5. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Part III: LeChuck's Fortress

Part III: LeChuck's Fortress

Our hero arrives at the fortress we saw during the cut scenes with LeChuck and Largo. Exit the crate and go up the stairs to the right and come to an area with three different routes you can take. Pick one (doesn't matter which) and you'll come to a maze of sorts. Remember the song you heard earlier? Look at the spit encrusted paper that Guybrush wrote the lyrics on. This is the code you'll use to choose the correct doors. The lyrics and the doors are randomized, but here's an example:

"The head bone is connected to the leg bone. The leg bone is connected to the hip bone. The hip bone is connected to the rib bone."

If that is the first verse, the first door you need to go through will have a skull on top, a pair of leg bones in the middle, and a pelvis on the bottom. You can ignore the last bone in each verse. There's four verses, so that means you need to go through four doors. If you don't see next door you need, walk into an adjacent room until you find it. After the fourth correct door, you'll see a huge, imposing, door. Ignore all the security measures and enter through the smaller, unlocked, door built into the big door. When you find LeChuck's chair, pick up the nearby voodoo key. Unfortunately, LeChuck catches you and puts you and Wally in a needlessly-complicated killing machine. Which brings us to an easter egg achievement.

Remember how I said there's only one way to die in this game? Wait five minutes for the candle to burn through the rope and you'll earn a rather gruesome achievement.

Five Minutes Later...

Allow Guybrush to die.

Five Minutes Later...
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(Note: TA user AutomaticOcelot says that this achievement might not pop for some reason, possibly because you idled and the pause menu came up. If this is the case, reload the most recent save and try again.)

This time we need to get Guybrush and Wally out of this mess without getting dissolved in green goo. Another green liquid will come in handy in doing so. Use the crazy straw with the green drink before spitting on the pan. Once you've turned it, spit twice on the shield to put out the candle. Guybrush and Wally escape from the overly-complicated killing machines, but still need to make it out of LeChuck's Fortress. Open the juju bag found in your inventory to find a love bomb and some matches. Use the matches to blast your way out and complete the shortest and second to last chapter.

LeChuck's Fortress Complete

Complete Part Three: LeChuck's Fortress.

LeChuck's Fortress Complete
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