SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World Walkthrough

3. Wonder Boy In Monster Land

Feel free to do the 3 games in any order you wish. I have separated the walkthrough among the 3 games to make it easier for yourself, by choosing the game, you are concentrating on.

For each walkthrough in the game, I will give a brief overview of each level/area you will visit in the game. There will be events throughout all 3 games which you may have to be-aware of such as additional coins, items, enemies or other threats. I must warn you that all 3 games will have a fair amount of spoilers.

Wonder Boy In Monster Land is probably the hardest game among the package to complete. The enemies in this game have a bad habit of trying to put you in a corner, and keep on spamming you, leaving you no choice but to loose your health and die, or reload your save progress. There are 11 levels which you have to play, and a timer which flips over on a constant basis, that takes away some of your health. Aside from the Revival Medicines, you only have 1 Life so if you die it's Game Over!

Warning: If you die and get Game Over, you will be allowed to use Credits to retry the current level you are playing (if you inserted more than one). However the "Congratulations" achievement is glitchy, and the only way you can get the achievement to unlock, is to complete Wonder Boy In Monster Land without using a Continue (more than 1 Credit). If you die anywhere in the game, you'll have to reload your previous Save State, or restart the game from the beginning. This is why I strongly recommend you use the Save State as much as often.

Whilst only 1 playthrough is required to get all 5 of the achievements in this game, nearly all of them are missable and can be unavailable to collect, if you don't meet the requirement or obtain items earlier in the game which allow you to grab the better item later in the game.

For the reason above, I have provided you a video which will help you complete the game with great ease. It is a long video, but the person playing the game, has actually done it from start to finish. Additionaly the player as well shows you when you roughly need to collect items, use the wiggle feature to grab coins and pass through levels in a very easy and quick way. Credit for the video walkthrough goes to Seahawk0027...

Now as discussed in the General Hints & Tips, there is one move you must use quite often to help get you extra money. It's the Wiggle. To perform the glitch, you'll need to find an area where a coin will appear and drop down, and use your wiggle maneuver underneath where the coin will spawn. By doing this, you'll get around 65 - 68 per coin instead of 1 - 5. I recommend you use the video to help guide you where the coins are, and then use that to help you get coins. If you cannot watch the video, I recommend you travel for a bit in the game and save every now and again. If you encounter a coin, reload your previous save, and then save where the coin will spawn. Use the wiggle and then you'll get the extra cash. Another way you can get extra cash is to get hit by an enemy when you're nearby a hidden coin that spawns. The player in the video demonstrates this in the 2nd level.

Note: Don't worry if you cannot get every single coin to be worth more money, because there are plenty in the game.

Tip: The Whirlwind power-up which you find in the game can also be used to give you extra cash. If a coin is too high in the sky, use the Whirlwind power-up and then the coin will appear and drop. Grabbing it should give you the extra cash. The player in the video actually does this in the first level. Remember, to use a power-up, press the Down Button on your Left Stick or Directional Pad.

Go ahead and start up your game by pressing the Credit button on your controller. To ensure you get the "Congratulations" achievement, I recommend you only press the Credit button once. This is across the entire game.

Now what you want to do for this game, is to try and grab as many coins, and get as much points as possible. In the game you are shown a Hi-Score on the top of the screen. Traditionally it is 30,000 Points. If you successfully get that amount of points, you'll get an extra heart. Eventually you'll need to get more points for additional hearts. In fact to get the maximum amount of extra hearts in this game, you'll need 4 Million Points. Don't worry there is a way you can get this quick in the later levels.

Level 1

Start by using your wiggle move and grab the coins on the left and right side of your starting point. You may need to jump for them. To read the signs in the game, press the Up Button. You'll need to open the door and talk to the guy behind it in order to continue the game. When the platform appears, jump on it and then jump on top of the hut. Use your wiggle and jump moves to grab 3 coins that will appear here.

Advance forward and defeat the enemies that appear. Notice that if you defeat the same enemy a 2nd time, they will likely drop a Treasure Item worth Points. Collect these so that it can be used to collect extra hearts.

Once you are on top of the stair platforms, you'll be awarded a timer grab it. The next door will be the level boss.

Boss: Death: Death is an easy boss. He will try and swerve down and attack you, but you can easily prevent him from doing that by attacking yourself, and then using a jump and attack method.

Tip: A Boss will drop a Key along with a load of Coins. Grab the coins first as if you grab the Key, you'll automatically be taken out of the room and back into the level.

The exit to the level will be on your right from here.

Level 2

Use your wiggle move in between the castle and the tree to grab another coin. With enough money I recommend you buy a Shield and a pair of Boots. If you can buy the most expensive as you'll have to buy one pair, and then buy more pairs to upgrade the item. Eventually the owner will sell the Legendary set, because he/she will run out of standard items.

Note: Although you can buy stuff to upgrade your character at this point in time. I recommend you save this game in an alternative slot, because the "Lost & Found" achievement will require you to defeat an enemy and drop a piece of clothing you haven't obtained. In this case you may need to wait on buying a piece of clothing on one part of the body for a period of time.

Go into the ? Shop and buy a Windspout Magic Power-Up. Head back to where the Boot Shop was and use the power-up on the right side of the shop whilst standing in front of the shop. This should reveal a coin. If your having trouble using this method, watch the video. I recommend having a save point here just in case.

Another coin which does the same trick can be found on the top platform where the Shield Shop is. The coin is on the left side. Also a Coin bag is on the right side of the same platform. A timer can be found on the lonesome platform where the water pit is.

In the cave jump from the top point to find a coin in mid-air. You may need to wiggle whilst you jump.

Travel through the cave and eventually you'll come to your first lava pit. As you jump on the platforms your character will bring up the message "Someone beyond the wall". Press Up when he says that remark and you'll find a hidden door. You'll be given a mission to deliver a Letter to a person who lives in Baraboro (Level 4). You will need to complete these side missions because you'll be awarded an item that will allow you to defeat the Final Boss easier.

You'll shortly find another door. This one is another boss. Stand on top of this hut and use your wiggle move to find 3 hidden coins.

Boss: Vampire Lord: He has 2 attacks. One which will shoot balls in the direction he is facing, and a charge attack. If he charges simply attack and move a little forward. Most of the time, he will repeat the same move. But if he uses his alternative attack, the shield should protect you. You'll be awarded a Broad Sword. This will increase your attack strength.

Note: In order to get the Legendary Sword which is part of the "You Are A True Hero" achievement. You must defeat bosses which will award you with an item other than a Key. This will be explained in the walkthrough.

You'll be back outside and you'll have to do some platform jumping (again... a Super Mario Bros reference?). Jump on the first couple platforms and you'll be given a choice as to going up or right. If you go right you can visit the Boot Shop a 2nd time, or go to the Health Shop and get your health replenished. Keep jumping on the platforms until you get to the lonesome cloud on the left. Jump on the cloud and use your wiggle to find 3 hidden coins. After jumping the next couple platforms, you'll find another timer. The next door after the platforms is the Main Boss of the level.

Boss: Myconid Master: This boss is annoying. He will jump around and spawn the mini Myconid's that you saw earlier in the level. Your best bet is to keep on attacking him and get rid of any Myconid's that are in your way. If you defeat the Master, the rest of the Myconid's will disappear.

The exit to the level will be on your right from here. Before you leave the level though, try and jump over the door and wiggle at the same time to find another hidden coin on the right side.

Level 3

Start by walking along and defeating any Red Ghosts you encounter. Climb up the stairs and then jump right from the stairs to find another hidden coin. I recommend you backtrack to the starting point and defeating the ghosts again to grab Treasure Points. Remember the more points you have, the more hearts you can get.

Jump from the left as soon as you enter the next room to find another hidden coin. Remember to wiggle. Pass the next area and start climbing up. You can grab a Cocktail or Beer if you're low on health. After doing some climbing and platform jumping you'll notice you can either go left or up. The left will take you to a ? Shop. As you keep on going up, the platform on the far right has a hidden coin if you jump up. Eventually you'll have to climb up some stairs. A spring will be hidden allowing you to reach the higher part. Here your character will say "Oh?". When he says that it means he has found a hidden door. Press the Up Button to reveal it. It will be a shop owner selling Armor. I suggest getting one here because since he's a Secret Shopkeeper, he'll sell some expensive ones which will put you one step closer towards the Legendary Armor.

When you're back outside jump and wiggle to grab another coin. Travel through the next corridor and once again defeat any Red Ghosts in your way. Don't fall down one level just yet as you can defeat some more Red Ghosts to get more Points. When no more ghosts appear or if they don't give you anymore points, drop down the platform and go into the Boss Door. The red door means it's a Main Boss!

Main Boss: Red Knight: The Red Knight will try and stab you, or will jump around. Approach and attack him if he stays idle for a moment or so, or attack him whilst he is jumping around. Do not go underneath him as he will hurt you and take damage. Avoid him if he tries and use a stab attack!

Note: A defeated Main Boss will not drop a Key. Instead they will drop you coins and grabbing the last coin will allow you to complete the level.

Level 4

Wiggle at the 2nd palm tree for another coin. Take the platform and then platform jump and wiggle on each one to find hidden coins. Avoid the Jellyfish if you can. I wouldn't even bother attacking them because they are too fast. The Crabs will shoot Bubbles that will take damage. The easiest way to defeat them is to spam them with the attack button. By doing this, they will keep on falling over. If you ever fall in the water, just head to the platform you can jump onto.

In the town area use your attack button to defeat the charging Red Rats. They will usually drop health, but in some cases they may drop other things. You can buy some Armor and a Shield here as well. There is a hidden Moneybag on the left side of the Shield Door as well. Also the woman you are looking for to deliver the letter is on the right side of the same platform as where the Shield Door is. Simply stand on the right side and press the Up Button to find the hidden area. She will give you a Flute that you can use on Pororo Island (Level 7).

The small square platform has a spring that allows you to reach the clouds in the sky. You can obtain some more coins here. After passing this small beach area the Boss door will be on the left.

Boss: Kraken: He only has one attack in which he shoots around 5 or 6 Red Balls in the air, and they float down and attack you. When he does this, simply stand in between or pass them to avoid getting hit and then damage Kraken. You may find this boss annoying to defeat.

The exit to the level is just on the left side here, but the player who does the video guide actually decides to go underwater and gain some more points. Additionally they decides to defeat Kraken a 2nd time to refill there health giving the player more points. It's up to you if you wish to follow his footsteps or complete the level.

Note: If you defeat a boss in a level a 2nd time, you'll be given a Big Heart that replenishes all of your health, instead of a Key. Any health you have left will give you points (the same as if you complete a level).

Level 5

Lost and Found in SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World
Obtain equipment from a defeated enemy in Wonder Boy in Monster Land.
  • Unlocked by 1,385 tracked gamers (68% - TA Ratio = 1.21) 2,030

This is the likely level where you get this achievement. To get it you must defeat an enemy and make it drop an item which is part of your clothing. If you already have a piece of clothing for Boots, Armor and Shield, this achievement cannot be obtained and you may have to start over or reload a previous save state. For this reason you may have to do 2 playthroughs on this game and get this achievement separately.

The first enemy you'll encounter in the game that can give you this achievement is the Congs. They will throw boulders at you, but are very weak. Simply defeat them and they will drop an item to aid you in your quest. The items are randomized. If they drop a piece of clothing and you grab it... you'll get this achievement.

Note: The Helmet and Wing Boots are part of your Inventory on the left side of the screen. They do not apply towards this achievement.

After defeating the Congs you'll notice a well and a tree on the left side. The tree has a hidden coin you can wiggle out. Once done fall into the well to access the next area.

You'll be back in another cave. Advance forward into and your character will find another Secret Door. This is a Boss door, but the player who did the video-guide went forward and bought some Armor from the Armor Shop, so I recommend you follow his footsteps. Once done head back and open the secret door.

Boss: Giant Cong: Probably one of the hardest bosses you can get in the game. He has 2 attacks in which he will jump around and through large boulders. Your best bet is to keep on spamming him with the sword attack. Simply strike him twice and let him jump. As soon as he lands attack again twice on the opposite side. Do not wait too long or he will immediately chuck a boulder. They are not easy to dodge. Defeating him will give you The Great Sword, which will increase your attack power and will put you one step closer towards the Legendary Sword.

When you go outside and travel across the desert, you'll notice the enemy layout the same. Use your Shield to protect yourself here. Eventually you'll fall into a small cave, in which will take you to a boss room.

Boss: Gold Bats: There are 4 Gold Bats in this area, and you need to defeat all of them to get the platforms to appear. As soon as you fall down simply get yourself on the right side, and then let one bat lure and try and attack you at a time. Defeating a bat will give you a platform and an item. When all bats are defeated, climb up the platforms to return to the desert. Remember to take the Key with you!

Once you have returned to the Desert, keep on walking right and dodging the enemy spikes. Eventually you'll see the Pyramid, which is the end of the level.

Level 6

Warning: You must have an upgraded pair of boots in order to complete this level, as if you don't you'll easily fall into the spikes at the starting point of the level!

It's time for a bit of platform jumping, so go ahead and jump on the platforms to pass the first areas. You'll notice the Death enemy, which was the first boss in the game makes another appearance. Now he's a cakewalk as he can be defeated in one or two hits.

In the next room jump over the hole and keep going right. Eventually you'll find a Health Shop. It's up to you if you want to replenish your health here or not.

Now for the main part... This is where you'll get a big bunch of coins to appear. If you're stuck, watch the video for the perfect method. From the health shop, head left and go down. Stand near the spikes and use your wiggle move and jump to summon some coins. The coins will appear in the middle of the spikes. They should move along the spikes towards the left of you, but the worst case scenario is that if they go right, you'll have to go right and grab the coins. If you have the Wing Boots (I did) consider yourself lucky. Overall with this method you can get roughly 10+ Coins to appear.

Next if you head left and defeat the Blue Snakes and Blue Rats, you'll come to an ending point with 2 Blue Pillars. A secret Armor Shop is here. If you can... I recommend buying the Legendary Armor here. If you can't... don't worry, there are still plenty of shops to go to.

Drop down on the right side and then jump over the next hole on the right. You'll find another secret Shop that sells Boots. Again if you can try and get the Legendary Boots. If you go left from here and jump down onto another platform, you can purchase a Cocktail or Beer if you're low on health.

Note: This barmaid will give you a clue towards the questions the Sphinx could ask in the game. Keep that in mind so that you don't get the question incorrect (accidentally).

Drop down to the bottom and advance forward. Eventually you'll find the Main Boss door after you have done some platform jumping. Make a Save Point here as you've got an achievement coming around the corner!

Question: Who defeated me? in SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World
Defeat the Sphinx in Wonder Boy in Monster Land.
  • Unlocked by 600 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.83) 2,030

Main Boss: Sphinx: The Sphinx is a unique boss in the game as she will give you a chance to advance forward in the game with no damage at all. She will ask you a question which you can an answer from. If you get the question wrong, you will have to fight and defeat her like any other boss. If you get the question correct though, she will commit suicide and allow you to leave the Pyramid and complete the level.

To get this achievement though, you actually have to get the question wrong and defeat her. The Sphinx only has one attack. She uses a shooting star attack, and teleports around the arena avoiding your attacks. To damage her, you'll need to aim for her head. I strongly recommend you abuse the save feature in this package, and hurt and save your game all the time. The reason is because she is a boss that takes awhile to defeat, and you've also got to watch your health and the timer. Once she is defeated you'll get this achievement.

Once you have got your achievement, reload your saved game from where you were at the door... meeting this boss and answer a question correctly to pass the level with more health and items!

Questions The Sphinx Could Ask...

What is my hobby recently?
- Golf
- Nap
- Karaoke (Correct Answer)

What did I eat yesterday?
- Beef
- Chicken
- Sarad (Correct Answer)

Level 7

The start of the level can be annoying because you'll have Blue Snakes and Blue/Red Rats. Defeat each one as they come through and just keep on walking right. You'll find the Boot Shop, a shop that sells power-ups. The Cocktail/Beer Shop, Health Shop and then you'll find the Boss Room.

Boss: Gold Collector: This is the same boss as Death but if he hits you, he will take some of your money. In addition you also have Red Ghosts to defeat. Defeat the Red Ghosts and then defeat the Collector. Defeating him will award you the Excalibur... a sword upgrade. The next door on the right will give you someone that will tell you to take a platform up into the sky. You'll now have to head back and jump onto the platform in order to reach the sky. Make sure before you leave to buy some Winged Boots for an achievement. You may be able to alternatively get them from a defeated enemy.

Gold in the Clouds in SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World
Find all the gold hidden in the clouds of Round 7 in Wonder Boy in Monster Land.
  • Unlocked by 617 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.81) 2,030

I recommend you create a save slot for this part of the game. For this achievement you'll have to jump on all of the clouds and grab the hidden coins/moneybags that appear on each cloud. Progress onward and grab all the money you can see. Now the reason why you need the Wing Boots is because the last cloud in the area, can only be accessed with the Winged Boots. Watch out for the falling platforms as well, which you need to quickly step on and step off. Oh, and if you fall down a hole anywhere in this area, you'll be taken to the next part of the level. Don't do this until you get the achievement.

When you arrive in the next area, you'll see the exit (which you cannot go through yet), and the boss door on the right. You can either fight the boss now, or defeat him after you have done the next part of the level (since you'll backtrack).

Boss: Blue Knight: The Blue Knight is the same as the Red Knight except that he is stronger. Scroll up and read about the Red Knight if you need some more information and advice. If you have the key, do not exit the level as you'll need to do something else in the level towards the game and some achievements.

Head right and then eventually you'll see a pillar which can be climbed with the ladder. Once you've reached the top, you'll play the Flute. It will give you access to a secret area. Jump onto the new cloud and then try and wiggle jump in the middle above the door for a hidden coin.

Ghost Slayer in SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World
Defeat a resilient Ghost in Wonder Boy in Monster Land.
  • Unlocked by 682 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.72) 2,030

In this secret castle, you'll be able to defeat more enemies, and gain more points. Additionally you'll be able to complete the next part towards the item that will allow you to defeat the Dragon more easily. And lastly you'll be introduced to the White Resilient Ghosts. Firstly travel on the left defeating any enemies you find, and then defeat the Red Knight. He will reveal a secret platform. Once he is defeated, focus on the ghosts. They take ages to defeat, but if you defeat them, they will give you 30,000 Points. The highest score an enemy could give in the game. In addition, defeating one of these enemies will give you an achievement. I recommend you defeat a couple more as they are the enemies which can build up your points fast, giving you more hearts. The video guide gives you an idea of what to do.

When you are ready to move on, take the platform in the middle of the area you are in and press Up to reveal a hidden door. The person at the other end will give you a Charm in which you need to take to The Great Eal (Level 10). Once that is done, head left to find the exit to the castle. You can take out a couple more White Ghosts if you wish for more points.

You'll return near the exit towards the level. Notice that a few of the White Ghosts will replace the enemies which were here before. This is where the player in the video defeats the enemies to get items, health and extra points. I recommend you do the same and defeat enough ghosts to fill up your heart meter (You can have up to 10 Hearts and that would be 4 Million Points). You may need to use a Revival Medicine though in order to continue the level. Worst case scenario is that you can always go through the door to complete the level if you're low on health.

Level 8

You'll have a bit of platform jumping to do, and there will be a couple of Shops you can buy stuff from. If you haven't got the Legendary Clothing for any of the items your wearing, I would suggest now's the time to buy them if you can afford it, since the Shops will start becoming rarer now.

When you pass the lava platform part, you'll get another desert part with some Congs. Then you'll go into a cave with some Vampire Lords (they will only need 1 or 2 hits now). Keep dropping down until you find a platform where your character will say "Oh?". This will take you to another boss room.

You are a True Hero in SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World
Obtain all the Legendary Equipment in Wonder Boy in Monster Land.
  • Unlocked by 621 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 1.80) 2,030

Boss: Demon: The Demon is a boss your better wasting some health, rather than taking your time. Simply run up to him and use your attack and keep on spamming him. You'll probably loose a good sum of health, but this is a quick way to attack him. Additionally if he gets stuck in a corner, he can get easily spammed. He will drop you the final weapon... The Legendary Sword.

If you have managed to upgrade all of your clothing to Legendary Status from this point, then you'll successfully get this achievement. Be aware that if you haven't got Legendary for all of your clothes, you may have some difficulty since the Shops will become less popular. With this in mind you will not get this achievement until everything you've got is Legendary Status.

Note: If you have done all of this correctly, you should now have all 5 achievements you can get in Wonder Boy In Monster Land. However you'll still need to complete the game to get the "Congratulations" achievement across all 3 games.

The next area will be outside, but it will be slippery with ice. You'll be introduced to Ice Congs which are... well the same as normal Congs. The first platform you'll see also has 3 hidden coins which you can wiggle out.

As you advance forward you'll get another door with another boss to deal with.

Boss: Hob Goblin: Mostly does the same as the Knights in jumping around, but he can also use a Magic Attack that sends a Rainbow-like beam to attack you. I had issues with this boss, but I managed to beat him because I had full health. According to the video though, the player actually does the same method as the Giant Cong in which he attacks twice and makes the Goblin jump around.

Travel a little more forward from here and you'll see the Ice Castle, which has the exit door.

Level 9

This is the shortest level throughout the entire game. It requires you to jump on small platforms which make you slip, since they are icy. You will encounter strong enemies, but since you should be wearing some strong clothing (or being Legendary), they shouldn't be too much of a problem. As you travel in the level you will get some platforms which are 2 feet space total. Try pressing up on the platforms to see which Secret Shops are around.

I recommend as well that if you get a Magic Cloak, you charge through the level as fast as you can, as unlike the Super Mario Bros game, you are invincible in the lava as well.

Boss: Snow Cong: Plays the same role as Giant Cong except that he sends out Mini Congs instead of Boulders. Unlike the Giant Cong, he should be a breeze since you should be fully upgraded. Defeating him will complete the level.

Level 10

Jump on the wooden platform and then land on the ground and walk forward. There will be a door which is a Cocktail/Beer shop. You may want to defeat the enemies here before moving on. There are some hidden coins above the shop as well, but nothing too shabby.

Regardless of which you'll need to go underwater to continue. Make sure you float down to the shop on the left side, or you'll miss the opportunity to collect the item that can help you defeat the boss easier.

First you'll need to knock the door and make the shop owner close. Just buy a couple items just to be sure. Once that shop is closed press Up one more time. Despite the fact that it's closed, the door will open. You'll be awarded the Emblem. You will now have to do one more trade in the game.

I recommend you just dash past the underwater area since it will be infested with a whole load of enemies. If you have a Magic Cloak, use that and run as fast as possible. The next bit will be the cave, recognize it from a previous level? Like the underwater part, I would just say dash through this, but takeout any enemies which may cause a threat such as the Giant Cong. The next area will be a drop zone cave. You might be able to pass a few areas without getting hit, but if you feel as though, things are not going right, you can always defeat some enemies to make sure it's safe.

The last area of this level is the Outer Courts towards the Dragon's Castle. The area is infested with Purple & Blue Knights, so I suggest you equip yourself with enough health. There will be a door in each court part, and on the right of these doors will be a secret shop where it'll be your last opportunity to buy clothing and equipment towards the Legendary Clothing & the achievement. One of the doors will contain the Boss of the level that holds the key to the exit.

Boss: Silver Knight: The Silver Knight is the same as the 2 previous Knights except that he is stronger. Scroll up and read about the Red Knight if you need some more information and advice.

One of the last doors which is in this game will take you to an old guy who will offer a Bell or a Ruby in exchange for your Emblem. There are differences with these 2 power-ups though which'll make things easier in the level...

Bell: The Bell will allow you to travel through the next level with ease, since it will reveal all of the directions you need to go, to get to the Final Boss.

Ruby: The Ruby will reduce the Final Boss's amount of energy by half. It will not reveal the directions in the maze part of the castle. I recommend choosing the Ruby, since the Final Boss can be annoying.

Ensure you have enough health before you leave the level, because it won't be easy to get health from this point.

Level 11

This is the final level in the game. This is the level which could easily screw you over, because it is a maze. In most circumstances you have at least 2 or 3 routes you can take. Choosing the right one will take you to the next area with different enemies, but choosing the wrong one will put you in a previous area with familiar enemies. Worst of all the amount of health is limited and the time will go slightly faster. If you have a Revival Medicine, consider yourselves lucky.

Fortunately thanks to me and the video, you can take the right directions, which will lead you to the room with the Dragon.

1. From the start defeat the Red Snakes and then the Death and the Yellow Snakes. Take the bottom path.

2. Defeat the Trolls and Vampire Lords. Go down.

3. Avoid the Gold Bats. Take the right path.

4. Defeat the Red Ghosts. Do not bother attacking the White Ghosts because they take forever. Go down.

5. Land on the platform to the right as soon as you spawn. Defeat the Blue Snakes. Go down and land on the right where the White Ghosts are.

6. Go right and defeat the Kraken, then defeat the Skull Knight enemies. Once you have defeat the Skulls, a Hob Goblin will be where the Kraken is. Defeat him and a platform will appear on the right where the skulls were. Take the platform up.

7. You'll have 2 platforms either side of the next room, and you'll have to act fast. You will need to jump on each one and then jump the other one, then rinse and repeat. If you mess up and fall down to the bottom, you'll need to repeat Step 6. Defeat the lonesome Red Snake to make another platform appear. Do the same method for the next 2 platforms.

8. Defeat the Ice Congs and then defeat the Snow Cong. Then defeat the Blue Snakes and then when the platform appears, take it and go on the upper floor.

9. The next room only has one enemy which is a Demon. You can attack or avoid it, as shown in the video. Go down.

10. Avoid the Gold Bats. Take the left path. You can defeat the enemies that appear on the platform if you are looking for helpful items.

11. The next area will have Gold and Purple Bats, so I recommend you bounce on the Gold Bats and then defeat the Purple Bats. They will give you health if you defeat them. At the bottom you will have the Slime enemies and the Blue Rats. The next part you need to go to is on the left.

12. Keep running through the next room and you'll find a Boss Door...

Boss: Dragon: The Dragon will use a Flame attack which can be dodged if you run in whilst he is jumping up and about to spit. The head is the main area you'll want to focus on. Don't let him get too close to you, or he will do a flame attack straight, rather than diagonally. If you have the Ruby the Dragon's health will be reduced by a significant amount.

But wait... he's not defeated...

Final Boss: Robot Dragon: The Robot Dragon will repeat the same methods as the normal Dragon except he will go much faster. You'll need to quickly move as soon as he uses his diagonal flame attack, and make sure he keeps his distance, otherwise he will use his straight flame attack. He can also use a headbutt move at the same time. The only way you can defeat him is to aim for the head.

If you have successfully defeated the Robot Dragon, you have successfully completed Wonder Boy In Monster Land. Congratulations! Now one thing you must ensure happens when you've defeated the game is make sure the game registers the completion. To do this, press the Back Button after the Robot Dragon is defeated. You should see a Pink Disk spinning and moving on the right side of the screen. When this happens it means the game has successfully registered the save point and will count the completion of the game. If this doesn't happen when you press the Back Button, you may have to reload your previous save data, or worst case, restart the game from scratch.

I recommend after you have done this, you let the game scroll through the credits and return to the Title Screen before you start another game.

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