)

Go down a few stairs and you should see a corridor on your right lined with enemies. Shoot them carefully because after you shoot or get near them, you will have given away your position. The fire fight is not as intense here as they were before but you still need to take precautions. When moving through the corridors, remember to check the cells for any enemies, as being killed by a git in a jail cell will frustrate you to bitter ends.

When you get to the end of the corridor MacTavish and Shepard will exchange words and you will be in a decently lit area again (so you can take off the night vision goggles). You'll move through some corridors littered with a few enemies. As it may take a few tries to get a decent shot, make sure you are careful. The pipes will block your view and some of them when hit will spurt out gas that can hurt you. An objective marker should be placed at the end of a very slim corridor. Walk down the corridor slowly by crouching, when you are about 15m away from it you should notice a room to your immediate right. There can be quite a couple of 'campers' here waiting to kill you so a grenade is very useful.

You'll then take a shortcut through the shower room. Get ready, because this is a very annoying fire fight unless you use the environment to your advantage, you start out at a disadvantage right from the get go. Plant the breaching charge on the wall and as soon as you breach start firing. While there are enemies straight ahead of you they will be blocked by the rubble and penetration through these walls are not as good. There are a couple of enemies near you when you are breaching so i'd advise you kill them first.

After you finish breaching take a decent look around you. This shower room is full of cover which will always be used against you. There are a lot of bottlenecks here for you and the enemy to get killed in, and the upper floor has enemies who have a very good view of the room, yet elevated enough to make sure you clock them and they can be easily taken out by a well-placed grenade launcher. This is a very tricky part that can be tackled in different ways so use whatever is best. This is also the "last challenging" part of the mission, so use whatever you have left.

The first is the 'runner' tactic. Which is to run straight through the enemies using hip fire, grenades, claymores and the like to get to the end of the room, where you fall down a hole and are completely home safe. While this can work on Veteran, I don't advise it. It is likely you will be shot and the Riot Shield enemies are difficult to get past. However it is quick and simple and can save you a lot of time.

Secondly is the 'camp movement' tactic. This uses the middle of the room to your advantage. Find a good place to hide in a corner and kill any enemies you see from that corner. Once you think you are safe, peep out to spot other enemies before moving on. This is a very good tactic and very useful for clearing the room. However if you are caught be a grenade, you are more likely to die. Claymores are very useful.

Lastly is the 'winger' tactic, where you hug one wall for the first two rooms before making your way to the hole on the other side. The advantage in this is that you do not have to worry about grenades as you get plenty of movement, you can easily shoot the enemies on the opposite side and above you, and you do not have to worry about the enemies on the same side above you. The bad news is that you have a lot less vantage points for your use so killing enemies on the ground level is going to be difficult.

If you are using either of the last two tactics, be patient, as there can always be another enemy hiding that you never spotted. Use your minimap to help you spot enemies. When the riot shield come you can easily take them out by making a grenade launcher detonate behind them, or by cooking grenades, or as MacTavish says (hitting them from the side). Do not spend so long looking at one direction, more often than not enemies will be setting up along the above floors which you may have forgotten about. If in doubt stay close to your teammates, but not too close to attract too much unwanted fire. The enemy Riot Shields will slowly move towards you, try and find a way round so you can hit them in the feet or on their sides, be very careful though. Their aim is to distract you from other enemies. Enemy snipers will also use red beams, so use them to find out where they are.

After you made it down the hole, continue following MacTavish. You are now trying to rescue the Prisoner. When you breach, the person you want to shoot is the one being strangled - the other one is the guy you are trying to rescue. After which you will get a small cutscene about the Prisoner. After that you need to run. Follow MacTavish, the prisoner and Worm through the tunnels to find a way out. You only need to sprint sometimes, as getting to far ahead of them could result in the tunnel collapsing on you. You'll come to a dead end with the hole in the ceiling. You'll get another small scene about the four of you being rescued. Just remember to do what the prompt tells you to.

Of Their Own Accord

Shared Achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Homecoming"
2 pieces of Intel available.

Just be glad this wasn't real.

At the start of the mission, you will be in a bunker. Enjoy the scenery around you, as it is quite different from the starts of the other missions. In the bunker, he will also find an M16A4, AN M14 sniper rifle, a Desert Eagle handgun, and an AT4. You start out the mission with the M4A1 with a Holographic Sight and a Grenade launcher, an M9 pistols, some Claymores and some C4 packs. Keep moving forward throughout the bunker, and you will soon meet Cpl Dunn and Sergeant Foley at the exit to the bunker. Follow Foley out of the bunker and keep moving along the walls for cover, your first objective is to clear the Department of Commerce building. When you get close the building hide behind one of the small walls and wait for Sgt Foley's order, move quickly towards the building and be careful about the cars which may catch on fire. Follow Foley up the stairs into the building.

You now have to clear a path to get to the fifth floor. When you get inside the building use the other turntable and others for cover. At some times, the corridors will get a little bit dark to see. So don't be afraid to use your night vision, but remember to take it off if the corridor gets too bright. There should be a doorway on your left, which you must move through. Be careful about enemies trying to come through the door the other way. Peak around the corners to try and find enemies, try and stay with Foley in your squad mates. When you move right through the room filled with plants, there should be an ammo crate there for you to use. Use as much ammo as you can, replenishing and continuing on. Get rid of the enemies behind the secretary’s desk, as it provides useful cover.

You should have made your way upstairs on to the second floor, where Sgt Foley would have told the LAV to hold its fire. You need to move east towards another corridor to move up, be careful here about enemies hiding behind corners. Once you've cleared the area move north up the pile of rubble. Overlord should have told you that hostiles are hammering the evac site on the fifth floor. When you move inside the office there’s an enemy on the other side of one of the doors, who will pop out and shoot you. Shoot through the door to kill him before he even gets a chance. You should see surface-to-air missile site, which are highlighted by C4 markers. Next to which should be an ammo crate for you to use to replenish your ammunition. If you are destroying the SAM site, please be careful. It is more useful to ignore it as it is not an objective and nor does it help you later on.

Make your way up the stairs and you should be on the fifth floor. You should now be proceeding to the south-west corner of the floor. At the start of the corridor there should be bright lights, which show enemy shadows. When you go through doorways move slowly through the corners of their enemies hiding behind the walls, some of these will be too busy firing out the windows to notice you. The enemy's "crow’s nest" in the south west corner is lined with enemies, use grenades, flash grenades, and your grenade launcher to take to make it easier to take out enemies.

This next bit is quite difficult as you have to provide support for the evac site while defending the south-west corner. Use this thermal sniper rifle to take out enemies shooting at the evac site with javelins. Once again, they appear white on grey scale background. To defend the sites remember to look away from the sniper rifle and shoot out the hole directly behind you. Overlord will advise you to clear out the area, Foley will not comply. He will ask you to use the javelins to take out enemy vehicles. To use it at the javelins aim down the site to get a heads up display of the battlefield. Enemy vehicles such as tanks and helicopters will be outlined in green boxes, or if they're not in your line of sight, by green arrows at the edge of the screen. Aim at one of the enemy vehicles until you start hearing beeping. When you hear a clear tone you have locked on and then press the right trigger to fire javelins. While you seem to have an unlimited amount of Javelin missiles, beware that it does take some time to reload and helicopters will try to shoot at you. Also beware of any enemies try to still get to you.

After you have taken out a few vehicles, both Overlord and Foley will tell you to get to the rooftops. You have 90 seconds on Veteran to get to the rooftop. One of your teammates will open the door using a shotgun, after which you should run up the stairs. The way to go, will be pointed by objective indicators and the distance meter, be on the lookout at any enemies trying to stop you. There is an enemy who will blow through the door as you're going up the stairs to you towards your left. Be aware of this and make sure you don't get pinned down. Climb up the rubble towards the rooftop.

Once you are at the rooftop get in the helicopter to use the mini gun. You can take a certain amount of fire before you will die in the helicopter. The helicopter will fly to the war memorial, which you should use a minigun to fire at the enemies using RPGs and the infantry on the floor. The helicopter will point you towards the main road; shoot any enemies in vehicles before they hit you. The helicopter will then move you toward to the Department of Justice, while missles are being fired at you. Try and take out as many enemies as you can. Your helicopter will soon be hit by one of the missiles. This is normal.

The screen will blackout and fade in as you realise you're still in the helicopter but heavily injured. One of the squad mates will give you an M4 which to shoot enemies which are converging in on your position while you are still trapped, keep shooting at them and Sgt Foley will give you an extra magazine to use. Although the outlook is bleak and it does look like you're going to die, it is actually the end of the mission once the enemy helicopter puts the flashlight on you.

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