9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Intel pieces.

The intel pieces are green laptops scattered in places throughout the game. During a normal playthrough you can get these by keeping an eye out. Nevertheless you may miss some and have to play through the mission again to find them, so here is a worded explanation of all of them.


#1 To left of the objective indicator for "The Pit" there is a tower. It should be on a white table in front of the tower. Pretty simple, you can only get it after Foley lets you go and before you go into The Pit.

Team Player

#2 Follow Foley into the classroom near the end, it should be on the right on top of a desk, this one has no trouble if you killed all the enemies beforehand.
#3 Almost 20 yards away from the last one, as you run outside it is in plain sight on top of a green crate, left of a yellow taxi. Again minimal trouble.


#4 After you split up with MacTavish walk west towards a tower and climb up the ladder. After you finish climbing it should be in front of you. Getting this one can break your stealth.
#5 When you meet up with Soap at the warehouse after planting the C4 look through one of the windows on the left (you may need to turn around), just after you fall down. It should be in the middle window, break it to access it.
#6 This one is pretty difficult, slow down after the objective marker says you are 2000m away. It's in the middle of a small copse of trees, you need to drive slow into the copse and then drive over it to collect. It should still be on the same path you need to go, but you need to slow down.


#7 After you jump down into the favelas, run south on the leftmost path in between the buildings. Turn right at the end of this lane and spot a motorbike leaning against a red building which is near the yellow building. It is in this building on a table. This can be very difficult with all the enemies you are fighting.
#8 When fighting your way to Rojas at about 70m-80m to your objective marker there should be a ladder on a wall of a building, climb up it and kill the two enemies inside this building on the other side of the white door. It is situated on a desk on the west-side wall.
#9 Very close from where number eight was, go outside the south exit and turn left (east) and go into a building with a small set of stairs. Go into the "living room" on the same floor and should be on a table next to a bed.
#10 Just before you reach the capture objective marker, there is a building on your right (northwest). Go into it and go down the stairs, its on a bedside table.


These are difficult unless you get to a point in the game where you don't have to fight enemies! Like just before Foley directs you to the roof.

#11 Inside the gas station on the red cashier counter.
#12 In the Bank north of Nates resturant, it is on a desk in the far corner.
#13 In the Taco resturant south-east of Nates, on one of the tables.
#14 On the backside (east) of burger town there is a small dumpster inside one of the err... small buildings. It's in the dumpster leaning.

The Hornet's nest

#15 Near the start just before you move south down a road, its in the yellow building to the right of the road. It's on a table in there.
#16 After you go down the road and kill the enemies in this area where there is a lot of strewn cover, like broken cars and tyres. Go south to find the laptop stowed away from view in shack. If you are having trouble, look for a basketball backboard, it should be a few steps away from there. This area has a shop called "Baraterio".
#17 Look for a blue car as you go uphill. Go into the nearest apartment and go upstairs, it should be on a table.
#18 This one is concealed inside a window in a red building, north of one of the soccer/football goals. It is just before you climb up onto the rooftops.


#19 Look for a sign saying Garden Villas and a fire truck. There should be a small red-interior building nearby. It's on a desk.
#20 When you reach the security checkpoint, go into the south-side (right) booth and turn immedately to your right. It is on a cabinet.
#21 When you are fighting on Brookmere Road, just after you move across the bridge with the stryker, go into the second house on the eastern side of the road nearest the bridge. The house can be entered by the bottlenecked front door or the garage with the black car. Go upstairs and turn around. It's on a yellow couch/sofa.

The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday

The Road Less Traveled

Collect 22 enemy intel items.

The Road Less Traveled
4 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

#22 So you don't have to fight enemies it's best to do this when given the option to breach your first room to avoid it and go up the stairs on the south-side. Go up the next flight of stairs facing north and look to your left when you enter that room. It is on a shelf, not the first shelf you see on your left, but in the next room. You may have to turn around to spot it.
#23 Easy to spot, but very easy to miss if you are not paying attention. After blowing up the bodies with C4, go south past a wire fence then go right (west) into a room. MacTavish also enters this room for a shortcut. It's on a shelf right infront of you.
#24 Just before you go up the stairs with MacTavish to the 3rd floor. Find a room which you move west into and look under the flight of stairs. It is on a green crate.

The Gulag

#25 Before you enter the bowels of The Gulag marked by two red lights, look to your southwest for a small set of concrete stairs leading up into a room. Go up the stairs and into the room and its on a filing cabinet at the end of the room. It should be just after two enemies come around the corner.
#26 Just after this one where Ghost takes over the surveillance room. Go to the north-east side of the room and it is on a white table.
#27 After you exit the armory with the Riot Shield and fight your way through the corridor, one of the cells on the right will be open. Go into it. It's on a table on the right side of the cell.
#28 After Price knocks you down and you regain consciousness, the bulding will start to collapse. Look immedately to your left for a white table, its on top of it.

Of Their Own Accord

#29 When you get into the Department of Commerce bulding look for a set of lifts/elevators for when you are heading north with Foley. One of the elevators (north west one) would be repeadately opening and closing on a body. Its in the corner of this lift.
#30 Near the the SAM site which you can blow up but actually has no objective, look for a photocopier south east of it on the same floor. There should have been an enemy on the other side of the door there. Once hes killed, go into the room and turn left. It's on a brown table.


#31 Just after you run away from the BTR, look for a parachute stuck in some tress not too far away from a large pipe which runs above your head. It's on top the crate underneath the parachute. There is a set of enemies which you won't have to kill to complete the mission, but you will have to kill them to get this laptop.
#32 Almost immedately after you start the assault by using a predator missile, go left past the wire gates into bulding number 33 (west). Fight your way around this building to the exit on the other side of the building. It should be on top of a table just before this doorway. Very difficult to do on the harder difficulties when you have the time limit.
#33 Also difficult to get on the harder difficulties, look for a set of stairs leading up to a helipad (west) go up the stairs and look in the northwest corner of the roof (not the helipad itself). It is on top of some crates.

Whiskey Hotel

#34 Just after Foley says "Dunn, get the door!", go through the door and look to your left. It's on top of a black sofa.
#35 After you climb up a set of stairs so you can set off flares on the roof, you should hear "Clear up! Let's Go!", run through the busted wall with your teammate and immedately look to your right (north) it should be on a small cabinet.

Loose Ends

#36 Easier to do once given the option to breach the house. Go West or Southwest from it until you find a dock, just outside to dock is a green crate which has the laptop ontop.
#37 Once you get inside the house, go to the upper floor and breach the door. Clear out the room and it should be on a brown table immedaiely in front of the doorway. It's facing sideways so it can be difficult to spot.
#38 In the basement in the house. Breach the right side door (east side) to find enemies hiding in a small armory. Look for a load of weapons hung up on a wooden wall and look behind to see the laptop on top of an ammo crate.

The Enemy of My Enemy

#39 As soon as you start the mission, come out of the broken airplane you are in into the other one next to you. Go into the cockpit to find the laptop on the floor.
#40 After you slide down into the second part of the mission cross the road and find another broken plane hull pointing towards the road (east), it's in the cockpit.

Just Like Old Times

#41 After Price says "go left, quickly!", hideout and wait for the patrol to pass. Kill the enemy staring at the TV then go into the RIGHT side of the cave, not the way Price is or wants you to go. It's on top a small grey crate.
#42 After it "goes dark", just before you exit the cave with Price, look left (north east), you'll spot the laptop screen in the darkness ontop of a table.
#43 When the enemies throw smoke and you try and find the flanking route, the laptop is on top of a crate with weapons at that flanking route. You can clear out this cave and get it just before you breach the next door.
#44 After you breach the door and kill the enemies, Price goes over to a computer, look to his left where there is table covered in drinks cans. There is a laptop there.


Leave No Stone Unturned

Collect 45 enemy intel items.

Leave No Stone Unturned
5 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

#45 Right at the start on top of a crate just before you get into the boat! Only missed if you aren't paying attention!

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