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    Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia... to think around May 2009 I had no idea what this game was or that it even existed. I was curious, it was on amazon for 10$, but i decided to pass on it. It wasn't until June that I saw it in a game store in a BOGO (buy one get one free) sale. I took the chance.. big mistake.

    So this game is a top down, coop oriented shooter taking place... all over the map, where you take control of one of four embarassingly stereotypical high schoolers. (The geek, the emo/goth, the stoner, and the cheerleader/all around bitch) Theres no real plot here, zombies just kinda.. show up, then you kill them. This is fine, but as the game goes on it becomes moronic as you encounter all the generic horror movie monsters (like werewolves, skeletons, and vampire) but other random enemies, like aliens. (WTF) The enemy list is really varied for sure, but REALLY disjointed as well.

    As for the "varied" levels you traverse, you start in the suburbs, (or... SUBURBIA?) but make your way all over the place, you head to a junkyard, a shopping mall, the sewers, high school, and even hell. After all, it seems like no game is complete without a Hell level.

    So that's the game in a nutshell. Now I can start to tear this game a new one; the controls and camera are mutiliated, the voices are annoying as hell, there are glitches around every corner, there is no online coop and local coop is completely broken, online play is completely dead... etc

    But you want more details don't you? As I mentioned it's a top down game, where you move with the left analog stick and aim with the right. It doesn't work at all, and this problem is only multiplied when other people play with you, when you all scream at the game. Thank god you can push the Y button while playing alone to toggle a psuedo third person view. It's not very good but it at least makes the game playable. Online play fairs better because you can play in this view, but with the exception of achievement boosters, no one is on. It's not worth it anyway.

    One thing you may have heard about is the difficulty. Dispite there being 4 distinct difficulties, they are insanely different from each other. The easiest (childs play) is embarassingly easy, and can be beaten while drunk, stoned, or mentally impared. However, crank the difficulty up to normal (Thriller, AKA the difficulty required for achievements) and you'll be this games bitch. It ramps up the challenge SO much it's absurd. I don't need to comment on Madness (the highest) difficulty, but lets just say theres a reason only about 30 people in THE WORLD have beaten it.

    So as you guessed, the game clearly didn't come out finished. There are TONS of glitches, including unique weapons and items not spawning or enemies getting stuck in walls. (a personal favorite was when I got half my torso sticking out of the floor, AND COULD STILL MOVE) Even the achievements aren't done right. When the game came out, i think 4 of the achievements couldn't be obtained due to glitches. There was a significant patch that made the game suck slightly less, but it didn't help THAT much. The maximum possible gamerscore for this stinker is 970, and anyone you see with that (or higher) is a cheater.

    Now, I know you think "oh but doominator! You got all the achievements, that means I can with enough perserverance!" But don't go there. It took me around 75 hours to do this, cost just about all of my sanity, and permanantly damaged my social life. The developers even had the balls to release an "updated" version on the PS3, which ironically wasn't that bad, as it fixed about 80% of the problems with this version, it's just too bad we won't see that ever happening. They know this game is shit, we know it's shit, so this is one piece of shit that just needs to decompose already.

    To conclude, Monster Madness may not be the absolute WORST game ever created, but it's damn close. It's annoying, glitchy, patience testing, and will probably drive you to insanity before you even get 1/2 way through. If you see a copy, don't try to do what I did, burn it at the stake instead.
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    SpectreSubZeroFinally someone reviews this game! I have passed this game up multiple times, but always find myself contemplating buying it. This review pretty much kills that for me! Thank you!
    Posted by SpectreSubZero on 04 Nov 09 at 21:08
    SpectreSubZerowow 28 is awesome!
    Posted by SpectreSubZero on 17 Nov 09 at 13:13
    Shemp HowardHey Doominatorx6! You are like a Legend to me concerning this game. How you S Ranked all those levels man! Pure suicide! I actually like the game a little bit, but he is right they rushed this piece of crap and it should of never been made. I mean they could of done a better job of this game, but it has too many glitches!
    Posted by Shemp Howard on 09 Jan 10 at 18:20
    ItalianHunk21I wish I read your review before making this awful mistake! I always saw this game and was always tempted to buy it, but kept putting it off. Finally I was at a game store and saw this game sitting in a bin for $4.88. Funny thing is, the game wasn't in the original case. So I couldn't see the back cover to see what kind of game I was even buying until i went home. Needless to say, I think I know what happened, someone probably threw this game out the window!
    I put this game on for a few minutes and was in shock! Never judge a game by it's cover... This game stinks, and the achievements are a nightmare to get!

    And you are so right about the characters! Are you kidding me? The dork, the stoner, the bitch, and the whore... LOL! Who thought these characters were a good idea?
    Posted by ItalianHunk21 on 11 Oct 10 at 09:01
    DimitriGot this game for free from Gamestop, some promotional local thing, buy a game, pick one out of the hat for free sort of thing. Damn, it is bad, still haven't had the patience to even get a single chievo on it, but now I'm shooting for shmup #1 in my state and looks like I'm gonna have to tough this one out. :\ Wish me luck.
    Posted by Dimitri on 03 Jun 11 at 13:41
    DKratos87this game is a piece of crap and should be burn with gasoline while pissing at it, and one more thing don't buy it its a big mistake
    Posted by DKratos87 on 15 Sep 11 at 05:15
    EarthboundXKinda funny to see reviews and solutions still up for people who are no longer on the site. Does that means they got banned for cheating or something?
    Posted by EarthboundX on 09 Mar 13 at 07:39
    SpectreSubZeroYeah looks like this person got the old school ban hammer...probably cheating
    Posted by SpectreSubZero on 09 Mar 13 at 10:04