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    Completionists: this game sux. Stay away from it! You've been warned.

    It's not that the gameplay is bad, I don't think it is. In all honesty, from all of the WP games that I've played and considering the limited aspect of its controls on a touchscreen, this is one of the most enjoyable games I've tried on my smartphone. I was very interested in playing a side scrolling adventure with RPG elements such as the leveling up system, skill trees, character classes and customization. Touching the left side of your screen makes your character jump. By mashing the right side they attack. Sounds simple but it works best than in Halo Spartan Assault in my opinion.

    What sucks then, you ask? Well, the microtransactions in this game and the way that it is built to be SO very grindy if you don't take that path. It's possible to read here on TA how the latest updates made the game even worse than it used to be in many aspects. Besides, one can feel how the game is rigged against the players. For instance, when you're about to trigger "fever mode" (regular coins will be transmuted into golden coins, each becoming worth 5 times their regular value) and the bar is almost full, the enemies will all of the sudden stop showing up and coming at you, so that the bar will empty out and you will have to start building it up again. Some other times the controls will become suspectly and conveniently less responsive or even unresponsive. Jumping on a supposedly solid platform might make your character unexpectedly fall down, exactly when there are enemies or a gap right below you. These things happen often and in such a way that it's hard to believe that they weren't intentionally programmed to behave like that at certain moments of your progress.

    Despite the "pay to win/buy ingame coins with real money" aspect, I was very determined to finish this, because unlike console grinds that require me to kill valuable real life time to kill 40 or 100 thousand enemies or get in and out circles to the point of almost dying by boredom or falling asleep (yeah, I'm looking at you, "Grinds of War" series), I play on my cellphone when I'm doing nothing, awaiting my turn on lines or riding public transportation. I decided I was going to grind 1 million coins before attempting to buy all the other characters which are achievement related. I had the impression that when I first started this game (and therefore had no coins at all), 1 character costed less than 100k coins. Later on, after I fully leveled up my current character, the others would start costing 3x as much as they did before. So, that's why I decided to save them coins, to see if when I started a new character from level 1 the prices would drop down. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to try. Today, for my dismay, after I loaded up the game it would force me to play the tutorial over and again, instead of recognizing my profile and saved progress. The thing is, I had already gathered 700k in coins and at least 1 of my characters was at their 3rd and last evolution, fully leveled. After the reset, everything was back to ZERO progress, including the challenges I had completed. Everything. I couldn't believe it. I was angry, but had to control myself to not let that spoil my day. It's just a game, evilly designed, no less.

    Perhaps they put into its code a command to erase all of the non-purchased coins and reset the progress after a specific period of time ('x' months, for instance). I've heard of people loosing progress in other WP games before. Not cool and it sounds like a dishonest thing to do if intentional.

    In any case, I might keep playing this game in my comings and goings to work and school, but I won't bother if I don't get to complete it. Most of all, I'm doing my part to warn other people, which I believe is an important purpose of unbiased reviews. My personal rating of the game is being greatly affected by the bad aspect of this experience and by the grinding required to complete it. Please don't mind if I do, I have every right and reason. Each one of us does.
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    MrSkiBearHes totally right this game is one of the worst time wasters ever, And the grind behind it is even so insane I stopped at 500k, I found the game so good till....well yup it just hit a wall and started to suck so bad!
    Posted by MrSkiBear On 10 Aug 16 at 09:11
    tornprince20121 - great review.
    2 - fantastic 4 solutions on the game that you added now.
    3 - 1 star is too generous after the update.


    I feel you pain, I was there. Got reseted when I had about 200K, so I decided NOT TO SAVE MONEY but to waste it once I have the right sum.

    My advice ( coming from a completionist that went through this pain and finished the game including dlc as 5th person ) - don't play it. Do the coins trick ( read my solutions ), don't sweat it - get 200-250K a day, and you will get there with less pain.
    Posted by tornprince2012 On 31 Aug 16 at 12:04
    togethawiistandThank you! Every time I get a vote for one of my solutions I try to read it again and see how I can make it clearer and better. I've edited all the four that I think you've meant after finding some mispellings ("Will", instead of "With" and such). I really appreciate when people show appreaciation.

    By coin trick, do you mean going into the smartphone's settings and changing the date in order to get the 500 daily coins? If so, that's too boring for me. I mean, in other games I'd agree, but this one is a long grind, so I prefer replaying levels with the Adventurer. In a good run I get about 2800-3000 coins. Perhaps changing the date would be faster, but I couldn't do it that many times.

    I'm so glad that I've finished the Gotta complete 'em all achievement that now I'm just taking my time while saving the coins to buy the Magician, which should unlock me 2 achievements. I just hope that my thumb won't fall off my hand before that!
    Posted by togethawiistand On 01 Sep 16 at 02:30
    PieMontensis87Yeap! I understood this makes a big pain... :,(

    But there's a good way to save long works, 'cos the game doesn't have cloud savings... If you need to reset your phone... Damn!

    First move the app to your SD Card, then shutdown and move the Card to a PC. Use the option "View System Protected Files" on File Explorer and copy to a safe local the hidden folder that had shown on SD root. (Use this solution for others non-cloud saving games)

    A quick P.S.: forget about it. I made a mistake some days after, overwrite the SD files and I was reseted... Pain, much pain.
    So, I decided to make this way:
    * Save 600K for the Magician first (a long monk patience, but it have your honors: 2 cheevos').
    * 2-round saving 300K (Gunslinger + Berserker: +1 cheevo).
    Now I'm running for the 700K to all Pets and finish these long-way coinage achievements, training the remain characters and get all the challenges.

    Then, make a backup, say goodbye to this game and get a healty life.
    Posted by PieMontensis87 On 04 Jul 19 at 01:21
    PieMontensis87A quick note: For the PC (W8 version), backup the user.sav in AppData packages user folder (a few KB file) is enough to avoid many headaches.
    Posted by PieMontensis87 On 12 Jul 19 at 02:23
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