7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Story walkthrough: Act III Part 1


Desperate Times

Execute the plan to help the Americans.

Desperate Times
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Ends Justify the Means

Complete 'Contingency' on Veteran Difficulty

Ends Justify the Means
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3 pieces of Intel available.

I have absolutely no idea what the heck Price and Shepard are on about. Or what the actual objective of this mission is, but we'll figure it out sooner or later. This is pretty much a three part mission. The first part is Stealthy, the second part is an attack and the third part is an offensive bombardment.

First things first, if you break stealth in anyway during the first part enemies will come after you and Price. You will need to kill ALL enemies in the vicinity before you can move on. This makes things very difficult on Veteran difficulty, as there is enough cover to keep you from being spotted, there is not enough to help in a heated fire fight. Added to the fact that you start with an M14 sniper rifle and USP with tactical knife isn't going to help you. Both weapons are silenced. You might want to check your control settings, specifically your aim sensitivity to make sure you are comfortable.

You spawn a couple yards away from Captain Price who runs toward you. Keep with Captain Price at all times. Up ahead is a junction where an enemy convoy will pass. Stay hidden in the bushes, do not attempt to shoot at them as there are too many and they have dogs. After they have passed you will see "two of them have stopped for a smoke, take one and I’ll [Price] take out the other". Take your time and do it carefully and as not getting right first time could spell disaster. Line up your shot towards his head carefully to take him out with one bullet. After he dies Price will shoot the other one. If you are unsure which two I am talking about they should be the two nearest to your position when you are looking west-ish and standing next to the road rail. Creep forward with Price behind the rail and line up a shot against the dog and his handler on the left (facing north-west). Is it statistically advantageous to take the person out first, but it's your call. Again take your time lining up the first shot before you make a second one. You may need to go into prone or crouch, get closer or further away or move entirely to get a better shot. Just don't be too loud or close. Price will take out the other two and you will move up the bridge and along a road.

Keep moving forward and soon you'll be ambushed by an enemy BTR. Run forward and directly into the wood on your right (north). As long as you keep running in the right direction and the trees don't fall on you. You should be able to avoid any damage whatsoever. After a couple hundred yards "Slow down. Their vehicles can't follow us this far". Move with Captain Price into the bushes on the right to avoid the incoming patrol. Let them pass, and when Price moves forward move with him. You'll come up to a "Three Man patrol dead ahead. Take them out or leave them be. Your call.” If you choose to take them out, line up your first shot carefully so you could take out two guards with one bullet, and quickly take out the third, Price will not shoot at them. If you choose to sneak past, do not sprint.

Move again and you'll spot a "Large [four-man] patrol at 12 o'clock. Use a supressed weapon. Take the two on the right". Take your time lining up your first shot; the two guards Price wants you to kill are the two facing the other direction with flashlights. Once that is done, this last part is tricky. Very tricky. You need to either sneak past or take out the larger dog patrol that will keep patrolling that same area in circles. They'll walk easterly past a copse of trees and then move up another 'path' northwest of where Price is. You will need to move up this path. It is considerably easier to avoid this patrol altogether, let them pass up that path and then move up it yourself. If you take too long in trying to shoot them, Price will move forward, thinking that you want to avoid them. If you want to take them out time it right so you will still have your full sight on all of them. Take out the soldier at the back first before finishing off the two guards and dogs. Price MAY help you, but he doesn't always.

The end of the first part you will now move up a snowy cliff where you will get Air-to-ground missiles! Lie down next to Price and "take control of the Predator drone". And guess what, it's shot down! Slide down the cliff and "They know we're here, you might want to grab a different weapon." There is an AA-12 with a Holo sight, an AUG bullpup with a scope, and M240 with a Heartbeat Sensor. Pick a weapon and follow Price who will later be joined by Ghost, MacTavish and other friendlies.

The aim of this part is to make your way west up the hill towards an enemy base. The first thing I should point out is that soon, YOU WILL GET YOUR PREDATOR BACK! USE IT! This part will only be tricky if you are stupid and or not paying attention. There is a snowed-in blue house to the north, where you can gather your teammates for cover. It is good cover but you will be blind from one side and open at both the west and south areas. The hills terrain can be used for good cover, especially when lying down so use it to fire missiles. Keep in mind you are still in an open area though. When using the missiles try to keep a lookout for where other enemies are in case you don't hit them. Remember you are marked by a green cross. Take care throwing grenades as they tend to roll downhill easily. But they are great for getting enemies out of cover. Enemies are 'smarter' than usual and will tend to use the terrain against you, climbing on roofs, lying down, throwing an endless amount of grenades...

When you reach the enemy's base you will be asked to use ONE predator missile to soften up enemy defences. Before you do this take a look around. There are a number of weapons including RPGs which will come in useful later. Get as close to the enemy as you can without being detected and start up the laptop (you'll see why in a minute). You'll have a choice between a BTR, a helicopter and some groups of enemies, and you have to choice which to hit. I found in considerably easier to take out the helicopter instead of anything else.

Now do you see why I told you to get as close as possible? You get two minutes on Veteran, and three minutes on Hardened to get to the bridge at the other end of the base! If you are playing on an easier difficulty you don't have a time limit. The submarine you have to get to is just over 100m away from you but it will be a hectic fight. Soap will consistently tell you that the missile will be back online after you have used it. Be careful when using it now. Do you really need it? Will it just slow you down? Will you die from using it? Keep looking around you as the cover usually only protects you from one direction and a grenade can catch you off guard. The RPG's or the Missile are very useful for taking out the helicopter, the BTR, the truck and very large clusters of enemies. A general guideline is that you should about 50m away from where you need to be with at least 30 seconds left. After you have reached your destination, which is a bridge, you will need to cover Captain Price using the guardhouse nearby. Climb up using the stairs and lay down to use the missiles and RPG (if you have any) to protect Prices run for the sub. There is a sniper rifle on the top if you need it. It is very disadvantageous for you to fire at the protected enemies with guns. It can be done but remember to drop to the floor if you get hit! Use grenades to take out close enemies. Ghost will consistently tell you where enemies are that you need to take out to protect Price while he is getting to, or is in, the submarine. Keep fighting and play out the one way conversation between Price and Ghost...and you will finally understand what all the fuss was about. If you have trouble on this bit, it is all about trial and error and trying to find the best route to take to get to the bridge. Keep trying, this last bit is very open ended and will take you some time to figure out a decent route.

Second Sun

Shared Achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Homecoming"

Hang on, strange Déja Vu... I could've sworn I was in this helicopter before, trying to not to die from the huge amount of Russians on the road in front of me! And then Sergeant Foley gave me a magazine for the gun which was given to me by a friend who immediately got shot. Wasn't there a helicopter that shined a light on me?!

Infinity Ward repetition part over, you are an astronaut in space, this part is pretty simple. Look right and watch the cut scene.
Drama over and you are back on earth as Ramirez.

And after one Private helps you out of the helicopter you are trapped in, run with Foley to "Get off the Street", while Cpl. Dunn wails like a little girl (remind you of anything?). Get inside the building of what I think is, sorry was, a reception, and stay inside and watch the scene.
Walk out with Sergeant Foley and stick to the right. You should come across an Ammo box for you to refill your load out. Next to it should be another M4. If you filled up completely you should have a miraculous 21 grenade launcher rounds! Keep moving forward and watch out the scenes of your squad encountering a messenger.

Things I should point out that are different about this mission. You no longer have your minimap on the pause menu. It shows positions of teammates, yourself, your objective and enemies, but not the terrain. Secondly all electronic sights are dead, when you look through them, they no longer a pin point for you to look down and will come up with a blank sight. Third, this mission is dark and you don't have nightvision.
Anyway, walk up the stairs into an upper room where your team stacks up and one member attempts to breach the door. Who dies, because there were enemies hiding in the room. The upside of this battle? It's small, there's lots of cover and you should have a ton of ammo, the downside is that it's small, there's lots of cover and it's difficult to see. To stay safe, stick with either Dunn or Foley and move slowly north through the room. Grenades and grenade launchers come in handy and a well placed one can easily clear the entire room. Keep your head down and crawl to avoid getting hit and be ready to run away from (or throw back) any grenades that you encounter. Try to go up the sides of the office as going through the middle has too much cover which will trap you and it is difficult to see. Move through this office to go through another office! This office is pretty similar to the one before despite the fact that it has a gaping large hole where the outer wall should be. Move slowly through the office and keep hidden and pick off any enemies you see. Keep your guard up only for a few seconds. Foley will tell you when the room is clear.

Follow Foley out of the large gaping hole and move forward where you spot three enemies on top a fallen helicopter. Don't shoot! "Move into position" and "Smoke 'me" when Foley says so. Move forward and down the stairs with the squad and you will come to a point where Foley spots people. Hold your fire as Foley goes out to check if they're friendly. They're not. Fire at four or five of them while remaining behind cover. Stay in places where you can see enemies. Move up into the Eisenhower building, then move downstairs and watch the scene.

Whiskey Hotel

Whiskey Hotel

Take back Whiskey Hotel.

Whiskey Hotel
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Complete 'Of Their Own Accord', 'Second Sun', and 'Whiskey Hotel' on Veteran Difficulty.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineDifficulty Specific

2 pieces of Intel available.

What?! You people can't say White House?! At least enjoy some relief, this is the last you'll play as Sergeant Ramirez as one of the US Army Rangers.

Go through the bunker with Sargent Foley, and go up some terrain and you'll find the White House. Your objective here is to take back the White House which has been captured by the Russians; you need to move up the left flank to a building that the Russians have also taken. It's marked by an objective indicator and should be about 100m away from you. This can be easier than it looks. When progressing, stay low, near (but not next to) teammates and stay out of the spotlight, both of them. They can be destroyed, but it is pretty difficult. Jumping into some small ditches can help avoid gunfire, but encounter any grenades while in there and you are history. Either go slowly taking out the machine gunners, lights and snipers with your rifle or run through the lines and get to the building and easily finish off anybody close. A well-aimed grenade launcher shot can work wonders. You might find a sniper rifle (not always) when you are travelling; killing the enemies with it makes it a lot easier, especially if you can lie down on a plane. This isn't going to be trial and error like "contingency" this is going to be a test of luck and patience.

When you get into this "wing", Dunn will open the door into the main building, once he stops getting distracted. Your objective is to deploy green flares on the roof of the White House. While this doorway is a bottleneck there aren't (m)any enemies on the other side so you can progress slowly. However the blown out walls makes a distinct advantage for your enemy to shoot you while running. If you are having trouble going through the door use a flashbang. Progress North towards another "side" of the building which looks like a press office.

Just about as you get into this area there will be a couple of enemies grouped together around cover. A well placed cooked grenade can finish them all off, saving ammunition and your head. Progressing through this part is tricky as you will have to weave in and out of cover progress, and you never know when an enemy is just around the corner. Don't sprint unless you need to retreat. I found it much easier to use an SMG or a shotgun to get through here and just stay in crouch. However keep in mind that once you go on the 'outside' that enemies will start rappelling down from the White House (they are quite simple to see). If you don't kill them while rappelling they'll gain a significant vantage point where they will throw a mind-numbing set of explosives at you. They aren't difficult to kill to get to this platform, but when surrounded by enemies on your level doesn't making killing one of them any easier.

After you've progressed east you and the squad will find Foley saying "We have less than two minutes before they [the jet fighters] flatten the city. We've got to get to the roof and stop them!” First let me explain something, they are your jet fighters who will be doing emergency bombing of the White House to clear the area, and Foley says you have two minutes to get to the top and pop a flare. While there is no actual time limit if you take too long on Veteran you will end up failing the objective. Even so this part is easy if you use hip-fire, and even easier if you have grenades.

Move through the archway killing the enemies near the walls and Foley will open a passage to the left. Keep following him through the kitchen and the blown out wall, and move up the rubble, you will encounter two enemies on the rubble which you can make easy work of, keep behind Foley and you should get to a corridor with enemies hidden behind cover. You can try to shoot blindly through the walls to kill them, or wait until the come out, or sneak up on them, or use grenades, or flash them and run past. Either way you have to make it up the stairs on the left (north-east). If Foley runs forward it means you've cleared this room of enemies, if he doesn't that means there is an enemy hiding somewhere. You can run past him but it is tricky.

Run up the stairs and then follow the Ranger who runs through some rooms and up the pile of rubble, once you've popped your flare when the prompt comes up the mission is over, so watch out the scene.

Loose Ends

The Pawn

Assault Makarov's safe house.

The Pawn
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

Shared achievement for Veteran Difficulty - "Queen takes Rook"
3 pieces of intel available.

Before you start please read carefully. This is a very annoying open-ended mission which will require anticipation, patience and composure on your part if you want to complete it. The ACR you are given is a pretty good weapon to use for the entire mission but feel free to switch later if you need a different one, which you probably will. First things first, walk down the cliff with Ghost and watch the cliff on your left and get ready to go into prone. After walking past the trees for a bit the game slows down showing the mine traps enemies put in place to kill you. Drop into prone and your sight will fill with dirt as enemies quickly close in on you. You have to press forward while avoiding enemy fire, so the quicker you do this the better. As you need to keep moving forward and avoid the mortar fire you will find it easier to hip fire and use the grenade launcher. The ACR is surprisingly powerful, fast and accurate. It will take a couple of tries to get forward to where enemies are throwing smoke grenades. Once you've got to the smoke you will have to fend off a large amount of enemies by trees, which almost all of them will use as cover. If you hug the cliff you should get a very simple shot on them. When you are progressing towards the house, don't forget to use the trees yourself for cover.

Once you're near some solar panels and about 70m away from the house two trucks will start driving down from it, ignore what your teammates say and stay away from them as they are destroyed later. Be careful progressing up to the house, enemies will be low to the ground waiting for you to run into them and get shot, this incline is disadvantageous to you. Once you have made it to the house you have a choice of three breach points - the east side front door, the south side door or the basement. No one gives you any real advantage over the other, but you may find it easier to breach the basement first. Once you are inside you have to clear out the house with two more breach points. This gets tricky as there isn't much cover and enemies always have the jump on you, it's easier if you try not to sprint and are accurate with hip fire. You are given a marker to breach the top floor, when you do you may find no enemies to kill, but after the breach a couple will pop out from behind a cupboard on your right. After that, you and Scarecrow go downstairs to breach and clear the entire basement level. The flashes help greatly around the basements corners. For the breach charge on your right side, there is an enemy in front and an enemy to the far left using an automatic shotgun, this room is actually a very large weapon stash complete with ammo crate and a wild assortment of guns. If you change your weapon, pick two weapons which are very good at close quarters defending. Once you've cleared the other breach you'll regroup on Ghost.

Ghost will tell you to start the transfer of the data from the computer onto a DSM. WAIT! Before you touch anything go round and check for ammo, guns and claymores. You need to set up defences for the entire house and it’s not going to be easy with all these entry points! Once you are done start the transfer by placing the DSM next to the computer. You will need to defend it until it finishes the transfer of the files it needs, ignore the estimated time, it changes rapidly as you are playing, and you will have to defend it for approximately 5 minutes. Teammates will constantly tell you where enemies are and where they are coming from. Your teammates will die after a while making this part exponentially harder as it goes along. Remember enemies can and will come from anywhere so be alert. I could tell you where to move and who to shoot exactly, but many people have different ways of getting through this and many different tactics work. It just requires a bit of luck, vigilance and perseverance. All you should be worrying about is making sure that DSM does not get destroyed; enemies will shoot it if they get too near or throw grenades near it. Remember that switching weapons is faster than reloading, as is swapping one for a weapon on the ground. Try not to be in a place too vulnerable, as getting a checkpoint in a place where you will consistently die immediately is not a good idea, hiding behind the desk in the living room is a good place for cover. As you can see the places where enemies will come from. When the choppers come stay away from the windows.

When the DSM has finished, retrieve it and grab a light weapon as you need to be running. Get out of the house and head east towards the target marker with Ghost. This bit is from is most annoying bit in the entire game as you need to constantly try running downhill while shooting the enemies, and consistently getting shot. It will take a lot of tries and a lot of luck. If you stick to the right it is far easier than trying to run through the middle. You can try and have a firefight with all the enemies but considering the positions of the enemies it's advisable that you don't do that. At about 60m away you'll get hit by a mortar and the screen will go black. When you wake up the Ghost will be dragging you towards the helicopters, keep firing at the enemies while Ghost drags you back and watch out the cut-scene.

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