Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Walkthrough

3. Part I: The Largo Embargo

Our story begins with Guybrush Threepwood arriving on Scabb Island in search of the fabled treasure of... BIG WHOOP. Just like in the Secret of Monkey Island, the first achievement can be earned right from the get-go by pressing cn_back.

Old School

Switch to classic mode at least once.

Old School
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cn_back replaces the shiny new Special Edition graphics and orchestral soundtrack with the original 1991 look and all the bleeps and bloops that were actually quite cutting-edge at the time. The story is the same either way, but the control scheme is a bit different. I prefer to keep the game in Special Edition mode because of the updated soundtrack, but that's my own personal preference. It can be kind of fun to flip back and forth between the two modes to see how much the developers preserved of the original game and to compare the soundtracks. Anyway, let's get to it.

Part I: The Largo Embargo

Now that we've got the gimme achievement out of the way, walk to the left after chatting with the pirates by the campfire. Grab the shovel off of the sign, then walk onto the bridge and meet Largo LaGrande. You'll be relieved of your fortune and be faced with the same task as Part 1 in the last game: Get off the island. You can go talk to the Voodoo Lady in the swamp, or you can take my word for it and assemble some things so she can make a voodoo doll of Largo. You will need "something of the Head, something of the Thread, something of the Body, & something of the Dead." ...or, say, a toupee, a frilly white bra, a glob of spit and a femur.

Three of these things can be found in the town of Woodtick, just across the bridge to your left. Take the main path all the way to the left to the Laundry and notice the Men of Low Moral Fiber (yes, the guys from Melee Island in the first game). Try to take the bucket hanging below the ledge they're sitting on. When they try to stop you from taking it, ask if the bucket belongs to them. You can also say a dozen variations of "please", but that's much more time consuming. Turns out it isn't their bucket, so you're free to take it. There's no need to talk to them about anything else.

Leave the laundry, and walk into the small building just to the right of it. This is Wally the Cartographer's house. He's a funny little guy and you can talk to him and learn a few things, or just steal his monocle when he sets it down on his desk to rub his eyes. If you're going for the less than 3 hour speed run achievement skip chatting with Wally to save time. Grab a piece of paper from the tables across the room from Wally before leaving.

There's a ship-turned-pub just below Wally's place, but before you go down the stairs, go straight into the kitchen (select "use window") via the open window. Once inside, grab the knife and head through the door to the right. The bartender will say "hired help only", but you won't get in trouble. Talk with him for a bit and Largo will make another appearance before hocking a big, gross glob of spit on the wall. Largo just gave you "something of the body", so open up your inventory and use the paper you got from Wally on Largo's spit. One voodoo ingredient down, three to go.

There's nothing else you can do here now so leave the bar and head into the ship to the left. The guy behind the counter won't let you into Largo's room, so you'll need to distract him. Use the knife on the rope that's being used to keep the alligator tied up and watch it run off. Help yourself to the cheese squigglies in the alligator's bowl, the head into Largo's room to the left. Grab the toupee off of the mannequin head on the counter to the left, then hurry out of there before Largo comes in. The toupee will serve as "something of the head".

Walk all the way to the right, back across the bridge where you first met Largo, out of Woodtick. You'll see a map of Scabb Island that serves as a fast travel menu of sorts. Select the Swamp on the east side of the island. Use the bucket on the swamp to fill it with mud, then return to Woodtick. You can use the coffin floating in the water to visit the Voodoo Lady now, but there's no need to until you have the remaining two voodoo ingredients.

Go back into the hotel (the building on the far left) and go into Largo's room. Close the door, then use the bucket o' mud with the door. Guybrush hears Largo coming and hides. The bucket of mud comes down on Largo's head and he leaves. As long as you picked up the toupee earlier you can leave as well. Leave Woodtick and go to the Beach to the east of town. You'll see a stick in the middle of the path. Grab it, then head to Woodtick. Go back to the Laundry and watch Largo give poor confused Marty the same treatment he gave the bartender earlier. Looks like Largo has some laundry to pick up. Head to Largo's room, shut the door, and grab the laundry claim ticket off of the back. Then head back to the laundry and collect Largo's ...bra? Whatever, that's "something of the thread" so it will work.

Leave Woodtick and walk to the Cemetery in the southeast. Look at the tombstones and find the member of the LaGrande family, then use the shovel (that you picked up by the bridge at the beginning) with Grandpa LaGrande's final resting place. After a bit of grave robbery, Guybrush has the fourth and final ingredient for the voodoo doll, "something of the dead". Go to the Swamp and use the coffin to go to the right and into the mouth of the giant skull. An elevator will take you up into the Voodoo Lady's house. Pick up some string from the counter near the skull, then walk to the left to meet the Voodoo Lady and give her the ingredients. Armed with the voodoo doll, go back to Largo's room. As he confronts you, go into your inventory and use the pins the Voodoo Lady gave you with the doll she made. The Largo Embargo has been lifted, but we're not done with Part I just yet.

It's time to get off Scabb Island. But first, we need to scrounge up some pieces of eight to charter a ship. Guybrush has to be very unpiratelike and get a honest job. By dishonest means, of course. It's still a pirate game after all. Remember the guy in the kitchen at the pub who was making a soup? We need to add a secret ingredient. Go back to the Laundry.

That rat scurrying around will suffice. Open the box, use the stick with the box, then use the cheese squigglies with the box. Use the string with the stick, then stand back and wait for the rat to take the bait. When it does, pull the string. Open the box and pick up the trapped, cowering rat. Go into the kitchen through the window and drop the rat in the soup. Leave through the window, go back downstairs and ask the bartender about the soup. Accept the newly vacant chef position (and the week's pay in advance) and get to work. Just kidding, go out the window. I told you this was a pirate game. Go see the Voodoo Lady and ask for help dealing with the LeChuck situation. She says that you need to find Big Whoop to stop him. You'll be given some reading material on the subject (courtesy of the Phatt City library) that you can read if you like.

Leave the swamp and go check out the Peninsula in the southwest corner of the island. Board the houseboat and meet Captain Dread. Thanks to you, the Largo Embargo has been lifted and he's free to leave soon as he has his lucky sailing charm. Fortunately, Wally's monocle will suffice. Pay the good captain 20 pieces of eight and you can set sail in search of the four pieces of the map that leads to Big Whoop.

Largo Embargo Complete

Complete Part One: Largo Embargo.

Largo Embargo Complete
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