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Posted on 07 July 10 at 16:20, Edited on 07 July 10 at 16:22
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By far the best adventure game of all time, if you haven't played many or any of the old Lucasarts adventure games, then this is the time to start.

Monkey Island 2 is much more in depth than the previous Monkey Island game (although the first is also awesome as well), with more locations, more characters, more Indy and Star Wars references than you can shake a voodoo doll at, and now with full HD graphics and remastered sound, music and character voices.

This game is a must have for any one who likes adventure games, there is one thing i didn't like about this version of the game, that is the ability to control Guybrush with the thumb stick...... it doesn't work. you find yourself getting frustrated with Guybrush because he wont walk in the direction your pushing the thumb stick in. My advice, turn the controls back to "Point and Click", if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Other than that, this game is Perfection.

One other thing i noticed that you Monkey Fans might wanna look out for, in the Costume shop in classic mode there has always been Sam and Max in the right corner, on the HD mode, there is a Purple Tentacle??????........ possible clue for the next re-make?? lets hope so.

For you achievement junkies out there, i did this game in an hour and a bit and got all the 'chieves, and will be replaying for all my friends to get them points and give me the pleasure of completing this game again for the 50th time. Happy times

Thanks for taking the time on reading my review, hope you liked it and it made you buy it.toast
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Posted on 03 September 15 at 17:17, Edited on 04 September 15 at 06:51
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I loved adventure games as a kid (still do) and Curse of Monkey Island was one of my favorites. But I never played the Secret of Monkey Island, or Monkey 2. So when I saw that they were being remade for XBLA, I picked them up. And I'm certainly glad I did.

While the Secret of Monkey Island is indisputably a classic, LucasArts improved upon it for the sequel, LeChuck's Revenge. A delightful cast of characters, colorful environments, timeless LucasArts humor and a magnificent soundtrack by Michael Land, re-recorded with actual instruments this go-around.

Fresh from his triumph over the evil ghost pirate LeChuck, our hero Guybrush Threepwood sets off on a new quest for the legendary treasure of ...BIG WHOOP. His travels take him to the sleepy pirate hangout of Scabb Island, where our story begins...

This is my favorite adventure game of all time. It's worth playing through the almost-as-good Secret of Monkey Island so that you have the background in order to play the second installment. The less than optimal controls of SoMI have been streamlined in this special edition of the sequel, along with an art style a bit more true to the original.

The achievement list for MI2 focuses a bit less on the easter eggs than SoMI's, which is really the only bad thing I can say about this game. Some things remain the same: an achivement for finishing each of the four chapters and a super-difficult achivement for pressing the select button a total of once.

Do yourself a favor and avoid using the hint system, as spoiling this game for yourself would really be a shame. You can always use the walkthrough here on TA (written by yours truly) as a last resort.

All in all, if you like adventure games and have $20 to spare, do yourself a huge favor and pick both Monkey Island games up. While the second game is generally considered to be slightly superior, you'll miss out on part of the fun in playing the second game by skipping it.
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Posted on 16 April 11 at 20:41
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LeChuck's Revenge has been my favorite game ever since I was a little child. When I saw the 50% discount on XBLA, I did not hesitate to spend money on the Special Edition. Or, you know, I did not hesitate very long.
Obviously, the graphics and audio were upgraded from the 1992 version, including the addition of voices. The new graphics style is very different from the original and the voices... well, I've heard better, I've heard worse.
The game itself, to no surprise, is Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. In almost every detail it is exactly like the version I played on PC so many years ago (and then again a few years later, and a few years after that and so on). One minor difference occured in chapter 2, where the jars in the shelf were conveniently labelled in the old PC version, yet one had to look at them individually in SE.
The controls in the fancy version are awful, so awful in fact that I had to swap to the old graphics (which can be done at any time using "Back") a number of times just so I could walk where I wanted.
One feature I missed entirely was the difficulty setting: In the 1992 version, you'd get a screen in the beginning where you would select whether you wanted to play the easy or the hard version; The SE includes only the hard version.
But, the biggest disappointment were the achievements. As with all XBLA games, there's a dozen of them. All of which can easily be unlocked within a single playthrough.

The flaws aside, it still is LeChuck's Revenge and as a result is still a fantastic game. And right now I will go and play it again - with the developer's commentary! Oh hey, I forgot: The SE has commentaries.
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