Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Walkthrough

7. Speed Run Tips

If you're been following along with this guide (and if you took my advice and didn't go for Speed Demon on your first run) you should only have the speed run left to do. Completing the game start to finish in three hours may seem like a daunting task, but it's no trouble if you stick to a few guidelines. For an example of a very efficient speed run, here's shido534 beating the game in less than 45 minutes.

As you'll see right away, there's a lot of very, very quick dialogue skipping. You obviously don't need to be that quick about it, as shido had plenty of time to spare. However, a good thing to pick up on is how every time they go to a location they do everything there they can before leaving. By doing so, they keep their travel time to a minimum. They also avoid visiting areas before they need to. For example, there's no need to visit Rum Rodger's cottage before you have the mirror and telescope, even if you have the near-grog needed to win the drinking contest. If you don't have all three items you'll need to come back in order to claim the map piece. The game can be completed by visiting many locations only once.

Similarly, you'll want to avoid conversations that aren't required to progress through the game. You don't need to talk to Wally until you have all four map pieces, even if you do need to swipe his monocle and a piece of paper from his house. You don't need to say anything to the Men of Low Moral Fiber besides "Is this your bucket"? Polishing the peg leg one of them wears is completely optional and should be skipped for the sake of time. Some characters don't even need to be spoken to at all. The man next to the cannon on Booty Island and Herman Toothrot on Dinky Island, for starters. If this walkthrough doesn't tell you to talk to them, you don't need to, at least not at that point in the game.

The timer does not stop during cutscenes (which is why you should skip them) but pausing the game does pause the timer. So rather than have Guybrush idle for 15 seconds while you read this walkthrough, hit the pause button. 15 seconds may not be much, but it will add up over the course of a playthrough. You can see the current time elapsed and the percentage of the game you've completed on your save file. The time shown is accurate as far as the Speed Demon achievement is concerned, but the completion percentage should be taken with a grain of salt. For example, Part III is a fairly small part of the game, but your completion percentage will be 50% when you start Part III and it will be 75% when you finish it, even though Part III is not a quarter of the game time-wise. Similarly, Part II should take up the lion's share of your time but is only considered to be 25% of the game, just like the much shorter Part III.

As long as you take a time-efficient path through the game and skip dialog as much as you can, you should nab the game's final achievement with fairly little difficulty. I did it on my first attempt with a final time of around 2:35 if I recall. As you can see from the video above, that wasn't even close to a record-setting time, so anyone should be able to beat 3 hours with little effort using the walkthrough and the pause button.

Speed Demon

Finish the game in under three hours.

Speed Demon
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